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Monster School : BALDI'S BASICS VS GRANNY CHALLENGE PART 2 - Minecraft Animation Kids Mobs

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► PART 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZTix0chk2Y ► PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hshpLhWtvEM&t=42s ► Click on my channel for 400+ Animations!! ► Subscribe For More! ► Click Bell! ► Like! Comment if you read this and done it! Than you are Pro and helped me a lot!! :D 🎥 Monster School : GRANNY HORROR GAME CHALLENGE Minecraft Animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdGpJCWWFjE 🎥 Monster School: GRANNY + GRANDPA Minecraft Animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ft4z1A404U I hope you enjoy my videos. Comment if you want more tiny granny or more animations like this :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This time i added to the big version of granny. giant granny comment if you want more food videos :) ► Music: Kevin McLeod: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ ► Sounds: http://freesound.org Minecraft Sounds ► Music: Goblins From Mars: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7r8TN-JGGrTyCmIJSShdkw ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoy and have a nice life! :)
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Text Comments (1410)
I hope you enjoy Part 2! Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZTix0chk2Y Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hshpLhWtvEM&t=42s Have all a good day! - MinecraftProduced ❤️
Tung cam quang (5 hours ago)
MinecraftProduced | Monster. School: (Minecraft Animation)
Hương Mỹ (7 hours ago)
MinecraftProduced | Monster School: (Minecraft Animation
美幸齋藤 (7 hours ago)
MinecraftProduced | Monster School: (Minecraft Animation) つ
Gabriela Bulosan (12 hours ago)
Benjamin:granny died
Chandra Cox (16 hours ago)
MineCraftProuduced/i love yalls vids/videos
JosephTheGamer99 0 (3 hours ago)
Granny is better than baldis basics
JosephTheGamer99 0 (3 hours ago)
в 3 чясьти гренни выйгроет
хакер 2.0 (4 hours ago)
что за музыка в начале ???
크래킹크라깅 (5 hours ago)
할머니 인데 할머니가 아니다
Nimet Özkan (6 hours ago)
Şarkı güzel olmuş
Emilia Truchlinska (7 hours ago)
I love granny better than baldis basics because granny has a seeckrit basmend
Yuri Esconia (7 hours ago)
I'm team Baldi
O1NoName1O (7 hours ago)
Baldi and play time nooobbbb
Charito Cadelina (7 hours ago)
Егорыч (7 hours ago)
Жаль гренни
Егорыч (7 hours ago)
Жаль грнни
sadia abdirahman (8 hours ago)
Come on baldi
Baldi baldi
Boss King (9 hours ago)
I’m 7fmr
Emirhan Derstir (9 hours ago)
7:22 musıc ?
Quintin Breuker (9 hours ago)
i kill you baldi
Алина Няшка (9 hours ago)
Так не честно гренни выиграла поэтому что балди помогали
Super Red Animations (10 hours ago)
*Pirates of the Caribbean in a nutshell*
Drift Show (10 hours ago)
simonka lojova (10 hours ago)
Granny 😩😩😩😘😘😘😘
XxXMxhmxtXxX All Games (10 hours ago)
1:45 Song name?
Its a good fight
İbrahim efe Korkmaz (10 hours ago)
4:07 undertale
Krip 228 (10 hours ago)
я убью машу
Yến Xôi (10 hours ago)
Pls Baldi Winner pls :(
HALIL TUNGATAROV (11 hours ago)
грени давай
варя Власова (11 hours ago)
Балди балди
Тварь машка
fake player (11 hours ago)
what the fudge on 2:13
XxKailm111xX (10 hours ago)
but where number 4??
XxKailm111xX (10 hours ago)
Nine Circles (12 hours ago)
초롱빗 달 (12 hours ago)
First Prize (12 hours ago)
Baldi 123457447383 Granny 0 Rates
Zane Eddleston (12 hours ago)
I knew playtime would win but I wanted the others as well like broom and principal and bully
Ivy Lam (12 hours ago)
i like granny cuz she killed granny
Ivy Lam (12 hours ago)
baldi the cheater
KAMIL HAJDUGA (12 hours ago)
Granny jump!
Sophia Jens (13 hours ago)
Berat Ozturkmen (13 hours ago)
william céline (14 hours ago)
Ha Ly (14 hours ago)
Spider dance 🤣🤣🤣
bonni oculto bad (14 hours ago)
Como es la canción de la niña tonta cuando aparece?? 👧👧
Фнаф Фокси (14 hours ago)
Фнаф Фокси (14 hours ago)
Бадди убей гренни
치킨 kar98 (15 hours ago)
한국인 없나요 👇
DM Vieth (15 hours ago)
Granny Horror (16 hours ago)
Fucking mother you
Granny Horror (16 hours ago)
Fuck zombie
Granny Horror (16 hours ago)
Fuck you bitch
Patrice Justice (16 hours ago)
Granny is better because she has an iron sword
f dfv ufcnth ,kfcnths ytye;ys????? =D
nguyenhung Nguyen (17 hours ago)
Granny you kill baldi 😠😠😠😠
hardened12 YT (17 hours ago)
I hope granny won
Anthonppfbbub Mejiayuvhg (17 hours ago)
playtime its so stupid.. i will punch that👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
Juana Arzate (20 hours ago)
Balding won guy's im happy
James Lansing (20 hours ago)
3:58 undertale spider dance song muffet undertale reference 2nd time i was watching something that is baldi and has undertale reference today
Lucette Colau (21 hours ago)
alexis fuentes (21 hours ago)
como isi eso grrani what es rraro grrani sepuso lacavesa rroja
tet beryn ter a l love (21 hours ago)
GO D:>
ovidiu ciobanu (22 hours ago)
ovidiu ciobanu (22 hours ago)
TheDarkFighter S4 League (22 hours ago)
j'aiiiiime granny baldi jumpscare i love granny baldi snd jumpscare yuppy yay go ho go granny baldi jumpscare gooo i see you granny baldi jumscare i and seek lets play!! jump jump jump granny attention baldi granny is angry!!!! ahhhhhh
RubenPlaysYT (22 hours ago)
Minecrafy school *is this a next level dating simulator?*
GamerCat0624 Yt beast (23 hours ago)
Fellipe Martim (23 hours ago)
Victor Lopes de Mello
big master 144 (23 hours ago)
Wtf are you'r downight baldi's
jasminerobby (23 hours ago)
Great so awsome vid I will like subscribe
Luciano N (23 hours ago)
What song 4:04
Celso Leitão (1 day ago)
Baldis vs granny
Abdullah Nesimzade (1 day ago)
Никола Бро (1 day ago)
вал класнапашащеснемайвидео
SANS GAMER (1 day ago)
PlayTime win
hola Jimenez (1 day ago)
Nadia Moya (1 day ago)
baldi derota a granny
Exotic Player 999 (1 day ago)
I Hope granny wins 🐼💛
Amin Dadaev (1 day ago)
lol xD
Logan Brunton (1 day ago)
go go go go
Logan Brunton (1 day ago)
so cool
Logan Brunton (1 day ago)
come on
Wath? Granny use sword???
Zav Zav (1 day ago)
Yay baldi wins :D
Nah baldi is the winner from the winners team Xd
Бс-ПВП (1 day ago)
ты крутой
Samantha Mendelson (1 day ago)
I don’t like granny
Samantha Mendelson (1 day ago)
Cuz she looks scary
Paula Larco (1 day ago)
Baldi's win
Lachs _Rocks4 (1 day ago)
9 plus 1 is 10
Thomas Schweighofer (1 day ago)
Allison Hell (1 day ago)
Likeeeee baldi vs granny
Allison Hell (1 day ago)
Ezekiel Elijah (1 day ago)
Hi there I did not you want to me to work on
foxy the pirate (1 day ago)
Zombie is lucky he got a gf I don't even have a friend

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