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Free Remote Desktop Access like LogMeIn & GoToMyPC

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This video shows you how to use a combination of two programs to access your personal computers or family or friends computers for free with no monthly bills. You can also play LAN Games using this combination. We use LogMeIn Hamachi to create what one would call a VPN. VPN (Virtual Private Network is a wide area network (Multiple office locations for example) that is setup through a firewall to appear as one big LAN (Local Area Network). In doing so; as an example, the computers in your New York Office can see all of the computers in your Cleveland office as if they were local to New York. You can see and access the shared drives, printers, storage arrays, ect. We use UltraVNC as our Remote Access Tool, to be able to access our computers remotely, originally created only for LAN (Local Area Network) Connectivity but with the conjunction of Logmein Hamachi we are able to access our Desktops over the internet. The programs used in these videos are Logmein Hamachi2 and Ultra VNC LogMeIn Hamachi: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi2/download.aspx choose which ever version you prefer UltraVNC: http://www.uvnc.com/download/1082 These instructions were featured in one of Maximum PC Magazines in they're 2009 Issue.
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I'm the captain now (6 years ago)
Can i for example, use this to be a server (host) for other guy over internet, say, run gta 4, and he could play it through his pc.. if not with this, then do u know any alternatives?
Dairionstone (1 year ago)
I used this to run a Gaming LAN server with someone who was miles away so yeah it can accommodate GTA 4 or any game. Just have a nice ISP and fast internet... Fibre is preferred for premium gamers
p00phead17 (6 years ago)

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