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Ace of Spades Beta 0.75 Mod - Half-Life 2 Mod Pack (EPIC 'Block Gun!')

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Like this video? Click dat link! - http://bit.ly/La9QsI Please Like, Comment and Subscribe for more Minecraft/Ace of Spades! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download the Mod! - http://ace-spades.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=13297 I have permission to use the music in this video. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I'm Alex and welcome back to another AoS mod video! Today, we're looking at a snazzy mod called the 'Half-Life 2' mod, and if you're a fan of the original game/series, you might want to check this out! I hope you enjoy this mod spotlight sorta video, and please like, comment and subscribe to NewNukeGaming for more Ace of Spades videos! Thanks for watching :D ---VVV--- •Subscribe- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=NewNukeGaming •Twitter- https://twitter.com/#!/NewNukeGaming •Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/NewNukeGaming/143173652476388
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Text Comments (25)
james kaka (4 years ago)
Voxel Fro (4 years ago)
Voxel Fro (4 years ago)
Muhd Safari (4 years ago)
Epik5 (4 years ago)
the spade should have been a crowbar
Timothy O'Shea (4 years ago)
Hey! Most of this stuff is stolen. Go to GameBanana and search 'Ace of Spades Half-Life 2 Mod' and you'll see that the models have all been taken from The Freeman's mod pack.
kzmmproductions (5 years ago)
Minecraft music in the background it's the CAT record. :D
Robert Nguyen (5 years ago)
Yes, its true Intel is also stolen.
Robert Nguyen (5 years ago)
Shotgun has simox`s spas 12 scope.
BigGamer2525 (5 years ago)
The SMG and shotgun r from HL2, but there is'nt a sniper rifle in HL2
NewNukeGaming (5 years ago)
Thank you :D
J King (5 years ago)
you just got a new subscriber for having the same name as me
J King (5 years ago)
the only thing that hl2 and aos have in comen...is that they both have a SMG
nexyi nema
Space Hitler (5 years ago)
h should als maketh shovel a crowbar
Space Hitler (5 years ago)
nope:) thats not hl2 now is it
Space Hitler (5 years ago)
its the phis gun or grav gun
frostbite892 (5 years ago)
The sound from the sniper is a pistol sound from half life
_sebatmmt _ (5 years ago)
portal gun !
NewNukeGaming (5 years ago)
I have a video on how to install mods on my channel! Have a look through my channel videos to find it, you could use the search bar :D
MultiComare (5 years ago)
who to instal
NewNukeGaming (5 years ago)
Nice! Thanks for the information! I didn't know much featured in this mod XD Thank you :D
TheHumanTarget6 (5 years ago)
All the gun sounds are I think the actual gun sounds from HL (If not they sound very similar) and the block placer was either the phys gun or the gravity gun (Not sure which, it is kinda hard to tell without it being coloured).
NewNukeGaming (5 years ago)
Thank you very much :D
JBT43 (5 years ago)
oh no bad nice vid >:D

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