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Text Comments (8242)
Wellny was (8 minutes ago)
Dark Dominus (3 hours ago)
at 1:05 I nearly died.
Play the impossible quiz
Raiden Requena (6 hours ago)
I have no subs
foxyTheCosmicFox (7 hours ago)
1) the answer is I have no clue 2) the answer is 11 3)idk I’ll keep going
FortniteGoodness (7 hours ago)
On the second test I got 130 lol.
Nathaniel Rocco Carlson (12 hours ago)
Dan, your intelligence is artificial. Or you just don’t have it.
Alejandra Reyes (14 hours ago)
my iq is 114 lolol
Nightmare Covers & Stuff (15 hours ago)
I have a higher IQ. Sorry Dan.
Pro Master (16 hours ago)
Trist Woods (17 hours ago)
What is that browser
SuperMegaGamer112 (17 hours ago)
Dan TeamTDM is here for you
Matthew K (17 hours ago)
Ummmm... Dan? It's the school holidays in England, so we are not doing tests deer
Gold_Mine123 (18 hours ago)
i got 8 as well lol (im a kid tho)
Louis pineapple (18 hours ago)
I stopped watching after the cows
Daily boys Daily (19 hours ago)
I’m 9 and I got the same as him!
No One Of Importance (19 hours ago)
*Reads Title* Answer? I say not very.
Damon Mansfield (19 hours ago)
My iq is 134
Syngamerpro YT 2 (21 hours ago)
Nabihah Pineapple (21 hours ago)
Missy Kittens (22 hours ago)
The second time I got 126 2 above dan!
Missy Kittens (22 hours ago)
I got 122 just 2 off dan!
Logans Gaming (23 hours ago)
Stephanie Miller (1 day ago)
dan you have played weird things MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Mr Iron (1 day ago)
Dan, for the cows question, it was actually 11 because of the grammar in the question.
mr jizzel Smith (1 day ago)
Hay dan have u ever been to Michigan
mr jizzel Smith (1 day ago)
9t460585uvsox8x oh fogiux just fidg if sho 🎁 u69 yr f7 t6t 4 deff 67vh th 7y76 tv y6 error rr r g th g
Rhian Loria (1 day ago)
DanTDM Will You Come To Philipine And Have A Great Show In Here🤗🤗If You Did Dan I Will Promise To Come WHO WILL AGREE..😘😄
We play that iq game at school I don’t know why I’m talking about the one with the eye ball butt yea it’s weird
Your message helped me I got fourth place in my exam :)
Lena Moonvalley (1 day ago)
👌 You are smart
Paola Santana (1 day ago)
Khiem Dang (1 day ago)
I hate roblox
Lene Michaelis (1 day ago)
It said click the brightest SQUARE! You clicked the brightest rectangle!!😅😂
Onesimo Benavides (1 day ago)
i completed how smart r u in under 30 minutes
Jayde Cat Foxy (1 day ago)
*clicks the the rectangle* Dan: Was the square green??? Me: It was a rectangle. -_-
Elili8 Games (1 day ago)
Cake is to Forest
ENK : (1 day ago)
OMG U LITERALLY JUST HIT 20,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!! I WILL BE COMMENTING ON SOO MANY VIDEOS WITH THIS! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I love you 😍😘 amazing to see u have come so far
Joseph A Marino Jr (1 day ago)
jk I love you
Joseph A Marino Jr (1 day ago)
Dan the name of the video is how smart are you my answer is not at all
Jahid Ahmed (1 day ago)
Ayrica Glory (1 day ago)
124 as an iq level is either you have average intelligence or moderate intelligence
Louis Azcona (1 day ago)
Winry Hughes (1 day ago)
i got 124 on memorado
gacha minnie (1 day ago)
Australia is not a country 😐
chris black (1 day ago)
OMG CONGRATS ON 20,000,000
Protogible Z123x (1 day ago)
I beat u
Sarah R (1 day ago)
I Got 8/25 as well and I am 10 YEARS OLD.
I also have an IQ of 132.
Galaxy Wolf (1 day ago)
My IQ is 167 and I’m 10 I’m happy 😊 😊😊😊😊
Noah Hart (1 day ago)
Congrats on 20 mil Dan!!!💎
Leon Johnson (1 day ago)
My test said 130
Will T (1 day ago)
Starwars battlefront2
Nazmø Fetrø (1 day ago)
I got 128 on the quick iq test that Dan play.
Lolirock Fan (2 days ago)
Y don u go make all ur Minecraft mods and Adventures to a book
PowerFlowerGaming (2 days ago)
My iq is 141
Hai Linh (2 days ago)
i got 126
swago bros (2 days ago)
1.5k away from 2mi!!!
Jacob Boyd (2 days ago)
Dan: How smart am I ? Me: Do you really want me to answer? Dan: No... please don’t
Dan your so close to 20 mil
Karthik Arun (2 days ago)
Dont need to test if your dumb dantdm you are sooo smart
UnKnown Gamer (2 days ago)
Im mad (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ but I got u (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) in a fight (ง'̀-'́)ง im dumb༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ and Im scared (ʘᗩʘ') that Im going to get shoot ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一
George (2 days ago)
um I don't know
No dan shut up ur a genius ur gonna be more famous cuz ur rlly smart lol jk
A Person (2 days ago)
all BUT eight die *facepalm*
谢加听PhoenixsBlu (2 days ago)
Danny boi be smart
Leia Mistnose (2 days ago)
You read it wrong Dan, it said ALL BUT EIGHT DIED NOT BUT ALL EIGHT! So the farmer had eight cows left
Nathan Hager (2 days ago)
I wonder when dan will react to his twin....
Mr. Mister (2 days ago)
There is an echo.
What's Up World? (2 days ago)
Me: *Screaming to Dan* HE HAS 8 COWS NOT NINE!!!! *mom walks in mid sentence...* Mom: Why the hell are you screaming to a SCREEN? It's MIDNIGHT why mom xD
TakyToh (2 days ago)
your iq is 10000000000 out of 10 for hiding all the inapropiate stuff from your fans from today's internet... gg dan
Gummy Dude (2 days ago)
play momo
Gummy Dude (2 days ago)
C Booth (2 days ago)
In my head I said it is the deathly hallows without the circle then dan says “it’s the deathly hallows “ 😁😝😃
Gamer_Fun 248 (2 days ago)
Your outro song is copyrighted
kiki do u love me you:no   are you riding you:why cuz your never gonna leave frome beside me you:bye
Sulia Apol (2 days ago)
Dan, I am having the real exam next month. Thank you for you touching advice at the end of the video. I appreciate it.😶😶😶 I watched your ' Misadventures ' video and I liked it. 😊😊😊
Narwhal R (2 days ago)
dan's videos are going downhill now :((((((
Bella Coady (2 days ago)
I was born in 2008
Lisa Par (2 days ago)
my iQ is 74 animi 9 :p
Page Ensor (2 days ago)
my IQ is 140 dan! i did a real yeah, real! Im in gifted bro!
Arttu Kettunen (2 days ago)
The answer to the video title: obviously only that smart to be able to make videos and usesocial skills. Your smartness was even more horrible few years ago...
Dara Carkery (2 days ago)
I have only 2 subs
Sim Won (2 days ago)
dude you might not be smart at quizes but you're the smartest youtuber about money i'm pretty sure!
Maxwell Archer (2 days ago)
120 IQ is the average adult I have 110 and im only 10! (official test says so)
Luqman Hakim (2 days ago)
You're smart af
Stanley T (2 days ago)
Wise words dan
PinkMarshmallow 123 (2 days ago)
(Reads title) Obviously not very...😂😂😂
jack short (2 days ago)
dan is garbage
what did dan blur
Dawn BlaZe (2 days ago)
5:46 they asked to press the lightest blue square not the rectangle.
Tyler Mactavish (2 days ago)
Your really smart And cool
SUHAILA BINTI ABU - (3 days ago)
DanTDM... I'm sorry . I don't want to be mean.... I'ved tried the same quick iq test... But I'm smarter then you.. and one fact I'm a nine year old.... Just telling the truth.😅
Wong Kheng (3 days ago)
3:09 . My friend are 11 yers old . I am 9 but she knows how to do.
Charli IsAwesome (3 days ago)
Yousef gamers Time (3 days ago)
2:06 who made this picture is a kid. What kind of adult will make that but it’s really funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wilfred Johnson (3 days ago)
Rarity (3 days ago)
7:44 what dan?
Invader Plays (3 days ago)
The game with the guy with the in hazmat suit. It ends revealing that he was an alien and it was a destroyed earth.
john ortiz (3 days ago)
more of dantdm now
NA Reckelhoff (3 days ago)
Endigo this is the one LOL!

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