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How to enable the command block on your server

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This tutorial will show you how to enable the command block on your server. If you want your own Minecraft server go here: http://www.serverminer.com/ If you have any questions, please open a support ticket here: http://www.serverminer.com/clients/submitticket.php Music: Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Text Comments (28)
GummyPumpkin (11 months ago)
How do you enable for maps like the orphanage though? -_-
Breanna Bee (1 year ago)
How do you get a command block??? In the first place? Thanks.
Noëlle Tonnaer (1 year ago)
Thanks! finally a clear tutorial xD
Jasper (1 year ago)
Al Pa (3 years ago)
Please help, I am on mac hosting a logmein hamachi server for vanilla minecraft. I enabled the command blocks on the server properties but it still says that it is not enabled. I have restarted loads of times but it still doesn't work :((
ServerMiner (3 years ago)
+Twat Unfortunately we do not provide support for servers that are not hosted with us. We are sorry about any convenience this may cause you.
dr.pancake (3 years ago)
copy and paste this enable-command-block=true
MIXPIX Fishy (4 years ago)
Thank you so much!!! none of the other tutorials mentioned what to do when you had bought your server, and not made your server. and thumbs up for a crispy and clear mic
Zane Bowler (4 years ago)
Vultix (4 years ago)
ServerMiner (4 years ago)
Not a problem at all! If you have questions at any time don't hesitateto contact our staff :)
RexzyTV (4 years ago)
mine dosn't im using mc pro hosting and it wont restart please help
isakdragon01 (4 years ago)
Thx :D Helped alot
Realfacegaming (4 years ago)
Thank you sooo much
kyle karpy (4 years ago)
Thanks! This helped my server a lot!
MrIceyBoy (4 years ago)
thewidescreenman (4 years ago)
how can you/ can you do it on minecraft realms?
RavenPlayzMinecraft (4 years ago)
ElectricBear (4 years ago)
Thank You SO Much
tina jackson (4 years ago)
Edirath (4 years ago)
You Did Not Help Me At All.
ServerMiner (2 years ago)
+RavenPlayzMinecraft Easy solution, don't use beastnode! ;)
Charb (2 years ago)
+RavenPlayzMinecraft I use Beastnode And This Video Helps A lot
RavenPlayzMinecraft (4 years ago)
Same here. I use beastnode. And cant find the command block place!!
Diana Li (4 years ago)
whats a dash?
RecGuitar (5 years ago)
Sweet i was trying to make mini games on my server but couldn't use the command block this should be perfect thank you
TDavvy (5 years ago)
i did all you said to do and when i restarted my server it went back to 1.4.7 and i dont know how to get it back to 1.5.2 please reply.
ServerMiner (5 years ago)
Hello, It depends on what way you make your payments. Is it possible you could submit a ticket and our support staff can help you further. Thank you

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