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Final Fantasy 9 Jump Rope Cheat PS4 HOW TO GET HAIL TO THE KING EVEN IF YOU SUCK (PS4 Trophy)!

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Final Fantasy IX PS4 Hail To The King Jump Rope CHEAT - How to get 1000 jumps even if you suck! Top up your PS Plus subscription using my Amazon link and you will support my channel, thanks! US ► https://amzn.to/2MyYZeY UK ► https://amzn.to/2ySWrq9 ❤ Please consider helping the channel by becoming a Patron ❤ https://www.patreon.com/fuzzfinger The Hail To The King gold trophy has quickly become one of the most hated Final Fantasy trophies on PS4, many even agree it is more frustrating than the lightning dodges from Final Fantasy X! However, with this set-up the trophy can be yours. You will require: - A PS4 with Final Fantasy 9 - A computer that can run the PS4 Remote Play app (Windows or Mac) - A wired connection from both your PC and PS4 to the same router. REQUIRED DOWNLOADS PS4 Remote Play: https://remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/remoteplay/lang/en/index.html AutoHotKey: https://autohotkey.com/ SciTE4AutoHotkey: https://fincs.ahk4.net/scite4ahk/ Script (credit to Septomor): https://github.com/septomor/FF9-Jump-Rope-Script/blob/master/Jump.ahk FOUND IN THE SHUFFLE TROPHY CHEAT: https://youtu.be/W9iIrdcoPCA OTHER LINKS: Perfect Excalibur II Playlist: https://goo.gl/F1wTqT Standard FF9 Walkthrough Playlist: https://goo.gl/pGhxWk GameFaqs Guide By Atomos199: https://goo.gl/tGx4YK Final Fantasy 9 was first released way back at the turn of the century for the original Playstation (PSX). Seventeen years later it's back in this PS4 re-release with updated HD models and graphics. ** SUBSCRIBE ** http://goo.gl/aZQxvv Want to say hello on my next live stream? Here is the schedule: All times given are in U.K time. I generally stream for over an hour each time. Mon - 2:30pm & 9:30pm Tues - 2:30pm Wed - 2:30pm & 9:30pm Thurs - 2:30pm & 9:30pm Fri - 2:30pm (sometimes 9:30pm too) Sat - 2:30pm I currently stream to both Youtube & Twitch concurrently. See you there: Twitch link 👉 https://www.twitch.tv/fuzzfinger ** FACEBOOK ** http://goo.gl/AhXZlz Here are some of my other completed Final Fantasy walkthroughs I believe you will enjoy: ★ Final Fantasy IV - https://goo.gl/WdpKpH ★ Final Fantasy VII - https://goo.gl/VujCcE ★ Final Fantasy VIII - https://goo.gl/sX7pZE ★ Final Fantasy IX - https://goo.gl/MA1gYs ★ Final Fantasy X - https://goo.gl/wKj7Zm ★ Final Fantasy XIII-2 - https://goo.gl/ckwVte ★ Final Fantasy XII - https://goo.gl/Ww6NjT If you enjoy this episode please remember to like, comment & subscribe :-) Fuzz Final Fantasy IX PS4 Hail To The King Jump Rope CHEAT - How to get 1000 jumps even if you suck!
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Text Comments (331)
pedro fernandes (18 hours ago)
[email protected]# SQUARE ENIX!!!!!!!
majin a.m (6 days ago)
hey im having trouble the moment vivi gets past 10 he trips and falls is it my internet connection?
Botmin (18 days ago)
and we all thought the chocobo race trophy is the worst mini-game lol! .
imalegend2006 (29 days ago)
Took a while to get over 400 jumps and then finally Vivi managed 1172. Fuck getting this trophy legit.
Larry Beaver (1 month ago)
You are a damn genius Fuzzfinger!!
LyingSecret (2 months ago)
When I press the T key in the window. the 'start' thing doesn't appear and nothing happens...... any ideas?
ᛠᛚᛞᛥᚪᚾ (2 months ago)
He fucking fell at 955 are you serious? Now I can’t get past 300, what’s going on
deivson rodrigues (2 months ago)
It works, ty.
UnholyBahamut (2 months ago)
It worked for me, BUT I had to DECREASE my latency from 850 (default) to 820. I have my PS4 and PC connected through an AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router with gigabit ethernet cables (not wireless), in case the data may be useful for someone.
King Emil Wash (2 months ago)
Well this will be the first FF I won't platinum. I had my PC and PS4 both wired directly to my router. Latency was set to 830. Could never get close to 100 for shit.
Oliver Kane (2 months ago)
all this virus downloading files and the most i can get is 22 jumps
King Emil Wash (2 months ago)
Doesn't work got up to 400.
Dededelicious Gaming (3 months ago)
Dude, your guide is a blessing! I was getting 200-300 every single time, managed to get to 530 once and just said screw it. Your guide is the reason I just got this trophy, you are an absolute legend!
Erika Pratama (3 months ago)
I have tried and followed the instructions, but the enter button doesn’t work and if you talk to the girl you must press esc+shift and the esc button doesn’t work too. Please help me :(
Tomweldonsays (3 months ago)
Lost the use of my "t" key with this program. Any idea how to get it back? to type this I used copy and paste.
Sinraiser (3 months ago)
What about FFX dodge 200 bolts?
Selman Erdogan (4 months ago)
Why can't I save the script? Someone please help
Caleb Wagner (4 months ago)
I just have a quick question. What was your latency on? I’ve been at this for hours and didn’t know if I could be doing something more or if I’m doing anything wrong?
Ant 1 (4 months ago)
Caleb Wagner does ur pc meet requirements 4 remote play?
zintwentyTwo (4 months ago)
somebody help, my problem is the esc and enter wont work after i activated the script app.. i press T and pressed esc and vivi wont jump?
zintwentyTwo (4 months ago)
somebody help, my problem is the esc and enter wont work after i activated the script app.. i press T and pressed esc and vivi wont jump?
zintwentyTwo (4 months ago)
somebody help, my problem is the esc and enter wont work after i activated the script app.. i press T and pressed esc and vivi wont jump?
zintwentyTwo (4 months ago)
somebody help, my problem is the esc and enter wont work after i activated the script app.. i press T and pressed esc and vivi wont jump?
ShadysGaming (5 months ago)
Thanks fuzz I got the trophy now. I'll be following your 100% walk through for the plat too
Ant 1 (4 months ago)
ShadysGaming do u have a powerful pc or sumtin?
Khodakadahmi (5 months ago)
god. every time i do this it gets to about 100 and then breaks no matter what i do.
Donald Bettilyon (5 months ago)
Thanks man
Danny Pickartz (5 months ago)
I tried it on laptop and it just doesn't work. Highest amount of jumps i accomplished was 330. What in the blue fuck were they thinkink putting this shit on the trophy list? This was the first trophy EVER i tried to get by cheating and even this won't work. :((
iLankie 18 (6 months ago)
I did one jump and i gave up. I need this. Thank u :)
FuzzfingerGaming (6 months ago)
haha brilliant!
DeniedPants (6 months ago)
So after hours of trying this and failing, I finally get it first attempt after i started watching Lucifer on Hulu. Thank you Satan our Lord and Savior :).
JustSomeGamer (6 months ago)
Alright so I finally got it all set up but I experience some stuttering now and again, I do have my ps4 connected to my router and it still stutters around the 100 count during the jump rope game. Am I going to have to connect my laptop to the router as well?
FuzzfingerGaming (6 months ago)
Yeah, the setup is worth it for this stupid trophy lol. If you s till can't get it working check some of the other comments here to see how others tweaked it to work.
JustSomeGamer (6 months ago)
alright cool, thankfully ethernet cables aren't too expensive so I'll just get another one when I can. Thanks for responding dude, I never thought I'd find a way to get this minigame finished till now. :D
FuzzfingerGaming (6 months ago)
JustSomeGamer it only worked for me having both the console and computer connect wired and with all other devices in the house (including phones) disconnected
JustSomeGamer (6 months ago)
tried setting up the remote play, had to change my password since its been so long I forgot it but now I can't even sign into my psn anymore, or the remote play. Just keep getting a message that my sign in id or password is wrong. Edit: scratch this message, psn was just giving me shit. Its all good now!
Neverdone (7 months ago)
ty, the hell with this trophy.
truerubberlegs (7 months ago)
Literally, have 12 hours on this game and I haven't even moved on until I get the trophy. I have TWELVE fucking hours of trying this fucking minigame and can't even manage 50. I don't believe that anyone has ever done this without cheating.
Aaron Zambrano (7 months ago)
This unforunately doesn't work at all for me. I have tried so many latency settings and even when I got to my highest score @ 767 jumps, repeating with that same latency level yields wildly different results each time. I have tried wireless to wired, wired to wired through router, and even a wire directly coming out the PC to the PS4 with no router involved, pure direct connection and nothing works consistently. :( Guess I will just stop playing the game because theres no point in getting any more trophies if this one cannot be obtained.
Mark Powell (7 months ago)
I've tryed for hours an this does not work Script breacks be4 50 every time, no clue to what am doing wrong everything is hard wire an I using xfinity internet Did everything in video... Salty
SDarkOmenS (7 months ago)
hey you should make a new video for this if you have the time there is a more consistent script for this now no need to mess around with latency all you have to do is set your screen resolution to 1440 x 900 look for this post on game faq if you're interested Working on Hail to the king Script version for PS4 page 7 scroll down till you find queuetips post
Dark Cloud (2 days ago)
Hi!. And what can i do if my laptop only have 1366 x 768 screen resolution??.
TheThinkVoid (2 months ago)
You, sir, are a lifesaver. I've been losing my mind trying for the past three days to do it with Septomor's script. First try with this one. Thank you!!! Now I can finally start playing this game I missed out on like I wanted to four days ago. Cheers!
EXCALIBUR (8 months ago)
If someone wants this trophy, I can take it to him for a small donation. Just PM me at : http://cronusmax.com/forums/forum.php
SenseiT (8 months ago)
This one worked after couple hours of trying different set-ups. After that I saved my game. Next time I started my ps4 it goes to the error screen. It eventually started running. It didn’t ruin my whole hard drive, but it ruined all my save files. Unbelievable... coincidence? Maybe, but not very likely. First time for this. Pretty fucked up
SenseiT (8 months ago)
FuzzfingerGaming Could be. Truly strange indeed. On the good note, there were many saves on the psplus cloud memory, so all is not lost.
FuzzfingerGaming (8 months ago)
Weird, could be coincidence since I not heard that happening to anyone else, but interesting none the less...
christopher mcclure (8 months ago)
Not sure if my internet is garbage but I could only get 22 jumps thanks for the video though
Matt Sulik (8 months ago)
I just was able to do it using this method. Remember to turn off the script and restart it every time. Also this might make me an idiot but connecting your ps to the modem isn't enough remember you also need to set your internet settings off of WiFi and to lan. I tried for about two hours and it wasn't until I switched to lan, the next try worked.
Fabian Orozco (8 months ago)
Dude, you just helped me fulfill a longtime childhood dream of mine. FFIX is my all-time favorite game. This is the one side-quest I could never complete... I spent so many hours, and like you, I only got to 200 for my efforts. Even though I completed the rest of the game many times, I always thought this mini-game was deliberately put in to screw with the player and felt horrible that I could never complete it. Thank you SOOOOO much! Yes, I didn't earn the old fashion way, but boy did I try!? Thank you so much, mate!
Adam Blais (8 months ago)
Has this worked for anyone my psn is BlaisLight pm me if you can use my account and get this for me
Master gamer (8 months ago)
When I click new autohotkey scripts doesn’t show up allowing me to insert one am I missing something??
riec0123 (8 months ago)
I have an older computer. Does the processing power of the pc have any effect on this?
riec0123 (8 months ago)
Ok. I have a 24 mb connection. The most I seem to get out of any latency settings is 111 jumps
FuzzfingerGaming (8 months ago)
Shouldn't make a big difference so long as the game is running okay. Network bandwidth is the big thing really.
Master gamer (8 months ago)
Stupid question Can the installed apps be deleted
FuzzfingerGaming (8 months ago)
Yes, you can delete them once you're done. On Windows 10 the Programs & Features app should allow you to delete anything you install.
Malcolm Elliott (9 months ago)
Does this give you all items as you skip
The Nash (9 months ago)
No news that it's a ridiculous test, but to put a finer point on it; take fuzz's description of his steps that made the difference between script failure and success. Hard-wired connection for both devices, kill all other network traffic. Humanly possible to get the trophy? Yes. Maybe you're actually a robot if you do it? Worth investigating.
Tyler Tephabock (9 months ago)
So mine wasn’t working it kept saying error even though I followed your video precisely. Do you know of any thing I might have don’t wrong?
Christopher Cisco (9 months ago)
Still not working for me. I've gotten up to 928 jumps bit can't get any higher than about 625. I've tried adjusting latency.
Jamie Owns (9 months ago)
Btw I think just uploading a save file and letting people download it will give them the trophy. So if anyone has done it and has the save. Can they share so we can try this method of getting it.
Michael Carter (9 months ago)
did this, trophy didnt pop.....
musicloverfromA45 (9 months ago)
If you can't get this to work due to latency problems i have one potencial solution to that might work if your only option is to do this manually. Change the button, don't use your thumb. Dear god. X button to me was possibly the worst button for me, to have to strain my thumb in such an unatural position over several minutes made this more paoinfull then it had to be. Changing you X button to R1 can majorly improve the performance, Not only is it a button many of us are used to hittting over and over due to fps games, it's simply easier and less painfull to use your forefinger than your thumb. This increased my perfomance drastically. when doing this thropy you should think about if it's comfortable for you to hit the x button with your thumb over and over again. Personally i think it was far easier with the Forfinger on R1.
Izaquin Lima (10 months ago)
Its not working for me, enter and esc keyboard stop work on remote play after run the SciTE4 Auto Hotkey :(
aldreon (10 months ago)
HELP !!!! vivi is not going past the 1st jump what so i do ?
ThatGamerMatt (10 months ago)
Can't seem to use the SciTE4autohotkey :/
Yokujin (10 months ago)
annoying im never getting past 120 even with the script, pc version
Havran Zuben (10 months ago)
i tried this. first try got to 400. and now cant even get passed 20 wtf, whats going on. can someone help. ?
Aaron Boemker (10 months ago)
What a fraud. If I wanted to get to 3 jumps I'd do it myself
Izaquin Lima (10 months ago)
Its not working for me, enter and esc keyboard stop work on remote play after run the SciTE4 Auto Hotkey :(
valecloud (10 months ago)
God bless you
Jon Snow (10 months ago)
i remember this...tried to do this on the original ps1....
Mitch Norwood (10 months ago)
Cheers for the video dude. Worked perfectly the first time I tried. Both PS4 Pro and PC connected via Ethernet on a 100mbps connection.
william wallace (10 months ago)
I was trying 4 hours with your instruction but the maximum i reached was 619 I think it's because my speed I live in central America here our.connections sucks only have 4 mbps , do you think it's impossible for me.to get this trophy ?
Vejita10000 (10 months ago)
sometime Broke it, sometime 7 jump, sometime 19
Vejita10000 (10 months ago)
What is the Hotkey to start this? after i open Remote ?
Carlos Ruiz Salazar (10 months ago)
I did 600 but now I do not do 120
Nicolomeus (10 months ago)
What a bullshit. I tried and of cause it doesn't work. The skript is crap cause it stoped at every 22nd jump. then i tried it by myself and after 2h i get ghe trophy on my own. Beated the mashine....bam
SuperThrasher88 (10 months ago)
Did it legit.
yelsew82 (10 months ago)
how are english people so bad at english.. >_> "Trophay" omg then he said "rooter"
LemmingSplat (10 months ago)
It's called an accent. There are lots of them. Not everyone sounds the same - and it would be very boring if they did! Think it's a Brummy accent, but not totally sure.
Chris Walker (10 months ago)
I created a 137bpm beat on FLStudio and had it repeat, then I played this and got it. This was on the PSX version though.
sh4rp22 (10 months ago)
Thanks, man. I just got this trophy today. I had to increase the latency to 879 since both my connections were wireless.
Shadow NinjaX (10 months ago)
got mine using a 826 latency with both laptop and ps4 both using a wifi connection. thank fuck it's done.
Jimoshitemoto (10 months ago)
I need help. This migh seem like a supid quesion bu how do i urn he scrip of? I can' wrie small T:s. This isn' a joke.
Aeolus Svichi (10 months ago)
This trophy can go fuck itself. This trophy is unbelievably unreasonable. Honestly, is tere a single person alive whose done this legit? Honestly before devs finalize trophies, they need to first br able to attain it themselves with in reason.
Aeolus Svichi (10 months ago)
SuperThrasher88 Dude, its got nothing to do with being spoiled. Sitting there for hours mashing X over and over is not in any way fun or a test of skill. Its an exercise in monotony. It's just bad trophy design plain and simple.
SuperThrasher88 (10 months ago)
Aeolus Svichi yeah i did it legit.
Storey Gillingham (10 months ago)
On the one hand, I know that this is one of those trophies where you really only feel accomplished if you get it yourself thanks to the prohibitive nature of it testing your reflexes and patience. On the other hand, fuck this trophy. I'm glad there's an easy way around it.
RedSoul001 (10 months ago)
Rooter? My head hurts after hearing him say that 3 times.
FuzzfingerGaming (10 months ago)
Yes, that would be the correct pronounciation.
Ashe10 (10 months ago)
Took a few tries, but it worked, thank you so much!
FuzzfingerGaming (10 months ago)
Great job, and love your videos! Fuzz.
Nocturnalhunter (10 months ago)
For some reason the script keeps auto pausing quite annoyingly to be honest it did get to 267 on the first attempt but is struggling since. Could be my connection though it doesn’t account for it pausing on its own
Nocturnalhunter (10 months ago)
FuzzfingerGaming yeah i was doing that but it just never got itself going again, though i wonder if maybe me doing it at the end of the game was the issue, maybe i will restart the the game to get to the first time you can do it and try again
FuzzfingerGaming (10 months ago)
It seems you do have to stop the script and start it again if it fails. Rather than just letting it continue on.
ahmed borons (10 months ago)
You are awosome
Adryanuz (10 months ago)
but now, can i use this on the steam version, you said ps4 only but i cant see why...
freakface1234 (10 months ago)
What a fucking age we live in, we have a video showing you how to cheat on an old playstation game, that got an update, with trophies lol Even people in the comments willing to pay someone to do this cheat!? Where's your fucking satisfaction on getting the platinum!? Bunch of fucking pussies in here, and you just enabled all of em!
LemmingSplat (10 months ago)
A good trophy setup gives you goals to work towards that can be fun/challenging to do. Unfortunately the vast majority of games make terrible trophy lists like this one, which is frustrating and tedious. Not one i'll be going for, that's for sure.
DeathgGod (10 months ago)
Gro-tesq Ba trophies are fun collectables and a visual proof that you bled your game dry of content. You people need to drop the edge Lord act about trophies. I 100% a lot of games prior to trophies and I was honestly more satisfied with the visual proof than going to school like that one ass that we all know is lying "oh I did everything and got everything " Perfect example, I did 100% of the work in devil may cry 3 but still redid it all for the platinum, I even did extra work because you still don't get every costume if you get the plat, you have to go out of your way for it. Also it's just gameplay incentive, before trophies I wouldn't be caught dead touching uncharted on crushing or brutal difficulty, unless I get a secret ending I'm not wasting my time sucking the fun out of my gameplay experience by raging for absolutely nothing
Ethan Jennings (10 months ago)
I’m just calling you out on all the stupid shit you say. I can’t control that.
Ethan Jennings (10 months ago)
Best response ever. Of all time. No sarcasm or anything. Jk all the sarcasm, are you just some prepubescent boy that got his first phone and now can say whatever they want without mommy and daddy knowing? Grow up.
JenovaDoll (10 months ago)
Worked the first time. I tried this weeks ago but I don't know much about coding so I was waiting for this Thanks for the video and thanks to the guy making the code for this
vanidge (10 months ago)
i was combing the comments in hopes it was working for peeps. I hope it works for me.
The Cookies! (10 months ago)
19ms DOWNLOAD 61.50 Mbps UPLOAD 18.54 Mbps Max jumps 465 Modded the latecy and connected it to wires still can't get it. edit got it 57 minutes later with 810 latency and switched to wireless shrugs.
SoraSimpleAndClean (10 months ago)
Vivi got to 450 then lost lol
Adamatronamus (10 months ago)
Is there a way to set this up for Mac? I can't seem to download Autohotkeys
Darith (10 months ago)
I got it to work only through wired connection using an Ethernet cable connected to the pc and connected to the router and also another Ethernet cable connected from the ps4 to the router, also make sure no other devices are connected to the router via wireless to make sure you have nothing interferring with the communication. Works fine and no worries. Good luck to those who are trying still.
Leo Dragonheart (11 months ago)
yo, I just checked out Klair88 cause ur video didn't work. The only difference was that u didnt mention some crucial things. 1. Everytime it fails, you have to restart the script by pressing Ctrl + Esc and change the Latency to 10 lesser. so if it starts on 850 you should change it to 840 after the first fail and so on. I reached 820 and got to 1299 jumps XD. What he didn't mention that you did was that you must turn off all other wifi connections. So it's a combo of both of your advices XD. Thanks for the video !! and the clear instructions on how to download all the stuff !
So Many Haystacks (2 months ago)
This comment helped me out so much!! I ended up getting it on 830 as well. Thank you!!
TheThinkVoid (2 months ago)
Man, you have NO idea how helpful this comment was. I've been pulling my hair out all day trying to do this, dealing with my garbage laptop (took about 8 hrs. to get the software set up), and when I could, I kept failing before 10 jumps. I've yet to do it, but I'm tweaking it. Cheers. Edit: Septomor's script didn't work. I ended up using another one. Got it first try.
Moozipan Cheese (7 months ago)
Latency 819 and several hours of retrying worked for me.
Peacewalker (9 months ago)
Setting it to 820 got me to 1299 as well confirming.
gnamhcir (9 months ago)
Yeah this was kind of awful, another tip is to close any programs running on your PC. I would run with the same latency in the program and get widely varying numbers, 150 followed by 500 then 300. I noticed one of my fails co-insided with an alert notification from chrome. I killed literally everything running on my PC outside of what is needed and was able to get it on my immediate following try with 1046.
Adam O (11 months ago)
Tried a variant of this and another script. Cannot break a single jump. Advice?
General Grey (11 months ago)
Before this tutorial that trophy should have been its old platinum
Maxime Normandeau (11 months ago)
Is this serious? it always stops at like 110. i managed to get to 969 and it stopped WTF??? HELP! lol
Atrus (11 months ago)
I remember getting the steam achievement for this on the pc version. I used a cheat engine script cause f*ck this achievement/trophy it is truly awful
Shortbread Head (11 months ago)
is sony likely to catch onto this cheat and punish you in anyway? I find this trophy disgusting, it's not skill, it's honestly just repetitive bullshit and luck, I cannot STAND this trophy.
SlowDown8 AT (11 months ago)
Shortbread Head No they'll do nothing. You can cheat and hack in games as much as you want as long as its not online multiplayer.
SlyBeast (11 months ago)
This is hilarious and awesome. Never underestimate gamer ingenuity.
DarkDoc02 (11 months ago)
Took me a few tries, but worked like a charm. My router is in a separate room from my ps4 and pc, so I had to run it through WiFi. Took some tweaking to my WiFi settings, and a few attempts, but it finally worked. Thanks for the vid!
DarkDoc02 (11 months ago)
I reset my router and set my router to block everything else that could try to connect except my pc and ps4, and then I made sure to disable auto-downloads on my pc and ps4. Then, it was mostly just luck. Took me a few tries, but I got lucky and had a 99% signal strength.
Maverick Gaming (11 months ago)
Matthew C what WiFi settings did you tweak? I've tweaked some but I still can't get passed at the most 270 jumps.
xxspaldingcoltx (11 months ago)
If you love final fantasy 9, then you will love my stream on twitch. Please follow at XSPALDINGCOLTX. Thanks
Wilson Bertassi Junior (11 months ago)
I have an asian PS4 model, and therefore the default button for confirming actions on the xbmenu is Circle instead of X, and I noticed this script is sending multiple Circle inputs into the game, so Vivi doesn't jump and everytime I open the status menu in the game, it closes immediately(because Circle inputs are being sent to the game insteand of X inputs). Is there anything I can change in the script to fix this?
Evi Reborn (11 months ago)
Wilson Bertassi Junior ah ok I thought they could my bad
Wilson Bertassi Junior (11 months ago)
Evi Reborn the controls can't be changed in game. I solved this problem, the author of the scripted posted a different version on the forums where the script was first released.
Evi Reborn (11 months ago)
Wilson Bertassi Junior don't need to rearrange the script just change the in game controller settings so that X is O vice versa
Dominick Vincent (11 months ago)
I'll pay someone $10 dollars on paypal or PSN cash to do this for me. I've wasted hours trying to do it legit and with the script, and to no avail. Over it. Please leave a response with your PSN name and ill friend request you.
TzTokJad (11 months ago)
My PSN name is Lidawano, I'll get it for you for $10.
iain dickson (11 months ago)
I follow everything but when I go to start the script the run button or press f5 nothing happens any help
DarkDoc02 (11 months ago)
iain dickson after you click to run it, hit "t" on your keyboard to switch to keyboard control, set vivi up so he's ready to start the jumps by hitting enter 2 or 3 times ("0 jump" should be in the text bubble) , then press "esc"
RileyFree1 (11 months ago)
When I load the script then press t I get the started box but then I press escape and enter and nothing happens for me. Please help. My PS4 control still works and controls vivi but my keyboard does nothing
DarkDoc02 (11 months ago)
RileyFree1 you should just need to press esc once the script is started, no need to hit enter.
Saogin (11 months ago)
I cant get through the network lag, somebody do it for me and I'll pay $10 lol
King Emil Wash (8 months ago)
TzTokJad Add me: jlowtowdoow How will you do this through Share Play?
TzTokJad (8 months ago)
Sure am
King Emil Wash (8 months ago)
TzTokJad Are you still doing this?
Jeffrey Lodewijks (8 months ago)
TzTokJad Do you have other thing i can contact you with? Whats app or emailing? I am interested to to pay a few bucks. ;) Thank you. If you only want to be in touch with skype i have to make an account first.
TzTokJad (11 months ago)
Yep, I'll do it for $10. Add me on Skype: lidawano
King CyMi (11 months ago)
I am using Windows 7...

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