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SSundee returns things with no address... Don't Forget to subscribe if you are new! Also, show some love with a like if you enjoyed! Watch more Troll Craft - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OtqVBArsbU Crainers's Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MisterCrainer CaptainSparklez Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainSparklez X33N(Set up the server) https://www.youtube.com/user/X33N Kehaan(Set up the server) https://www.youtube.com/user/Kehaan https://twitter.com/kehaandk Map mad by BlockWorks! http://blockworksmc.com Enjoy the Video? Subscribe! - http://bit.ly/Thanks4Subbing -=Follow the Links=- http://www.twitter.com/SSundee http://instagram.com/ssundeeyt http://www.facebook.com/pages/SSundee/200010033358843 --------------------------- Music by Ninety9Lives Tobu - Such Fun Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Oc26AFDdU Channel: http://99l.tv/Subscribe Album Download Link: http://99l.tv/Levelup-i ---------------------------
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Text Comments (15215)
Arktix (2 days ago)
He doesn't wanna destroy all of his me stuff... Does it in another episode
Jessica Margle (9 days ago)
So souls sand is life
Angeline Guerra (16 days ago)
maor yaakov (16 days ago)
Brady Cummings (26 days ago)
kfc for days
Alex Van Eijk (1 month ago)
Yeeeeeeeeeees kill them
Rhush 2.0 (1 month ago)
Am happy the Jeff is gone
Eric Langhardt (1 month ago)
John Ting (1 month ago)
there is a bad word...
PJ Poopkins (1 month ago)
Tyler Feltman (1 month ago)
It was water not crap it didn’t hurt him
AJ vlogging (1 month ago)
blueghost (2 months ago)
its a troll ssundee
Gold Sonic (2 months ago)
My name is jeff
Justin Hodac (2 months ago)
Stop making souls and kehaan got to him
moe Thelaw (2 months ago)
Dirt makes you a loser
Tacogamer The boss (2 months ago)
Why make souls and dose it = life omg ssundee has turned on us
Littloki666 (2 months ago)
The way his face lite up when the chance cube was wane was great
Janik Sebastian (2 months ago)
Subed and hot da bell
Nightmarecookie1 (2 months ago)
Ssundee no your using cobblestone for nether stars cobblestone is life
zs khual (2 months ago)
Let's use it to get cobblestone
lb fighter (2 months ago)
They are chiken your base
Dhiyab Aljassasi (3 months ago)
Psycho Ghoul aki (3 months ago)
Subbed like two years before this was uploaded
Donghwan Lim (3 months ago)
Cobble =life cobble=soulsand so soulsand =life?
"What was Jeff's name again?" Dude you literally just said his name...
1 Naabil (3 months ago)
Kristen Tucker (3 months ago)
My name jeff
Payday Gang (3 months ago)
Shadow Gamez (3 months ago)
Idk if you can but animals in a drive but if you could it would of been ultra peta and sat in a black place for eternity
Carter. OP (3 months ago)
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi I'm a savig
Yasser Almulla (3 months ago)
I think he made the winter
Da Pro (3 months ago)
Don’t believe in an eye for an eye... I believe in dirt for cobble
Amy Tobias (4 months ago)
Cobble stone is life
Jenn Crow (4 months ago)
Give jordan a ''present''
TenBarbecue5950 (4 months ago)
Gravity gun is better
Game boys (4 months ago)
i subscribed and liked all you vids!
Raj Adrian Singh (5 months ago)
Look at all those chickens....
Diane Northcutt (5 months ago)
xXzDanie zXx (5 months ago)
eh wa ssunde really? Sextuple? for u guys who dont under stnad try saying Sextuple With no Tuple P.S Dont call Peta on me and the police
Gerrard Hartley (5 months ago)
i thought it said return mail to slender kinda like slender man
Hantooya Benjos (6 months ago)
Ssundee you could have made a giant chance cube pick it up and put on his ME system
LuigiFan 260 The Default (6 months ago)
*sees chickens* *Says Brah*
Adans things W (6 months ago)
is the chicken kentucky fried?
Jihan Mrad (7 months ago)
It is good for your base to be crashing because the others cannot trol you
Seth Cll-glomb (7 months ago)
keen is you ssundee
Dubster 22 (8 months ago)
I subed
Snaze Gaming (8 months ago)
omg bro all of those gertrudes are prob dropping ur frames
Jailee Studio (8 months ago)
like a gravity gun?
Epic Elite (8 months ago)
SSundEE thats a quest ssundee
華龍 (8 months ago)
hello ssundee
Shandy Long (9 months ago)
Why is the portal gun now orange not green
PurpleWolf and friends (9 months ago)
Pekas Boo (9 months ago)
You can just put them in the portal and that's all
k.c 1234 (10 months ago)
you should kill animals and mobs more often
CreepyPanda (10 months ago)
I subbed
Makary Metzger (10 months ago)
You could just use an silk touch pickaxe but this is also okay I guess...
prasanga Khadka (10 months ago)
Cobble=? Is a math question and I asked my teacher cobble=? And she said life
you should do a troll where you put ghost blocks in one of their bases and make them fall into a pit with a bunch of portals in it so if they try to move they're stuck in a pit of portals. the only problem is that they can fly out XDD
Kathryn (10 months ago)
"It did not go good."
ToxicDude (10 months ago)
I subscribed...3 years ago that is
William Smith (10 months ago)
I called peda
Monique Letendre (10 months ago)
Monique Letendre (10 months ago)
FuryInferno (10 months ago)
i subscribe ssundee
q.random girl (11 months ago)
use your andriod guns and tools more
iPuddlesi (11 months ago)
Ssundee I think a different kind of block is life...guess what it is no like if you like a different block
Rogelio Salas (8 months ago)
Mr. PREZZ hi
Aleks Vochl (11 months ago)
it ds
LOL Vlogs Sub4sub4sub (11 months ago)
Why is it called sextuple
Kath Channel (11 months ago)
JOSEPH RUIZ (11 months ago)
I subbed
Spencer Crantford (11 months ago)
I subscribed 3 years ago do I get a discount ?
hunter78676 (11 months ago)
i subed
Supercveets V (11 months ago)
That was so cool I love that he returned the favour
You killed my family chickens why you should die for that
pigster 2.0 (11 months ago)
R.I.P Derp Ssundee
XxInk CharaxX (1 year ago)
I subbed and I love your videos
Emily Mueller (1 year ago)
hav you ever played portal the game
Jonathan Cheok (1 year ago)
I subscribed
8968Dragon (1 year ago)
Why didn't he just make a portal gun in the first place
Orange Apple (1 year ago)
Just make an emc table
42is2 (1 year ago)
Gravity gun easyer
The Quality (1 year ago)
Emc table
Thari Gayatri (1 year ago)
I subscribed
jenson lindsey (1 year ago)
Very entertaining (Instantly subscribed)
Ian Rasch (1 year ago)
i subscribed
I subed
un sub to shot (1 year ago)
i dont hate him for killing the ciken because i did the same thing
Dominic Sutter (1 year ago)
did any one see when he put down the lava the third time that it said cobble monster egg at the top of the screen. Ssundee's gotta be ready
jody giacalone (1 year ago)
I subscribe
Aw Ssundee I could never hate you *(sees you burning the chickens)* Nope, I understand why you burned all the chickens. Who even likes chicken anyway
TheFlameDrago9090 (1 year ago)
ssundee is just dead inside when he sees the chickens XD
Johnathan Buchanan (1 year ago)
Do more troll craft videos
Danny Avila (1 year ago)
"I feel like such a jerk "...continúe burning chicken
Amazing Dylan (1 year ago)
I love your videos and I watch and watch again
W1th1n (1 year ago)
What the hell are these subtitles
mr Lamborghini21 (1 year ago)
I subscribed
SS Gaming (1 year ago)
Well you could build a base in the dimension
DaZa TooNz (1 year ago)
I subscribed

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