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Here's some weird things you can do w/ Minecraft Spectator Mode! » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe » Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library
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Text Comments (528)
Kiako Maiyo (1 year ago)
I love this channel, it is so different from other Minecraft channels and it never bores me!!! I never knew you could spectate as blocks well what would you do? You would just sit there in place and bore yourself to death! Man being a block is hard! XD
Kiako Maiyo no
At first I thought Ant changed his profile pic XD
SketchyPlays (4 months ago)
well ur weird
Resurrekt (7 days ago)
My brother once punched me into a creeper spawner while we were playing survival; So I went spectator mode and spammed creeper noises; And I might have spawned some charged creepers.
Lennert Delanghe (1 month ago)
When youre in an ocelot : nightvision xD
Kurt Durham (1 month ago)
Forever alone
a real cake#2 (2 months ago)
spec mode broke my dreams they got rid of the super secret button :(
Baton_Patton (2 months ago)
Try standing next to a fence, moving towards it with an elytra on, then spamming space
Brickmotion (2 months ago)
Spectate in an arrow
JG Monkeys For Days (2 months ago)
why is it that i can't get into it because it says invalid :(:(:(:(
CL3NR c 2 (3 months ago)
how do you get the mobs to move? they dont move for me at all
Robert Kamminga (3 months ago)
What does the wither see?!
Exohtix (4 months ago)
I tried to use the Spectator Glow feature... on Hypixel. My game crashed lol
RipGummyBeartje :L (5 months ago)
Why I like your videos antvenom
Paula Mercier (5 months ago)
You're gonna hit unloaded chunks really quickly Unless you use Optifine. *Optifine is a beast.* Still doesn't work. I tried with Optifine.
JerryKooper Official (5 months ago)
So... when Michael got involved with the script-writing and editing, the swearing disappeared? Sounds awesome to me! I like that a lot. This video? Not as much.
Tucker Norwood (5 months ago)
Love the Austin powers music
soul e tood 8D (6 months ago)
0:31 wow Im going to leave now bye Im forever alone :(
frinz habon (6 months ago)
hahahahaha look this player the player's name avorne 3:12
Stefanos PXS (6 months ago)
How you do a minecraft survival server
360 Polska (6 months ago)
0:30 lmao
WaterBoyz (6 months ago)
That troll face scared the f*** out of me man WHY WOULD YOU DO THWT MAN
Adam Rab (6 months ago)
What’s with that ghost in the beginning. 0:31
Yis Pinto (7 months ago)
I love this
JixxyRed (7 months ago)
0:31 forever alone
Sudden Death (7 months ago)
Stop at 0:31
Sturfri :3 (7 months ago)
0:32 tho
The fpslen09 (7 months ago)
I know the spectator thing
TFW (7 months ago)
0:30 what am I supposed to see
Ishaq Luqman (7 months ago)
I love your video...antvenom!!!
Tom TH (7 months ago)
This channel is amazing!
Stupidiot (8 months ago)
lol that creeper
Merpysoup (8 months ago)
my favorite mc channel. i never get bored watching you!
KanonI (8 months ago)
0:18 that base tho... i'd love one like this.
Carmel meh (8 months ago)
So it's like there players
Alma henry (8 months ago)
Suspicious Prism (8 months ago)
1:21 to- OH MY GOD! *BOOM*
Cold 0_0 (9 months ago)
What is resource pack , please tell
alex tacc (9 months ago)
Ant I am just wondering can you spectate an arrow or item
II GOODSPORT IIV (9 months ago)
II GOODSPORT IIV (9 months ago)
you can spectste any mob from skeletons to zombies an OH MY GOD
Neon SuhoTDM (4 months ago)
Puro The Lattex Monster (9 months ago)
try getting at the other side of the barrier with spectator mode :P
Clash Cookie (10 months ago)
Fast Fizzi (10 months ago)
Dang it I learned nothing I already knew everything
Llama Ligma (11 months ago)
0:30 ahhh the troll face XD Spectator Mode is the mode i use to spy on my friends or teleport right through defenses =D
Leokalan8 Gaming (11 months ago)
I liked the video when it was 6k and it turned to 7k!
TheSalt™ (11 months ago)
The face at 0:30 fucking scared me
Max (11 months ago)
I trying to do this minecraft but it doesn't work
Mike Jr 77 (11 months ago)
I love the sad troll.
Mini-anthrax (11 months ago)
#ForeverAlone ( ;u;)
Appu Roblox (11 months ago)
0:31 a easteregg
Fluffy Quartz (11 months ago)
The troll face scared me 😂
AlphaAmoeba (1 month ago)
Fluffy Quartz It's actually the Forever-Alone face wich is for persons that are In a nutshell, Lonely :(
peanut butter guy (5 months ago)
TheFluffyGamer73 I know
Combine Overwatch (9 months ago)
TheFluffyGamer73 funny
Obnoxas (1 year ago)
The last one is....... lit (sorry I had too)
Mr Celfix DJ (1 year ago)
0:30 hahhaahahah
Optimistic Watermelon (1 year ago)
what would be better... be able to control the entity you are spectating!
Shitockiful (1 year ago)
mgoy mgoy mGGOOOOOYyyyy
Blizzardeuhs (1 year ago)
AlphaAmoeba (1 month ago)
Is called Forever-Alone face
0:30 face appers like if you saw it
Decay Animations (1 year ago)
When I saw the menu: I am the first one to see that menu! When I saw this video: DAMN, I WANNA MAKE HISTORY!
squid gamer tuber (1 year ago)
this mode is amazing
GhettoGengar (1 year ago)
did anyone notice the troll face when i he introduced the gamemode?
Cathy Fisher (1 year ago)
i seen this 1000000000000000000 times and im only a toddler
Jaden Villanueva (1 year ago)
creeper vision is like minecraft on the original gameboy
Sniping Hero (1 year ago)
Ant, you missed one thing; When you're in F5 while in spectator mode, WHILE the highlight spectators key is pressed, your head will have a black glow, and your name should be black for as long as you hold the key.
Professer Warships (1 year ago)
wait how do you turn to spectator in 1.9
michelle imel (1 year ago)
Is it possible to control mobs while spectating? If so, How?
David Erinforth (1 year ago)
yay now i can be a boat
TechnoMinerX (1 year ago)
can I leave a like without watching the video? :P
Bagas Pratsya (1 year ago)
so that,s what my couson try to say
عبد الرحيم (1 year ago)
what's the name of his resource pack?
Lucky pocket edition is not this cool
Brent Bren (1 year ago)
Btw You Can Open Door In Spec Mode In PE(IDK If It Works In PC)
Ezekiel Sabillo (1 year ago)
like and share and subscribe
RegiisNovem (1 year ago)
Looking at one of the maps, I feel I should set a challenge... To only use features in a way they would be used in Alpha. No food, unless it will get to healing me, no Blocks after version X, no enchantments, no Dyed armor, etc etc.
RegiisNovem (1 year ago)
This was inspired by a building in one part and I noticed Stone slabs and said, I miss builds like that... The ones that used older, more limited blocks. I was never a fan of the overly complicated, themes builds. I always had a thing for older builds that used lots of wood, stone slabs, Glass BLOCKS, and stove in general, like for underground areas.
Minecraft Server (1 year ago)
cool ideov
1anakin 20 (1 year ago)
Worst intro ever
squid_meter (1 year ago)
Thanks for like, uh, teaching me how to play the game.
squid_meter (1 year ago)
So much. NEAT. CONTENT!!!
jrunner100 (1 year ago)
your videos are awsome! i subed
Eddi2015 (1 year ago)
I spectated tnt
GangBeastPlayz (1 year ago)
GangBeastPlayz (1 year ago)
then how did he get the blue respawn thing?
jrunner100 (1 year ago)
its called faithful texturepack : )
RJKWH SN1VY (1 year ago)
who saw the *mimikyu* at 3:30
Wichiguns (1 year ago)
Faster way to go to gamemode 3 /gamemode sp
Orange Atom (1 year ago)
It's not broken it's the viewers watch game theorys YouTube theory
Orange Atom (1 year ago)
Spoon Dice (1 year ago)
hi antvenom
Thom Moser (1 year ago)
I remember on a 1.8 snapshot, i think, when i went really fast in spectator mode and was able to walk on *_completly invisible blocks._*
FauxWhistle9262 (1 year ago)
lol I see a Troll face
DerpDot (1 year ago)
I knew it all
look at seed:1134918143844750275
Dustin Rush (1 year ago)
Dude, optifine is crap, it makes my game super slow
HetBanaanPortaal (1 year ago)
Gillian Schwartz (1 year ago)
I love AntVenom he is so funny and I love the Freddy Fazbare series😀😀😀
KingFuff (1 year ago)
if the world doesn't delete if you die in hard core mode, what DOES happen?
3:37 so amusing to see the "2016ies" messing around with a punch bow... xD
Borking Doggo (1 year ago)
F3 will which between creative and spectator and if you go from spectator to creative you will be invisable
Quinn Richardson (1 year ago)
i thought that that 1,2 thing was an plugin for servers because cubecraft has it.. and i never knew that u can go faster, thank you for the tip
Fabulous_Archer14 (1 year ago)
3:28 lit 😂👌
Enderhippo1224 (1 year ago)
0:24 #foreveralone
i use the glow effect we i die and i want to find my team.
B.J. Hubbard (1 year ago)
can u spectate as an item?
Ahmed Obaid (1 year ago)
the troll face scared me

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