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The Climb | League of Legends

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The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb. Click below for more info: 2017 and Beyond | Riot Pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTpS-2jiTqU Honor in 2018 https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor The 2018 season starts soon https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/2018-season-starts-soon
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Text Comments (16193)
YİGİT OYUNDA (3 hours ago)
Song? pls
RenaTo (4 hours ago)
beto hualpa (5 hours ago)
lucian best part :v
AZNAZN (12 hours ago)
if league was singleplayer rpg game, i think it be pretty good and fun
Арчи Леон (14 hours ago)
Blood castle какой-то ))))
İdris Varol (23 hours ago)
yeni video yapsana oç gözlerimiz yollarda kaldı
HennibsDP (1 day ago)
I want more maps and game modes for this game, and less new champs ^_^
XSHOT Casgaming (2 days ago)
Lukas (3 days ago)
Fuck it Mask off (3 days ago)
Advertisement music is call Thé shots
Shadow Tune (3 days ago)
Dammit Riot I am horrible at playing your game but because of stuff like this you make me install it again ffs
Moisés Castillo (3 days ago)
cuando sacaran una cinematica de kenen shen y akali vs zed
LeGOATJames (5 days ago)
imagine if balance team were good as cinematics team
Haise Sasaki (5 days ago)
Me: Do you u know what's League of Legends? Friend: Yes! They make good animations! Me: ;-;
Nitrex Gamer (7 days ago)
Report Lucian ulteando Minions de Yorick.
x XBlizzard04X x (8 days ago)
Who thought that the beginning is gonna start the retarted titanic song used made by a flute XD
Shinnosuke Nohara (8 days ago)
i need this track
김기현 (8 days ago)
Lucian: **** don’t eat my minions!!!
Krissi 09 (8 days ago)
Ekko is the best!
Tyler H (8 days ago)
With earphones this got me pumped as much as Wrath of Zaun startled me
Ritoato (9 days ago)
Salih Cengiz (9 days ago)
yasuo report 15 ff
Eric Flores (9 days ago)
This cinematic almost makes me want to play League again. Almost.
lets get out of bronze 5 now
xXInTimeXx (9 days ago)
Lucian got minions block..
베로니카너의 것 (10 days ago)
MontageKillerZ (10 days ago)
Challenger Here!!
elliarts (10 days ago)
Its a shame the gameplay is'nt like this
강지민 (10 days ago)
당신은 스오충의 기운을 느꼈다.
Buni Slime (11 days ago)
Yasuoooooooooooo sugoiiiiii !!!!!!!!!
Haqua Herminium (11 days ago)
Couldve sworn i heard the avengers theme there
im erected
DARK SERIES GAMES (12 days ago)
Isamu Kano (12 days ago)
NiceTry TV (14 days ago)
"มะเร็ง" in Thailand
alaim lopes (14 days ago)
Coisa mais bonita q essa cinematic só minha namorada msm slc que coisa perfeita!!
Slime Craze (14 days ago)
I was searching a depressing Miley song called “he climb” so I watching it, and this came on. Such luck before I started crying to em song
Varunn Ramdany (14 days ago)
adc focusing tanks. gj lucian.
GifuU (15 days ago)
Anyone else waiting danteaxes version of this?😂
Cptbravo2211 (16 days ago)
Damm they can make a short movie of just Lucian hunting undead
Over12 (16 days ago)
THRESH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lucian
Lorenzo oliveira (17 days ago)
Urso L. (17 days ago)
Came here just for my boi Thresh
Zelphyn (17 days ago)
too bad for Ekko, Blitz could not grab him coz Blitz's grab hook is still on cool down :P
Miguel Vieira (18 days ago)
More like *The Unranking*
ReNuX (18 days ago)
League of Legends: Infinity War :D
Lucas Torres (18 days ago)
Oh my god
kingofbunga (18 days ago)
He who does not ult a minion wave has forgotten the face of his father
Lucas Oliveira (19 days ago)
Ekko é foda né
Lucas Oliveira (19 days ago)
Anúncio muito louco^_^
Bald'O Calvo (20 days ago)
If only the gameplay indeed seems to this cinematic, I would take a chance on it. the cinematic is almost telling us that LoL is about a fps action rpg when the character can barely make a simply small jump... wtf!
Natalia Quimbayo (20 days ago)
Omg yessssss
Nocturno (21 days ago)
I love how all of them are going up a hill, or swimming to the surface
Rex Tristitia (21 days ago)
So Lucian is Doom Guy?
Aykut Oysal (22 days ago)
Who feed lucian
Zvmbie (22 days ago)
yasuo best champ in game
Random lol (23 days ago)
If only the game's like dis
Iamperverted (23 days ago)
Why yasuo is hot ?
That lucian rage xD
Malaska :D (24 days ago)
Ekko literally did nothing in that scene. Nothing.
fatah arsyad (24 days ago)
Merinding anjay
Emil Thomsen (24 days ago)
Lucian seems to be in the environment, I've heard mentioned as: Bronze V
이건희 (25 days ago)
i can play yasuo better than that
Brennan Williams (25 days ago)
Colin How (25 days ago)
the first arrow is my ashe ult
- Silver Crow - (26 days ago)
yasuo es mas deforme en el gameplay porque engañan a la gente ???
Emem Malabanan (26 days ago)
How could yasuo E without enemies
Milton Chaves (27 days ago)
I want that music so hard... Links?
SasEUnTicnit (27 days ago)
if this was accurate yasuo would have shown mastery 7 and then die under a turret
Korrarity (28 days ago)
everyone was fighting this epic fight and miss fortune just.. died...
Trenton Eades (28 days ago)
Uhh Riot please make xeraths ult do what it did in that video at 35 seconds... would be very happy.
ExplotaCrew Bmx (28 days ago)
Dejen de criticar a Yasuo, GG EZPZ Yasuo Top
lol (1 month ago)
uff mira ese lucian paps
RazorRipperZ (1 month ago)
Crazy Jay (1 month ago)
Lucian PogChamp
Under Construction (1 month ago)
That was incredible, the camera work...
andreeii san (1 month ago)
For me ekko's scene was the best in this cinematic
K-L (1 month ago)
One of the cool things I recognized is that Illaoi said in her backstory she would test "Miss Fortune" after she got done testing Gangplank. Here she is, testing her.
Donovan A S R (1 month ago)
Pobre Lucian, de nuevo le hicieron minion block a su ulti, como siempre :'v
Fried Bao V2 (1 month ago)
Yasuo never killed him as my God
Haoto Y (1 month ago)
Re Tard (1 month ago)
Dislike for the yasuo
Trong Vinh Nguyen (1 month ago)
The MUSIC is so good, the intense build ups for every single scene is awesome!!! :)
Ammy Banjong (1 month ago)
Just make a movie about yasuo instead of the others. Yasuos part is just too short in this cinimatic. But I liked it anyway... Keep up the hard work riot
Akemi - Hime (1 month ago)
MF and Tentacles ? Wait. Is this Hentai ? Lololol
Brian Maudsley (1 month ago)
NO LEAGUE OF LEGENDS I don't want to play your game. Get better ad targeting... and better ads for that matter. Can't even watch 5 seconds of them without cringing. Also I know I'm talking to a brick wall just let me have my rage.
123phobia123 (1 month ago)
Marinette Cruz (1 month ago)
What if lucian beat thresh and her wife is the new champion in league and then thresh will gone in the league????
Amanda Arts (1 month ago)
Quero filmeeeeeeeeeee
eliana blanquicett (1 month ago)
quiero que aatrox cuando comiense a pelear quiero que pelee mas rapido esto es injusto
Leonardo Shimada (1 month ago)
Ekko n fez porra nenhuma
Fun Kidz TV (1 month ago)
The quality of the graphics is amazing!!
Private Tibbles (1 month ago)
I’d pay good money to see a movie of league
love the soundtrack so much omggg !!! sounds so epic
Safynix DNA (1 month ago)
best lol cinematic wow
Kaia (1 month ago)
Riot and Blizzard are the heros of Cinematics Y_Y
Fate Twisted (1 month ago)
I mean, why would a music company make game?

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