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Directions MCEdit Filter - Shoot anything in the direction you look!

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The filter you have been requesting for a long time. Here you go. Keywords: $dir and $mot ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) (Hint: If it only shows the code for you, right click the Link and do "Save as...") Filter Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ysfaji16z0qf8fn/CPDirectionsRexMod.py Minecraft Server: crushedpixel.eu TeamSpeak IP: crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/CrushedPixel
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Text Comments (138)
Can you make a command for 1.9 that detects when you right-click with something and shoots a snowball or something and can you make it work up, down and side to side?
cf123 (1 year ago)
wheres the commands?? let alone the fact, does this even work in 1.11 ? i want to know how make/get a gun in a single, simple command.
MichaelXF (1 year ago)
this thing didn't work fuck u
LOOHP James (1 year ago)
Does this work on 1.10 ?
ShadowWarz (1 year ago)
Well where is the updated version?
Quinten Cabo (1 year ago)
There is an updated version
craftsman1776 (2 years ago)
How did you learn to make mcedit filters, I can't find any tutorials :(
Bruce Wayne (2 years ago)
Hey, do you have your old Filter? I kinda want that more than the updated one. Because I need one that doesn't hit down
Mummiedanser (2 years ago)
If I use this in gamemode 0/2 with arrows I will shoot myself:/
bananenbroek (2 years ago)
CP, you should update this filter so that it works with the new repeating command blocks from 15w34c.
Arthur the Artist (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel Hi CrushedPixel!  I have a question with command blocks. I typed in this command in the command block:    /effect @p[score_ow_min=1] minecraft:levitation 1 255 true it says entity uuid invalid.  the command is running at 20Hrtz and a scoreboard is set to one everytime i step above a block.  Im in the 1.9 snapshot c i believe.  I dont know if this is a bug in the snapshot, or an error in my syntax, but either way, i would like it if you helped me solve my problem.  :-)  Thanks
Arthur the Artist (2 years ago)
+minerfreak951 ok thank u fixed it
GmrFreak (2 years ago)
+Animeboy74 When a command block gets no output such as when it doesnt find a player with a score of ow_min=1 it keeps the previous output which is stating the the uuid is invalid. I would check to see if your scoreboard is setup correctly and that it is giving you the score. To see try setting up a display of it. /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar ow
Dasc (3 years ago)
Is there a way to only summon one snowball when you for example drop an item or right-click, instead of it auto-firing really fast where you're looking?
Dasc (3 years ago)
+PixelCube Ok thanks!
PixelCube (3 years ago)
But you can reset the score everytime you shot / the score is 1
Dasc (3 years ago)
+PixelCube, Ah I see. But that only activates the auto firing for me. I was thinking if you could shoot only 1 projectile when you drop an item or right-click
PixelCube (3 years ago)
+Dasc Swem Yeah if you look exactly at 1:11 you will see that you can chose a score for activating the machine for you. If you make a clock which set your scoreboard test (just an example) to 1 if you right click a carrot on a stick... Then you need a commmand block which resets the score a tick after the projectile will be spawned :) (Sorry if my english is bad i'm german)
NaCl (3 years ago)
Bester Filter EVER!!!
TackStash779 (3 years ago)
+CubeLordLP _ Nano rex improved it.
weshuiz13 (3 years ago)
can somebody tell me whats rong with this command?
A (3 years ago)
Is there a link to the ORIGINAL filter? The new "modification" will no longer load in spawn chunks and it changed the motion factor so now objects will travel MUCH farther.
Loukas arts (3 years ago)
is there a way to do it with particles?
Axelius Three (3 years ago)
Why didn't you say "hah" and "heh" throughout the whole video and attach subtitles for those who don't speak villager?
EJ Monkey (3 years ago)
Oh, my gosh, this is the most amazing thing ever! :D
Yorakoy (3 years ago)
Luke Taylor (3 years ago)
$dir does not put in rx, rum, ry, rym, it puts in an nbt tag instead of target selector arguments, but inside the area of target selector arguments. It puts in direction:[0.0368336085007,-0.896194698092,-0.0789899283372] INSIDE the square brackets of @a. Why? 
Luke Taylor (3 years ago)
Never mind, I used $dir instead of $rot
Jrf (3 years ago)
Hi! I have a question. I noticed there's a $pos now. Does this change anything? Because following what you're doing in the video doesn't work for me sadly. It only spawns items that falls to the ground with no motion in any other direction. Whilst I wan't it to "shoot" away from where I'm looking. Any help? :)
xphosGameing (2 years ago)
+xphosGameing i begg you
xphosGameing (2 years ago)
+xphosGameing plz help me
xphosGameing (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel how do i make a bow that shoots a arrow that travels forever. until it hits a block. basically ive been trying to do this for 2 years and i want a sniper rifle in my minecraft map
Jrf (3 years ago)
Thank you so much sir :D By the way, keep up your amazing content. You're awesome :D:D
CrushedPixel (3 years ago)
[Download] CPDirections (Rex Mod) - MCEdit Filter This video by NanoRex explains the changes he made to the filter ;)
WizardXZD (3 years ago)
lol shitmatic schematic
Reilly M (3 years ago)
this cant do direction for fireballs and whatnot
# (3 years ago)
Hurray! :D
LegoCobblestone (3 years ago)
I was going to use this for a map but when I added a setblock clock and used it it summon a lot of arrows facing downward but not where I wanted it to go! Please help
LegoCobblestone (3 years ago)
Actually it is still not working. The arrows shooting down is fixed, but now it isn't shooting anything pls help
LegoCobblestone (3 years ago)
Nvm. I typed something in incorrectly in by base command.
Just a dude (3 years ago)
hey, can you leave a download for the buggy one please? I wanted to make a special attack that does that for a rpg skill in vanilla minecraft
qqmaster1 MC (3 years ago)
You should edit it so you can shoot projectiles downwards. It would also be cool if you had an option to shoot the projectiles a certain distance away from the player. This would be helpful for spawning arrows and such.
Žiga Modrič (3 years ago)
it dosnt work for me :(
Žiga Modrič (3 years ago)
qbe (3 years ago)
4:30 aaand MCEdit always cuts off my last words .___.
qbe (3 years ago)
sehr cooler filter :D danke! hatte die selbe idee bin aber zu blöd sowas zu programmieren :/
Keboh Breyint (3 years ago)
TiTanAEfull (3 years ago)
filter not downloadable, it gives an error, also cant "save as" great job, why not upload normaly? ._. EDIT: ok, fixed now :3
Idtapp (3 years ago)
the download link does not work it says "this page can't be displayed"
René Poulsen (3 years ago)
FIX download link !! its not working :( :( :( :( :(
CandyBrutality (3 years ago)
CandyBrutality (3 years ago)
wait is it just me or am I not able to use it i need a scematic to.
The Cow Necromancer (3 years ago)
why doesnt it work facing down
Starwarswii (3 years ago)
A little while ago, +NanoRex  and I updated this filter. It fixes a critical bug of not being able to shoot objects downwards, and has some other improvements from the original. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/view/bb521c44t5ksu6y/CommandBlockDirections.py
Mizael Hector Yncierto (11 months ago)
what version did you guys update?
Stoopid Poopid (3 years ago)
darksky185 (3 years ago)
Don't work in front
CandyBrutality (3 years ago)
thanks #urcool  
CandyBrutality (3 years ago)
MineBenfah (4 years ago)
CrushedPixel, Can you release the Buggy Filter at the end from the Video?
L40P (4 years ago)
Warum schießt er z.B. Schneebälle nicht, wenn man zu tief nach unten guckt?
king salalander (4 years ago)
can you do wither skulls
10se1ucgo (4 years ago)
Hi, I'm using this to make a throwing sword feature just like yours in my GMod Murder map and for some reason you can't throw things in the downward direction, do you know what I can do to fix this?
Blak Ace 2000 (4 years ago)
It  doesn't work fro me I don't understand!!! Someone help me!!
GamersOnVideos (4 years ago)
It doesnt work for me my arrows did not got summoned...
oldmanNickerson (4 years ago)
How come it does not let you shoot things in downward directions? I tried it but it only lets you shoot up and around the midsection of your screen..
The Cow Necromancer (3 years ago)
10se1ucgo (4 years ago)
this is also happening to me. Have you found a fix?
AztroCreationz (4 years ago)
How can i do this with Arrows?
AztroCreationz (4 years ago)
Nvm, i fixed it! Great video btw!
Maco1912 (4 years ago)
you just saved me like a year of work :) tnx
TwinTech (4 years ago)
i can't download it D:
chez power (4 years ago)
its not working for me it made the structure but when i use it the snowball it spawns just despawns 
Fyrebird (4 years ago)
does not work with fireballs
The Reddit Rabbit (4 years ago)
I understand wgy this has 0 dislikes
ZiePeregrine (4 years ago)
How can I get the filter becauseit doesn't dowload
Creepy_Squid (4 years ago)
If you use dragnoz's lethal snowballs this is O.P
The Reddit Rabbit (4 years ago)
This monster filter adds an endless amount of new possibilities for custom weapons! I made four elemental weapons with different abilities. Its amazing
saar schwartz (4 years ago)
its for multiplayer too?
AnFer (4 years ago)
+saar schwartz  Yes you've just to specify, something like a scoreboard a minimum objectiv or somtehing like this to triger the sthrow but yes it work.
Jocolo (4 years ago)
I had the same Villager :D Apart of myself, I did not see any of this sort :/
Dub'n'Craft (4 years ago)
onlynamelefthere (4 years ago)
Hey, die frühere "verbuggte" Version wäre doch auch interessant, damit liese sich gut AOE-Spells erstellen Btw. Großartige Arbeit
MrIlliteracy (4 years ago)
Neat! ^_^
The Reddit Rabbit (4 years ago)
I like the way how u pronounce cre-ate
Yannic Mödritscher (4 years ago)
Can you please adjust the max speed to 10?
Yannic Mödritscher (4 years ago)
I know but i will make a egoshoter game.
The Reddit Rabbit (4 years ago)
Thats insanely fast! With speed on 2 u can barely see the projectile
Marijn (4 years ago)
Can you also do this with witerskulls?
Mareck (4 years ago)
It doesn't work for up and down rotation higher than 9
Alfons hedström (4 years ago)
HEY all i got in the download link is alot of codes... why doesnt i get a real download link... im very desperate
Tolga20 (4 years ago)
you must add direction for the fireballs
Fernando Galian (1 year ago)
I don't know how to use in 1.10
Fernando Galian (1 year ago)
Hi I know is tooo late two years late, but I downloaded this and I would like to have the new command blocks, also I don't know what to do with that $rot added. that would be possible?
VanguardianXCT (3 years ago)
+CrushedPixel Hey CrushedPixel can u update this filter so that if i want to move the player back it will automaticlly generate the command to tp back? (Or to the front and stuff)
Tolga20 (4 years ago)
thanks :)
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
You can easily do this yourself... /execute @a[$dir]~ ~ ~ /summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {direction:[],$mot}
DugspiUno (4 years ago)
Do you thin that you could make a Download for the sword throwing! :D
dmynerd78 (4 years ago)
YES!! Thank you so much for not doing an April Fools Day video!! You have no idea how many people have done it.... Than you and #hugayoutuber  :)
dmynerd78 XD I thought you said huge gay YouTuber
XxMasterOFGameXx (4 years ago)
can u do updated version of your mcedit tutorial ?  (sorry 4 my bad eng)
TVTehVau (4 years ago)
Was mache ich wenn ich Pfeile summon will?
J05H B3AN (4 years ago)
Downloaded it before he explained how to use it.
The Reddit Rabbit (4 years ago)
Junuh (4 years ago)
Wait. How do you download this? All I get is the source code on the internet. Not a file.
Energyxxer (4 years ago)
Finally, i will be able to make Kittycannon!
The Reddit Rabbit (4 years ago)
Good idea! This monster filter really has a lot of possibilities
Energy Pear (4 years ago)
Vrail Nightviper (4 years ago)
Yay! No silly April fools joke! xD You sir, are the third person to have successfully resisted to post a trolling video! :D :) xD
NanoRex (4 years ago)
What's the smallest degree you can set? 1 makes a structure too large to /fill... EDIT: It's 3.
Boburt314 (4 years ago)
The real question is, what is the smallest degree you can set where players can aim fairly smoothly without needed a monster computer to run the system?
Junuh (4 years ago)
Amazing! Thanks SOOOOO MUUUCH!! This will be so helpful!!!
Dyran Wavimodier (4 years ago)
I am a librarian villager
Sean (4 years ago)
21st view
Fritz F (4 years ago)
Du benutzt das Element Animation Resoucre Pack, oder? (:
Vrail Nightviper (4 years ago)
Nope it's a 1.7.5 April fools joke that Mojang is doing for the day. :/ xD
Hayden M. (4 years ago)
Yay one of the phew youtubers who didnt upload an april fools joke :D
Hayden M. (4 years ago)
Dyran Wavimodier (4 years ago)
Thanks, crushed pixel:D
halbzwilling (4 years ago)
Awesome <3 Me heart filters!
Ben Heirbaut (4 years ago)
Cool, but weird tho xD
Skypit (4 years ago)
BlahGolem (4 years ago)
BlahGolem (4 years ago)
+Halbzwilling | Mapmaking #uhok  
halbzwilling (4 years ago)
+BlahGolem #goToHear
BlahGolem (4 years ago)
+Halbzwilling | Mapmaking #Agreed  
halbzwilling (4 years ago)
CRTBattery (4 years ago)
AWESOME! 7th veiw!
Danke :)
Talesseed (4 years ago)
Yes !!!!!
Talesseed (4 years ago)
I love you crushed pixel !!!!!
Aer0head (4 years ago)
mironast (4 years ago)

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