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TOP 3 Minecraft SUPER HIGH FPS BOOST Texture Pack

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if you can not run these packs you should not play minecraft xD love ya'll. 💛 Leave a like if you enjoyed the texture pack review 💛 ► email me to send packs or any inquires :3 ✉ [email protected] ✉ ► Credit • NEW PvP Texture Pack Map created by ★ https://bit.ly/1WKmOnk ★ ► Downloads ღ 1st pack review download - http://bit.ly/1ZVh6QW Creator - http://bit.ly/1lGmuok 2nd pack review download - http://bit.ly/1ZVgVVO Creator - http://bit.ly/1RGeoKu 3rd pack review download - http://bit.ly/1Thm45k Creator - http://bit.ly/1GdnhV4 ➳ Download PvP Texture Pack WORLD ツ ☛ 1.8+: http://bit.ly/1MGcIsz ☛ 1.7+: http://bit.ly/1NDDebi ► Intro & Music ♫ • Intro Creator KATANO - http://bit.ly/1gTui3R • Music can be found on the NCS channel - http://bit.ly/1Q2Xan7 ► Other information regarding to youtube and computer software/specs: http://bit.ly/1G0x5k6 This minecraft texture pack pack may work on minecraft pocket edition / minecraft pe / mcpe or even xbox and playstation ✫ Hope you enjoyed watching this pvp resource pack review! ✫ :D
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Text Comments (416)
NESIKOI-MC Niko (1 month ago)
last one is decent other all not that much
8zR - MC (1 month ago)
The swords aren’t 8x8
Kerem Başkan (1 month ago)
1 pack in link?
Falen (2 months ago)
i wonder how much fps i will get like i get 100 but do i need to get this texture pack hmmmmm
Good World (3 months ago)
radioactive hqhq (3 months ago)
LOL 60fps ii get 1kFPS
NAME 106 (2 months ago)
i got 150FPS ;(
Mouse Jackson (3 months ago)
Nobdyyyyyy dontdow nload these texture packssssssss they are virusesssssssssss im being for reallllll do not take this riskkkkkkk
Mouse Jackson (3 months ago)
2 i think isda best
Extremely Gaming Channel (3 months ago)
i have a potato laptop😂 200 or something
TheKingDill ! (3 months ago)
he switched the links... lmao
William Sander Vambeseth (3 months ago)
i lagg with the 3rd pack
도니 (3 months ago)
와 진짜 못만들었다...
lisachandraYT (3 months ago)
do i put the 3rd texture pack in the texture packs folder or the resource pack folder?
Jonathon Hyde (3 months ago)
My dad's 10 year old, windows 7 laptop = potato
BananaJoePlayz (4 months ago)
um i think u put the links backwards for the 1st one becuase i clicked the download but i got the channel
301760 (4 months ago)
Locks Keys (4 months ago)
hihi hihi (4 months ago)
LionEdits (4 months ago)
i get 1,4k fps on vanilla minecraft wtf am i doing here?
Sha1koGamez (5 months ago)
u messed up the packs :P
Zertile (5 months ago)
Guys I made a accurate video that gives u like 40-70 more fps no bullshit and also before in the same recording I was getting around 67 fps but after(in the same recording) I got 100+ fps
Eduard Manding (5 months ago)
Can it work in 1.12?
Marlene Reyes (5 months ago)
is a 4gb ram, 1.5gz processer, windows 8.1 a potato laptop? u...u it lags too mucho i thought it was ok when i bougt it u.u
Snow (5 months ago)
THEDOBERS (5 months ago)
What laptop do you have
Clyde Joshua (6 months ago)
Can I Use these At 1.12.2 ???
YoutubeSavage (6 months ago)
Finally my potato labtop can be upgraded! :P
Majestic_Monkey (6 months ago)
Creator and Download links are swapped.
snow ballz (6 months ago)
i download Lagg free and optifine and now the lag is gone forever :D
WetSocksPlays - Gaming (6 months ago)
does .rar do anything differnt than .zip because it cant see it in my game texturepcks
David B (5 months ago)
u have to convert it or something use 7zip but idk how
hbkjn hbjk (6 months ago)
i should not play minecraft :-:
TrivzPlayz (7 months ago)
4x4 Texture Pack Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/ld4518az0rrl3u2/pack+nolag+LELELELELEL.zip 1 Download = 1 Sub 2 me
No, they don't work. Sorry bud
Luka Krstić (7 months ago)
Thank you
PotatoTwins (7 months ago)
Where are the names or links?
Diamarald Gaming (7 months ago)
Potato laptop can't run tomato🍅 texture packs😂😂😂
Terrance Clark (7 months ago)
Dowritos (7 months ago)
My pc runs 400 fps why am i even watching this lol
Zertile (5 months ago)
Dowritos because u r lying
brahim DZ (7 months ago)
how i do this
UnDeadGaming (8 months ago)
69K subs xDDDDD
MoroChuk (8 months ago)
Will these packs increase your fps
SpamGG (8 months ago)
What do you use to Record
Saveir (8 months ago)
when i am not playing i get 500 fps and when rec i get 60 thx for the help
Xi.Corrupted (8 months ago)
I rlly need this because by default I have 4 at the maximum, changed/lower settings 35 max. But then with mods..... 2 maximum. My laptop is pure shit....
Xi.Corrupted (8 months ago)
Vertex Because I use mods I can't use the game version, so whenever I put it in my mods folder I can't open my game and it goes back to the launcher saying 'game crashed'. Can you help?
Vertex (8 months ago)
WoodpekaSimz use optifine.. I did it and I went from 20 to 60fps
NighTing TheKing (8 months ago)
doctor Mahmoud (8 months ago)
i have a fuckin potato laptop
Jacker Tn (8 months ago)
m too
diamondbro96 (8 months ago)
3:38 steve
Pritoxic GaMeR (9 months ago)
tnx bro +1sub
Sayedamin Hashimi (9 months ago)
Hahahha steve
Sayedamin Hashimi (9 months ago)
Trvp (9 months ago)
Yur gettang 7o fpps
Durant Production (9 months ago)
wtf i put lag free and my mc fucked out
LookiePookie (9 months ago)
i get about 125 when im playin and about 45 when im recording
Ville (9 months ago)
Thx! This rlly helped me out getting more fps and better gamplay :D
Mouse Jackson (3 months ago)
Sinci ;D dude which one did u use plz relpy
Pixel Master (9 months ago)
Links are messed up
Soulfly Ghoul (9 months ago)
qw erty (9 months ago)
rar... why!
IronMasterz (10 months ago)
Unleash The Potato Inside!
Jr. RedPanda (10 months ago)
I have a 1000$ computer. All three of these packs give me 300 fps. I'm probably gonna get a more advance pack
DerpOcelot (10 months ago)
Dude You Mixed Up The Creator And Review Links For 1
whats the name of the third onr
reitings (11 months ago)
then i click on the download button i going to a youtube channel!?
Jb Love (11 months ago)
You need to click the one below it, i think he messed them up on accident. :P
Masterpenguin12 (11 months ago)
or is internet scammer explorer
AllenSlayz (11 months ago)
I get a solid 100FPS in Bedwars...
ツSalacity (11 months ago)
Thanks now I'm ultimat potato peevpee slayer.
jUSTmARIO Lv (11 months ago)
Yanii (1 year ago)
lol background music is clannad nagisa xD
Ck456 -Gamezz- (1 year ago)
U really want have lag If u use default
cube gaming (1 year ago)
does anyone that watched clannad will get familliar from that backround music just now not in the opening
cube gaming (1 year ago)
hey that backround music that sounded like the music in clannad
whats the name of the last pack you show
ArgoPlaysBG (1 year ago)
Thanks!You helped me a lot!
eiei najaxd (1 year ago)
its work for 1.8???
Slushy (1 year ago)
I have a potato laptop....
Mineplex Police (1 year ago)
''Tomato laptop to the potato laptop you Always wanted'' speech made me poop my pants xDDD
Denis Ivanov (1 year ago)
pedal pedal pedal
Denis Ivanov (1 year ago)
PeaShooterBuddies (1 year ago)
is this boosting your fps or do you only get the same fps?
TheLeadMinecart (1 year ago)
I got 25 fps at 2 chucks with 3... lol
Mardy (1 year ago)
I thought a texture pack was always more laggy than default. And how does minecraft ignore all the pixels that are still in the game but that the pack just doesn't utilize?
iGriux (1 year ago)
umm my pc lag with 3 texture pack :(
Steve Joean (1 year ago)
You switched up the first packs youtube link with the download xD THE FIRST PACK LINK DOESNT EVEN WORK. WHY WHY WHY
Jayson Hall (1 year ago)
My laptop is 8 years old. :O
Pqncake (1 year ago)
i get like 1000 fps on a 128x128 pack xd
Gustavo Cordeiro (1 year ago)
ITzRageZ ツ :|
Pqncake (1 year ago)
Gustavo Cordeiro xd
Gustavo Cordeiro (1 year ago)
ITzRageZ ツ then gtfo out of here
How much was your computer? Mine was a 900 dollar gaming laptop and I only run 60-70 fps
Brobi (1 year ago)
Yoptifine (1 year ago)
you got scammed
Games & Music (1 year ago)
iFeedTeemo How!?
Not top!
ToXic (1 year ago)
your video is laging
Oğuzhan Oyunda (1 year ago)
Thank you
WhiteBK (1 year ago)
What is the firtsttexture name?
thethe/domidy (1 year ago)
ahahahahhahah - 3:28 Steve ?
Cyanzi (1 year ago)
i got 16 fps on the last pack more like LAG BOOSTER ( im joking for all the retards out there )
SuperzombieTV (3 months ago)
search for the vaguely pack (4x4) ultra boost
lildad (3 months ago)
My Bellarke that comment was made over a year ago. Lmfao
My Bellarke (3 months ago)
Cyanzi it wasn’t even funny, and adding the word “retarded” just made you a dick.
Vanze / Anthony (1 year ago)
Zio Beppe (1 year ago)
i got only 2 fps :-(((((
William (1 year ago)
Ok jUs Not Put the Download is the Desc
Shalfort (1 year ago)
i can only use .zip files
Lex (1 year ago)
and install winrar
Lex (1 year ago)
extract it
Chronos (1 year ago)
Tbh a fps pack isn't really a fps pack. It just depends on pc hardware
Z Ø Ø T (1 year ago)
Not true
Txrtle/Syncretism (1 year ago)
tony cao (1 year ago)
it cant run still... im using a toshiba satelite
Cliff Ward (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! Every texture pack i did was laggy but these ones were a blast! I chose the 1st one and it made my fps go up and it looks awesome! subscribed and liked!
EarthMc Kid (9 months ago)
fake comment
Martincitow Pvp (1 year ago)
Francisco Preciado (1 year ago)
lmao i have a potato laptop
Charles Yang (1 year ago)
potato laptop
Ramer-Z (1 year ago)
Lol i still have 4 fps evenwith the 3rd resource pack.........my heart is so broken right now
with default i get 500 XD once i got 1374
nyherso (13 days ago)
Your pc is a potato lol
《 Ķ 》 (25 days ago)
Ramer-Z right click your screen when you are in home there will be resolution thing click that just choose the lowest resolution and then you will get about 100 fps :) but your resolution is shit
Aviilink (4 months ago)
dude. Put the console away and use your pc
FallenAngel_899 (4 months ago)
what fps boosters

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