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Yu-Gi-Oh! 2017 World Championship Dragon Duel Finals - Chain Burn vs Invoked True Draco

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Video footage originally published on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (KONAMI) channel: Channel link: http://youtube.com/yugiohtcgeu https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialYuGiOhTCG Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME © 1996 Kazuki Takahashi © 2014 NAS • TV TOKYO Web: www.yugioh-card.com http://www.audibletrial.com/MegaCapitalG Have a great YGOpro replay -send it to me and I might commentate it - [email protected] (seriously only replays or dank memes please) . Also if you have a message for me PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL (I almost never check my YT messages cause I'm lazy) http://discord.me/ygopro - I HIGHLY advise those of you who like ygopro percy to come to discord even if you already have the program for latest news and weather. Thank you watching as always, if you enjoyed the video share it with your friends and give it a thumbs up. Also Check out my twitch channel where I duel against my subs http://www.twitch.tv/megacapitalg
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Text Comments (457)
The Legnd (13 hours ago)
Invoker guy summons DENKO! Ryan says gg. lmao
pelusin (15 hours ago)
in the end all the world forgot 900- for ojama trio and dark hole !!!
softair frog (15 days ago)
Se si potesse giocare ma y u gi oh come nel cartone che i mostri si vedono virtuali magari con oculus rift virtuale che per ti i punti veramente vedi i mostri che attaccano e l'evoluzione se succederà più avanti
Bl3s5in (15 days ago)
Holy shit this was so good. I miss this game. I was so happy for Ryan Yu. The only thing bigger than his back row are his balls to bring chain burn to worlds.
Ultra instinct Grey (23 days ago)
Sets 5 back row....waffael plays straight flush
베르무트 (1 month ago)
that is not how you do it
Harold Fernandez (1 month ago)
When people celebrate being a virgin
Hassan Alasadi (1 month ago)
I thought you the commentator until 3:22 XD
Zain Du Toit (1 month ago)
Ryan Yu has such a punchable face.
Jimmy (1 month ago)
For those who call Ryan a Chet because of that Chain Strike illegal play, if he were to save it for the Desserts Trio, he would've done the same amount of damage, Desires, Mechaba, Desserts, Trio and then Strike, chain resolves backwords. And that would've been 4500 damage, 2500 from Desserts and 2000 from Strike. It really wouldn't have mattered
Samantha Farr (1 month ago)
i am going to gon to the finels
ALESSANDRO Machado jr (2 months ago)
Nossa um br numa final top
pino il pino (2 months ago)
What deck they used?
Jogos sobre Jogos (2 months ago)
I am Brazilian
Felipe Spryte (2 months ago)
Rafael (2 months ago)
Vai Rafaaaaell representa o Brasil mulequee
Rafael (2 months ago)
dane-se se ele perdeu foi um duelo incrivel
Rafael (2 months ago)
me faça sentir orgulho por me chamar Rafael tbm
gusthebroken2 (2 months ago)
why do they have the headset?
MegaCapitalG there is one thing I did not see in any matches is a comeback
MegaCapitalG if u are in a tournament can u use god cards? or they are illegal
MegaCapitalG (2 months ago)
To not hear the crowd or the commentary to be tipped off to their opponents hand
wait can u use god cards in tournaments?
MegaCapitalG can u find a tournament in Chicago if u live in Chicago.
MegaCapitalG why?
MegaCapitalG (2 months ago)
Yes, they arent very good
I did not know u have to pick a deck and he finishes it off with ojama trio
Tyrone Cashmoney (2 months ago)
"Secret Barrel"
Emiliano Garcia (2 months ago)
¿? Alguien entendió algo?!?;
my password is this (2 months ago)
I'm a dragon duelist
Liu Chen Enzan (2 months ago)
I knew it!! Chain burn is SS tier deck. Only few card can counter it....such Royal decree
Reginald Thatcher (2 months ago)
Where’s blue eyes white dragon?
フリーザ様 (3 months ago)
I dont like canada boy shuffle
Noblesse (3 months ago)
i bough the lair of darkness deck its powerful i got kings and lords i got king of underworld and darkest diabolos lord of the lair and diabolos king of the abyss and prometheus king of the shadows and other powerful cards from 2000 atk to 3000 atk and def 1000 to 3000 def monsters
Bryan Escobar (3 months ago)
At least it wasnt a Cyber Dragon or Kaiju deck
Michael Wilson (3 months ago)
25:30 this kid was gonna have a meltdown if his opponent didnt have a straight gy, if my opponent was this ocd, all my non monster cards would be sideways just to piss him off and if he reached across the board to touch them id slap him silly. dont touch my cards with your chubby cheetoh eating fingers, punk
Jonathan Ramirez (3 months ago)
He did not receive damage from the ojama tokens because of Card of Demise, I know this is pretty late, but just got around to seeing this.
Mr. NOOBZ_YT (3 months ago)
oh canada our duel land
Starlight Blade (3 months ago)
Seriously, can you just shuffle not so fucking slow??
Aleks Penelov (3 months ago)
it was because of demise, that he didn't lose lp of ojamas
david crowe (3 months ago)
scrap iron statue
Davi Gramostini (3 months ago)
ai ss man representando o Brasil chegando na final.BR
Lavoid Gaskins (3 months ago)
Should of broke the barrel
Wei Ming (3 months ago)
That why I always put Denko Sekka at my side deck
Weezel (3 months ago)
i love how they use calculators to this shit *got damaged* *uses caculator ''what is 4000-1200?''
Somekind of Dude (3 months ago)
I wish harpie's feather duster was legal. I really have a strong feelings that Ryan is the stereotypical yugioh player who thinks being competitive allows you to become a fucking cunt and disrespect everyone that plays for fun. Before you attack me and call me a filthy casual yes I am a casual player but not a bad player I just want to play for fun but I topped some local tournaments.
Booghost23 (3 months ago)
It's called Yu-gi-oh for a reason
arthur l (3 months ago)
I study with rafael
JONATHAS ESTEVAM (3 months ago)
Brasil 😝😪❤
Alexxx BR 2000 (3 months ago)
Tomdawe (4 months ago)
Great canada is being represented by chain burn
MikeDkayr 1 (4 months ago)
So what was the prize for the winner?
Marc der Große (4 months ago)
I should go to some Tornament the Niveau is weak
Shooter Cade (4 months ago)
I enjoy running a machine/pyro blaze fenix & dark snake syndrome burn deck
Cubic Lord (4 months ago)
Awsome, love it! Really a great game! :)
Kenny Davis (4 months ago)
This game Really changed Haven't it bunch of bullshit cards chained together to win a game in a few turns lawwd I'mma keep all my Illegal cards in my closet where they belong monster reborn pot of greed... Etc 😂
Lugh Ildanach (3 months ago)
Well... The game has been like that for a lot of years... Besides, Monster Reborn isn't banned and it is a REALLY powerful card.
Celsaei (4 months ago)
Are you royalskyline
Key (4 months ago)
the shuffling is so annoying lol
Elfin forest (4 months ago)
I dont understand anything.
Kono Megumin Da (4 months ago)
One for Reich
tommociucu ciucu (4 months ago)
shivan bijmohun (4 months ago)
Last duel wad a sick duel
shivan bijmohun (4 months ago)
De way dese two shuffle de deck is long, de kid wid de burn damage is sick💥👊🏾
Xavier Pierre (4 months ago)
these guys are so bad
Crimson Samurai (4 months ago)
I know how it feels to be dice jared :( Gained PTSD
Kudo Shinichi (4 months ago)
What am I doing with my life???
jimmytha kid (4 months ago)
I hate chain burn so much. I always lose first game but I keep alot of back row hate in the side piece
Magma Fang (4 months ago)
Why has no one done all pendulum with The calculator
CypherMax0047 (4 months ago)
Burn decks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sebastianxia Xia (4 months ago)
they shuffle the deck so much i though it was illegal to shuffle for nothing and not from card effects
Sebastianxia Xia (3 months ago)
no shit but they keep shuffling when they didnt search
Lugh Ildanach (3 months ago)
They shuffle it after they search something on the deck, that's standard for any tournament.
Lex Rahman (4 months ago)
Fucking retarded
Jose Ruiz (4 months ago)
What's Ryan's decklist?
Sou brasileiro, mas minha torcida foi para o canadense. I'm Brazilian, but my fans went to the Canadian.
the rated R porno star (5 months ago)
A red eyes deck would've destroyed that burn deck not the gearfried build the one before that
Justin Tran (5 months ago)
What do you get for being a dragon duel world champ? A hand shake and $5?
Justin Tran (5 months ago)
Royal decree , Gg
Lugh Ildanach (3 months ago)
Well, that's why Ryan had two Zaphion...
cCH3artlessCc (5 months ago)
I'll just use heavy storm and dark hole... Oh is it banned? I don't give a fuck lol.
Lugh Ildanach (3 months ago)
Heavy is banned, Dark Hole is isn't, in fact, Ryan used it on the final game.
Afghan Lion (5 months ago)
Can't wait till we have real life hologram duel disks, then everyone will start playing Yugioh and its gonna be lit!
king kuds yt (5 months ago)
I could beat all them with my Exodia
wither (5 months ago)
Ring of destruction is also one of my favourite cards of all time. Legendary shit right here
Marco Ilic (5 months ago)
yu-gi-oh was in 2006 so great. now its a fucking shit
Super Danyla (5 months ago)
did ryan special summoned the timelord and used after that a pot of duality?
Narf D. (5 months ago)
Nope, Timwelords can be normal summoned without tribute if you control no monsters
Jimmy (5 months ago)
Konami didn't make a mistake. Your opponent can't be dealt any damage since its part of Demise's eff.
Miguel Padilla (5 months ago)
Watching this just tells you cap doesn’t know how to play lol
surf master 102 (5 months ago)
not bad kid not bad
surf master 102 (5 months ago)
not bad ryan not bad
Maxtrex 03 (5 months ago)
Wow this was very intense almost died not clickbate
ALLBLAZING 1 (6 months ago)
chain burn for the win
Axel Guerin (6 months ago)
Oh Jesus Christ STOP TO MIX THE DECK 56000X !!!!! --'
Jared Wright (6 months ago)
chaining is bullshit which shouldn't be a thing
IsleofMAN (6 months ago)
when you win with ojama trio XD, also at the end he should of just waited 3 turns he only had 3 cards in his deck?
Yu-Gi-Oh Team CBA (6 months ago)
I love this video, I do see that he did no ttake 900 from the ojama trio because demise was activated, meaning no damage is taken for the rest of the turn
Golden Crusader (6 months ago)
Headphones for a card match?
Golden Crusader (5 months ago)
Dylan Margason its yugioh tho. Idk seems too much for a damn card game
Dylan Margason (5 months ago)
Koopa Kevon so they cant hear the people outside so they can think
Over Creat (6 months ago)
What a pussy
Gracrys Papercutt (6 months ago)
Why is that canadian guy chinese?
john li (6 months ago)
? because people can immigrate to different countries
Junway Lin (6 months ago)
Doesnt chain strike say something about you not being able to activate card effects with the same name in that particular chain? So how tf did he get two strike in one chain?
Dominik Selak (6 months ago)
Top 10 anime comebacks
Miluna Juare (6 months ago)
Cool trics
Victor Gomes (7 months ago)
O fucking Hate burn players no matter his age
Kristian Lii (7 months ago)
i really wish they were smart enough to add jinzo in their side-deck
SomewhatGamer (7 months ago)
Wait what?!?! Cosmic cyclone turn 1 against chain burn?!?! Excuse me??????
Linky (7 months ago)
a final do dragon duel foi bem melhor do que a outra kkk
Linky (7 months ago)
caralho agr q vi o mlk q compro do fundo do barai ausdhasudhasu mito
Alberto Magno (7 months ago)
Vai tomar no cu, esse era pra ser nosso! Filha da puta ganha fácil de burn!
Frederick Hecker (7 months ago)
omg its a trap xD
Eclypx (7 months ago)
Trap Stun, Royal Decree, Trap Jammer, Seven Tools and Cursed Seal are good against chain burn. Hanewata is good too.
Eclypx (7 months ago)
And Number 14 is another counter
Flame gaming (7 months ago)
How do I join the next champion
Eclypx (7 months ago)
Demise makes it so your opponent takes no damage this turn.

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