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Minecraft: FTB Infinity Evolved - Ep.3 - Mining Turtle

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Hey guys in this episode of FTB we play around with a mining turtle which apart of the ComputerCraft. mod. Don't forget if your enjoying the content smash those buttons guys Subscribe ✔ Comment ✔ Like ✔ Share ✔ Want to play on Data's Official Fan Server? nothing easier, just become a registered member at the website http://www.dataless822.net Want access to early content? The Donator Rank might Be for you help support your favorite youtuber http://goo.gl/HWbuCm •••••• Follow me on your favorite Social Media! •••••• Twitter https://twitter.com/Dataless822 Facebook http://goo.gl/qhNvkZ Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/Dataless822 •••••• Useful Links And Info •••••• My Website: http://www.dataless822.net Data's FAQs: http://goo.gl/cD9446 Plotz: http://www.plotz.co.uk/plotz.php Texture Pack: http://f32.me/ Mob Pack: http://www.feed-the-beast.com/
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Text Comments (94)
Trey McKinney (9 months ago)
What Minecraft is this
Trey McKinney (9 months ago)
Seriously I can’t remember what it’s called
Matthew Woolner (10 months ago)
Just got Minecraft for my Linux pc after playing console edition for years.... Suddenly I want to try mods.
BattleCattle Dannage (1 year ago)
Never used turtles yet, but fun to see them in action. I have got other machines going but as you say in your video, this was when you were starting out, 140 odd episodes ago so I'm sure you'll have plenty of awesomeness to come!
James Phelps (1 year ago)
Still watching in 2017
Derp Duck (2 years ago)
Gage MacDonald (2 years ago)
you really decided it would be a good idea to waste your diamonds on a few tools that break instead of saving them for a quarry...
Emberz (2 years ago)
I like him he is a nice chap :)
Nazcar7 (2 years ago)
Data, you should definitely build a Quarry. Can be powered by most Build Craft Engines! Keep up the great content!!.
BGaming Videos (2 years ago)
In the end, diamond is as good as wood, relatively, once you actually get into gearing up in FTB. Can't wait to see what happens!
TomBergerocker (2 years ago)
I use mini chest for stencils
Collin Tate (2 years ago)
Tree farm for coal
Ilja (2 years ago)
Love your vids just subbed but can you make your voice louder it's a little be quiet
Joshua Robertson (2 years ago)
loving it.. very happy you decided to play Feed the Beast.. do utilize the scrolling wheel on the the mouse well taking inventory from chests
Jim Earle (2 years ago)
that would be handy to dig out a slime chunk or a witch farm area :)
TriWithMS (2 years ago)
Data amazing that you started out mods! I would suggest watching a YouTube series on ftb infinity evolved. You will see some common themes in the beginning: 1. Smeltery for ore doubling and higher level tools (alumite). 2. Tinkers tables to add modifiers to tools (red stone speed). 3. Tool forge create a hammer (3x3 mining). 4. Survivalist generator (early power). 5. EnderIO - Alloy smelter and sagmill (watch mod spotlight) 6. Look into Fluxducts and itemducts (power and item transfer). 7. Lumber axe in tool forge (will blow you mind). A few things to get started anyway. Great job!
TriWithMS (2 years ago)
Oh and different ores at different levels. In NEI hover mouse over an item (ores for example) and press 'R' for recipes and 'U' for uses. R on ores will show you their optimal mining levels. Typically want mines at 3 levels (copper higher). There is ore tripling too but it costs coal (Google ftb ore tripling). Love the turtles - there are awesome programs you can download that will place chests/torches and keep mining.
Failex (2 years ago)
1.lava dont destroy turtels 2.please Rename the turtle 3.make you a Quarz grind Stones
Failex (2 years ago)
And when you leave the World or the chunck the turtle stops
Failex (2 years ago)
reaname your mining2turtel
Paul Seitz (2 years ago)
Data there is a way to sort the inventories in the mods. The little symbols in the upper right hand corner of the inventory GUI. You talk a lot about keeping things neat this will make your life so much easier.
Terry Chapman (2 years ago)
+Dataless822, put your crafting table back into your crafting space in inventory and turn it into. Crafting station...you can the. Leave items in it while building.
matt ola (2 years ago)
Dataless is stepping up his game videos like everyday. i am loving this keep it up buddy
chickenman297 (2 years ago)
Good to see you _finally_ start in modded. A few suggestions 1. Don't make tools out of diamonds. Use those sapphires to make them. They have the same mining level but with less durability. You'll eventually need a metric shit ton of diamonds. 2. Get started on tinkers construct because you can use this to make even better tools and weapons than diamonds. Start with the pattern table and ultimately build a smelter. 3. Build a survivalist generator and a pulveriser to double your ores. Eventually build a redstone furnace to save your coal (you'll need it later) 4. Turtles are a good start on auto-miners. Use a quarry for mid tier. Ultimate miners are made from mining wells and funky locomotion (if it's in the pack). Such miners require vast amounts of power. 5. Turtle + mining well = great starting auto-miner. 6. Pick up your crafting table and put it in a crafting grid to make a crafting station. This will keep a recipe you are working on in it if you forget an item and need to go get it.
GameTechnologies (1 year ago)
saphire has a bigger durability then diamonds
69Jynx69 (2 years ago)
to each their own, i liked the unmoded minecradt but do understand getting bored with games and you wanting to play something new ..good luck and hope you have fun
Billy Harris (2 years ago)
I am loving these videos more than all your previous. I am going to go buy a Windows Computer just so I can play this Mod.
basebilljr07 (2 years ago)
data once you craft something the first time you can then just shift click the item in not enough items and it will automatically place them into the crafting bench as long as the items are in your inventory
basebilljr07 (2 years ago)
and also look into chest upgrades such as gold iron diamond they are really awesome they hold way more items you'll love it
Paul Crowe (2 years ago)
Nice to see you having a good time playing modded data, I would suggest a look at some of the storage mods like BetterChests to start with.
Zacchary Tenhuisen (2 years ago)
there is some things in the pack that will help you "double" your ores. makes ores go further :-) just helpful tip
Toothless NEO (2 years ago)
+Dataless822 is venom your wife
Nightcore Syndrome (2 years ago)
+Thor374 His girlfriend.
Lazaro Figueroa (2 years ago)
If you make a tinkers construct tool you can put lapis on it and get fortune
Daniel Schreck (2 years ago)
Allan Kemp (2 years ago)
data im so glad that you are trying a new version of minecraft i hope you are enjoing this just as i am and i also just would like to say keep up the good work and im loving this channale also i cant seem to download the modpack do you know why if not dont worry
Richy TM (2 years ago)
Building a grindstone and crank is a cheap and easy way to double your ores early game.  After a while you can upgrade to sagmills and pulverizers.
Stefan Gligorijevic (2 years ago)
Two things:If you are this excited due to turtles, then just wait to see late game! Second:Tinkers construct is too useful to wait until ep. 10, just think about all the things(and turtles) you can make with double the resources and it also has its own enchanting and upgrading system.
Alex Holberg (2 years ago)
I wonder if Data is going to learn Lua.. Or ever use iron chests
MrDyl333444 (2 years ago)
Run the turtles of buckets of lava lasts much longer and is easier
joe mcgowan (2 years ago)
are you going to do any mine live Streem
mworld (2 years ago)
The ae2 grind stone is an early game ore doubling device. You have to hold right click once you put the handle in it, but hey, it's cheap.
Nero Zashi (2 years ago)
Work your way towards Enderquarry and Generators very fast resources 😀
anders thomsen (2 years ago)
Make a Tool Forge if its in the pack!
Harrison McCollum (2 years ago)
This is my favorite series so far Data, PLEASE CONTINUE!
Zach Lakin (2 years ago)
Please look into Tinker's Construct.  It is a perfect starter mod.  It has a book that tells you what you need to do to get started.
Magnus Jakobsen (2 years ago)
Make a advance workingtable insted of a normal
(2 years ago)
Omg i can picture now huge holes in the ground dig by Data '-' Build big or go Home.
GARD-S (2 years ago)
Tell me what's you computer Characteristics. Please)
GARD-S (2 years ago)
+Bopher I don't find it's there
Bopher (2 years ago)
GARD-S check out his website. I believe his PC specs are there under the FAQ section.
basebilljr07 (2 years ago)
don't smelt in regular furnace there are machines that double your ores that are easy to get early game
J M (1 year ago)
hehe, excited to see ur reaction when you realize nearly all of the mods have a way to ore double :-p
Jared Boudreaux (2 years ago)
I know i'm VERY late but yeah Tinkers construct is AMAZING each ore into smelter is 2 bars! + Hammer is amazing!
Matthew Hoag (2 years ago)
I'm giving this modpack a try, and there is so much new stuff compared with vanilla. I will be following your progress to hopefully learn a few things. Luckily, I spawned in a village that was covered with basalt similar to Pompeii being wiped out by Vesuvius.
TheCreeperClub (2 years ago)
Check out lua dig
Fox Johnjulio (2 years ago)
Isn't this mod pack awesome?!?! It corrupted a good bit of my hard drive.(it was still fun while it lasted
Ummba (2 years ago)
make the episodes longer please <3
Santiago Dorrego (2 years ago)
Vanilla Textures <3
Santiago Dorrego (2 years ago)
+Dataless822 ☺️
Dataless822 (2 years ago)
+BeckasinMC Naa mate im using faithful 32 its prity much vanilla but more HDness :)
BozZa-117 (2 years ago)
Data I'm glad to see ur enjoying mine craft again, I could tell vanilla mine craft started to bore u after, u kept trying to fix every contraption each update
qadsawy _2003 (2 years ago)
+Dataless822 did you see the me system?
BozZa-117 (2 years ago)
+Dataless822 yeslol, good for me coz more episodes 😉 hopefully the scale of ur projects match or exceed, build big or go home, that was amazing
Dataless822 (2 years ago)
+BozZa-117 Yeah modded has me want to play lots of minecraft atm haha
Aristo12 (2 years ago)
This mod pack is really fun! So much stuff to figure out... The possibilities are huge! :D
Dataless822 (2 years ago)
+Aristo12 Yeah i love figure new stuff out very fun stuff <3
DarkFire (2 years ago)
Hover over an item in the NEI menu and click u and it will show its use :)
TechnoAurora_ (2 years ago)
or right clicking the item will do the same ")
Dînmagol (2 years ago)
Try surrounding a chest with iron ingots in a crafting bench. Also try to put a crafting bench in a crafting filed
AE plus (2 years ago)
Hey data! I'm really happy that you finally started with modded minecraft, if you use a mod named tinker's construct you can make tools that are a lot faster to mine and to take all the resources that you need, they are easy to enchant and you can repair them! keep on with the series!
Dataless822 (2 years ago)
+AE plus yeah i will be checking that out very soon 1 thing at a time dont wanna overwhelm myself :)
Radu Simonica (2 years ago)
Also make a tinker`s construct crafting bench (crafting table into a crafting window). this crafting bench will keep the items in it if you exit the interface. Also, if you place a chest next to it, it will access the inventory
Radu Simonica (2 years ago)
In the NEI interface, click an item you wanna craft, then in the recipe interface, click the question mark to fill a 'ghost' of the items needed, or shift-click the question mark to auto fill the items from your inventory. Big time-saver. PS this episode seems a bit short :)) WE WANT 5 episodes/day!!!!! AT LEAST! Keep it UP data! keep it up! you are doing great!
Unu Alex (2 years ago)
Make a macerator to double up the metals production.
Im Unlucky (2 years ago)
nice vid I love seeing u play this. ur very good and very advanced with normal minecraft cant wait to see what happens with this
Im Unlucky (2 years ago)
nice the first time a youtuber has responded to me haha
Dataless822 (2 years ago)
+Oaken eMortal Thanks :D
Rene Buus Beldam (2 years ago)
Use tinters construct ore pulverisér to dobbelt ý ingos. Keep going Data :-)
Ch3353C4k3 (2 years ago)
Hey Data, If you look up a crafting recipe, you can click on a question mark and it will put the items in the crafting table for you. Also I love your video's. Keep up the good work.
build and place a chunk loader near the hole so the turtles will still work while you're offline
gdesign95 (2 years ago)
+Dataless822 please please do yourself a favor and look into tinker's construct you can make really amazing picks that mine faster and there may or may not be a tunnel making tool (hammer)
+Dataless822 and the chunk loader works with automatic farms and quarries so you could build a chicken farm and have a thousand chicken the next day
Azreth22 (2 years ago)
+Dataless822 hey data try putting your crafting table in the crafting grid i think you will like it. if you are crafting something and forget a part it holds the items in it! also for the nei 2 tips to help you if you dont know what something is in your inv hover over it and press u. it will show you everything its used in. and for crafting if you are in a crafting table you can press the little + by the recipe to have ghost items place in the table to show you where things go or shift right click to auto place them in the grid. keep up the great work!
Dataless822 (2 years ago)
+Vergil the legendary dark slayer Really gota look into this!
if it's there build either an iron or diamond furnace, it's much faster
+xJohnnyD7 damn, that sucks for data
xJohnnyD7 (2 years ago)
+Vergil the legendary dark slayer no betterfurnaces in FTB infinity ;)
MinecraftSide (2 years ago)
Great video ;)
creepking001 (2 years ago)
a word of advice data press b to set a waypoint for your base on your map
creepking001 (2 years ago)
also use f7 to help light up an area
Gabstar2003 (2 years ago)
Data that is :)
Gabstar2003 (2 years ago)
Hey peg! Still loving this series u r my fav youtuber been watching since the wheat domes video was released <3
Pegleg 75 (2 years ago)
Keep up the good work its great to see you playing a Modded Minecraft

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