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What are some of the most unique death messages in Minecraft? » Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library
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AntVenom (4 months ago)
For those of you just finding the channel, be sure to check out the other videos I have if you enjoy the format! If you like this style of content, you'll more than likely enjoy the channel as a whole. Thanks :)
TheSilentAce (17 days ago)
AntVenom I just found this video since I'm new but I'd have to say my worse death is "Player was blown up by a Skeleton (or any mob besides a creeper)". It's not rare but it's not common either 😂😂
Hiro Yuki (19 days ago)
AntVenom iii
Crazy Jay (27 days ago)
Crownless.Prince u the retard lighting does exist its just rare
Crazy Jay (27 days ago)
AntVenom I was playing around with my horse on a cliff. I accidentally press the off key and I died .it said CrazyJay fell off is high horse
I hate the normal "Player tried to swim in lava" because its like mother f- I wasnt trying to swim in lava i fell in while digging straight down or fighting another player or mob
Riqu5 (18 hours ago)
Tried to swim in lava
Jade Jemstone (1 day ago)
My death: I was playing bed wars and my bed was broken and I was so mad I spun off the edge and died
Melissa Flores (1 day ago)
OvergrownTwo97 experienced kenitic energy
Kyla Ross-Day (2 days ago)
Fell of vine trying to escape angry wolf
Angus Miller (2 days ago)
Top five Minecraft YouTubers *_who've sworn_*
Banana_peels123 _ (3 days ago)
I once suffocated to death because I glitched into a dirt block
saqqaq _ (4 days ago)
my mouse stopped working on a 43 winstreak bedwars and i fell off bridging. worst death ever
asskings (4 days ago)
hey... you dead
Polarbear Frost (4 days ago)
Starved to death while trying to escape a zombie...
C C (5 days ago)
Killed by a chicken beacuse i gave him thorns 100 not a haker jk
Jaikenmainy (5 days ago)
I’ve gotten: “JaikenXX was struck by lightning whilst trying to escape baby husk”
My death: HeatingToolNegtofas was hated by mojang and blew up
Unloved Sideshow (5 days ago)
Feuerherz 2005 (5 days ago)
Player fell of the ladder
NintenShibe (5 days ago)
I once was killed by lightning in a hunger games match.
Leonardohunter 400 (6 days ago)
My worse death is my sister got made at me and cause I had the diamonds and she punched me in lava
Pixelation (6 days ago)
My favorite was when I crashed into a wall with an elytra... PixelsGoneWrong experienced kinetic energy.
I discovered the floor was lava
Replace wither away with i don’t feel so good
Blaizcraft (7 days ago)
I vividly remember that on September 22 2011, I died for the first time by starving.
chara dreemurr (7 days ago)
Jinx_paw experienced kenetic energy (when you fly into somthing with an elytra)
ToPro SpinZ (7 days ago)
I was ina pvp fight with my friends running the half a heart warriors when I got struck by lightnin
Rayyan Javed (7 days ago)
Razer tried to swim in lava.
Catbot 31 (7 days ago)
I burned to death trying to set a Baby Zombie on fire
EriestPie-FNAF (7 days ago)
My worst death when I was in desert temple and my dog teleported on the pressure plate
Frank DiPaulo (7 days ago)
Not to me, but my friend and I were mining, he had 7 of our 9 diamonds, and as he was mining iron, he dug down beneath himself, and fell straight into lava. I laughed, and sang "all around me are familiar faces"
cermanis555 LV (7 days ago)
For me most unique was Player drowned while fighting Drowned
Droid Craft (7 days ago)
RastaHuis (8 days ago)
something i haven't seen in a while is the pummeled to death message.
Marcel Huchwajda (8 days ago)
I’ve been playing 1.12.2 on an LAN server and for some reason I can’t fly the Elytra with fireworks. Please help.
Meme Child (8 days ago)
I died 7 times in mc because i never go out of peaceful xd
SienaMelia (9 days ago)
One I saw that one was Fell Off A Ladder...
Max Andreas (9 days ago)
Once I was LANing on a creative world, and my friend pushed me out of the world. It said [FriendsUsername] didn’t want to live in the same world as [MyUsername].
Lil Angie (9 days ago)
The first one I did in my world
Thanatos Vorigan (10 days ago)
One time I was digging down like a staircase, I then dug a hole that clearly had lava in it. I saw the lava, and I jumped in anyway. I don't know what made me jump it but I did.
Faggot cat bitch Guy (10 days ago)
Oh man one time I was getting the achievement for riding a pig of s cliff but I accidentally got off and when I died on the fall it said “undocked miss clicked riding the pig”
The struck by lightning was rare? I’ve gotten that 5 times or more ! And one time I was in creative mode and I gave myself anvils then I went to survival and purposely killed myself. I also got the squished to much one by doing the same thing. Getting a bunch of spawn eggs and going to survival. I’ve also starved to death 5 or more times
XxPandaAgentxX Faris (11 days ago)
I hate when i was blew by a creeper
KittyPlays Gaming (11 days ago)
i've expierenced kinetic energy (hit a wall with elytra deals damage and kills you)
KittyPlays Gaming (11 days ago)
while you are flying
Reuben Blair (12 days ago)
charged creeper exploded then lightning struck
The pig was dinerbone or grum when u said that u made a video making a lightning farm
Apollo Pulse (13 days ago)
(Player) found out that the floor was lava
motherminion (14 days ago)
once my game glitched and i ran through a block and my game said user was stuck inside a wall
Mexi Chemia (14 days ago)
I once killed a friend in 1.5.2 and got a message that said “Player ardió como una patata frita hasta su muerte” that translates to “Player burned like a fried potato until he died”
Precooledrook0 died falling to lava trying to escape a silverfish
Fleur Puttock (15 days ago)
Anyone else felt sad when the dogs died?
Denise Sam (15 days ago)
Lol, Majority of those death messages I have experienced.
Jack Martin (15 days ago)
I’m 16, pretty popular at school,, but let me just say Minecraft is still one of the greatest games ever. I don’t play it anymore but it brings back so many memories
the gaming geek (15 days ago)
I had the death message suffocated in a wall!!!!
I usually play on hard, i starved a lot
Abby Rae Rush (16 days ago)
I spawned in a flower field and started picking all of them, running and jumping, because, it was actually my first one and I was amazed, and I turned away from the screen for a split second and jumped in a ravine into a pool of lava.
Flick Cheez YT (16 days ago)
Once in a multiplayer game with my friend , greninja360, I blew up horribly due to a troll and because I had his diamonds in my inventory.
WindWayz GD (16 days ago)
“XboxGamerSpency experienced kinetic energy” XD
Beso Ali (16 days ago)
the worst death for me was by the Anvil : (
Computerable 345 (17 days ago)
My crazy death was this: Computerable345 was killed by vertical velocity
Dalaney Livermore (17 days ago)
Have you ever been playing survival at night (in game) and be chased by 2 zombies a skeleton and a creeper? Now have you had the skeleton shoot the creeper by accident and have the creeper explode the skeleton and 1 zombie then have a spider jockey accidentally hit the last zombie and the zombie kills the skeleton then you run into a pit you thought was not that deep while tuning from the spider and die? I've done that before.
Dalaney Livermore (17 days ago)
(Username) Discovered floor was lava If you die by a magma cube
Kayley huang (17 days ago)
I love your vids like pat and Jen the YouTubers
Nathan Moses (17 days ago)
I receive a death experience and rare death message I jumped while lying in bed and woke up and died plus my message said:(player) experienced kinetic energy
Havoc Playz (18 days ago)
Suffocating due to dragon egg
Raphael SDS (19 days ago)
What’s that resource pack name ?
Jefry was here (19 days ago)
"Steve is trying to swim in lava" "Steve hits the ground so much"
Murat Polat (19 days ago)
I know all, from the withered away, to kinetic energy you get by flying into a wall, though you can’t do it on mobile
GD C491TRK (19 days ago)
in wiiu.... instead of... C491TRKyt_Joshua was squished too much.... it says C491TRKyt_Joshua
Benny Møller (20 days ago)
My worst death? Probably a few years ago, where i died in the same lava pool three times in less than 15 minutes.... Tried to get to what was left of my gear after the first death and stupidly did not bring anything with me to block the lava, or even a water bucket.... TWICE....
Eraser Day Official (20 days ago)
i got this rarest one "Player was struck by lightning when slained by Zombie Pigmen in Lava
Edna Ruiz (20 days ago)
I got a weird one my acont got shot by me !?
Dahlaren (20 days ago)
Most horrible minecraft death: I had full diamond armour and gear on a faction server and found a hot miencraft girl skin/player. Because she was a girl I couldn't kill her so chased me into a cave where I was pushed of by lava. It later turned out that the "girl" was actully catfishing and being a 37 year old male. I spent 600 hours grinding for nothing
TheDiamondArmor YT (20 days ago)
/kill @a
Cara Cunningham (21 days ago)
My worst death was playing Mine Diamonds while I played Minecraft
NEGAN (23 days ago)
Killed by hero brine
Matterhorn Gaming (24 days ago)
So one time I was playing MCPE with my sister. We had a chicken farm, and when it was raining, the chickens got struck by lightning and died. My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing when it happened! The funny thing is though, back then I didn’t know how rare it was.
Theophilos Godfrey (25 days ago)
Pin me and take this donut! 🍩
Golden Bee (26 days ago)
There were no animals harmed on this video Totally😁
Clorox Mayo (26 days ago)
If I could remember from about 4 years ago, the most specific death I got was something along the lines of "Player was blasted into lava by ghast" or something like that
RUN ER (22 days ago)
The Wither wasn't in Minecraft 4 years ago? Edit: Nevermind.
DJ Silas (26 days ago)
Player841was hit by a Bloch of completing!
TheMCSpacePro (26 days ago)
Maybe the reason why many cartoons like to do the falling Anvil death is because it's possible to do in real life including the actual dying part!
TheMCSpacePro (26 days ago)
Because of it is falling fast enough it going to crush the skull and squish the brain.
Anastasia Winchester (26 days ago)
You sound just like the guy who voices over the Lucid chart videos!!
Simple Sandman (26 days ago)
Player was killed by a small fire ball
ColdMystery (26 days ago)
My favorite death message is from a mod to be honest.. :D In Draconic evolution you can get the message "[Player] was annihilated by a Chaos Guardian using dark energy."
BonnieNando 2 (26 days ago)
When I went on my PS4 and went to Minecraft I asked my sister to changed to Marley's Ghost skin and go to the rope on the top of the roof there was a storm than 3min later a lighting strucked on my sister.
troll face CEO (27 days ago)
I am not joking or lying nor i am in amod i was killed by a nether dragon using magic
Jcoombs Home vids (28 days ago)
When I first played minceraft almost every time I went on the top of the dome of the castle thing in the old tutorial I got struck by lightning (bofore witches wither skeletons plus the wither boss)
EPC(EpicPsycoCrazy) (28 days ago)
I have died in Minecraft by getting squished by cows
LinkMarioKirby (28 days ago)
One message I saw once was "[player] took a leap of faith" when I jumped off the top of a jungle tree. Maybe it is more likely to appear when jumping off of a tall natural structure.
I gotta say Herobrine was in my world for sec maybe at this death so I was at one heart and a pig hit me *Player was slained by a pig*
Matthew Bird (29 days ago)
I have no idea how but my pet parrot was stabbed to death?
xXDraco DeathXx (30 days ago)
Remember when antvenom made maps with sky?
Jonathan Dee (30 days ago)
The funniest probably is Player experienced kinetic energy
Jessica Litchfield (30 days ago)
----- died by kinetic energy
Sparky Gamr (30 days ago)
I had “<Player> was doomed to fall by *SOURCE*”. I think it was due to the starvation damage.
Joe McGill (30 days ago)
The one I see most is (player) didn't notice the creeper behind him
Spectre (30 days ago)
I was burnt to a crisp while fighting myself (I shot myself with a flame bow)
Best_Face _Ever (30 days ago)
Wtf ar u talking I live playing on HardCore
Sasuke uchiha tejano (1 month ago)
The horse i worked hard to get died by a lightning
StarGust (1 month ago)
A long looong time ago I died a regular death, to a zombie, and the message read "You kicked the bucket!", though that was before death messages appeared in the chat.
Terrifictwo Null (1 month ago)
My worst death? Oh yeah that time I was fighting the ender dragon. I killed it and respawned it with the crystals. All of a sudden it disappeared. *oh well,* I thought. *Guess it’s gone.* later off, I was going to go find an end city. I went through the portal and suddenly heard the dragons roar. I looked around to see the respawned dragon charging at me. I managed to ender pearl against the wall and places block under me after it threw me off. Then guess what? I was so panicked I fell of by myself. Huh. That’s how to die in a professional way.
nutnougat (1 month ago)
Being explode from creeper Like this if this happened to you

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