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Minecraft The King Vs Godzilla Vs Mobzilla Mob Battle! Arena Battle | Strongest Bosses Ever!

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Hey guys can we reach 300+ Likes? Orespawn Mod Version 14:http://goo.gl/zFXXuX Godzilla Mod:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1824360-wip-164-smp-godzilla-mod-v14-beta-30-king-ghidorah-update/ Minecraft The King Vs Godzilla Vs Mobzilla Mob Battle Triple Death Match. Mobzilla, Godzilla, & The King are the strongest bosses ever in Minecraft! Minecraft Arena Battle The King Vs Mobzilla Vs Godzilla. Ultimate Bosses Mob Battle! My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm All music in this video was used with permission from its creator
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Text Comments (280)
Yagvender Singh (1 month ago)
Wut the intro is.............
_godzilla1964_ (6 months ago)
I AM not Death but i AM gliched
Enderman_of_D00M (8 months ago)
King dedede (8 months ago)
Real Godzilla would destroy the king and Mozilla
Enderman_of_D00M (8 months ago)
Conclusion: Godzilla is a badass! This Godzilla is a far cry from that.
King dedede (8 months ago)
Enderman_of_D00M the real Godzilla beat the greek Gods and escaped hell, he also survived nukes, a giant asteroid and a black hole.
Enderman_of_D00M (8 months ago)
we'll never know, because both mod creators collaborated to prevent the community from ever getting to do it because there was endless arguing about who would defeat who.
SplashGG (10 months ago)
Mobzilla vs King Kong
Сергей Титов (10 months ago)
madhusree mitra ghosh (10 months ago)
2 kings killed Godzilla
Cutie Briana (1 year ago)
30 mobzilla vs the queen = queen wins
Delta Meltage (1 year ago)
like comment
a bottle of water (1 year ago)
pour godzilla
nicholas gaming 07,Godzilla is not a liquid.
Michael Hoffman (1 year ago)
another king flew in and killed Godzilla
abyad fathulhaq (1 year ago)
Mobzilla is weak mobzilla suck
Gerardo Layog (1 year ago)
can you emperor scorpion vs ender dragon plz
CraftKing Gaming (2 years ago)
herobrine vs derpy sunndee
Debe Nosiri CHI (2 years ago)
I cant summon the ultimate king i have tried alot of time and it dosent work i dont know why
Enderman_of_D00M (8 months ago)
It's in the Orespawn config
Hamad Alshamsi (2 years ago)
Godzilla turned into the king then 1 of them gone
christina arceno (2 years ago)
The king is not allow to fight Godzilla
ok (2 years ago)
queen vs king
They don't fight each other
Zukis Beauty (2 years ago)
godzilla vs kiryu vs the king vs the Queen vs mobzila
EmEraldHive (2 years ago)
You spawned 2kings and they programmed the kind to despawn anything from the Godzilla mod
Javier Flores-Umanzor (2 years ago)
im a mod maker
MSJMAJ1 (2 years ago)
The queen is more powerful than mobzilla
King dedede (8 months ago)
MSJMAJ1 real Godzilla is way more powerful than any minecraft mob
BenJoseph Shields (2 years ago)
godzilla turn3d into the king because they can not fight eachother the best youtuber that I like PopularaMMOs told that to everyone on a video
jassi bajar (2 years ago)
stop swearing
slash back (2 years ago)
Daniel Sajid (2 years ago)
godzilla cannot fight the king for the fan
Gaurab Subedi (2 years ago)
DUDE GodZilla didn't turn into the King the GUI glitches and the Kings killed him for some reason. Ps this is the 255th comment
Nicole Lemmert (2 years ago)
Make a video of 5 kings vs 6 mobzillas
играйся на российском
jacob Aguirre (2 years ago)
Notch vs. The superpower warriors
Veronica Gray (3 years ago)
3 Mobs The King vs GodZilla vsWither
bromfieldhall (3 years ago)
godzilla can not fight the king becuse of the big argments
Jpaul Olea (3 years ago)
do crabzila vs the king vs mobzila
Grace Weber (3 years ago)
The king and godzila can not fight echuther so if godzila battles the king godzila turns in to the king
Nikoles GrowtopiaHD (3 years ago)
Lol very funny with the arena lol
Sally Espiritu (3 years ago)
Godzilla didnt turn into the king godzilla just de spawn
Tri nguyen dinh (3 years ago)
use the queen vs godzilla
Jerrald Leak (3 years ago)
Godzilla sex fuck you
Qud (3 years ago)
Artic scorpion vs Godzilla
Qud (3 years ago)
You can't kill the king he regents so fast
M Reynolds (3 years ago)
Can you please make the queen vs king
Arsalan Mehmood (3 years ago)
Santi Coronado (3 years ago)
The king vs Godzilla do not work
Santi Coronado (3 years ago)
Trri brning Godzilla
Kenax (3 years ago)
thingstewart (3 years ago)
Godzilla turned into the king cause he is the king of the monsters. No literally the poster gojira(godzilla) king of the monsters.
thingstewart (3 years ago)
Update: a king came out of the seats and killed godzilla.
United in Orange (3 years ago)
Jakwish (3 years ago)
U want 300 likes x that by 10
Playingstars123 (3 years ago)
So funny when he said shut up mantis!
Abdullah Khan (3 years ago)
how about the king vs king ghidora
jarl5 (3 years ago)
this should be called- 'Godzilla vs Mobzilla vs The King vs Mantis.
Enderman_of_D00M (8 months ago)
you could say that "They call him Danger!" I'll leave...
Team tubers (3 years ago)
the king is gonna win Becous he is dangerous /\ / ! \ / \
Lam Song Tranh (3 years ago)
It is The King vs Mobzilla, I don't see Godzilla
Studs McDuff (3 years ago)
Don't know if you know this now, but when Godzilla gets hit by the King he despawns. It's a glitch with the mods and I think both Mod creators are working to make it possible for them to fight.
Kool-aid Man (3 years ago)
Hey this is a stupid wanna be popularmmos
zman Wheaton (3 years ago)
how did the godzilla turn into the king did he touch it and he turned into the king
Manic Jamieraa (3 years ago)
make kinkong vs kiryu and mobzilla
Layton Boehm (3 years ago)
King vs king Kong vs mechegodzilla
Charlie Yang (3 years ago)
oh and Godzilla can't fight the king because people complane(i don't know how to spelled it wrong) about there power so they made them not going to fight each other.
Charlie Yang (3 years ago)
uh...TheMinecraftHippie Godzilla CAN'T fight the king.that's why Godzilla went away only the queen can fight him. (  the queen can kill Godzilla in like 4 hits)
Wehb (3 years ago)
Lol godzzilla died
David Harris xdddd
Luis gallejos xd
Don Ace (3 years ago)
mobzilla survived forever!
Mr. Gg (4 years ago)
Kappa or Elite (4 years ago)
The reason why Godzilla turned into the king is cause Godzilla is the king of the monsters
Ge Vang (4 years ago)
jaden soto (4 years ago)
Alex Wu (4 years ago)
You copied popularmmos
Johnathan Tong (4 years ago)
Onida (4 years ago)
the king and godzilla cant fight because the mod develupers are working together the queen would kick his ass though
Guilherme Pallone (4 years ago)
vai the king vai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DigitWorked (4 years ago)
It was lag dood
DigitWorked (4 years ago)
A any other king from some where and it kill godzilla and then it come in!?!!
Patricia Woolverton (4 years ago)
he didnt turn into the king the king spawned and the king glitched godzilla and he despawned
CyberBex (4 years ago)
World Download Link ?
Asfiya Afsar (4 years ago)
the king rules
The Unidentified (4 years ago)
The reason Godzilla wasn't there anymore was because when you spawn in The King and Godzilla, Godzilla despawns
Axel.randy Munoz (4 years ago)
Jason Santino Halim (4 years ago)
orespawn monsters cant fight monsters like the godzilla and king kong
Manveer Sangha (4 years ago)
how did you spawn the king in ? everytime i spawn in the king then godzilla or godzilla then the king one of them just disappear
Naruto Uzumaki (4 years ago)
6 41 360 mobzilla
Water Toast (4 years ago)
Same thing with queen
dely angeles (4 years ago)
MyNameIs Callum (4 years ago)
That was a bad arena
Shadi Saadeh (4 years ago)
The godzilla turned into the king because they did not change the ai
terri ellam (4 years ago)
King vs mob zilla
Chris Osborne (4 years ago)
RoboticManiac (4 years ago)
KING THE HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
diane APPLEBY (4 years ago)
Godzilla has moth power
SuperBenjaPlaysMCPE (4 years ago)
King is the strongest mob. It think.
Rondo SZN (4 years ago)
The king has way more defense than godzilla
Ryan Lee (4 years ago)
+dougy76 agreed
dougy76 (4 years ago)
The Queen is the strongest!
Ryan Lee (4 years ago)
Godzilla was almost able to take on 8 mobzillas.Also,King has 7,000 and Godzilla has 10,000
Logan Settle (4 years ago)
King Ghidora vs mobzilla vs Godzilla vs King
sTaTus bro (4 years ago)
Stacey Golde (4 years ago)
godzilla died u double click the king
pat lisenby (4 years ago)
Justin Hedley (4 years ago)
Are you inspired by popularmmos? You are funnier...
Mahonri Reynolds (4 years ago)
try the king vs the queen. Two bosses almost the same.
Kyrian Sowards (4 years ago)
naga v.s. ninja
EnderBlaze (4 years ago)
That's mobzilla you doof face
Amaterachu1 (4 years ago)
Mr. Yakubi (4 years ago)
The King vs The King >:D

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