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Minecraft Mods | Modded Minecraft Comes Alive Ep.12 - (House Security)

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Drop a like for more Modded Minecraft Comes Alive! Minecraft Mods - Modded Minecraft Comes Alive Episode 12 "House Security"! Minecraft Comes Alive mod pack! This Modded Minecraft Comes Alive series is based around the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod but with a ton of other cool Minecraft Mods! In this series I will find a worthy village, find a girlfriend, get married, start a Minecraft family, and go on crazy adventures with the best Minecraft mods! Mods Used In Modded Minecraft Comes Alive: Minecraft Comes Alive mod, Mo Villages mod, Security Craft, Familiars mod, Mr Crayfish's Furniture mod, Deco Craft, Morph mod, Hostile Worlds mod, Lucky Blocks mod, Ichuns Shatter mod, MC Helicopter mod, Rival Rebels mod, and much more Minecraft mods to come! Music Used:http://joeyverbeke.bandcamp.com/track/the-legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-the-measurable-period-during-which-an-action-process-or-condition-exists-or-continues
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Text Comments (44)
Erica Wood (2 years ago)
I would like you to get the baby mobs mod and can u plese use villager editer on your wife and kids and villagers
Livi Pop (2 years ago)
dude ur fairy died!!
William Shockley (2 years ago)
Hay you can bread the golden apple cows for infant golden apple
mathew kimpton (2 years ago)
13:03 frozen ducky lake
Olivia Cran (2 years ago)
The crab died because the sea viper killed it.
Jthegod 704 (2 years ago)
where did the crab go??
Zlane (2 years ago)
I saw a ruby bird
Creepercrater 1 (2 years ago)
you should add the global warming mod too
Creepercrater 1 (2 years ago)
You should add the dimensional doors mod
Edwin Lu (2 years ago)
dragon block c mod
the poop mod and jurrasic craft mod
Elijah Pfersick (2 years ago)
You should make a golden apple cow farm.
BerryyVenom (2 years ago)
Dat Boy Jay (2 years ago)
train craft
Albania Mendez (2 years ago)
Car mod
real nextz (2 years ago)
add the mod "Ferullos Gun Mod" and add the hoverboard mod.
Cienna Meinert (2 years ago)
This was uploaded along time ago and hardly anyone saw this
funkyfrshrat (2 years ago)
Sir your intro is so stupid... Please change it.
Temuka Lekveishvili (2 years ago)
put in the spiral lucky block mod popularmmos
JaeBenjamin (2 years ago)
You need the Zan's or Rei's minimap mod
Dusty Mack (2 years ago)
Haeli Boggs (2 years ago)
Car mod
Gary Lincoln (2 years ago)
and plage craft
KD - 12 (2 years ago)
hero mod
Spudd Gunner (2 years ago)
Timber mod
¤crab dies¤ *Does not see it* WTF HAPPEN TO THE CRAB
BerryyVenom (2 years ago)
ikr 😂
Derpy gamer (2 years ago)
sea viper
add jurasicraft mod
Dimitri Walker (2 years ago)
Add Mr..crayfish furniture mod and custom Npcs mod
Trinity Elizabeth (2 years ago)
Y do the fairy a follow u so much?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
FrostYT101 (2 years ago)
Put the mod named Star Wars :) (I don't actually know the name just put the any Star Wars mod okay)
DERON JAGDEO (2 years ago)
sea viper
Keeley Wilhite (2 years ago)
what is the mod that stinky is in jaredalecrealm
BruhItzLeila (2 years ago)
Jared you needed to heal your daughter by splashing a potion of weakness on her and gifting her a golden apple
The Last Word (2 years ago)
hi bro
Dj Dog (2 years ago)
God Diglett (2 years ago)
Add twilight forest
ImpendingTrain (2 years ago)
I love you man could you give me some advise for my channel please?!
ItzNxla (2 years ago)
I was the first like second comment
FrostYT101 (2 years ago)
sorry but u shall not lie :)
Dj Dog (2 years ago)
add the nerf mob

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