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Text Comments (204)
Faiza Ali (1 day ago)
That was not the race.that was the pairs
Suman Mishra (30 days ago)
lol that minecraft is ugly
Sara Sternberg (1 month ago)
Are you 2 brotherts??
Karin Miguel (2 months ago)
The Face Is Called Thwomp!
Rod Palomar (3 months ago)
I like balls poke
Chloe Stewart (5 months ago)
:itsjerry :me (O////////O) NO FUCKING JERRY :itsharry hi im am dumbass :me 😒😏 yeah you are Harry :itsjerry thx you for being a fan of ours because we love you so much :me when I first started watching you guys you were the best because I love you guys more than the world even though I love my family and my friends I literally kind of considered you guys as my family thx you itsjerryandharry you are the best
Chloe Stewart (5 months ago)
Harry is Luigi and Jerry is Mario because he's the best
Or TvGaming (8 months ago)
Click right to the lucky block!
Hey Harry! Have You Ever Played Super Mario Sushine!?
Dave Schoonenberg (9 months ago)
I love your intro its so cool
WhoIsZion (9 months ago)
mario likes peach luigi likes dasiy
CakeCat OwO (1 year ago)
i love when jerry win parkour i hate when jerry win dropper i love when harry win dropper i hate when harry win parkour
NekoSkilla 3342 (1 year ago)
SirJimak (1 year ago)
I've played new super mario bros, new super mario bros 2, luigis mansion, Super luigi u, Super mario 3D world, mario 3D land, Super mario advanced, super mario kart 8 deluxe and mario kart wii :D
Primal Caveman (1 year ago)
its gud
Ryan Bautista (1 year ago)
play murder mystery itsjerryandharry
JamMusic (1 year ago)
have some sex
VynceVlogsAndMoreYT (1 year ago)
Im confused of the voice
Lucas B Nagy (1 year ago)
Jerry sucks att the Mario games
Lance Victorino (1 year ago)
The video starts at 0:00 thank me later
Unknown 908 (1 year ago)
I am always eating snacks, watch in' ur video. Chillin' 😎
Julie Hong (1 year ago)
oh come on i hate harry
i like Greninja
Lolboy 1121 (1 year ago)
do part 2!!!!!!! (please)
im play super mario 3D land
LewTendo07 Gaming (1 year ago)
vince 231 (1 year ago)
the texture of that lioks like a tetris
david simpson (1 year ago)
i hate jerry
That Azazel Fire (1 year ago)
This Pack Is Called 'Super Mario Medley' So You Know
Sandey (1 year ago)
plus grass: World 1 desert: World 2 ice: World 3 beach: World 4 swamp: World 5 mountain: World 6 sky: World 7 and last Bowser's castle: World 8
Sandey (1 year ago)
and another thing rainbows do exist in mario and yes you can swim in the overworld when there is water come on the last mario you played was the snes or what? ok no sorry but seriously with all the mario stuff that's going on how could you not know also two requests: Mario coding and mario in fartlands like statues of characters of the mario series or nintendo
Sandey (1 year ago)
actually, nope you guys are playing all worlds in one don't you see how the biomes change? and it says at the start before playing and mario do have bullet bills and mario games have different biomes
sansomega23 (1 year ago)
cynthia mabilangan (1 year ago)
That is not super mario that is super marino...
Aranza Lee Ray (2 years ago)
hola jerryvsharry
Matthew Doan (2 years ago)
MatthiasPlaysMC (2 years ago)
random stuff (2 years ago)
I HAVE WII TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NoobYzeR (2 years ago)
awesome luigi (2 years ago)
do the Mario mod please
Brite Gunner (2 years ago)
jerry you can go in The light blue wool
MaryKate G (2 years ago)
I play Mario brothers on wii, I play super smash (does it count?)on my brothers 3ds I play Mario kart 7 on my 2ds and Mario cart Wii on wii
TheUndead Demon (1 year ago)
Mystic Diamond I play all
MaryKate G (2 years ago)
And the olympics and super Mario galaxy
MaryKate G (2 years ago)
The plants are called "piranhas"
Xdalber (2 years ago)
You guys need to play more mario XDDDD
LINKPRO10YT (2 years ago)
coding w j&h of the legend of zelda
cartoonzgaming (2 years ago)
do a Zelda themed one
pich vannara (2 years ago)
you miss checkpoint
KorbenTheFireX (2 years ago)
as always.. jerryhaxs
DerpDJ204 [GD] (2 years ago)
my favorite Pokemon is Togepi
emo haralampiev (2 years ago)
Wait, was this the entire map or was it just the first part of the map
Gavin Harm (2 years ago)
I disliked the vid cos u dont know anything about Mario u even forgot to press the checkpoint block (facepalm)
Ropsu! (2 years ago)
itsa me Mario! ahhh I love all Nintendo games
something videos (2 years ago)
too many likes= GOOD
omg jackie (2 years ago)
do coding mario
ΞCHØ (2 years ago)
I'm confused, are Jerry and Jerry friends or are they relatives
Banana (2 years ago)
who likes green mario more than the red mario?
Akiyama Mio (2 years ago)
+Banana Green mario is awesome!
Fahad Almarri (2 years ago)
Have you played Super Mario 3D world?
genji shimada (2 years ago)
I like video
Teodora Dimitrova (2 years ago)
Gabe Obias (2 years ago)
+JerryvsHarry play build it! I love that minigame!
Filipino Countryball (2 years ago)
I'm late let me think of a joke The intro
Kevin Young (2 years ago)
Anyone notice the name change? It's back to JerryVaHarry
KingDeEspadas (2 years ago)
Rip CraftTwins 2016-2016
RageCarrot (2 years ago)
look at the deaths and harry won :)
Noah McNair (2 years ago)
Nine worlds if your counting star world
Nut (2 years ago)
OMG u guys changed ur name . ❤️
T-Flat (2 years ago)
10/10 texture pack. Hands down.
Haider Khan (2 years ago)
This comment better not get an even number of likes
RedScarlet (1 year ago)
Wilson Feng (2 years ago)
+Singled he has 1 like
dylan (2 years ago)
0 is even right
Bobo The Hobo (2 years ago)
Too bad.
Antara (2 years ago)
i love pokemons too :)
Henrystreit01 (2 years ago)
whats your favorite mario game though?
Jonathan Shin (2 years ago)
you sound like fuckin luigi
JULTAR100 (2 years ago)
Am I the only one hoping there would be a mushroom with a sign next to it saying sorry the princess is in another castle
GreatGamer4 (2 years ago)
ItsJerryGotMarried - My friend 2016
SFP (2 years ago)
lol when I was watching this this vid had 3500 views... never experienced such a perfect and clean number of views
GoldenMajid Almualla (2 years ago)
You change normal JerryVsHarry !?!
Synee (2 years ago)
They Changed The Channel Name And Intro..... Fantastic **aplause**
Bastiaan Kap (2 years ago)
I know who Wario is, you don't have to show a picture of him (same goes for the Bullet Bill and Toad)
Ryoba Aishi (2 years ago)
what starts with f and ends with l? face reveal! please do it
LAVA ENDERMAN (2 years ago)
mama mia
Luigi Gaming 360 (2 years ago)
Make a Big Ben from London in fartlands pls.
WAFFLOES h (2 years ago)
I feel like Jerry & Harry is the only Minecraft channel worth watching today.
Lordodragonss (2 years ago)
Check it out, he is great. Ethoslab :)
WAFFLOES h (2 years ago)
I have no idea who you are talking about. Which exactly proves my point.
Lordodragonss (2 years ago)
+Holden Rice (Wafflemonkey) What about Etho? :(
Zubat travels (2 years ago)
Do the adventure map series try this map: The lost potato chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3
Agent Venom (2 years ago)
4:48 You better HARRY up
BroFilms (2 years ago)
Ive actually beaten most of the main mario games 0_o just not Galaxy and Sunshine
let me think of a joke...Harry's parkour skills!
Awesome Jesse (2 years ago)
Itsjerryandharry Continue more levels for Mario obstacle course
Boufty (2 years ago)
Now I want Mario Coding with J&H
何志強 (1 year ago)
Boufto24 no it is super itsharry
Alex Savkin (1 year ago)
TheUndead Demon (1 year ago)
Mystic Diamond who cares whos better??
MaryKate G (2 years ago)
Yes please jerryvsharry and I like jerry better then harry
Wilson Feng (2 years ago)
Me too
Laial Alozn (2 years ago)
Part 2
Magma Tf2 (2 years ago)
Why you change texture
Mr Kickboy (2 years ago)
i confusing....wat is YOUR DECIDED YOUTUBE NAME???!?
Hopefull Angel (2 years ago)
you finally decided for JerryVsHarry :D
TheSevenTeenDiamond (2 years ago)
J&H you guys deserve more sub than what you have right now
Mabra (2 years ago)
Piranha plant, not flower!
Koos Tafelaar (2 years ago)
In this map is W3 ice, W4 island and W5 forest. From which maeio bros is this?
Tomi Mustaparta (2 years ago)
jerry f***ed peach
Tomi Mustaparta (2 years ago)
+Teodora Dimitrova nice... .. guy
Teodora Dimitrova (2 years ago)
+Tomi Mustaparta nice star wars pancake face
Tomi Mustaparta (2 years ago)
+Teodora Dimitrova woops
Teodora Dimitrova (2 years ago)
It was harry😂
Rowelle De Mesa (2 years ago)
12:20 the cringe.. it hurts
2:00 I know its a rainbow on Super Mario 64 =3
Mars Lyndon Navarro (2 years ago)
Super Harry Bros./ Super Jerry Bros./
Trin (2 years ago)
*outro song?!*

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