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Make Up Your Number ESL kids game - English Language Games

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Find this game and many more in my book "ESL Games for Kids - Proven Ideas for Teaching English Through Listening Exercises, Fun Activities and Games" http://amzn.to/1b2HblS DAY 7 - Spread out the numbers 0 to 9 on the floor (use big foam numbers if you can or if not just writing the numbers on a piece of paper will do just fine) Then give one of the numbers to a kid and tell them to go make a certain number that you call out. For. Ex. If a kid has #1 then you could tell them to go make #13 and the'd have to find the 3 and put the 1 in front of it. Subscribe to this channel and join in on the adventure of 365 days of English Language Games with Teacher Karlee! Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/englishlanguagegames And join in on the conversation... I would LOVE to know when and how you use these songs/games/activities with your kids and please share your variations and other ideas! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/englishlanguagegames Twitter: http://www.twitter/ESLchildren Website: http://www.EnglishLanguageGames.ORG Are you an ESL teacher looking for some fun English language games to use in your ESL beginners class? I was too a few years ago and I was all on my own so I started creating English teaching materials that would make learning English FUN and exciting Hi! My name is Karlee Demierre but my kids know me as "Teacher Karlee"! I'm Canadian but for the past 3 years I have been living in the cute tropical beach town of Trujillo, Honduras. In 2012, My husband and I miraculously created an English Language school in 2 weeks ...which I like to refer to it as "The Gongshow" (Read the story on my site: http://www.englishlanguagegames.org/english-language-games/dream-come-true/ ) I've now been teaching English as a Second Language full time for a year at my school and absolutely love it! I teach 2 year old kids all the way up to adults, from the very basics to beginner to intermediate. This all began because I had been teaching an ESL beginners class to kids in Trujillo, Honduras for 2 years. Most ESL children's classes have between 4 to 20 kids... well I threw myself in a classroom of 30 to 40 "untamed" pre-school and kindergarden kids! (just to prove my sanity... I even volunteered!!) With no curriculum, no lesson plans, no previous experience and no guidance, I was on my own diving into this fun adventure called teaching English as a Second Language! The best part was that during this "adventure of mine", I discovered that teaching kids was truly my life's passion! A few years ago, I started to search online to get some ideas and I soon discovered that there wasn't much available that would keep these kids engaged, encourage them to participate in class and overall really learn English. So I started creating English language games and other English teaching materials that would engage my kids, accelerate their learning and really make learning English FUN for them! My mission is that these English language games will spark participation and ignite learning in your ESL beginners class. My goal is to give you some English teaching materials that will make it easy for you to teach ESL children and make it FUN for the kids to learn English! So I'm setting out to share my JOY with the world and I hope these English teaching materials and other ideas I share will help bring more LAUGHTER and PARTICIPATION to your ESL children's class and all the kids you LOVE! ... keep PLAYING and LEARNING! Teacher Karlee :-)
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Le Hong Hanh (2 months ago)
Great game, thank you so much
Ayesha Ar (2 months ago)
Great activity, I can also provide kids with tools to prepare the numbers by themselves, then play the game. It's a lots of fun, thanks for sharing
Edith Lopez (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for such great ideas! I will absolutely implement in the classroom! Blessings.
Pedro Pablo (1 year ago)
nice idea, thx ma'am
Fun and interactive numbers game for kids. Thank you for sharing.
haroonshoney (1 year ago)
thank you
James Nelson (2 years ago)
I forgot to mention, do you want to see the accompanying sheets and materials that I'll make? Would you like to see a video of this idea adapted to the high school level?
James Nelson (2 years ago)
Thanks for the idea... I'm going to adapt this for my high school students. I'll use pairs of students and have them use note cards. I like that the numbers are separated out, but that you can both hear and see them in numbers they make. They can hear the sound "eight" in both "eighteen" and "eighty one". The flexibility is good, as it will allow them to make several different numbers and combinations. I teach a class of 100% Spanish speakers, but this would also be good for language systems like Cambodian that have unique sounds for numbers 1-30, as an important pattern in English is the repetition of sounds in double digit numbers.
:계정 이동함 (2 years ago)
number is only than 1 or 8?
Tina Morton (2 years ago)
Excellent idea, really struggling with tutoring my ESL student his numbers. Thanks so much!! I will try it today:)
Alex EarlyEnglish (2 years ago)
Hi! Great video, thanks a lot! We in our language school really enjoy watching it! If you are interested in teaching 2-3 olds English as a second language, please check out our unique course on http://babyesl.com/!
Connie Henriquez (4 years ago)
Thanks! It's a great idea!! 
arijenie (4 years ago)
wow thanks, this is a great idea.  I have some large cutout numbers and I try the "make up your #.  Children had made some progress especially when making a 12 or 21 before they though either way was 12 just because is number 1 and 2.  It also help other children to to recognize numbers.  so please keep up the great work.  I work with Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten so the idea made some wonders and progress on my children.  Great Work.  Thanks for sharing. 
English Language Games (3 years ago)
+arijenie Thank you so very much for your kind words and for letting me know about your experience! It's so interesting to know how others are using these games and what kinds of successes you are having!! You may also like this simple song for counting 1 - 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWbXcHWC3NQ Please keep in touch and sign up for my newsletter at : www.EnglishLanguageGames.com   With much love, Teacher Karlee :-)

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