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AE2 Stuff, Akashic Tome, AppleSkin, Aquaculture Tutorials - FTB Beyond - Mods A to Z

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In this episode we tackle 4 smaller mods that start with A: AE2 Stuff, Akashic Tome, AppleSkin, and Aquaculture Mods A to Z is a series that will hopefully make you an expert in every mod included in FTB Beyond
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Dizz L (10 months ago)
You can shift click recipes into AE2 pattern panels but you have to have all the items in the recipe.
Brice Downey (11 months ago)
Everyone playing this pack will have JEI, skip recipes unless there is something specific to call out (like a crafting recipe that is wrong, doesn't work or requires something special) There are a _lot_ of mods in this pack, you'll want to stream line these Tutorials as much as possible to get through them all before people move on to another pack
Dom (1 year ago)
Watching your space engineers planets let's play. Love it to bits, subscribed!

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