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WINNING With *NO* GUNS In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Today me and Vikk try the No Gun Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: Vikk: https://www.youtube.com/Vikkstar123 ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (2184)
Herbienerds (18 hours ago)
Use mouse pad not mouse
Herbienerds (18 hours ago)
Milk Famliy (2 days ago)
iv won 21
Nabewieyah Matthews (2 days ago)
Your intro is weird we'll catch you guys tommorw?
trollzzz24 _ (3 days ago)
wats with ur clothes?
Mr. Clasher (3 days ago)
The most deficult challenge is winning with out building
Creeper Brandon (4 days ago)
I can see there “things” down here 😑
Hannah • (4 days ago)
Lachlan wins with no guns and I barely win with every damn gun 😂
NChard 2 (5 days ago)
I've been waiting to see Lachlan do this challenge
Zane Lahrman (5 days ago)
Can you do the no sheld challenge
Christian Masilon (6 days ago)
Lachlan lol it took a while to figure out 5-2 and you immediately got 100-87
jody seat (7 days ago)
Next time do a team of four with no guns
Bailey Toner (8 days ago)
Why are you wearing a jacket
Jjones The god (10 days ago)
Who else can’t win in general 🤦‍♂️😪
Fortnite Player -Best (10 days ago)
Try pubg
MR. Hockey (10 days ago)
Do a no building challange
Barry Bennett (10 days ago)
Good Vid Lachlan
Jed Pickering (11 days ago)
Just do more of this challenge it’s so exciting
GamersR cool147 (11 days ago)
The OG Gamer (11 days ago)
Does grenade launchers count as guns
Neel Tamstrup (11 days ago)
Try to do a 50 vs 50 where you Can only GO on the other side so the enemys side Its hard
Edward Clark (12 days ago)
Nades are weapons, c4 is and so are traps Oh sorry it's the no gun challenge not the no weapon challenge
Emanuel London (12 days ago)
How is he going to win without guns
Lachlan Manley (12 days ago)
My name is lachlan
Charchar8888 (13 days ago)
tf is that haircut XD
Help Me (13 days ago)
Why you call it meme pad
Doubletrouble Gaming (13 days ago)
Lachlan should play league of legends aka lol If you get it I just got it and it’s better than fortnight
keep trying
Youssef Ibrahim (13 days ago)
Stop copying ali a's videos
Henri Björkstedt (13 days ago)
Ur best omg i love you. Could you do only explosives challenge for me dude pls
jude tansley (13 days ago)
your backpack is cool
Yuri Morales (13 days ago)
Why doesn't he use a crossbow?
Clon 452 (14 days ago)
Lazar Beam already did this
Gabriel Benbatoul (14 days ago)
Good win
Games for days 619316 (14 days ago)
Vickstar doesnt even have back bling
Farhana (14 days ago)
He can win with no guns I can't even win with the best guns
Zapprar (15 days ago)
One time I had nothing and a guy with 3 guns came in. I killed him with a pickaxe
Mr. Mister (15 days ago)
So does this have 100 attempts Bedford recording or.....
Riley Edward (15 days ago)
I’m pretty sure you got this challenge from ceeday
Miguelangel Mesinas (15 days ago)
Click bait u have a bunch of it
Lauren Burridge (15 days ago)
This is the game I've been waiting for 😲💞
Kaleb Crofts (16 days ago)
Lachlan stop coping off muselk
Drooski Tube (16 days ago)
explosives are still considered a weapon lol
Archie Da best (16 days ago)
rename this the only explosive challenge
philip speering (16 days ago)
vikk sounds illiterate when he talks
elene wogedersgne (16 days ago)
Your so pretty 😁
Daiveon Ross (16 days ago)
Best YouTube in the world you should mention me my name is daiveon Ross /love and respect😀😀😀
Lorraine Heikkila (16 days ago)
good job on not giving up
MCGenius7 (16 days ago)
nice jacket i dig it
* Dmryg20 * (16 days ago)
Milo Sucks (16 days ago)
Build a floor and a triangle on top, hide in the triangle and place a trap on the floor. Anyone who touched the triangle gets trapped. Build a bunch of these to really mess with our opponents.
Diana Games (16 days ago)
I love how they didn’t give up and they kept going, you just earned a sub :)
krokodel (16 days ago)
No shield n no heal CHALLENGE!!
z4 gaming (16 days ago)
muselk did it better
The Gamer8 (16 days ago)
Play with subs
Mooney Master (16 days ago)
You should do what Muselk did you build a big bridge across the valley and you put C4 on the ends of it when they're halfway through the bridge then you blow up C4 and they fall to their death
Jeremiah Crawford (16 days ago)
do the pretending to be a noob pt2
Esme Deer (16 days ago)
why does vikk have no/default skin?
Will W (16 days ago)
go under the trucks in dusty its good
funboss 17 (16 days ago)
Try winning a game of fortnite using only ars and scars
jules maes (17 days ago)
limited everybody way origin negotiate also read element change.
This is how you know fortnite is getting boring
Rohan. (17 days ago)
Gareth King (17 days ago)
Do the ten health challenge
beckwith241 (17 days ago)
Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik noo
KnockRox 04 (17 days ago)
Best YouTuber Ever
Aryaman (17 days ago)
Why didn't you just do the mushroom or cabbage hiding thing
Ava Doherty (17 days ago)
You never do vids with muselk any more 😭😩 —— do oneeeeeee 😭
MC SMIF , (17 days ago)
Why did not you pic up the pump in houze
Jack Wilcox (17 days ago)
Go back to treasure wars
Chris Tall (17 days ago)
I won without kills in solo beat that
SUHDTV 4k (17 days ago)
Do a save the world giveaway on 5MIL💜 @Lachlan
Hardcore Gamer (17 days ago)
Fortnite Wats (17 days ago)
Finn Trash (17 days ago)
Ima girl so keep ur “ gentlemen” to yourself 💀💀💀 I’m jk ima girl buh I rly didn’t care
Elijah Anderson (17 days ago)
No kills and no guns, now try that!
Silo Fos (17 days ago)
"You could fit under the truck with me..." Gay
Mad Rhino (17 days ago)
I won a no kill challenge the last 2 guys killed each other with rockets
joseph landon (17 days ago)
joseph landon (17 days ago)
II Legend (17 days ago)
Nice haha. I just got a win without using guns, grenades or traps lol
michael massimiani (17 days ago)
How are you killing them without guns
Ty Phanda (17 days ago)
Ned Toomey (17 days ago)
I love watching your videos because every time you do a challenge video I try it with my friends
DT Wood (17 days ago)
can you use a crossbow
Junior bros (17 days ago)
Does a rpg count
Thomas MacKay (17 days ago)
Do more with Vikk
Flow -D (17 days ago)
What's the meaning og frags???
Diamond faze e (17 days ago)
Alejandro Leon (17 days ago)
The gmoney guy u killed was my friend loll
Sawyer Smith (17 days ago)
Do a sky base where you start at four different corners and and in the end u connect it all
ImpulsiveTNT (17 days ago)
5mil baby were coming
EpicAsian Mann (17 days ago)
Oh my I can’t even win a game with a gun
Simon Weakes (17 days ago)
you should tree camp and win
DraculasCrypt (17 days ago)
Muselk already did this challenge tho :(
Spark RBLX (17 days ago)
Woooow You look handsome :P
Queen Marshmallow (17 days ago)
Technically you could use a crossbow because the cross bow is a type of bow not a gun and probably RPG and grenade launchers
It's Mads (17 days ago)
Try and win a game of Fortnite without any shield potions, chug jugs etc and bandages and medkits
KC3 (17 days ago)
my latest video took me ages to make and might be the funniest fortnite video out with heaps of different bugs and other things
I did this challenge by accident lol

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