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How AR Will Change Dating Sim Games! - Gaijin Goombah

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The new dating sim game Senran Kagura Shinobi Refle was just announced for the Nintendo Switch just a few days ago. While some people have been dismissive or cracking jokes, Gaijin looks into how Augmented Reality may have just changed EVERYTHING! -Subscribe For More Cultural Analysis Videos! ► http://tinyurl.com/zgu4ryd -Check me out over on Twitch! ► https://www.twitch.tv/gaijingoomba -Come say hi over on Twitter! ► https://twitter.com/GaijinGoombah More Videos on Dating Sim Danger! -What is Me!Me!Me!? ►► https://tinyurl.com/mfc6scn -Dating Sims, Love for EVERYONE! ►► https://tinyurl.com/ootvkbj -Dangers of Synthetic Relationships! ►► https://tinyurl.com/z6anr9q -The J-Pop Conspiracy! ►► https://tinyurl.com/q6dtnz7 Music provided by: purple-planet.com
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Text Comments (1172)
Avalos Altair Miraos (3 days ago)
Ryona may be bad... but at least she has *SOMETHING* going for her, unlike friggin' Yumi...
NERF MERCY (6 days ago)
Glad I’m not lonely
How can I find Senran Kagura on the switch
Monroe Robbins (21 days ago)
.... uh.... well, people do what they do, not gonna judge. Uh, I’m gonna avoid it, but not gonna judge. And plus, seeing this kind of deep set analysis, for a game and system like THIS, this is frickin enlightening!
Kea Vassallo (21 days ago)
i know this is an old video....but this sort of reminds me of a webcomic i read called 'love not found' set in a future where actual physical contact is not only not done, it's considered weird and taboo. all er....'pleasure' is simulated for couples and all children are test tube (which also allows any gender dynamic couple to have a kid, there's a lot of note for your non-standard types). frankly it's not something i imagine would be impossible for the future.....
Sergio Perez (1 month ago)
What in the Name oF a....... NINTENDO!!!!
MCFinalNinja FTW (1 month ago)
Going along with the "Young Love" topic, when is a good age (Less then 18) for "Young Love"?
Bboy E.Musical (2 months ago)
Anything I can do to abandon this reality, I’ll do it 🤷🏾‍♂️
Kokichi Ouma (2 months ago)
i saw the ending for shinobi refle (dunno how 2 spell refle) and i WANTED to cry! buut seeing as im an unemotional asshole i couldn't
Avalos Altair Miraos (2 months ago)
I don't really care what controversy comes up from these games. Just give me Katsuragi and we're good.
AztecTheJest (2 months ago)
Bu...but, Hibari is the cute one!
Aiden Eda (2 months ago)
Now i wish there an AR game that i able to shot and reload actual gun.
The lost Ones ranger (3 months ago)
Asuka.......is best Waifu.
this is art gaijin
pipo noob (3 months ago)
Whats up with the waifu
"I know some of ya might be creeped out" Damn straight I'm creeped out.
mario kart player (3 months ago)
😐🔫 ☠
AdoboFlash (4 months ago)
one day.. Japan will be the first to develop an advance sex robot.
Lee's Playlist (4 months ago)
No boy version of this game? No ok...
Sharon Thornton (4 months ago)
Do a culture shock about logo ninjago
plushi (4 months ago)
that's why they need prentals controls
drsatanrx (4 months ago)
This would be the only reason tk buy a switch and you cant even pick best waifu.... lame....
Jake Ross (4 months ago)
I bet the feminist groups will hate it
J3rRRy (5 months ago)
Skunkbrains (5 months ago)
Simple solution:once technology advances enough give robots waif us female eggs. I mean at least some people would marry them.
I can’t play this game due to the fact that the flagship girl has the same name as my cousin
Obake Senpai (5 months ago)
Has someone who suffers from social anxiety and played dating Sims in the past I can see this happening but all in all it is a simulation it's only good in practice like they say in the Naruto you need to suffer to truly find happiness and experience like a world that perfect were all you dreams come true is just that a dream. Or something like that.
Colleywoodstudios (5 months ago)
The second we figure out true companion AI and how to import them into a gainoid we as a species are fucked.
Rashad Mahayni (5 months ago)
people are getting much more selfish and self centered. and both genders having equal opportunities to work, that means both sides of the relationship are likely to spend their time apart working, having to deal with annoying situations and building up stress, so........ when they get together and have the slightest of arguments, both sides will explode in each other's faces rather than 1 having the patience to deal with the argument, and thanks to the seld centric personalities that are being encouraged today, no one will back off. This made real relationships much worse, You can't expect that to end up well. synthetic relationships being an option is enough to have some individuals abandon the real thing, but with them being a somewhat viable option that actually outperforms real relationships in some aspects, we have ourselves a problem
Luigi Mario 1997 (6 months ago)
Augmented reality is a form of control, and the lot of media corporations in Japan wield it like the Machines did in the Matrix movies. All of it comes down to the Red and Blue pill metaphor.
Marshall Perryman (6 months ago)
Where is aki
ChaosUndivided (6 months ago)
I'm going to listen to "Me me me" and "girl" now.
ChaosUndivided (6 months ago)
Look. Humans have been miserable for a long time. How many classic works contain elements of lost love, betrayal, loneliness and despair? I don't think there has been a moment of time when it didn't seem as though the world has been falling apart around us. I'm not saying it's all bad, because it's not. Human relationships are a wonderful thing. But humans don't trust each other. It's hard to build those relationships. But I'm rambling. The point is, many people feel that there will never be that kind of relationship for them. Never be an undying friendship, or an everlasting love. But sometimes it's nice to pretend.
Fuggin' Aidan (6 months ago)
You had me untill the MatPat clip.
Leslie Davis (6 months ago)
love plus if i remember correctly is part of the same franchise as tokimeki memorial, a game series that started on the play station one. there's many fan translations of the games, but my favourite ones are the the the girl's side games for the ds. i am in love with them because of how the game is. my the time you reach end game you feel a connection with the characters and it's such a rare thing in my eyes. i have yet to play the old tokimeki memorial games for the play station because i lack the patched rom and i am uncertain how to patch a rom file and burn it to a disc and make it playable on a system. sadly, the games were never brought to the west due to there being very little market here at the time of the franchise's start.
alexander visagie (6 months ago)
thsudy (6 months ago)
Random Fandom (6 months ago)
Welp.... I'll stay away from this one....
Stanley Cole (6 months ago)
ren swole (6 months ago)
David .Barrantes (6 months ago)
Why don’t you like Ryona? She’s awesome haha.
Viridian (7 months ago)
So this is why my cousin bought the switch... Huh.
佐井トラね子 (7 months ago)
Don't worry, Goomba. Konami personally killed the Love Plus development team a few years ago so we won't be seeing a Switch version anywhere soon. They simply kicked out the lead producer and disbanded the whole team like what they did to Kojima. And from the looks of it, Takaki doesn't seems like to go the usual DLC route with this particular Senran Kagura game, instead they're working on a new spin off pinball title. So we're safe at the moment?
HUGE JACKMAN (7 months ago)
I hope they release an actual senran kagura for switch (and in america)
Anos Anosn (7 months ago)
I don't believe that the addiction to online girlfriends is the main issue - it's a symptom. Think about it - these waifus exist all over the world, yet almost solely has an impact in Japan. It's not like the rest of the world doesn't have the option to experience the same deal - we simply don't. No, a person who is doing well in real life doesn't need a fake one. However, it is a symptom that can worsen the root cause, that is for sure.
Jinsei Cast (7 months ago)
... I want a beat em' up. Not a dating sim.
Matthew Wells (7 months ago)
Magic_music (7 months ago)
''in more ways than you know, Mat'' I'M INTERESTED
intimacy + 999
Hell (7 months ago)
tuburcio palangelay (7 months ago)
W a h s t e r (7 months ago)
Real bewbs are better than fake i think... no experience
The Raven (7 months ago)
Has Japan gone to far
KILLLER KEEMSTAR (7 months ago)
Lunatic 0verlord (8 months ago)
Now if only we could get a proper action game on the Switch, that would be nice, Marvelous Entertainment.
Weeping Koopa (8 months ago)
I love thighs as much as the next guy, but even I was weirded out as much the rolling thing.
theimmortalfire 508 (8 months ago)
Sophie Jones (8 months ago)
Or look at it another way: a realistic dating sim can be a stepping stone to the world for someone who finds the world very challenging. Speaking as someone on the autistic spectrum, social games like MMORPGs have been a huge help in improving how I interact with people in real life. Because the games allow me to interact with real people while choosing which sensory inputs I want to receive at a given time, I've learned how to deal with some of the more challenging situations. Particularly the kind of drama that in real life I would run the hell away from. But I've learned that from drama can come intense personal bonds, through being in a WoW guild. I still hate it, but at least I know how to deal with it. I don't think I would have the skills to be a personal tutor and work with students if I didn't play social games. Maybe there will be less romances in the future, but I'm going to guess those that we do have will be healthier. Which can really only be a good thing. A person who is actually looking for a healthy romance will only find it with a real person. No robot or simulation will ever replace that special something, no mater how smart it gets. But let people work through their issues with an AI who can just be rebooted with factory settings if you really screw things up. We come into our adult lives sometimes with an awful lot of baggage from our childhoods, which our romantic partners are then forced to deal with. That really isn't a good thing to have happening for anybody. Less of that, can really only be beneficial to society even if it means that people get married later and have fewer children. The planet is overpopulated, we could use to have a few less kids running around anyhow.
Music Mudkip (8 months ago)
Gition do do you live in Japan
jack lan (8 months ago)
Dating with childrens
Flyin .J (8 months ago)
Only through virtual reality will world peace be achieved...as it will result in the death of humanity. Nature will rejuvinate as our poisons dissapperate, our wars claps fade, and our conflicting cultures cease to exist.
PuppyLuvU2 (8 months ago)
HENTAI! ....i hope they give this game English subtitles and maybe put out a physical copy to the states. For people that would like a game like this but don't have a Japanese account.
KKK Revolution (8 months ago)
arbitrary PasTime (8 months ago)
Does anyone know the song name?
Bananda Dee (8 months ago)
No comment
Chief Bubbles (9 months ago)
My parents walked in while i was watching this video and thought I was watching porn. Thanks Gaijin
Ninjegeabey (1 month ago)
You were.
Ciel de Nuit (2 months ago)
they need to knock
Colonel Jinkuro (9 months ago)
I'm still trying to figure out what the appeal is to beating Asuka's....... thighs with your fists....... yeah. Confused is putting it mildly.
fernando cubis (9 months ago)
Guess who's getting a switch? this guy
Nykko Landry (9 months ago)
"ぷにぷに" I think I died and relived that death 3 different times and revived to experience that same death one day at that moment
nicoloco9974 (9 months ago)
Thumbs up if you noticed Asuka from Senran Kagura in the thumbnail.
NekoGamer 18 (9 months ago)
Erin Rizzo (9 months ago)
If you tell me I can bring the in tendo switch anywhere can I bring you to the moon K bring it to Mars can I bring you to the sun probably not can I bring into Venus K bring bring it to the astroid can I bring you to the dance stupid OK bring it to Saturn type type pretty much go anywhere in the universe with my Nintendo switch
Charles Channel (9 months ago)
Has Technology Gone Too Far
Josh Fox (9 months ago)
"So why on earth would Konami not create a Love Plus game for the switch?" Because it's not Pachinko?
Dantoxism (9 months ago)
More than you can shake a stick at. *I think we know which stick he means.*
Umbreon Gaming (6 months ago)
Dantoxism 😏
Davs memes (7 months ago)
Nice one
W a h s t e r (7 months ago)
Yeah the deku stick!
raynaldo arlen k.eman (8 months ago)
at least it not lootboxes
a General Asian (9 months ago)
Dantoxism yeah boi!
Qirin Ezra (9 months ago)
Tbh I think games like Love Plus might just increase someone's confidence on female social interaction... And if it's on AR or VR then it might go even further beyond <Goku scream>
zaknoobtube (9 months ago)
Have you played any of the Total War Shogun games?
ai i (9 months ago)
Gender-swapped version for girls please or else this is *sexist , unfair, and shouldn't exist.* *The salt* is a million times saltier today. *The jelly* is jamming more than jelly pudding. :( sigh.. *Otomate, do you see this?*
Pastel Jelly (10 months ago)
Shark Attack (10 months ago)
Screw robots, when humanity gets to that point I'm gonna create the terminator.
Optillian (10 months ago)
Youtube University (10 months ago)
If done responsibly, synthetic companionship could be good, helping people who aren't connecting well IRL connect to anything. Issue is, how do you make it help without risk of severing relationships beyond the game? How do you make dating sim characters be able to help people who's IRL connections are over limited without interfering with the connections of those with sufficient connections?
Shadow60f (10 months ago)
Okay so I'm a huuuuge pervert and I mean that, due to my lifestyle I can't get out as much as I want so I play hentai/porn games, an example that I'm keeping a close eye on a little game called "Forest of blue skin" and look for various other mediums to satisfy the "urges" that I get and can happily say to everyone as someone who has been essentially forced into a situation/environment that no, these types of games will never kill off humanity or someones drive to be at least somewhat social, I hate going out too often, I get drained of energy super easy but I do want to go out and hang with my best pals because I have an amazing time and as for girls? sure hentai and porn is nice but it feel's too impersonal and soulless compared to an actual relationship and with no real touch other than my own...ughhhh that's probably too graphic sorry but still it leaves me unsatisfied overall dood.
Devil Darlin' (10 months ago)
Hear that folks? He likes it for the "Gameplay". I'm sure he does, folks. I'm sure he does.
AireDrew _ (10 months ago)
If I ever purchased this game, I'd be run out of town probably by my own family and half the neighborhood.
Thomas Cook (10 months ago)
that would be amazing i think.
Bear_Logic (10 months ago)
I just wish there were more dating sims like Dream Daddy. Or hell, just more content in Dream Daddy alone would be satisfying.
americana_incarnate (10 months ago)
? (10 months ago)
When are they going to make Trap dating sim ?
MrSpinachguy (10 months ago)
Behavior sink lol
Zuper Zet (10 months ago)
I guess feminism has another enemy including (sex) girl robots
Zuper Zet (8 months ago)
Gold Coin tq i could not find the right word
Gold Coin (8 months ago)
Zuper Zet I believe Gynoid is the proper nomenclature.
Oluf The Explorer (10 months ago)
Rather date a robot than a woman. Robots don't talk back! xD
doomfat likes blue sphere (10 months ago)
we all want love plus on switch, it just generally makes total sense, and it'd be flippin awesome... but this is konami were talking about... mobile games and pachinko all the way...
[HotPocket] (10 months ago)
*T h i g h*
ninjamon caudle (10 months ago)
Um ill stick to hyrule warriors thanks
this isn't why i got myself a Japanese e-shop account but...... wooooooooow
Lost King (10 months ago)
Hikage *Best girl* :D *I would hug Hikage* even if i would get a stab in the side xD
Rob D. (10 months ago)
I want to slap Daidojis thighs!
HauntedLolita (10 months ago)
I'm an American and I feel just as much anxiety and feelings of forever aloneness as any Japanese person. I had bad social skills as a teenager, so much so that my teachers considered me a candidate for a Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis. And as an adult I've become addicted to social media to deal with loneliness, kind of like how I'm posting on a Youtube video right now instead of hanging out with people. As a big Japanophile like you it's nice to know that I'm not the only person suffering with these feelings and Japanese people are often suffering through similar. Unfortunately my social media addiction that I have used to deal with loneliness has only made things worse. People let fully loose how much of a jerk they are when they use the internet, and they don't hold back or try to be nice. Trolls and bullies and mean words are everywhere. It has only made my social anxiety worse. It's started to feel like, deep down, everyone is a horrible jerk. And I'm not more experienced than ever socially because my social interacts with people are now primarily through a computer or phone screen, rather than face to face. Meaning I'm now more awkward than ever. Being able to interact with people thanks to the internet without having to go outside and face the world has been a crutch, and my social skills are probably worse than ever. But I can't seem to let go of my social media addiction, I'm obsessed with what is happening online. I feel rewarded by going on forums, reddit, tumblr, twitter, amino, ect., and just interacting with people. Being a part of the public conversations of humanity. But I still go to sleep alone, I have no one to lean my shoulder on. The physical closeness of having someone in my life who embraces me, is not something the internet can replicate, yet, at least. Anyway, the internet has already exacerbated social anxiety in me and many other people. And technology always comes with downsides. And I do think that escapism will get worse before it gets better. Still, I think that things will wrap around to humanity connecting to each other again. And the social media addiction of today also isn't all bad. We may not be face to face, and there is an element missing from online communication, it is still communication. We are still connecting, human to human. While in some ways, humanity is more distant from each other than we've ever been before, in most ways I think humanity is closer than we've ever been before. The brains of humanity are vastly more connected than they've ever been before via the internet. Human beings have always been connected social creatures, and the internet has provided a brand new upgraded bandwidth with which to connect our brains with. Also, playing MMOs I have made connections with other people, some of it has felt romantic. I think that with improved VR and AR technology, while some of us will sink father and farther away from people, the phenomenon of things like people getting married in games like Final Fantasy XIV will increase. Many people are already forging virtual romances online via games like Final Fantasy XIV. And AR games like Pokemon GO have brought people together, and even forged some real marriages. I think that people will still find love, but in increasingly virtual and curated ways. There's also the fear of sexbots. That people will abandon people for sexbots. But the issue is that, when a sexbot becomes real enough to be capable of love, that would be human slavery. We define humans by sapience, homo sapiens, so a sapient robot being a sexbot would be sexual slavery. And a sexbot that isn't sapient would lack human fulfillment because they aren't capable of loving you back. I think most people want that sensation. And that a sexbot will be settling for a sex toy and less than what they want. Also, by the time people are able to develop sexbots capable of sapience and consent, we will have massively improved VR, AR, Virtual worlds to escape to that feel indistinguishable from real life, AR that overlays real life that can block out painful experiences and curate the real world, allowing you to see and enjoy what you want to, and help you find the ideal partner. Also cosmetic technology will be so advanced by that point, everyone will be able to look like whatever they want to look like. People will be able to find a partner who is whatever to their taste, and not rely on fiction for idealized bodies. People will all look like what is beautiful to themselves, and find a partner that is beautiful to them. Physical attraction will no longer be an issue in the age of sexbots, because everyone will have the technology to look like the kind of person they think is attractive and want to look like. At this point, life itself will be perfected and curated enough that people won't feel as much need to escape. Because most of their wants in the real world will be actualize-able via technology.

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