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The Flash 4x16 - Iris created a Tidal wave

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The Flash 4x16 - Iris created a Tidal wave
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FireAngel Dragon (7 months ago)
Iris just needs to die already. Enough of the Iris West Show. I came to watch the Flash, as in Barry Allen, not Iris West featuring Team STAR Labs. And the fact that they try to rub it in Barry's face later that Iris created a tidal wave and he never has, even though he talked her through doing it--she wouldn't have been able to otherwise because she's too stupid to figure out how, whereas if she hadn't stolen his speed he would have just done it without anyone telling him what to do--and he kept time standing still in the split second before a nuke went off for ages in the previous episode before opening the speed force, despite his exhaustion, and getting the speed force storm to chase him to destroy the bomb? Iris West is the biggest Mary Sue to ever be written. She just has to be better than everyone at everything and everyone must kiss her ass. Is it any wonder the Flash's ratings have dropped so much?
Polgy the Lamp hunter (7 months ago)
I agree that this episode especially left like "Iris West featuring Team STAR Labs"..
Protoze Muzu (8 months ago)

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