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IndustrialCraft 2.0 Tutorials - Advanced Machines

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An add-on for IC2 -- you can download it on their forums, found here: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Board&boardID=42 Currently in the Add-ons section. Tell them Direwolf sent you :)
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Text Comments (128)
Tim Gels (6 months ago)
Oh God, it's 2018 already..
Synoot (2 years ago)
DireNostalgia ahhhh ;D
Samantha Frost (2 years ago)
Could you perhaps do a more up-to-date set for this mod? Some of this stuff doesn't work for me anymore seeing that the obvious 6 years have passed since these came out.
Synoot (2 years ago)
IC to the power of 2? Making IC^2? Never knew that was a math equation...
Jed Knights (2 years ago)
Make sure you have the right mod version for the corresponding version of Minecraft, also make sure the MC Forge is the proper one as well. I was using 1.7.10 for the longest time until I found it for 1.8.9 ...back then there was no Kinetic Generator and a few other things so it'd be too diffecult (redundant) to make video each and every update. So don't simply ask 'him' to make a new one, this IS Youtube afterall, just search IC^2 (insert version here) and see if you get results.
MrOfficialWilson (4 years ago)
wow, dire has changed
Chris Brown (4 years ago)
Direwolf do you know if this add on works with the ftb unleashed mod pack?
Kyle Holmes (5 years ago)
yes it does
KoolMelonz (5 years ago)
I use it myself
KoolMelonz (5 years ago)
Umm, yes it does. Although IC2 for 1.6.2 is a dev build, it still works. Search it up in The IC2 forums and a post should have the link
enderxmc (5 years ago)
I'm finding it hard to find IC2 for 1.6.2
NeoGenMike (5 years ago)
Ahhh, he's so unpeppy this long ago! It buuuurns!
Bishop (5 years ago)
I want a IC3!!!
EntityOmega (5 years ago)
You need to go to the ic2 Jenkins page to fine updates. Here ya go. ic2api.player.to:8080/job/IC2_lf/
trgthe2nd (5 years ago)
It hasn't updated yet.
Majd Alomari (5 years ago)
How do you install it? My Minecraft keeps crashing.
HairyPaughter (5 years ago)
why is this video first in the playlist -_- quite confusing
MusicalPaladin (5 years ago)
dude get a good mic
NIHQ Streaming service (5 years ago)
Ftb is not tekkit
TheVengeur69 (5 years ago)
Can you add it into your modpack ?
MasterSand Boxer (5 years ago)
Parallax (6 years ago)
not just yours :)
neptunesblade (6 years ago)
NoMoreEnerGY (6 years ago)
wow comparing your old vids and your new vids they have a big diference
comradek2021 (6 years ago)
Because I'm a part of the Inficraft community, and I enjoy the mods which mDiyo makes. And why in the world wouldn't I install inficraft and related mods? I'm using 66 mods now, and I'm not taking one out just because you don't like it. I'm not going to force you to use Inficraft, but I'd ask that you respect my wishes to use as many mods as possible together. Actually, based on your question there's something wrong with using Inficraft and Ic2 together, which... is just silly to think about.
Zetanova (6 years ago)
inficraft??? why would you have it with ic2 anyway
my vtec goes bwaah (6 years ago)
Your SO MUCH better than nearby
comradek2021 (6 years ago)
Also RB crashes when you install Inficraft, whereas CG does not. Sad but true.
Zetanova (6 years ago)
err wow..... that (craftguide) is the same EXACT thing as risugami's recipe book
Kryllic R. (6 years ago)
I want to watch these tutorials because I'm new to all of industrial craft, but I feel like you're making this tutorial for people who already know how to use industrial craft based on how you say that this is an addon for industrial craft 2... What's a good video that can teach me everything I need to know about IC2?
Max Rebo (6 years ago)
that means you have too much power flooding the machine. depending on your power source mfsu or mfe. if you have an mfsu then youll need a mv transformer(or lv transformer im not entirely sure atm) first and then string the machines along
my singularitycompressor explodes :(
comradek2021 (6 years ago)
I was already using it at the time of that post. Unfortunately since there are 8 mods that may have caused MC to crash and burn due to a forge mismatch, it leads to a fair number of repetitive actions. Base mods need only be installed once, but mods that rely on forge would need to be tested individually in order to find a working set. It just takes time, but it wasn't too horrible. Currently running ~50 mods atm, but now that Inficraft is no longer being updated I'll have to start over later.
Dimitri Malakov (6 years ago)
get multi mc it help you to install mods.
Mapople1 (6 years ago)
Teccchhhniiiic lauuunnnchheerrrrrr
Gogogirl (6 years ago)
Here is a playlist for you, cuase there is no way to sort videos by date in youtube playlist: Rubber Trees 06.10.2011 Tier 1 Energy 06.10.2011 Miner 09.10.2011 Pumps 10.10.2011 Teleporters 10.10.2011 Furnaces 11.10.2011 Macerator 11.10.2011 Advanced Machines 11.10.2011 Solar Panels 12.10.2011 Geothermal Generators 12.10.2011 Nuclear Reactors 12.10.2011 Generators 13.10.2011 Mass Fabricator 15.10.2011 Quantum Armor 15.10.2011 CF Sprayer 29.10.2011 Tesla Coil 29.10.2011
comradek2021 (6 years ago)
Technic Launcher does not make installing mods easier. It installs several mods for you, which i happen to use. I would then need to install the other mods manually. I use MultiMC to install mods due to the sheer number I use, and how often i add or remove them. I've finished adding mods (for now) and have topped out at 57 mods, all working wonderfully together. (Redpower and BC modules are counted as one mod.) Have some respect for mod authors, don't use Technic Launcher.
Stoneheach (6 years ago)
Hey direwolf20 do you also have IC2 tutorials for beginners? would be cool to hear from you
Flouze (6 years ago)
how to install ??
Kryllic R. (6 years ago)
why does it seem like this isn't the first tutorial vid of your industrialcraft videos? I feel like I missed an episode or 2
msfattytroll (6 years ago)
oh well then HV's should put out 512 eu/t is yours putting out less or something? I saw on the wiki that solars put out less eu when its storming
Thebaskal Brando (6 years ago)
im using 1.1 too :)
msfattytroll (6 years ago)
and i forgot the 64 lv transformers, 8 mv transformers and 1 hv transformer
msfattytroll (6 years ago)
Im still on 1.1 so Im not sure if you're problem is with 1.2 but HV solars should put out 512 eu/t I was just talking about the monstrous amount of stuff you need to make one. 4608 refined iron, 3584 copper cable, 2048 redstone, 2048 tin, 1536 coal dust, and 1536 glass
Mister Cake (6 years ago)
It means what ever you are giving power to doesn't need any more power.
Thebaskal Brando (6 years ago)
they say one block of HV solar array gives off 512 EU/t , so i built an 8x8 solar array which gives off now a staggering 30000+ of EU/t, i guess. But after logging out the game and coming back for a few minutes then I checked it using an EU reader, it doesn't anymore producing the appropriate EU/t.
Thebaskal Brando (6 years ago)
yea, ur right. I just found out HV solar array gives inappropriate power, idk if it is a bug (even though there is a sun). I was wrong.
msfattytroll (6 years ago)
I wouldn't say it kills it the amount of resources for one HV solar array is staggering but a casuc reactor that outputs 1600+ eu/t isn't that hard
Thebaskal Brando (6 years ago)
after i install 5x5 HV solar array and then wired it up to MFSU and finally used EU-reader , it blew my mind!
Thebaskal Brando (6 years ago)
HV solar array kills uranium power xD
Ashley Lavis (6 years ago)
i cant seem to get these advance ones to work in my tekkit world iv set mine up so they have there own mfe but there seems not to be powering up. any 1 else get this?
Tyson Zwolsman (6 years ago)
what sort of power/wires/voltage/etc is needed for these machines as I cannot get them to work...
cow cow (6 years ago)
You know you've got a good video when you have 0 dislikes
Buss1000 (6 years ago)
@comradek2021 I love NEI!
comradek2021 (6 years ago)
@coldkristen now that i think about it, it would be easier to just use NEI, craftguide can sometimes result in a loading chunks screen when you have an excess amount of mods. Just set it to recipe mode and turn all the extras off and it does the exact same thing, albeit with less work meaning that it isn't exactly a realistic mod. not OP in the least though. (this bug may have been fixed by now, but i still prefer NEI over CraftGuide)
comradek2021 (6 years ago)
@coldkristen no worries, now if you'll excuse me i have 30 mods to reinstall up to 11 times while i look for a version of forge that doesn't screw me over =D
maumatos (6 years ago)
I think you do the best tutorials on youtube. just my opinion
maumatos (6 years ago)
refined iron for the Masturbator XD
comradek2021 (6 years ago)
@coldkristen It's called CraftGuide. minecraftforum(dot)net/topic/731133-110-craftguide-v142/
Nick Boddy (6 years ago)
How do I change ID's? I'm new to this stuff.
mrpeanut188 (6 years ago)
@NINTENDOfan76 Change the Technic Launcher's build to Dev.
TrancoTechnizer (6 years ago)
i cant find a way to change the items id. Im also using technicpack and a bunch of other mods, but this only generates an empty config file. how am i supposed to find out which id it requires?
BOyKill (6 years ago)
он умеет находить до трёх! О_О
Bmandk (6 years ago)
@mathwizi2005 Well, since you talked about how to craft them, i thought you meant you needed those to craft them xD
Bmandk (6 years ago)
@mathwizi2005 You typed wrong, the LV array requires LV Transformer, MV transformer for MV Array and HV Transformer for HV Array
Nathanoj (6 years ago)
Is this updated for minecraft 1.1??
Martin 'Qchaos' (6 years ago)
@mathwizi2005 Way to put my 23x23 solar panel'ed roof for my matter factory into a 1 block solar panel... Oh well, Its still very cool.
Twisted86 (6 years ago)
So the new solar array does it produce the power of those 8 panels + output higher?
jeffreydb5 (6 years ago)
@TheAverageSniper779 watch his lets plays, he will cover everything in the mods eventually
Torchicman (6 years ago)
@JayJman2 youve gotta transform the energy to Low voltage
Devin (6 years ago)
@Direwolf20 I'm having an issue between Industrialcraft 2.0 and Optifine, is there anyway to make Optifine not mess up the textures or IC2?
Mystic god creation (6 years ago)
thankyou for this quick and dirty tut. i wil be using the compressor to make an high tech nuclear reactor. using ice to cool it. interested in making an video of that? haha. i might post an vid of it
lostintranslationsf (6 years ago)
wait a second wow im a fail this is a tut play list nevermind
lostintranslationsf (6 years ago)
can u do a video tut on how to use all the mods together because i installed all the mods in your lets play and i am confused on what and how to use all the machines and things
tuusita (6 years ago)
@dutchtp dark matter? Do you mean Obsidian in the recipe for making the Singularity Compressor?
Theo B (6 years ago)
how can i get dark matter without too many items?
lordhood117 (6 years ago)
@XxMineCraftXxProXx Check the ModLoader.txt file in .minecraft. It'll show what conflicts are causing it.
BotErgo (6 years ago)
Why Do I Crash when I Put this in my mods folder?
Leonell Bustamante (6 years ago)
@godpker28 we dont know if the server hes playing on uses ic 1.23 or their using a adv machines not out yet for ic 1.23 but the maker of the mod let them play it just like some of dire's videos where he shows stuff that are not out yet
Leonell Bustamante (6 years ago)
@godpker28 sadly advanced machines havnt upgraded to 1.23 yet only 1.15, im also waiting for it to upgrade to 1.23
31nar288 (6 years ago)
@sirlazer1 if your using the newest version of IC solar flowers wont work so you have to use a concept that goes sort of like this: S where S is solar panel and W is wire. Each will produce 1 Eu/t. SWS
Jesper Jacobsen (7 years ago)
i really cant get this to work, i set up a 25 solar flower, with ultra low current cables, led it through a low voltage transformer and then a medium voltage transformer, and then into the singularity compressor, but the weird thing is, my eu reader says i get 0 eu, but it fills up my batbox fine
Twisted86 (7 years ago)
@UglyVids Get more power to your MFE. I currently have 2 induction 2 rotary 2 singularity and 1 Centerfuge with a 20 panel solar flower and minus a long-term issue of power (need to add more solar/wind) its working just fine. Make sure you use Fiber wire and put a new MFE every 20th block to prevent loss of power and for 24/7 use I would suggest a 25-30 unit solar flower setup. I currently use a 20 unit solar flower and after 3 minecraft days of non-stop use I drained my MFE.
Danman20108 (7 years ago)
nm my last comment. i tried the 144 and i load my world but it freezes and crashes. any suggestions?
Danman20108 (7 years ago)
do i put the zip of in or extract the files to the mods folder?
CreeperOnYourHouse (7 years ago)
I tried, but I do not know the item id
Scohot (7 years ago)
@PetrifiedPsycho thanks man i found a way round it before you replyed but still thanks for letting me know so if i ever get stuck again i know how to fix
Lu (7 years ago)
@Hello123Fired yes there is. go into your .minecraft folder and find the folder named "buildcraft." open it. then open "config." then open the buildcraft config and find item 199 (which is the cobblestone pipe btw) and play around with it's id until you find one that works. mine is set to 144 and works just fine.
MrGoatflakes (7 years ago)
@MrGoatflakes ^1 stick and 1 preshuz redstone to make a redstone torch
MrGoatflakes (7 years ago)
@Timmieisblack it's just a cheapskate's way of providing redstone current. It takes just 1 cobble and 1 stick instead of 1 stick and 1 preshuz redstone :D
Scohot (7 years ago)
i have a quick question is there a way to install this with the technic pack because every time i try it gives error saying that block id 199 is in use by a buildcraft item any way around this?
p1eisgood (7 years ago)
@direwolf20 nvm :D finaly got it working with the newer version.... still confused about what was happening with the old version.
p1eisgood (7 years ago)
@direwolf20 i tried only using buildcraft and ic2 with this mod and still crashed......
SC2Oilrunner (7 years ago)
@maxsil89 They are only for version 1.8.1 there are none for 1.7.3 and he is on it IDIOT learn to research the fucking question before answering it
maxsil89 (7 years ago)
@SC2Oilrunner Buildcraft Addons? you can find them at the MC mods forums
SC2Oilrunner (7 years ago)
@Timmieisblack Costs EU to keep it running
SC2Oilrunner (7 years ago)
@maxsil89 The special pipes..
maxsil89 (7 years ago)
@SC2Oilrunner Buildcraft
RyanTheSamurai (7 years ago)
Skizzel (7 years ago)
What is the point of the Levers? I understand you need to turn the machines on to get the RPM to 10,000. But is this only a one time thing? I know if you turn the lever off the RPM goes down, but would there be any need to turn the lever off once the RPM has reached 10,000? Does the machine over heat if you don't?
SC2Oilrunner (7 years ago)
howd you get the pipes for 1.7.3?.. in your let's play that is
SC2Oilrunner (7 years ago)
howd you get the pipes for 1.7.3?..

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