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FINALLY A NEW FARTLANDS! =D Enjoyed the video? Support us by leaving a LIKE and consider SUBSCRIBING! ►Last video (Spleef Tournament): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3ww2i69Mis ►SERVER IP: play.itsjerryandharry.com ►Main channel: http://youtube.com/itsjerryandharry ►Facebook: http://facebook.com/ItsJerryAndHarry ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/JerryAndHarry Friends in this video: -Saul: http://youtube.com/saul1337ftw -Potato: http://youtube.com/thepwnagepotato ===CREDITS=== ►Music and sound effects from: Monstercat: Rogue - Adventure Time http://incompetech.com/ http://audiomicro.com/ Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest Intro animation made by Sinabixx
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Error 404 (25 days ago)
Q.What vegetable do you prefer out of the colours of the rainbow if you were to have 23 candy bars in scratch-offs?
Lfesh a (4 months ago)
Hoe zeg je 'Harry' n 'Jerry' in 't Nederlands xD
OIRAM SODEB (5 months ago)
Make an eiffel tower
Chong_Foung Pro (5 months ago)
please cant you build a modern house with im copy to your modern house please herry and jerry
AaronPlayz (6 months ago)
Zya Bag-ao (6 months ago)
Q:would you been pooping in the bowl thats yuk
The SkyWlkr (6 months ago)
The egg came first because God made the egg and yea.
Hawigo Gordon (7 months ago)
why is its harry so butiful today?
blah blah (8 months ago)
i fardid
Co Matic (8 months ago)
Q:How The Fuck Harry Builds So Good?
Brent Angel (8 months ago)
Q:building a pro house in dream house
Bayarmaa Chuluun (8 months ago)
Kimmi Setiawan (9 months ago)
I build a twin towers in minecraft.
Chelsea TV (9 months ago)
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream
Sandra Hampton (10 months ago)
I just said a bad word and only really was old 7 I said the s word
orihime chan (10 months ago)
Q : do you like saul ?
ken shi (11 months ago)
Q: why harry is a soldier in mc
Gerard Cheung (11 months ago)
Impressive build, impressive build...
Bilguun Bilguunchik (11 months ago)
Your all videos are amazing
Tsampika OikGR (1 year ago)
you are so funny without your hats
Tsampika OikGR (1 year ago)
potato why your name is potato?
Beacon Cream (1 year ago)
Joan Luna (1 year ago)
jerry and harry
Joan Luna (1 year ago)
i like you're did
HPTHRA 1011 (1 year ago)
have a build off u and jerry vs them 2
Sabpura Mostapar (1 year ago)
soul is ugly
Lucas Engelen (1 year ago)
mark mollett (1 year ago)
can u do a mansion tutorial like that mansion Harry made
Idk Idk (1 year ago)
saul is a sexism
Rashid Mohsin (1 year ago)
why do allways u fart?? *farts*
natoya Warfield (1 year ago)
do u poop on your self or do u eat it
potato do you like MINECRAFT
Muflih Maxi (1 year ago)
why jerry and harry like fart?
Biscuit 95 (1 year ago)
Q: Build your Pet or Your future self
Cy gaming wong (1 year ago)
Q: dose Jerry and Harry's face are ugly?
Cy gaming wong (1 year ago)
Q: did Saul's poop fresh and clean
StupidSandvich (1 year ago)
Q:Saul Are Racist,the case is why he put the cute cat to his dinner menu :(
MiNeR LYQ (1 year ago)
Q: can you build your dream pet? xD😂
Hacker Survi (1 year ago)
Q: A chocolate smells like poop and a poop smells like chocolate, which one u chose
brad plays gta 5 (1 year ago)
do u have a chicken poo 😁
Animedrawings ANIME (1 year ago)
harry why you sound so weird it makes me lough all the time LOL XD
Diamond_Doom201X (1 year ago)
why is saul a bitch
cobweb39 (1 year ago)
did you ever seen godsila
Aleks Michev (1 year ago)
saul and potato are stupid ass fuck
vhai russell (1 year ago)
why is saul a suck builder because he ate poop and drink pee
RoAnne del Castillo (1 year ago)
Q: Do You Fart Jerry And You Harry ????????????? :O
ahmad ariz (1 year ago)
nismo R (1 year ago)
NootellaTron (1 year ago)
the most retarded thing saul has ever done was being born I think
redstonepro23 (1 year ago)
69,999 views? lol
Alper Aga (1 year ago)
poop hause ? :)
Kanrawee Witoonchart (1 year ago)
Ralna Matthews (1 year ago)
haw did you do that
make a farting skunk
Skullcrusher Ash (1 year ago)
Skullcrusher Ash (1 year ago)
Sandip Gangaramani (1 year ago)
how much time do you take to get deadbushes
InPlayz (1 year ago)
Fart in a mike pls then I will subscribe you
Frank Jackson (1 year ago)
Q: When will you use face cam?
Mr. R&D (1 year ago)
Badr Albodour Don't think they will ever use it until they get 10,000,000 likes on a video
Ahmad Asadi (1 year ago)
the minecraft master u poop
Ahmad Asadi (1 year ago)
Ahmad Asadi (1 year ago)
soul come to your poop
michelle kiss (1 year ago)
i subscribed and liked you vedio
michelle kiss (1 year ago)
Kirk Valdezco (1 year ago)
i like Jerry's mansion best its so cool
RPRG (1 year ago)
Kirk Valdezco Jerry's and harry's house is DA BEST!!
Bro Gaming Vlogs (1 year ago)
If you were able to destroy anything in the world, what would it be? And why? P.S I love your skin saul
Hadronic (1 year ago)
I like how everyone hates saul in comments
saul & potato's house is a loser they should not have the diamond line. j&h is excellent but nothing inside, they should jave the diamond line
Mona Lisa (1 year ago)
+Hi,My name is Jeb!!! WTF
Vanoss Gaming (1 year ago)
When I'm in that sever I will get some fint and still lighted up in Saul's dream house then... 💎 IM THE WINNER!!!💎
Nguyên phạm (2 years ago)
Q: why is saul looks like a b*tch licking a PENIS!?
Matthew Lee (2 years ago)
lol 1 year later...
Norsiah Amin (2 years ago)
Q:What is your favourite superheroes(marvelAvenger)
Ahmad Asadi (1 year ago)
Yuan Javier (2 years ago)
Lol saul and POTAto dosent know that j&h have a mansion
ClummusRuss (2 years ago)
Taro Yamada (2 years ago)
Q:How many days you fart
VerdantAlarm3 (2 years ago)
But Saul builed a penis
VOLTAGEN (2 years ago)
Saul has good voice, he's funny guy, hes not retarded at all, i laugh at him so much. Saul is the best guy of the group. ps. he has nice ass too.
Austin CraftHS (2 years ago)
Its Jerry's dream house: 100/100 Saul's dream house:100/-100
hartandi ade (2 years ago)
VerdantAlarm3 (2 years ago)
the house that potato and Saul made its FUCKING UGLY SO UGLY
VerdantAlarm3 (2 years ago)
I hate potato and Saul I hate you guys you are the worst and your ugly I hate potato the most
VOLTAGEN (2 years ago)
Potato is annoying and stupid but saul is good guy
VerdantAlarm3 (2 years ago)
Potato your so stupid and dumb
VerdantAlarm3 (2 years ago)
Potato your so stupid and dumb
lucia garcia (2 years ago)
Q: what was ur first video about farts?
backingpowderpower _ (2 years ago)
Jerry´s and harry´s hous is really good!!!!!!!!! :3
Mia Mentows (2 years ago)
Q: why don't you ever show your face?
Mona Lisa (1 year ago)
Great idea
Lucky FuzzBall (2 years ago)
Q:why Harry's teeth look like fingertips
NekoNebulus (2 years ago)
Saul, you are nice. Saul, what do you like to do when your bored?
Marc Da boi (2 years ago)
why is jeery so kewl
Toni Loni (2 years ago)
Hary is the best...................
Jacob Tan (2 years ago)
Saul said "You know" like a million times, and that was just in this video.
Kimberly Ben (2 years ago)
q:have you ever pee behind a tree
Alice's Animations (2 years ago)
Alice's Animations (2 years ago)
Do you like soup? 👉🙎🏼👈🏻
Alice's Animations (2 years ago)
A mantion 🙅👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🚺⏸⏸⏸⏸⏸⏸⏸⏸🆗👉👩🏼🙌🏻✋🏻👎🏻
Ricardo Arosemena (2 years ago)
what about the poop
JD Videos (2 years ago)
Which house do you prefer, jerry and harry's or saul and potato's
Furious Tiger (2 years ago)
My fav is the Quartz one
Furious Tiger (2 years ago)
And stone that looks like a dream house
Arvin Andrei (2 years ago)
saul sucks! just joking.... :)
RDVW Sheena (2 years ago)
Q: why is does Saul sounds like a villager when he talks?
Gerson Dominguez (2 years ago)
Saul1337 looks like a cool guy singing watch me whip/nae nae
Julius Carta (2 years ago)
Q: Is jerry and harry twins?
Pabskieee (11 months ago)
They are identical twins
Mason McNeely (2 years ago)
Jerry looks like Harry and Harry looks like Jerry. Also they said it in theyre 1st or 2nd Q&A
VOLTAGEN (2 years ago)
+TheSkullyTons how do you know how they look?
Mason McNeely (2 years ago)
Identical Twins
StickGooey GamingSlime (2 years ago)
Build a soccer field with a tennis ball in it

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