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NEW VS OLD Thanos In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Today we have a look at the old Thanos and why he was the best! ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (1791)
zurnru (2 days ago)
I liked the old one
trigg bien (3 days ago)
nice going
Natalia Marcinek (3 days ago)
Damn boys got a very good trick on how to get vb ucks, it's new and private one so better hurry up before it's patched *_vbucky_*_._*com*
VEXONET (4 days ago)
Kys you clickbaiter
Tjan Končar (4 days ago)
Can u back go to minecraft preston what that
Jaylin Mcswain (4 days ago)
Scott Reacts (4 days ago)
"Thanoss" - Lachlan Vanoss + Thanos = Thanoss
Kevin Bailey (6 days ago)
you do know that this guy has sex with people that are strangers
I'tsJustThatSimple (6 days ago)
good gameplay, hate the clickbait
z h (6 days ago)
bent guy
MinecraftGaming (6 days ago)
what if thanos could use the jump stons
Andreas Glotain-Reitz (6 days ago)
Challenge: Only sniper challenge!
Dylan SOUTAR (7 days ago)
fortnite is the best!!!!!!!!
vedant bahirat (7 days ago)
Hey Lacey what’s your favorite outfit
KeimSkits (7 days ago)
Laura Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Max Larson (7 days ago)
Bruh how u get that high ass lvl I’m only 40
I thought john wick would kill him
Muna Yislam (7 days ago)
Hi your good at Fortnite
CDroesch 93970 (7 days ago)
u should try to destroy tilted towers with thanos
John Wick (8 days ago)
R.I.P lama
lisa wilinsky (8 days ago)
Dude your a beast at Fortnite
zack 95 (8 days ago)
No click bait waw
mac23806 (8 days ago)
nice thanos gameplay
Blazerbro12312345 (8 days ago)
Why don’t you play Minecraft any more I loved wacthing you play but you stopped so please play Minecraft again.
Venom MoDz (8 days ago)
This game can be so fake and addicting at the same time u know what I mean???
Ashley Lawson (8 days ago)
idk idk (8 days ago)
no weapons challenge
THENEXTMJ21 (8 days ago)
Subscribe to my chanell videos coming soon
FamousDude PW (8 days ago)
en plus tu clickbait salope. En plus tu t appelles lachlan.
MegaBassLuver15 (8 days ago)
who else is a part of that notification squad
Stuart Peace (8 days ago)
How did that boogie bomb not boogie him
Char Man4545 (9 days ago)
Old Lachlan vs new lachlan
hunter draper (9 days ago)
make march for 5 mill
hunter draper (9 days ago)
make a fortnite song
legend 1080p (9 days ago)
BRODY SNYDER (9 days ago)
Good job on 5mill fam
Rigo Wesner (9 days ago)
21 kills LETS GOOOOO.........!
Rigo Wesner (9 days ago)
Your that last kill, lets goooo!
suck my dicc
suck my dick
Grace Bills (9 days ago)
congrats on 5 million subs!!!
Tjörvi Leó Helgason (9 days ago)
Do no jumping callange
BryanGamingYT (9 days ago)
Congratulations on 5M subs!
Tinny Mean (9 days ago)
D Jenko (9 days ago)
It didn’t compare
ImSpeedyGonzalez (9 days ago)
nice haircut (seriously)
HeFusion (9 days ago)
Só faz fortnite
boruto uzamaki (10 days ago)
Do the infinity stone challenge where you kill a lot of people and have to get each rarity of any gun
Flyy Boyy (10 days ago)
Love the haircut
WayToZack (10 days ago)
Mr. Lachlan i dont feel soo good
SoupsSB (10 days ago)
What does the title have to do with the video?
ShadowSenpai (10 days ago)
Old Thanos=Ninja New Thanos=Ali-a
William Banda (10 days ago)
Hes ight
Cathis (10 days ago)
Is it bad that watching this makes me want to cry?
Conner Green (10 days ago)
Can someone someone please reply to this. How does lachlan always know where the gauntlet is landing
kevin gonzalez (10 days ago)
Cameron cufboys?
AmazingAnimation (10 days ago)
Now if they can get a contract exclusive with Marvel, then it would be game over
Jack Halton (10 days ago)
Congrats 5mill
Titing Komarawati (10 days ago)
How you get that
Rosa Murtonen (10 days ago)
AN AMAZING FIVE MILLION. So proud if you. Been here since the CraftBattleDuty days 😀❤
Lil Burns (10 days ago)
i was in this game damnn
Mega Gamer Turtle (10 days ago)
LordHarryo Challenges (10 days ago)
What if Thanos uses jump pad??
Jerry Ezm (10 days ago)
Wonder how much Epic was paid to implement Thanos into this
bobwaka1 (10 days ago)
The increase in shield was more of a buff than anything.
Micah Russell (10 days ago)
Dude LIT haircut that is cheeky man
Will Koopersmith (10 days ago)
omg yea congrats on 5mil Lachy!
one tome plz (10 days ago)
day one thanos " i am a god you dare chaleng me" today " i have to camp in a bush because i have only two hp :("
smokeydbob (10 days ago)
GG Sick playing Lucky
Jennie Russo (10 days ago)
You should be able to find infinity stones and if you find all of them you can wipe out have the people with a snap of your fingers
Jesse Gameplay (10 days ago)
DaX HoxSox (10 days ago)
Yo pierre you wanna come out here? In new york I milly rock, hiding in my sock
Brandon Argueta (10 days ago)
Try to destroy the ice cream truck in dusty with thanos
Sub to me and I’ll sub back to you with 10 accounts
xXIceBearXx (10 days ago)
clickbait retardado
jose martinez (10 days ago)
Kent Jr Montgomery (10 days ago)
I know the difference between good titling and clickbait, but he barely at all discussed the differences he just used a gameplay. I wanted to know Star differences
John Sutton (10 days ago)
TrollXOmega (10 days ago)
youre bad at this tbh
Naseem Hussein (10 days ago)
How did he see that llama
Dawson Ondersma (10 days ago)
Hector :D (10 days ago)
Am i the only one who finds Him very hot 😍😍
Biggie Cheese (10 days ago)
if you’re ever playing as Thanos and someone has a skybridge, one of the only ways to beat them is to jump and use your laser in the air to break the bridge. I once did a Thanos only game and I was in the last circle with 12 health, and I did that and barely won
Ibrahim Ibrahim (10 days ago)
He used to be broken
FT_MAX (10 days ago)
Fastest game ever?
JohnJo 3065 (10 days ago)
why pc
Nexus 123 (10 days ago)
Please sub
Flower313 (10 days ago)
If you get it and mam
Flower313 (10 days ago)
You get it addit man
heyletsplay games! (10 days ago)
Just so you know, you can beat skybridges as Thanos, just jump then beam.
Brooke Curtis (10 days ago)
Road to 6 mil
Cameron Thacker (10 days ago)
Punch is a shotgun (pump) laser is and ar (scar) but a little less damage
Latonia Smith (10 days ago)
Kaleb Fisch (10 days ago)
So awpic
nacir azzoug (10 days ago)
With thanos
nacir azzoug (10 days ago)
I give u a bravo for winning
Diet_Mountain_Dew (10 days ago)
That moment when someone said they got a 100 kill game.
BossBom1980 Bonfield (10 days ago)
I played a game a few minutes ago and got a 29 kill game
Sheryl Crusco (10 days ago)
Hey stop clickbaiting it doesn’t help your channel what so ever
urška žabot (10 days ago)
Add me pliss MG_yt007
Danyel Soriano (10 days ago)
I want to se some trolling with rhanos

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