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Play Fortnite in Minecraft with Battle Royale Plugin

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This tutorial will show you how to use and setup the Battle Royale plugin to play PUBG and Fortnite on your Minecraft server! Download Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/battle-royale.54207/ Get a super fast Minecraft server instantly delivered to you here: https://serverminer.com If you have any questions submit a ticket: https://serverminer.com/support LtJim007s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/ltjim007 Music: https://audiojungle.net/item/commercial-business-corporate-presentation/21209726?s_rank=11
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Text Comments (44)
DarkFalconRS Official (7 months ago)
Oh my gosh!! Thanks so much!! I was making a fortnite server but I couldn't find a plugin. TYSM!!!!
FIFAChange (5 months ago)
EnderPheonix Gaming i have a better
DarkFalconRS Official (6 months ago)
Mind if I get a free serverminer server? :P
ServerMiner (6 months ago)
Glad to help :D
Windex (2 months ago)
The join sign doesn't work, can't right click any of the items to check stats etc. Also after i reload/restart the server the arena gets deleted so i have to recreate it
The joinsign doesn't work and the developer doesn't seem to reply to the comments...
Legendarisk (4 months ago)
"an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
Drem (6 days ago)
I had the same problem, yet i fixed it by getting the 2 plugins vault and effectlib
HYtop (6 days ago)
For me too
Ale3008N7 (4 months ago)
work with craftbukkit?
doesn't work for me and i use spigot
Zachary Maestas (4 months ago)
Can this work for Crackshot?
Zen0 (5 months ago)
Are u ltjim007
ServerMiner (5 months ago)
Glad to have helped! More plugin videos on both channels soon!
Zen0 (5 months ago)
Dude I watched all of your plugin videos and still watch them to add plugins on my server! Thanks m8 without you I would be clueless with plugins
ServerMiner (5 months ago)
"Im your host LtJim007" seems unlikely Im him :D
Ronn Weazly (5 months ago)
I cant create a battle royale sign for watings!
ServerMiner (5 months ago)
Shoot the developer a message on spigot and they will be able to help
Squiidgy (5 months ago)
What’s your server?
MrJoFi (5 months ago)
with me it says that I have no premissions
Renzethicc (6 months ago)
Exactly what i want thanks <3
ZaqTheDragon (6 months ago)
For some reason when u win a game it doesnt work. It just.. Well u dont win. Even tho you killed everyone
Eric Cartman (6 months ago)
Crap Plugin. Fucking internal error
Ilias B. (6 months ago)
plz the map i cannot find anywhere
SteverBayu (6 months ago)
Ples How to Version 1.12. And Why Error
SteverBayu (6 months ago)
@ServerMiner why your website is difficult to open or create.Please Give Tutorial
ServerMiner (6 months ago)
It worked for me on 1.12, try contacting the developer with any error messages from your console, He will be able to help :)
Zork Tig (6 months ago)
Oh I was gonna make a Fortnite plugin.. :/ well as there is one already there’s no point lol
Zork Tig (5 months ago)
ServerMiner idk minecraft isnt my thing anymore, but maybe
ServerMiner (5 months ago)
Maybe you could make an improved one? :D
Zryx (6 months ago)
i use 1.12 server and i have the plugin in the foldor of battle royal i only have config and when i type in a command it says internal error while executing ths command or something like that plz help fixed it i needed vault and effectlib
SteverBayu (6 months ago)
yes i too
Noah Mila (6 months ago)
hey if someone made one of these can they send me the server ip?
Rubby GT (6 months ago)
You just copyed Ltjim09 video..its from 2015...
ServerMiner (6 months ago)
I am LtJim so not sure how I copied myself, also the plugin was only released this year
I'mTheToast (7 months ago)
It looks really good, but I want to change things (such as the prefix "BattleRoyale" to my server name) etc. Can I somehow?
ServerMiner (7 months ago)
You might be able to edit that in the config file, if not shoot the developer a message and he might be able to add it
Xubels (7 months ago)
why is this a thing...
Xubels (7 months ago)
ServerMiner (7 months ago)
people like fortnite and battle royale so the dev made a similar plugin
Nightshade (7 months ago)
And then drop crackshot ontop that.
ServerMiner (7 months ago)
that would be epic :D

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