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FunshineX Lets Play | Computerizing Minecraft | S2E18

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http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1205339-funshinex-computerizing-minecraft-a-lets-play-series/ The frame door took quite a long time to build so I decided to make it a timelapse rather than span 2-3 episodes. You can skip ahead if you just want to see how it works. Playlist: Music used with permission from ccmixter.org Test Drive - Zapac I Dunno - Grapes Recommencer - Dokashiteru Spring the Swing - Papa Zulu No ms Secretos - AlexBeroza
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MrBrenno147 (6 years ago)
can you give us a tutorial?
Xavura (6 years ago)
Nice idea with the "scissor" door. BTW here's how I do my frame doors, it disallows input until the frames are done moving and the timers only run when necessary - cl [dot] ly [slash] lw2W YT is not allowing me to post a link for some reason.
Xavura (6 years ago)
Yeah, the variety in music was refreshing and it was all pretty good too.
FunshineX (6 years ago)
Yep realized that on the covers after I filmed. I don't believe 4 ticks on a repeater is the same as minecraft game ticks. Otherwise you're looking at around 0.20 secs which is way too fast for a frame engine.
Sven 'flamestrider' (6 years ago)
You don't actually need to have the support frames bare to the frame motor, that is only needed if you wish to move a motor with the frames, so you could panel the underside up and build the setup more compressed if you want :) Are you sure about the 0.850 time? I've been testing using RP repeaters on 4, and those work fine, until I reload the world and then they lose ticks...
Scai (6 years ago)
I have to say that the music was awesome! as for the build itself I wouldn't have used a timer that is constantly ticking just because it introduces a little amount of lag :p Ideas on opening it from the other side: button OR a TC2 seal that only detects the player :D there are a lot of things you have to take into account if you do that but it would be soooo cool!
FunshineX (6 years ago)
Yep you're correct on the recipe its Stone Redwire instead of Stone Wire
FunshineX (6 years ago)
I checked the recipe a few times and it wouldn't give it to me so I just NEI'd it in and deleted the mats to make it.
TheGmanprime (6 years ago)
You use cheat mode at one point. I think what you needed was a redstone cable on a stone wafer for the null gate not redstone on a wafer.

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