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12 Things Only Old Minecraft Players Will Remember!

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Text Comments (522)
Thunder_KGH _TM (30 days ago)
The TNT did not sound like that
Brayan Gamer (1 month ago)
TNT only work touch XDDDDD
alecks reynoso (2 months ago)
hey this is the first video ive seen without harry or jerry i dont know
Kyle Padilla (3 months ago)
GTXGaSteR (3 months ago)
The old TNT sound... ...BANG!!!
GabiLOA OG-TIMES (4 months ago)
minecraft was never fun
Andrea Feng (4 months ago)
I thought the nether activator was the most satisfying things in the older editions
Eyeball gamer (4 months ago)
It’s sad how they have changed Minecraft from imagination fun to a role play game😪
TechDivision (6 months ago)
So much nolstagias, better than Pink Sheep cancerous vids but there are cool cringy kids in that channel you know or the comment section, but yea 2009 is the best year for Minecraft when I started
scorpion king (6 months ago)
I have that version its cool
wizard of claws (7 months ago)
You are a ass hole
hyper rainbow cat (7 months ago)
I remember it alll it was so bad but I stilled played it on pocket edition for years then on xbox I played it on
Strange Guy (8 months ago)
xD I'm an old Minecraft player, not from the dinousaur age
MT plays MC (8 months ago)
I remember all of this exept 5 worlds
Cookie Boi (9 months ago)
Guys I found smth he said 13,12 and 11 right? The biggest number is 13 THE ILLUMANTI has 3 sides ∆∆∆∆
Itsthatkid10 (9 months ago)
In the video he says "13 Things" The Title Says "12" and Inside the video it shows "12" 😂🤔 Is this a joke?
y AlishaMarieVlogs (9 months ago)
WTF In name of video it says 12,in video he says 13 and corect it to 11?😠😠
EmoSMOSHBride (10 months ago)
i remember all of these but only miss the machine gun bow and "ouch" haha
The Flash Gaming (10 months ago)
i miss the hurt sound
ElecTRO YT (10 months ago)
y did they remove the bow thing T-T
ツfobbA (10 months ago)
I miss notch.
Pertti The Peruna (10 months ago)
i remember only 8 things am i stupid or what
JaFooF (10 months ago)
I lik the old OO sound ;(
farex (10 months ago)
I Remember the minecart
Ákos Kulcsár (10 months ago)
Title: 12 things. In video: 11 things. He said: 13 things. I love this. I found this so funny
Le Playah (10 months ago)
Title:12 things only old minecraft players will remember a few seconds after the vid starts 11 things only old players remember and u said 13 things only old players remember.....
Makiz (10 months ago)
I remember everything but not the minecart rail thingy :)
Fang Tastic (10 months ago)
Wait Title Said 12 The Sign said 11 when it started and he said 13... 3 mistakes
HydraPlays (10 months ago)
I miss no Zombies...
Ananda Rashya199 (10 months ago)
i remember all old thing at minecraft
SkyZeal (10 months ago)
Do u know that u cant change skins in the gud old days
kostas studios (10 months ago)
roblox deathsound is better.XD
Opera Black (10 months ago)
i remember all those.. and also i kinda remember when there no inventory just bar 8 slots only and no backpack xD
NibbaUGey (10 months ago)
I forgot that im watching jerryvsharry lol,but at the end outro's music :D
Success Mc (10 months ago)
1:59 haχ 😂
unReVolt (10 months ago)
bows without charging is like using an ak47 but with arrows,wonder how that will go with harming 2 arrows
Orb - Overwatch (10 months ago)
lol you said 13 things,the title says 12 things and you wrote 11 things on the vid lol :D
Anej Bilicic (10 months ago)
What is the frikin outro song???!!!!!
i remember the annoying noise every time you took damage
WetSocksPlays - Gaming (10 months ago)
I remember all of these things. And saving wood 👍🏼
WetSocksPlays - Gaming (10 months ago)
I remember the older version of minecraft on the pocket edition version that ouch sound when you got hurt.
JoJo 874 (10 months ago)
i remember this... hacker zone...
AlexCH27 (10 months ago)
I miss the old door/chest and ,,ouch,, sound :(
emperor palpatine (10 months ago)
strong bow ever
Giorgos Sakarelos (10 months ago)
i remeber the ouch ;D
KURD epic (10 months ago)
The title of the video is 12 then you write 11 then you said 13😐
krisvincent (10 months ago)
haha 11 no 12 yes 13 no
Old days :/
fourp4nts (10 months ago)
Include the minecraft lite
peace of shit (10 months ago)
i remember 1.0
Uncle Scroodge (11 months ago)
Title: 12 Things Only Old Minecraft Players Will Remember! Notice: It's Written 12 Intro: 11 Things Only Old Minecraft Players Will Remember! What he says: 13 Things Only Old Minecraft Players Will Remember! *facepalm*
Guten Morgen (11 months ago)
I miss the OUCH
Adrian Marteja (11 months ago)
at 2:51 it says subscrib instead of subscribe LOL 😂😂😂
Blood Jeff1092 (11 months ago)
Jerry didnt you know defusing?
Wade McKenney (11 months ago)
they should have left the bow and arrow alone that is cool like a machine gun
W-w-w-wait! You thought the old damage sound was annoying?!
Axew325 (11 months ago)
Sam The Random Guy (1 year ago)
I had minecraft when it first came out
Pyro (1 year ago)
i remember it all but i forgot chest n ladder
Isaac YIU Math Studio (1 year ago)
The beginning bow like a Machine gun
DSD (1 year ago)
I only know like the last 9 things from mcpe 0.9.5
Gamer12 XmasterX (1 year ago)
I am in 0.0.13beginning play
This makes me very nostalgic. It is sad how 12 year old Undertale roleplayers have ruined it..
Homie Giraffe (1 year ago)
Why is there only jerry voice where is harry
blackfoxx mr (1 year ago)
u are right
Joevitto Ayers Halim (1 year ago)
I missed the Ouch! sound xD
Jfjfh Jjfjf (1 year ago)
number9 its not bow its the machaingun
Arndré's Pokemon (1 year ago)
the old bow spam was my favorite
ItzJovikTheCrazy (1 year ago)
I am still waiting for normal vids on ItsJrryAndHarry pls..
Golem Team (1 year ago)
why cant someone make things that old minecraft pe players only remember?
Jacco van Amerongen (1 year ago)
I love the old beta minecraft more than the new minecraft
Skèle Prei (1 year ago)
another thing that i remember when not has support of skins
flaaare1579 (1 year ago)
7/12 so close yet so far
ZT9 GT (1 year ago)
Bring so much memories
Firezahh (1 year ago)
obsidian wall brick pyramid 1.8 pvp porkchop doesnt stack (sh*t) no 9-12 yr old that hax mineplex & hypixel
Krazy Mannn (1 year ago)
Conway Zhou (1 year ago)
95% Title is Wrong 4.99% I want to replay Alpha/How minecraft changed/etc. 0.01% This comment
SSyvlo (1 year ago)
i new all of thia stuf i got minecraft befor horses and the rest is yt vids and expirians
Stepan Okhrimenko (1 year ago)
Everybody: The 12's thing is old minecraft itself
Yunix Oyunda (1 year ago)
Comments section of this video: 98% = title says 12, You said 13 and it says 11 in the video 2% = other
mint (1 year ago)
When u Activate the TNT U can Punch it Again to Defuse the tnt
Black Jack (1 year ago)
Black Jack (1 year ago)
but,if you had to punch TNT to activate it,then how could you get it bac???
SouthPark333Gaming (1 year ago)
I don't play minecraft anymore, but I miss this!
bluzer awesome (1 year ago)
Jerry says:13 things Video title:12 Video text:11
80greaty (1 year ago)
But how did you break TNT back then
Noah Smith (1 year ago)
80greaty you couldn't, once you placed some, the only thing you could was use it.
VirusArcher (1 year ago)
1:44 ouch my butt hurt so much!!!!!!
Mikann (1 year ago)
ONE PUUUNCHHHHHHH was enough to make a sheep drop its wool
Younus Paiman (1 year ago)
I miss old ouch sound
Edgy Pickle (1 year ago)
only '90s kids
line 7 (1 year ago)
oh i get it 11 12 13 unlucky XD
421st comment. Blaze it
nice boy sean (1 year ago)
who remembers when you had to hit a tnt with a diamond pickaxe to also ignite it?
nice boy sean (1 year ago)
Music Master (1 year ago)
I miss the hurt noises. don't know why.
Annabelle Mathews (1 year ago)
HOW DO YOU GET MINECRAFT ALPHA!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!?????!!!!????
BlockOfAsshole (1 year ago)
I member!
Harry Salter (1 year ago)
ok so first time on this channel... why is the outro farts
Kai De nauw (1 year ago)
13 12 11 wtf??

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