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Ninjago Deception Episode 1 Nightmares of Deception

60 ratings | 5585 views
episode 1 is officially here
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Text Comments (28)
BryceFilms (10 months ago)
Your story telling is improving so much!
legoshowtv (10 months ago)
G Frost (9 months ago)
You sound autistic
legoshowtv (9 months ago)
thats not appropriate for the comments
lord Garmadon (9 months ago)
This is off to a great start!!
henry mendez (10 months ago)
Men voice for nya
TRT Studios (10 months ago)
Nice LOVE your series so much
TLP Pictures (10 months ago)
WAIT U GOT THE CITY! cool episode btw!
TLP Pictures (10 months ago)
legoshowtv (10 months ago)
yea i did at disney
CAZachStudios (10 months ago)
Your plots have improved, great episode :)
Mitchell O Studios (10 months ago)
CAZachStudios is this Zach on.... Legoshowtv???? Wait... I'm on here too. Frick. I actually like watching his episode sometimes. Lol
Stick Draw Productions (10 months ago)
Killer Lightning (10 months ago)
Jahmosi Joslyn (10 months ago)
This was great I liked it and I liked how you be used custom hair for Kai
The Titanium Turtle (10 months ago)
Awesome episode my dude!!!
TFLFProductions (10 months ago)
Note that you forgot Zane on the intro! :)
TFLFProductions (10 months ago)
Oh ok well night episode
legoshowtv (10 months ago)
i dont have his suit yet
CooperAceProductions (10 months ago)
Great job :D
pokemon gamer decidueye (10 months ago)
I love not i your
pokemon gamer decidueye (10 months ago)
I your vidios cooperace prodoction😁😁😁😊😊
legoshowtv (10 months ago)
Lil T (10 months ago)
TheLifeOfKaleb (10 months ago)
this was awesome!! can't wait until episode 2

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