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Game of Thrones: For the Realm (official guitar theme) + TAB

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Free guitar tab and blog: http://www.intellimusica.com/?p=4643 My Album: http://www.intellimusica.com/ep/ Guitar performance of, For The Realm, by Ramin Djawadi from the soundtrack/score of Game of Thrones. Be sure to check out my performance of (Sigur Ros) Rains of Castamere: https://youtu.be/57nkDCwE1zA And Blood of the Dragon from Season 5: https://youtu.be/IbYqvUck0C0 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/Evanlessons Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intellimusica My Gear: http://www.intellimusica.com/gear/ Google +: https://plus.google.com/+EvanHandyside/posts
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Text Comments (41)
Sleepy1988 (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for this....I love Ramin’s stuff so much, and this song has got me back into guitar, a bit hard for a beginner, but I’ve made some improvement and it really motivates me to continue playing.
Evan Handyside (1 month ago)
Excellent, thank for this comment!
00Raiser1693 (1 year ago)
Simple yet very well played. Cheers!
Evan Handyside (1 year ago)
Thanks, this was tough to play!
Ibrahim Allaith (2 years ago)
شكرا أستاذي الفاضل أعجبتني قناتك وأستفدت كثيرا منك
Evan Handyside (2 years ago)
You're welcome:)
f4t45h35 (2 years ago)
fucking finally been looking for this version and everyone just plays the basic theme lol thank you sir!!
Joe Azathoth (2 years ago)
Awesome. Subscribing. Greetings from Singapore
carol-draws (2 years ago)
when you do the chord (24432) and (2443) you use a bar on 2nd space right? nice cover!
Evan Handyside (2 years ago)
+carol-draws Right!
Gaurav Bhushan (3 years ago)
Damn.. this is tough but I'm practicing!! Thanks for the video and tabs!
Evan Handyside (3 years ago)
+Gaurav Bhushan very tough, good luck brother!
Celia Tomas (3 years ago)
First of all, I just wanna say wow!!! This is the best cover of this song on YouTube and thank you for sharing with us! Second, may the gods bless you for helping with the tabs!!!!! I literally paid just for the tab and it wasn't nearly as helpful as yours!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Evan Handyside (3 years ago)
+Sookie Tomas No problem. Check out the other free tabs from my website, there's tons!
Wile E. (3 years ago)
Thank you really really MUCH !!!!
Evan Handyside (3 years ago)
+Wile E. No problem, enjoy:)
Evan Handyside (3 years ago)
I have links for all of my Game of thrones performances (+tabs) in the description.
dontdropthesoapz (3 years ago)
"His song is the song of ice and fire" - Rhaegar Targaryen
CronoSpace (3 years ago)
you're awesome, keep going on
TresherMaw (4 years ago)
You are best =)
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
+TresherMaw Thanks!
Ekaterina Grindak (4 years ago)
You are amazing guitar player! Thank you very much for free tabs!
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
+Ekaterina Grindak You're welcome, thanks for the kind comment:)
Chinthaka Senaratne (4 years ago)
wow..great great stuff mate.u r brilliant.
MrRavendorify (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for offering the tabs for free.. :)
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
You're welcome, thanks for the message.
Danny Hill (4 years ago)
I will learn guitar to play this
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
Game of Thrones season finale was awesome last night: http://youtu.be/-3xl8_KXuis #gameofthrones  
Sam Young (4 years ago)
I've been watching this at 0.25 speed for a couple of days trying to catch everything you do here :L I'm looking at the tab but working out timing is tough :/ this is awesome though, big thanks
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
Agree very tough. Although my version of Rains of Castamere is easier if you want give a shot.
SycoSight (4 years ago)
Awesome as usual man! Ever since you put out those the last of us vids I've wanted to pick up a classical guitar. My old acoustic ain't making that super deep and rich sound your guitar is. I thought about strapping some nylon strings on and seeing how that goes but I've been told the neck might twist :/ Any classical guitar recommendations?
Bs3MecRaZy (3 years ago)
If you want a really cheap guitar for less than 40 bucks, I would suggest pearl river guitars. If you want a good flamenco guitar, I suggest the AlHambra 3F.
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
And don't put nylon strings on a steel string guitar.
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
Thanks! I have all of my gear recommendations on my website under 'gear' at the top. Guitars, strings, picks,etc. Follow the link in the description. Hope that helps!
Melou 88 (4 years ago)
woooowwwwwwwww! :) :) :) fantastic!!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!
Nikita Shmorin (4 years ago)
As usual!no words to describe! thank you!
Evan Handyside (4 years ago)
Thank you. I actually did this song about 9 months ago and deleted it, because the performance was bad. This one is better.
Highlander (4 years ago)
Nice ;)
Anpeo (4 years ago)
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Wyldie BlaDe (4 years ago)
WOW, just wow !!!!!! you're so good man !!!!!!!!!
Joshua Coles (4 years ago)
Amazing :))

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