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Ancient and Modern Olympics
Educational movie about the Ancient and Modern Olympics, discusses some of the history behind the olympics, some similarities and some differences between the ancient and modern olympics
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3 Facts - Ancient Olympic Boxing
Boxing was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BC, being called Pygme or Pygmachia. Participants trained on punching bags (called a korykos). Fighters wore leather straps (called himantes) over their hands, wrists, and sometimes breast, to protect them from injury. The straps left their fingers free. Legend had it that the Spartans were the first to box as a way to prepare for sword and shield fighting. According to Philostratos, the good boxer should have long and powerful arms, strong shoulders, a high neck, and powerfuBoxing was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BC, being called Pygme or Pygmachia. Participants trained on punching bags (called a korykos). Fighters wore leather straps (called himantes) over their hands, wrists, and sometimes breast, to protect them from injury. The straps left their fingers free. Legend had it that the Spartans were the first to box as a way to prepare for sword and shield fighting. According to Philostratos, the good boxer should have long and powerful arms, strong shoulders, a high neck, and powerful and flexible wrists. Handicaps are a thick shin (preventing agility) and a large stomach (prevents supple movements). In addition, the boxer should possess persistence, patience, endurance, great will-power, and strength and flexible wrists.
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Goofy The Olympic Champ 1942 HQ
In this classic animation by Walt Disney, our favorite athlete, Goofy, illustrates the various Olympic track-and-field events and the ancient torch traditions of the Olympic Games.
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Ancient Greece Olympics
THE HISTORY OF OLYMPIC GAMES GLORY AND PRICE IN OLYMPIC WINNERS! The Olympic Games combine the highest degree of cultivation of the body, mind and soul while contributing to the awakening of the manners, customs, culture and ideals. HISTORY: The first Olympic Games were held in ancient Olympia in 776 BC For an olive branch ... Athletes in ancient times fought only for the glory after only prize was a wreath of wild olive tree from the sanctuary of Olympia. But was the incalculable importance of moral victory. Pull down the walls to pass ... The Olympic champion when returning to the city enjoyed great prices. Demolished part of the city walls, where the city that gave birth to the Olympic did not need walls, and the new entry was entering the winner. [In many cities the expected lifetime of free meals and Olympic champion, made an offer and Spiros Louis when he won the Olympic marathon in 1896.] * Pagkration = [ Fight and boxing together.] * Oplitodromia = [Run wearing helmet, shield and gaiters.]
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ancient greek wrestling school - from the movie "Alexander"
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Highlight of Ancient Greek Athletics
This is a highlight video of the Ancient Greek Athletics class that is taught at the University of Arizona. Here is a video of some of the material we covered as well as gym labs re-enacting the events the Greeks did in their Olympics. I do not own any of the historical footage or movie clips. I only own the clips to this class. This is for class only. Enjoy. Music by John Williams
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American women continue to lead Greeks from Universal Sports
http://www.UniversalSports.com 2009, Rome, Italy, FINA Womens Championship Water Polo, 3rd Preliminary Round, USA vs Greece, with a great back court shot, American Brittany Hayes increases the lead to four, 7-3 USA. (Universal Sports, UniversalSports.com)
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History - Greece: Beyond the Olympic Flame
The final chapter of Greece: Beyond the Olympic Flame talks about the history of Greece.
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Ancient Chinese Sports takes viewers into a sporting world that few knew existed. This was a world that thrived centuries before the glory of the Olympic games. Beyond the martial arts and it acrobatics, few know of the colourful sports that were created in the courts of Imperial China. Just as the Ancient Greeks strove to salute their Gods with athletic feasts, well see for the first time how the Chinese military strived for physical excellence in honour of their Emperors.
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Gym Class 3: Men's Wrestling Match 2
The guys of Ancient Athletics re-enact the wrestling event from the Ancient Greek Olympics.
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The First Olympics Athens 1896
THE HISTORY OF OLYMPIC GAMES [Part 2nd ] The story begins in 1894, when Baron Pierre de Courbetin announces his intention to stage the first Olympic games of the Modern Era within two years in Athens. First place winners were awarded a silver medal, an olive branch and a diploma. Those in second place were given a copper medal, a branch of laurel and a diploma. The obverse side of the medal has Zeus' face along with his hand holding a globe with the winged victory on it, with the caption in Greek Olympia. The reverse side had the Acropolis site with the caption in Greek International Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. * The first Olympic champion was American Connolly, which came in Greece with his own expenses. * The football was only sport of demonstration. * Spiros Louis Greek Gold Medallist in Marathon * Was not allowed the attendance of women.
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(See also The Acropolis http://youtu.be/-kMGQtNxj5E) The place where sport began, when the first Ancient Olympic Games were held in 776 BC. Features pediments from the Temple of Zeus and the statue of Hermes by Praxiteles from the archaeological museum. On the site itself we see Phidias' workshop, remnants of the Temple of Zeus, the Philippeion, the Temple of Hera , the Altar of Hera, where the Olympic flame begins its journey every 4 years, and the famous stadium where the events were held. (July 2009)
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Gym Class 3: Men's Wrestling Match 3
The guys of Ancient Athletics re-enact the wrestling event from the Ancient Greek Olympics.
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International Olympic Academy 2009 (2 of 3)
International Olympic Academy 2009 (2 of 3)
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Cory olympic iphoto slideshow
quick iphoto slideshow about ancient greek sports for elementary age students
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356 BC Philipp II, King of Macedon, victory in horse races 4 BC Tiberius (later Imperator of Rome) winner of the tethrippon game (4 horses race) 65 AD Nero participates in the Olympic Games. He orders the Games to start 2 years earlier The Olympic Games reached their height in the 5th-4th centuries B.C., and their decline coincided with the decline of Greek supremacy and the rise of the Roman Empire. Aristophanes observed that Greek youths were no longer interested in their sports--they had deserted the gymnasiums, were pale-faced and narrow-chested. The large cities began to hire professional athletes, many of whom were not native Greeks but swiftly nationalized to comply with the rules. One of the most outrageous farces took place when the Roman Emperor Nero arrived at the games in 66 A.D. With 5,000 bodyguards and hangers-on. He entered several events and invented some others on the spot. During the chariot race, Nero lost his mount, but his rivals stopped the race until he got back on. Needless to say, Nero was pronounced victor of all the events he entered. In 388 A.D., the 291st Olympiad took place with the last recorded victor being Prince Varastades, later King of Armenia, who won the boxing event. Six years later, Emperor Theodosius I, a Christian, abolished the games because they were a pagan spectacle RULES HAVENT RULES Unlike the Modern Olympic Games, only free men who spoke Greek were allowed to participate in the Ancient Games OR TO BE " HONORARY GREEKS"
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funny sport-Olympic Games in Greece
Olympic Games^^
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ACTA Ancient Greek boxing at Dijon 2009
This demonstration was part of ACTA's wonderful presentation of reconstructed antique martial arts at Dijon 2009. This is boxing according to the style and rules (precious few of them) of ancient Greece. The fighters are wearing cestae of hard leather to protect their hands and make them more dangerous weapons.
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Greek Olympics History Class
Zack, Jake, Josh, and Chris making a video for world history class.
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Olympdick - Obama enters the Olympics! from iOwnTheWorld.com
obama failure The Olympic Games Greek τὰ Ὀλύμπια - ta Olympia, are a major international event featuring summer and winter sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions. The Games are currently held every two years, with Summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating, although they occur every four years within their respective seasonal games. Since 2008, host cities are contracted to manage both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games,[1] where athletes who have a physical disability compete. The Paralympics are held immediately following their respective Olympic Games.Originally, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD. Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894. The IOC has since become the governing body of the Olympic Movement, whose structure and actions are defined by the Olympic Charter. The evolution of the Olympic Movement during the 20th and 21st centuries has resulted in several changes to the Olympic Games. Some of these adjustments include the creation of the Winter Games for ice and snow sports, the Paralympic Games for athletes with a physical disability, and the Youth Olympic Games for teenage athletes. The IOC has had to adapt to the varying economic, political, and technological realities of the 20th century. As a result, the Olympics shifted away from pure amateurism, as envisioned by Coubertin, to allow participation of professional athletes. The growing importance of the mass media created the issue of corporate sponsorship and commercialization of the Games. World Wars led to the cancellation of the 1916, 1940, and 1944 Games. Large boycotts during the Cold War limited participation in the 1980 and 1984 Games. The Olympic Movement consists of international sports federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs), and organizing committees for each specific Olympic Games. As the decision-making body, the IOC is responsible for choosing the host city for each Olympic Games. The host city is responsible for organizing and funding a celebration of the Games consistent with the Olympic Charter. The Olympic program, consisting of the sports to be contested at the Games, is also determined by the IOC. The celebration of the Games encompasses many rituals and symbols, such as the Olympic flag and torch, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. There are over 13,000 athletes that compete at the Summer and Winter Olympics in 33 different sports and nearly 400 events. The first, second, and third place finishers in each event receive gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively. The Games have grown in scale to the point that nearly every nation is represented. Such growth has created numerous challenges, including boycotts, doping, bribery of officials, and terrorism. Every two years, the Olympics and its media exposure provide unknown athletes with the chance to attain national, and in particular cases, international fame. The Games also constitute a major opportunity for the host city and country to showcase themselves to the world.
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Olympic Games - Current Modalities
Um vídeo que eu fiz para um trabalho de Inglês. Todos os clipes usados foram carregados aqui, do youtube. A film I made to a school work. All clips used were download from youtube. **** Espero que gostem e que seja um monento didático! Comentem e avaliem. Hoje you enjoy it and that it allows you didactic moment! Comment and rate.
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Ancient Olympics, Part 3 (Ancient Art Podcast 20)
In episode 20 we dive into the nitty gritty of the Ancient Olympic games. We continue to look at what makes the Greek games essentially Greek and we run through a survey of the various types of athletic events at the Olympics. We expose the often overshadowed origin of the marathon race and explore some interesting character portraits of notable ancient athletes. See past episodes, image galleries, credits, transcripts, and additional resources at http://ancientartpodcast.org. Connect at http://twitter.com/lucaslivingston and http://www.facebook.com/ancientartpodcast.
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Ancient Olympics, Part 2 (Ancient Art Podcast 19)
Grab yer beer hat and foam finger, cause its game on for part 2 of the Ancient Olympics on the Ancient Art Podcast. In episode 19 we continue to explore the idea of a tragic untimely demise as a good reason to hold an athletic contest. We take a close look at some very early Greek artwork dated to about the time of the foundation of the Olympic games, which may suggest chariot racing and funerary games. And then we expose — so to speak — various interpretations on nudity in the ancient games. See past episodes, image galleries, credits, transcripts, and additional resources at http://ancientartpodcast.org. Connect at http://twitter.com/lucaslivingston and http://www.facebook.com/ancientartpodcast.
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The Indispensables of Kırkpınar oel Wrestling
The earliest depictions of wrestling are found in the Beni Hasan Temple in Egypt. The sport of oil wrestling dates back to 2650 BC in Egypt and Assyria. The foremost Olympic sport in ancient Greece was wrestling. As depicted on numerous illustrations, the wrestlers used to compete completely naked. Olympic athletes greased themselves with olive oil, probably to protect their skin from the Ægean sun. Turks on the other hand knew neither the Olympic wrestling (which is Greco-Roman meaning legs are not involved) nor olive oil because they were nomadic land people from central Asia. The style of Turkish wrestlers(Güreşçi) were original to themselves as this sport origins in Central Asia. Being all of the terms in this game Turkish proves this idea. Turkish wrestlers had started covering themselves according to the Islamic law (between the navel and the knees) after the 10th century. When the ancient Turkish freestyle wrestling met the ancient Greco-Roman olympic oil wrestling, a new wrestling style was born: Traditional Turkish Oil Wrestling. Freestyle and the leather clothing came from traditional Turkish wrestling called "karakucak" (literally means black hug), olive oil came from the ancient olympic wrestling and most of the wrestling terms from Persian. In the Ottoman Empire, wrestlers learned the art in special schools called تکیه tekke, which were not merely athletic centres, but also spiritual centres, similar to those attended by the Japanese Sumo wrestlers, where it was taught that man is not just matter, but also spirit. These centers bear a striking resemblance to the Zurkhanes of Iran. This could explain the abundance of Persian terms in oil wrestling. Since competition without the harmony of matter and spirit would be detrimental to the development of good character, wrestlers oil one another prior to matches as a demonstration of balance and mutual respect. Equally, if a younger man should defeat an older man, he kisses the latter's hand (A sign of respect for elders in Turkey, similar to a Japanese bow). Matches are held all over Turkey throughout the year, but in early summer the wrestlers gather in Kırkpınar for the annual three-day wrestling tournament to determine who will be the baspehlivan (chief hero) of Turkey. Every year, around 1000 wrestlers attend the tournament. Ottoman chroniclers and writers attest that the Kırkpınar Games have been held every year since 1362, making them the world's oldest continually sanctioned sporting competition. Only about 70 times were the Games cancelled. The matches have been held there since 1924, where they were moved after the Balkan War. The original site had been some 35 kilometres distant.
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The Olympic Games!
this was for a school project in world studies. hope i get an A! =)
Ancient Olympics, Part 1, the Foundation (Ancient Art Podcast 18)
Journey back to witness the largest tailgater in the Ancient Mediterranean World, the Ancient Greek Olympic Games. In episode 18, we discover the origin of the Olympics based on archaeological and written evidence, and delve into their mythic foundations. Explore representations of the foundation myths at Olympia, like the Twelve Labors of Hercules and the race of Pelops against King Oinomaos. Trace the tragic lineage of the doomed House of Atreus and connect the ancient heroic funerary tradition with the Olympics and other Greek games. See past episodes, image galleries, credits, transcripts, and additional resources at http://ancientartpodcast.org. Connect at http://twitter.com/lucaslivingston and http://www.facebook.com/ancientartpodcast.
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0106 Palaestra (training area) of the ancient Olympic Games at Olympia, Greece
106 Palaestra (training area) of the ancient Olympic Games at Olympia, Greece
Old Olympic Stadium - 180 View
A 180 degree view of the old Olympic Stadium in Athens, used until the 2004 Olympics, when Athens built an all new stadium.
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Olympics Movie
A detailed description of what happened in the Ancient Olympics.
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History of the AAU Junior Olympic Games
A ten minute video of the history of the AAU Junior Olympic Games.
В.Путин.Выступление на 119-й сессии МОК.04.07.07
Speech at the 119th International Olympic Committee session. July 4, 2007 Guatemala Выступление на 119-й сессии Международного олимпийского комитета. 4 июля 2007 года Гватемала PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN: Mr. President, Members of the international Olympic Committee, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great honor for me to address you today and to present the bid of Sochi to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2014.The bid has enthusiastic support of the whole of Russia.We pledge to make the stay of Olympians and Paralimpians, spectators, journalists, guests in Sochi a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience.Sochi is a unique place. On the seashore you can enjoy a fine spring day. But up in the mountains its winter.I went skiing there six or seven weeks ago, and I know real snows guaranteed.The ancient Greeks lived around Sochi. I also saw the rock near Sochi to which as legend has it Prometheus was chained. It was Prometheus who gave people fire, fire which ultimately is the Olympic flame.We guarantee that the Olympic cluster in Sochi will be completed on time. We are allocating a round sum of 12 billion dollars for this.The cluster is going to become a regional, national and international sports venue. Special emphasis is placed on environment, security, infrastructure, up-to-date means of mass communication. 70 percent of participants will be housed within a five-minute walking distance of the competition venues. Five-minute walking distance. Not bad. Ladies and gentlemen! The city of Sochi has exclusive offers: We are working on a list of special privileges for participants and guests of the Games. For example we plan to lift all restrictions on the minimum stay for delegations. This will be backed up by a special law.(I have already signed a Decree to this effect). And one more special privilege: No traffic jams! I promise! You may know that we in Russia turn a sports competition into a really spectacular event. And we are good at it. In the past 25 years we have had more than a hundred major competitions. The recent World Ice Hockey Championship in Moscow was a big success. Russia is ready to host Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2014. The Olympic family is going to feel at home in Sochi. Mr. President, members of the International Olympic Committee, ladies and gentlemen! Millions of citizens of Russia are united by the Olympic dream. Winter sports are very popular in Russia. Our athletes have scored many victories and have made major contributions to the Olympic Movement. But we have not yet had the honor to celebrate the Winter Olympics. Our national pledge to you is: the choice of Sochi is the best choice. But whatever decision you make Sochis Olympic bid has already brought its benefits. The Olympic cluster in Sochi will be the first world class mountain sports centre in the new Russia. Let me point out that after the break-up of the Soviet Union Russia has lost all sports venues in the mountains. Would you believe it? Even today our national teams have no mountain venues in Russia for training. The state-of-the-art Sochi sports center is our present to all athletes Olympians and would-be Olympians, to citizens of Russia and guests from abroad. Sochi is going to become a new world class resort for the new Russia. And the whole world! And we shall be happy to see you in Russia and in Sochi as our guests. Thank you. The Olympic dream of millions of Russians awaits your decision with high hopes.
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Greek Olympics - Musical Chairs
This was for the University of Akron Greek Olympics.
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0103 The Palaestra (training area) of the ancient Olympic Games at Olympia, Greece
103 The Palaestra (training area) of the ancient Olympic Games at Olympia, Greece
Olympic Games in RIO -Brasil (2016) 🇧🇷
First time ever in South america Olympic games will be host by Rio de janerio - Brasil.This olympic games will be the best forever at all times,check the master plans for the olympic games going to host in 2016.Welcome to Brasil worlds best lovely country with beautiful people, culture and living, dont miss the chance and opportunity to visit brasil..love you all;-)
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Inside Story - The Olympic games - 8 October 09
We discuss the possible benefits and losses hosting the games can bring to the host countries.
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Olympics 2004 Judo promotion video-long version
During the 2004 Olympic Games preparation, sport promotion videos were produced. In this video the 3 times Olympic Gold medal winner in Weightlifting Kachi Kachiasvilli, is trying his luck in Judo. This is the long version.
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Nemea Ancient Stadium
The ancient stadium of Nemea, in Peloponese Greece, where the Nemean Games were held
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Olympia Javelin
In the ancient stadium at Olympia, one last Javelin competition brings out the best in a bearded Australian competitor
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Greek Olympics Pie Eating Contest - Mark Wadowick
Mark Wadowick getting first place at the pie eating contest for Beta Lambda chapter of Theta Chi. This was for the University of Akron Greek Olympics.
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nocomment Greece Olympic flame lighting
euronews.net Greece Olympic flame lighting
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Ancient Greek Long Jump
This is a modified version of the ancient Greek long jump, performed using hand weights or "halteres." They are part of the Decisive Fitness workout system, where they serve as a challenging cardio workout. http://www.fitnessandnutrionthatworks.com
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Vancouver 2010: Olympic Flame Handover (Video 1 of 3)
Handover ceremony of the Olympic Flame at the Panathinaikon stadium to the XXI Winter Olympic Games "Vancouver 2010". Video courtesy of ERT.
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GREECE-LATVIA 5-2 at Athens Olympic Stadium, 10/10/2009
GREECE-LATVIA 5-2 at Athens Olympic Stadium, 10/10/2009, Penalty shoot by Fanis Gekas
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Greeks vs Italions part 2
Greeks vs ItalionsTeam Event Kickboxing Palace night club late 80s
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Naked Olympics
2009 Naked Olympics
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Roman agora, Plaka, Market, Academia & Stadium of Αθήνα/Athens
Pláka (Greek: Πλάκα) is the picturesque old historical neighbourhood of Athens, clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis, and incorporating labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture. Plaka is built on top of the residential areas of the ancient town of Athens. During the early modern age and until the early 20th century Plaka was noted at the time as the "Albanian quarter" of Athens[1][2][3][4][5] It is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists around the year, and is under strict zoning and conservation regulations, being the only neighborhood in Athens where all utilities (water, power, cable television, telephone, internet, and sewage) lie underground in fully accessible, custom-made tunnelling. Motor vehicles are not allowed in Plaka, and most streets are too narrow, thus not being able to accommodate them anyway. Museums in Plaka include the new Jewish Museum of Greece, the Greek Folk Art Museum and the Frissiras Museum. Excavations have proven that Adrianou Street is the oldest street in Athens still in continuous use with the exact same layout since antiquity. Of special interest is the neighborhood of Anafiotika, the part of Plaka that is built against the northern slope of the Acropolis; built by immigrants from the Aegean island of Anafi in the early 19th century, it features traditional Cycladic architecture. The Panathinaiko or Panathenaic Stadium (Greek: Παναθηναϊκό στάδιο), also known as the Kallimarmaro (Καλλιμάρμαρο, i.e. the "beautifully marbled") in Athens is the only major stadium in the world built entirely of white marble (from Mount Penteli). It should not be confused with the Panathinaikos football pitch (officially called the Apostolos Nikolaidis stadium) at Alexandras Avenue. In ancient times it was used to host the athletic portion of the Panathenaic Games in honour of the Goddess Athena. During classical times the stadium had wooden seating. It was remade in marble by the archon Lycurgus in 329 BC and was enlarged and renovated by Herodes Atticus in 140 AD, to a seated capacity of 50,000. The remnants of the ancient structure were excavated and refurbished, with funds provided by Evangelis Zappas for the revival of the Olympic Games.[1] Evangelis Zappas sponsored the "Zappas Olympics", that were held there in 1870 and 1875.[1] The stadium was refurbished a second time in 1895 for the 1896 Olympics, with completion funding provided by the Greek benefactor George Averoff (whose marble statue now stands at the entrance), based on designs by architects Anastasios Metaxas and Ernst Ziller. The stadium was built long before dimensions for athletics venues were standardized and its track and layout follow the ancient hairpin-like model. It can seat about 80,000 spectators on 50 rows of marble steps. It is located in downtown Athens, east of the National Gardens and the Zappeion Exhibition Hall, west of the Pankrati residential district and between the twin pine-covered hills of Ardettos and Agra. Up to the 1950s, the Ilissos River (now covered by, and flowing underneath, Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue) ran in front of the stadium's entrance, and the spring of Kallirrhoe, the sanctuary of Pankrates (a local hero) and the Cynosarges public gymnasium were nearby. The Fokianos sports facility lies across Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue, and adjacent to it are located the Athens tennis club, the Ethnikos athletics track, the Federation swimming pool, the remnants of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Hadrian's Gate. Until the late 19th century and the containment of the Ilissos riverbed, the area was reedy and often flooded, and was called the "Vatrahonisi" (Frog Island). In more recent years this stadium has been often used to honour the homecoming of victorious Greek athletes, most notably the Greek national football team after its victory at the 2004 European Football Championship and also the opening ceremony of the World Athletics Championships in 1997, on a concept by composer Vangelis Papathanasiou. In the 2004 Olympic Games, the Panathinaiko Stadium hosted the archery competition, and the finish of the Marathon. On rare occasions, the stadium has also been used as a venue for select musical artist performances. On July 1, 2009, recording artist Sakis Rouvas made history with a sold-out benefit concert for the environment (coinciding with the first day of the Greek public ban on smoking) with an audience of 50,000the largest audience ever at the stadium for a musical event and amongs the largest concerts of all time by a Greek artist. (wikipedia) VALPARD FILMS http://valpardfilms.awardspace.com
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