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18 Unbelievable Disabled Animals
Which of these animals do you find the most incredible? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more inspiring videos just like this – thanks for watching! 13 - Some new Wheelz… Meet Wheelz, the most adorable rabbit that got set up with a fabulous set of wheels. Wheelz was left paralyzed when he was attacked by an adult rabbit and nearly froze to death afterwards. His ride is made from sock, a bra strap and a finger skate-board. And he loves cruising around the house. 12 - Regal Eagle… This poor eagle got shot in the beak by a poacher and rescued by the Birds of Prey Northwest. Beauty is a bald eagle, and between a team of engineers and a dentist, they used 3D printing to create a new beak for her. Unfortunately Beauty can’t go back into the wild, as the beak isn’t stable enough – but for now, she can eat, preen and groom – which is a good start! 11 - Happy Feet… In 2007, Bagpipes – yes, that’s the name of the penguin – got caught in a fisherman’s net and he sadly lost his left foot. Don Clucas came to his rescue and fitted a 3d printed leg for Bagpipes. They continued to improve on the design, until it was just perfect. 10 - 9 lives… And this cat is true testament to that! Chase was in an accident when she was much younger and sadly lost one of her legs and most of the skin on her face, including her eye-lids. She’s pretty famous now, has her own blog and does therapy for people with disabilities. Her message to others is that, “not everyone looks perfect, and that is ok.” 9 - From the cat to the rat… Not too much is available about this rat, but I love the fact that someone has gone to all this effort to ensure that this little guy’s life is as good as possible under the circumstances. 8 - Don’t Dis my ability… Roozer Brewz is a tiny miniature pony who weighs just 50-pounds and is 19 inches tall. Born with a genetic defect, he wasn’t able to stand. Vets fitted him with these fantastic wheel braces, and now he is living a much more exciting life! It’s a huge change to his former life, where he had to wear bulky bandages every day to protect his skin 7 - I am differently able… Meet Emma, another miniature – but this time a donkey. She’s cute, spunky and sports a pink prosthetic leg. The leg was deformed from birth, so vets had to amputate. Emma doesn’t even realize there is anything amiss, and is a firm favourite on the farm. 6 - No horsing around… This is serious business! And this tiny horse has been given the ability to walk again with this creation. 5 - Now that’s a first… I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been done before. Einstein, the goldfish, developed a bladder disease and he his future didn’t look great. He lost buoyancy, so kept sinking. His owner, Leighton Naylor made him a very special life-jacket. Leighton designed it so that Einsteins fins could still move, and was comfortable at the same time. He used aeration tubes and made the tank more disabled friendly, and his fish is doing just fine! 4 - Disability is not inability… An infection is the cause behind Frostie, the snow goat, losing the use of his hind legs. It was contracted through his mother’s umbilical cord, and when he was found – he was covered in lice. He wasn’t recovering very quickly, so the team at the Australian Rescue sanctuary felt it was because he couldn’t move around that he wasn’t progressing as quickly as they had hoped. So they designed this little wheelchair for him and he is right as rain! 3 - Seconds chances… This DIY wheelchair has given a paraplegic porcupine a new lease on life! The wheelchair is make of plumbing pipes and plastic and cost less than $5.00 to make. They were going to put the porcupine down, when a worker at the zoo suggested they try this first – and it was a huge success. 2 - Good as New… This Japanese dolphin is super excited to finally be able to swim properly again. He lost part of his tail due to a skin disease, and has since received a prosthetic tail to replace it. The tail is made from the same material they use to make the tires for F1 race cars and was reinforced with artificial bone, which they made from carbon fiber. 1 - Animal heaven… Bichos Raros is an incredible place, where they look after disabled animals in Madrid. They organize the prosthetics, offer physical therapy and anything the animal needs to lead a great life. Felix is a ram that was rescued from certain death, and fitted with these prosthetics. He lives at Bichos Raros and is one happy ram.
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21 Most Unbelievable Doppelgangers
Which of these doppelgangers do you feel is the best matched? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more fun videos just like this – thanks for watching! 14 - Brother from another mother… This image went viral within hours of it being posted! Neil Douglas was catching a flight when he was seated next to his doppelganger! Robert Stirling was on the same flight to County Clare, and they were both strangely enough, booked into the same hotel in Ireland. They did of course celebrate by having a pint later that night! 13 - Seeing Double… This is Jacky Vasquez, she’s a recent high school graduate and she can add Ariana Grande double to her CV as well! She often sports the famous cat ears and high ponytail in her Instagram photos. 12 - Too Good to be true… Some people believe that this is just fake, but Amanda Fisher and Meredith Pond are in fact complete strangers. A friend told Amanda about a girl on Instagram that looked just like her, and Amanda went on to try find her. Many people commented that it was a fake, same haircut, same pose etc, but Meredith was traced on Facebook and the girls have been swapping pictures. What do you think? 11 - Conspiracy Theorists are out… This article has been doing the rounds on the net this September of 2016, of a former Satanic Leader, Zeena Schreck bearing a more than striking resemblance to Taylor Swift. Well, you can imagine what the haters are saying about Taylor. There is definitely a resemblance in this particular shot, but luckily the rest bear no further similarities. Also a further note, Zeena is no longer involved in Satanic activities, and is living a good life as a graphic artist, muso and animal rights activist. 10 - Search and you will find… That’s what Irish TV presenter, Niamh Geaney did. She launched a campaign to look for her twin and was amazed when she discovered someone who looks just like her, living an hour away! Karen Branigan looks a lot like Niamh, however it got even better! Niamh ended up meeting another woman, who looks even more like her than the first! This woman was from Italy, and Niamh travelled to Genoa to meet her. 9- Body Double… This is 21- year-old Ty Jones, who says that looking like Ed Sheeran is messing with his love life. Firstly, he says he is pretty shy – so to constantly have people approaching him, doesn’t make him feel good. Then when he does get a girlfriend, they get a bit jealous when other women keep coming on to him. Tough life kid. 8 - Cut from the same cloth… To the left – Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter Movies and to the right, a portrait of Scottish painter, Sir David Wilkie. 7 - No longer one of a kind… Ciara Murphey headed over to study in Germany. She was from Ireland, and she couldn’t understand why people kept asking her if she was in the country with her sister. That exact situation was happening to Cordelia Roberts who was from the UK. The girls eventually bumped into each other, and they’re now best friends and are dubbed The Twins around college. 6 - Part of Me… There have been so many stories about the uncanny resemblance between Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry, but Katy has another doppelganger over in the UK. Francesca Brown from England says, it wasn’t a problem until Katy married Russel Brand – then random people would stop her, ask for her photo and autograph. Unfortunately, the comparisons haven’t been a help to Francesca, an aspiring actress, because it prevents her from getting gigs. 5 - Thought Provoking… Hank Azaria bears a striking resemblance to the Philosopher, Rudolf Steiner who was born in 1861. He was known to say: “"Thinking… is no more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear. Just as the eye perceives colours and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas." So I wonder what he would have thought about this… 4 - Will the real Emma Watson please stand up… There seems to be no name attached to the girl on the left, but this is definitely one of the closet lookalikes I have seen yet. Reminds me of the time Dolly Parton entered a Dolly Parton lookalike contest and didn’t win! 3 - Seeing is Believing… Quite a funny doppelganger is comedian Jack Black and his hilarious resemblance to the lead character in a classic opera – The Barber of Seville. 2 - What Makes you beautiful… I’m sure this chap receives a lot of attention from the fairer sex, because his resemblance, right down to the cheeky dimples, is incredible. I wonder if Harry Styles is aware that there is 2 of him walking around?!? 1 - No Make-Up Selfie You would swear that was an image of Scarlet Johansson after she just woke up – except that it’s the image of a complete and total stranger to Scarlet – but she does bear a striking similarity to the famous celeb, doesn’t she?
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17 Unbelievable Lost Cities
From amazing hidden treasures to sand dunes that have secrets, these are 17 unbelievable lost cities! 8 - Still a hidden treasure… In order for you to witness the beauty of El Tigre in Guatemala, you will need to complete a 2-day hike and sleep in hammocks. The jungle has enveloped this Lost City, which used to be a powerful centre around the 6th Century BC. It was first discovered in 1926, but excavation only began in 1978. It’s been suggested that the people living there caused their own city to fail by deforestation and without the trees, there was mud and sand and when the rain came, the city got buried with mud. 7 - Even the sand dunes have secrets… This incredible discovery was in Scotland, on an Island called Orkney. Skara Brae lay hidden in a ginormous sand dune for centuries. It’s one of the best preserved Stone Age villages in all of Europe, because of the sand. The furniture was also made of stone, so survived. It was occupied from around 3180 BC -2500 BC. The climate change was the main reason people left, as it became very cold and wet. A terrible storm in 1850 led to its discovery. 6 - Dawn of happiness And you can see why it’s called that. Sukothai means Dawn of Happiness or Place of Happiness. Around 80 000 people used to live there in the 13th century. In 1438 the town was conquered and eventually abandoned in the late 15th century, reasons unknown. Sukothai was covered in thick vegetation when it was rediscovered by Mongkut in the 1800’s when he was travelling the kingdom as a monk. It’s been a Unesco World Heritage site since 1991. 5 - Not your regular find… It’s called the Great Zimbabwe, and used to the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe around the Late Iron Age. It was built during the 11th century right through to the 15th century. It’s guessed around 18 000 people lived there, and it used to be a bustling place with lots of trading. It’s not known why it was deserted and although various people have come across it over the centuries, investigations of the area only began in 1871. 4 - The City with 9 lives… This intriguing Lost City is Hatussa, found in Turkey. According to research, Hattusa was around in about 1200 BC. Hattusa has actually been destroyed and restored several times over the centuries, and due to its close proximity to water and fertile soil, was abundant with life and around 40-50 000 people at a time. Archaeologists rediscovered the lost city of Hatussa. 3 - The Mountains are calling, I must go! Let’s head to the cliff dwellings of the ancient people of Anasazi, who built these incredible homes in the shallow caves and under the rocks. Situated in southwestern Colorado, Mese Verde is thought to have begun in the 12th century. Some houses had as many as 150 rooms. The cave was abandoned around 1300, either due to crop failures of invasion. It was rediscovered in 1888 by two cowboys looking for lost cattle. 2 - Fact or fiction… You be the decider… Atlantis, the most legendary Lost City, but never actually discovered. It’s been thought that Atlantis holds the key to world peace. Many people have used the information shared in famous written works to find its exact location, but answers differ… Some say the Atlantic Ocean, others Bolivia, Antarctica, Malta, the Caribbean and even Germany. It’s a legend that will be kept alive probably forever! 1 - What once was… Leptis Magna used to be a bustling city, with markets, shops, homes and loads of activity. Found in Libya, it was this amazing city around 1000 BC. At one stage it was the 3rd most prominent city in Africa! Arabs eventually conquered Leptis Magna. They didn’t look after the land, which became dry and eventually the sand just buried the whole city. This amazing place was only rediscovered in 2005!
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23 Unbelievable Simple Inventions
If you could, which of these simple inventions would you go out and buy right now? Let us know in the comments below, subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos just like this – thanks for watching. 10 - Yes Please! This is such an amazingly simple thing to do, and will make a huge difference for salon goers! Especially women who are sometimes in those chairs for a few hours! No more hair all over your hands and on your phone, I would go to this salon just for the hair aprons. 9 - Not a corny idea… If you’re not too fond of eating corn on the cob with your hands, then this will be a great addition to your kitchen. You save yourself getting the stringy bits stuck in your teeth, the butter from running down your chin and hands getting all slippery and messy. 8 - Have a seat… These roller benches are fantastic. After a spell of rain, you’re usually not able to take a seat anywhere – but with these great benches, you simply roll the handle and the seat turns to expose the dry underside, and you’re able to rest your feet and keep yourself dry! 7 - Hungry as a horse… Well this pasta measurer knows exactly what will fill your gap! But if you’re not that hungry, you can measure some regular portions as well -man size, woman size and kid size! If you ever cook too much though, pasta freezes well! 6 - Steaming Hot… No, not you – but your mirror! Making it impossible to get your face ready after you’ve had your shower. This nifty little mirror wiper may not be the most glamourous looking invention, but it’s definitely going to save you a bit of time in the morning! 5 - Dual Purpose… This is a handy little invention, which not only keeps the contents of the food fresh, but also makes pouring much simpler. Especially handy if you have little kids in your home! 4 - No Space, No problem… If you’re a little short on space at home, then you can just purchase these couch arm rests – which are also a fraction of the cost of purchasing side coffee tables. If your budget is a little tight too, you could also attempt to make this yourself. 3 - Why didn’t I think of that? Now this is an interesting idea… a candle that melts into another candle. This was created by Benjamin Shine and once the candle has melted, you simply open the plastic casing and use the candle again. I do have to wonder though, if it only lasts a couple of times – it may still be cheaper to just buy 2 candles! 2 - Easy as 1, 2, 3… Grab your lime or lemon, pop in the citrus squeezer and spray…and you have a super nifty way to add a little zest to your food without wasting an entire lemon or lime. 1 - A lifesaver… Chopping onions is never the easiest thing to do, and to get a good grip on the onion while your eyes are streaming, and the onion is slipping away from you – well it’s just not pleasant. This onion holder is a great solution for those cumbersome moments, and you get onion slices that are all the same size!
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21 Houses You Won't Believe Exist
Amazing houses from around the world that you wont believe until you see like the most narrow apartment and the house w/ glass walls.
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26 Hilarious Animal Photobombs
From Photobomb of the century to A New Trend. Have you ever been photobombed by an animal? Tell us about it in the comments below and remember to subscribe to our channel for more incredible videos just like this, thanks for watching! 15 - Quizzy little fellow… It’s amazing that this squirrel has transformed this already lovely picture, into something even more incredible – which they will remember for the rest of their lives. 14 - Not my good side… This bird has just ruined this tourist’s once in a life-time photo opportunity at the Milan Cathedral in Italy. Knowing our snap happy selves, there are probably 15 more exact same photos on this guys camera! 13 - Girl Please… Unimpressed much? According to good old Wiki, the word photo bomb shot to fame in 2009 and in 2014 was named word of the year by Collins English Dictionary. 12 - Share the joke! This horse is centre of attention with this super photo bomb! It’s been said the first photo bomb dates back to 1853, which appeared in a photo by Mary Dillwyn. She was one of the first female photographers in Wales, and leaned towards more spontaneous shots – which wasn’t common during those times. 11 - Leap of faith… Well that’s one way of getting from point A to point B, but how funny for these people that they caught that cat mid jump? 10 - Say Cheese…. This is definitely the highlight of this woman’s diving expedition. The term “Say Cheese”, was first introduced in the 1940’s. No one knows who coined it, but it appeared in the Big Spring Herald, and Ambassador Joseph E. Davies stated that by saying that phrase, you would always look good in your photo! He does confirm he got the information elsewhere, and wouldn’t divulge whom. 9 - Part of the family… Most pets are, aren’t they? Hence this little guy making sure he is the centre of attention, by going right up to the camera lens for this perfect photo bomb! 8 - Not camera shy… In fact, if there was a runway for ostriches – this one would lead the pack! We were chatting about saying Cheese earlier for the perfect shot, but at one stage over in Britian – they were actually saying the word Prunes, which was meant to give a more pursed lip shot. 7 - Unexpected Visitor… Leaving these swimmers, a little shell-shocked, is this brilliant photobomb by this beautiful turtle. These lucky swimmers were on Apo Island in the Philippines, and they got a little more than they bargained for with this group shot. 6 - Life through the lens… I’m sure this bride and her bridesmaids loved this interruption from their photo session, a quick moment to relax, laugh a little and give their facial muscles a break from the grin you have to plaster on your face for ages – which the wedding photographer snaps away! 5 - Don’t look back… Seriously, if this guy had a weak heart – this could spell trouble. Imagine sitting casually, all alone and you turn around and this is behind you… I think I would faint on the spot! 4 - Photobomb of the century! This one is my all time favourite… these girls were on a break in the Cayman Islands when this photograph was taken. Apparently, it was placed on their shoulders by the instructor – but it doesn’t matter, because the result is hilarious and it’s been memed and used as Halloween dress up ever since! 3 - A New Trend… At the moment, there is a trend over in Australia for the cutest Quokka selfie… and this guy has been super lucky with this super image. People are calling them the happiest animals on earth, and there is a place that tourists love to visit called Rottnest Island, where there are thousands of these animals! 2 - Memories to last a lifetime… Now that’s the best wedding shot, and just by the look on the couples face, they totally didn’t expect this welcome photo bomber! 1 - Over 18’s only… So much for their romantic picture perfect opportunity. This fish just came along and ruined it for these guys!
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17 Strangest Animals Kept as Pets
Which of these exotic animals would you most like to have as a pet? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more intriguing videos just like this – thanks for watching. 10 - Into the Wild… fairly new addition to unusual pets is the Southern Tamandua, also known as the ant bear. It’s basically an ant eater, but won’t be effective at removing ants if they’re a problem for the owner as their diet is so much more than just ants. They love to tear things apart, and many owners have gotten fed up at the constant destroying of items on their property. Best to leave these beautiful animals in the wild, where they belong. 9 - Great addition to the tank… These little chaps are called Axolotl’s and they’re a type of salamander. They come from Mexico, and are sold for around $20.00 each. They come in various colours, and can regenerate their limbs if needed. Especially good if you have biters in your tank. They can get quite big, so you need a larger tank and are pretty forgiving when it comes to the type of water they’re based in. 8 - This little piggy went to market… One of the cuter unusual pets to have must be the dwarf pig. They are pretty costly, anything from $750.00 to $3500.00 for one. It seems to be a status symbol to own one, but there is a huge backlash against it, as many breeders use unscrupulous methods to keep them small. Many owners have been duped, and bought these tiny guys – only for them to grow into monster size pigs! 7 - Cute or Cruel? Over in Australia, smaller breeds of kangaroos are becoming popular as pets. Sadly, the death toll of them as pets is very high – as these guys need massive amounts of space to run around in, and they need places to hide – which is part of their nature. They also regurgitate their food, salivate a lot and constantly lick their paws. One can cost as much as $3000.00 and you really have to committed to it, if that’s the road you want to go down. 6 - You have goat to be kidding me… Hard to believe it, but pygmy goats are also kept as pets. They are super high maintenance, and very active. They’re noisy, need constant company, need space and lots of food. They’re great at escaping, so be prepared for that too. On the positive side, they are fun animals and great with children. 5 - Oversized Poodle… That’s what Llamas look like. If you have a farm, these animals are very gentle and soft-natured, making for great companions. They are pretty clean animals, low maintenance and quite friendly. 4 - Crazy cat lady… Cat lovers and crazy cat ladies will love this exotic pet. Genets have been around since the middle ages, and were used to help control the rodent problems. Captive breeding has transformed these cat like creatures to become sweet and quite easy to care for. They still have predatory instincts, so shouldn’t be kept around birds or smaller animals. 3 - Rocket in your pocket… Sugar Gliders are just super to look at, and really great for the entire family. Cute, cuddly, and tiny – what more could you ask for? One thing to note, they are nocturnal – so be prepared for fun and games in the middle of the night. 2 - An unusual family member… Many owners of hedgehogs say that the moment you get your own pet hedgehog, you will bond with it like you do a baby. They are exceptionally adorable looking, and those spines only stiffen when they’re feeling threatened. They’re easily compared to hamsters in their docile, easy to care for behavior but do need a lot more interaction with their owners. You can buy them for around $75.00 up to $250.00, depending on age and temperament. 1 - Lifestyles of the rich and famous… Tigers, Cheetahs and Lions are some of the animals kept as pets by the super wealthy over in the UAE. Cheetahs travelling in sports cars and even owners swimming with their Lions. They’re generally bought as cubs, which means the mothers are often killed in the wild, and the cubs smuggled into the UAE. Claws and teeth are clipped and filed down, and often these animals do not get the proper care they need. The only law in Dubai regarding exotic animals as pets, is that you have to register them and leep them on a leash at all times when in public.
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16 Rarest Animals Images
From the the world's most endangered and rarest animals here are 16 Rarest Animals Images. Have you been fortunate enough to have spotted a rare animal? Tell us about it in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos just like this, thanks for watching! 7 - A fleeting glance… It was good enough though for a group of biologists, who were over the moon to have spotted a bout 15-20 Tonkin Snub-Nosed monkeys where they were working near the Chinese Frontier. These monkeys were thought to be extinct, but now it’s estimated that there are 200 remaining. You find them in parts of Vietnam and close to the Chinese border. 6 - It Bites! It would be a good and a bad thing to catch a Cuban Solenodon. Good because they were labelled extinct, but they have since been rediscovered. Bad because if you get bitten by one, you will be in a lot of pain, because their bite is pretty poisonous. In 1970 it was labelled extinct, but 2 were caught in 1974 and 1975 respectively. One was captured again in 2003, studied and released back into the wild. 5 – - Made in China… Meet the Ili Pika, one of the rarest and most endangered species on earth! Weidong Li discovered this exceptionally cute animal in 1983, and then strangely enough – 20 years later, it was none other than Weidong Li who spotted them again. He found this one in the Tian Shan Mountains, and they are fondly known as the Magic Rabbit, because they are so elusive. There are only about 1000 of them left in the world today. 4 - Not for sale… So the Worcester's Buttonquail was believed to be extinct for a very long time, until one day all that changed. The story is a bit unclear, but it turned up at a market in Luzon in 2009 and was sold as food. Some reports say the quail wondered into the market, whilst others say the bird was caught in the mountains. Researchers are thrilled that they are no longer extinct, but are saddened by the fact that this rare bird was sent to the cooking pot! 3 - The lengths a mother will go… Louise Firouz was an American woman who ran an equestrian centre in Iran for children. This was in 1965, and she was determined to find a small pony for the kids to ride and practice on. She heard that she could find them near the Caspian sea, so she went ahead to search for them. She didn’t the ponies she was originally after – but what she found was way better! She rediscovered the Caspian Horse. It was thought to be extinct for a thousand years, and it was Louise who started a breeding program to ensure these horses would survive. 2 - I came, I saw, I captured… This beautiful white very rare harbor porpoise was spotted in 2015 in Denmark. In the last 100 years, this animal has only been documents 15 times. 1 - On the Red List… AS a whole, the Australian Tiger Quolls are not considered extinct – although they are on the Red list for being very close to threated status. However, there are certain species that are endangered, so when one wanders into your backyard, it’s definitely very exciting!
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16 Unbelievably Beautiful Abandoned Places
Have you ever explored an abandoned place? We have gathered a list of 16 unbelievable abandoned places you will be sure to visit! 16 Most beautiful Abandoned Places 10 - Not something from a Sci Fi movie… This was actually the HQ for the Communist Party in Bulgaria. It looks like a giant flying saucer, and was created by the communist regime as a meeting place. It was active from 1981 to 1991, and then fell into disrepair when the fall of the Soviet Union took place. Apparently they are looking into restoring it. 9 - Old places have soul… And this exquisite abandoned railway station oozes soul. Its location is the former Russian territory known as Abkhazia. It was deserted in the 90’s, more than likely due to blockades imposed by Russia. This type of architecture is known as Stalinist Gothic or Socialist Classicism. 8 - Only memories left behind... This is the Gouqi Island, which forms part of a group of nearly 400 islands called the Shengsi Islands in China. At one stage it was a super busy fishing village, but with the developments of secondary and tertiary industries, many of these little fishing villages didn’t last too much longer, and people left seeking work elsewhere. 7 - Hauntingly Beautiful… Sadly, the stories of what went on inside the Beelitz -Heilstaten hospital are not as hauntingly beautiful as some of the architecture seen in this building. This hospital once had Hitler recovering there for a bit. It saw thousands of TB patients heading through the doors, had murders take place inside, accidental deaths and I’m sure many other atrocities. The Sanatorium is in Brandenburg in Germany, and sees many people breaking in just to capture some of the beauty that the actual building hosts. 6 - A romantic tale… There doesn’t seem to be an exact story as to how the Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium came into being, but it’s a breathtaking sight. The cars are surrounded by plants and branches and vines are growing through the vehicles. Reporters say the cars were left in haste, but the romanticized story attached to them is that the cars belonged to US Soldiers, who left them behind when the war finished and they returned home. 5 - Going back in time… This makes me feel like I am right there at this blade mill in France. Not much is given about this exact blade mill, but the sharpening of blades, scythes, sickles, knives and swords took place there. Apparently many grinders died very young due to grinders disease, which is a lung disease more than likely from inhaling the dust when the grinding took place. 4 - No trespassing allowed… It’s all because of one brave girl that we have access to these beautiful images of an abandoned rocket factory in Russia. We only know her as Lana, and she broke into the factory, situated just outside Moscow. As you can imagine, Russian authorities weren’t happy at all, and even posted threatening letters on her website. So a big thank you Lana, for showing us what it looks like on the inside! 3 - A personal journey… This 27-meter-deep well is found in Sintra and is known as the Initiation Well. It’s meant to be lead one on a journey of self-discovery and rebirth. You’re either going into the darkness or coming out into the light. Also could be deemed as death and birth. It was owned by a well-known freemason, who used the wells (there are 2 of them) for ceremonial purposes. They were never used to draw water, and every part of the wells is symbolic in some way. 2 - Ghost Town… Or rather Ghost Subway… this is stunning, the City Hall Subway Station in New York, and was supposed to the showpiece when it came to subway stations. However, a mere 41 years after opening – it was actually closed down. For some reason, traffic at that station saw a rapid decline, and then with the onset of the Great Depression and then WW2, the station wasn’t used at all… so it was shut down. It received landmark status in 1979, and there plans in the pipeline a few years ago to bring it back to life. 1 - History created… This breathtaking Crystal Mill is from 1892, and is actually a decompressor station. Constructed in 1893, it was used as a power plant. This Mill is said to be one of the most photographed sites in Colorado in the US, and has a place on the National Register of Historic Places.
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19 Unbelievable Animals Caught
From the world's largest snake ever caught to one of the wrolds most beautiful fish ever captured here are 19 unbelievable animals caught. 10 - The snake will always bite back… The massive python was caught at a construction site in Malaysia. Measuring around 26-feet and weighing around 550 pounds, this python had died after laying an egg. It was only caught in April, and they are waiting for official records to be taken of the snake – which could become the biggest caught snake in the world. 9 - Only in Australia… This massive toad was caught in someone’s backyard in Australia. It’s as big as a small dog and it’s said they are becoming more and more common. The female toad lays 35 000 eggs at a time and lays twice a year! 8 - The Royal Blue… This incredible Parrot fish is probably one of the biggest ones ever caught. These fish are remarkable. They have these grinding teeth in the back of their throats which help to grind the coral up which they ingest whilst eating the algae off it. They can switch between male and female, and they envelope themselves in a transparent cocoon at night time to protect themselves. Their meat is not really eaten in the US, but in many places it’s considered “Royal Food”. 7 - For show and tell… Allegedly caught off the coast of Wisconsin, this fur covered trout is said to be a fictional species found in North America and Iceland. The fisherman showed it to wildlife officials who thought the fish might be infected with a fungal infection, but that is normally not furry but rather patchy. 6 - Feeling a little blue? This beautiful blue crayfish is mostly found in freshwater in Florida, in places like St Johns River. One would think these are super rare, but on the IUCN Red list, it’s actually a species of Least Concern. They are often kept as pets and can be bought for roughly $100.00 5 - Smile for the camera… Although not technically caught, but caught on camera – this poor little fish is swimming inside a jellyfish! How he got in there, I’m not sure. Tim Samuel is a photographer from Australia who captured this once in a lifetime shot! 4 - All the better to eat you with… A hunter photographed this freaky looking animal in Idaho in the US. It was initially killed for trying to eat a dog, but when he came closer to the animal – he noticed that the big cat had an extra set of teeth and whiskers coming out the other side of its skull. It’s thought it may be the result of a tumour, or the animal was just born with a rare deformity. 3 - A legend comes to life… Salamanders were often depicted in classic, medieval and renaissance lore, and they usually had an affinity to fire. I wonder what those story teller would think when they encountered this massive Chinese Giant Salamander? They can grow up to 6-feet, and are not able to see very well. They can regenerate lost limbs and love the water along with cool, damp places. They are said to sound like a baby crying, and are on the endangered list. 2 - Lurking under the sea… Was this rare find off the coast of Singapore? Fisherman, Ong Han Boon, was fishing for his supper and got excited when his line hooked something. He was most horrified to find this alien looking thing, as opposed to a lovely fish. It has about 100 tentacle like arms that are moving, and even after posting the video online – no one has been able to confirm what it is! 1 - Beware the sting… This massive catch is a short-tailed river sting ray. It can weigh over 450 pounds and grows to just under 5-feet in diameter. Their sting is very venomous, so be careful where you walk! The largest ever short –tailed stingray every caught was 661-pounds
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16 Unusual Bonds Between Human and Animal
Have you ever experienced an unbreakable bond with your pet, tell us about it in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more fascinating videos just like this, thanks for watching. 10 - For the birds… These images are just amazing, and show the most unusual relationship between an orphaned bird and the family that rescued him. Cameron Bloom is a photographer over in Australia, and his son Noah found a baby magpie whilst out for a walk. They took him home to look after him and named him Penguin, and within a year – the bird was part of the family. Penguin is free to come and go as she pleases, but she spends a great amount of time with the family, even bringing other magpies into the home. 9 - Memories are made of this… We head back to 1969 where 2 brothers adopted a Lion named Christian. Strangely, this was done through Harrods and the lion was born in captivity. As one would expect, the lion grew and became too difficult to care for – so the brothers set him free in Africa. Many years later, the brothers wanted to try and find Christian again, but locals warned the brothers that Christian was head of a pride and the chances of him remembering them would be slim. However, they were amazed when the lion hugged them and even his lionesses accepted the 2 men. 8 - One of the pack… Meet Shaun Ellis, from Devon in England. Shaun has a remarkable connection with wolves. He helped 3 abandoned pups be reintroduced into the wild, by literally living with them in the wild, mimicking wolf behavior and becoming their alpha male. They respected him and treated him as they would their alpha male. They were successfully reintroduced and Shaun would like to see the wolf reintroduced in England, and sees them as his family. 7 - Unbreakable bond… Like our cat story, many people have remarkable bonds with their dogs too – but this story is amazing and sad. Hachiko is a dog that was born in 1923, and he was found by his owner near a train station that he owner went to every day to catch a train to work. Every day the dog would wait patiently for his owner to come home, until sadly one day the owner didn’t come off the train. He had passed away, and the dog went to that train station every day for the next 9 years, waiting for his owner that never came. There was even a movie made about it in 2009 starring Richard Gere. 6 - No friendship is an accident… Mark Duma is a bear trainer from British Columbia, and he has the most remarkable bond with a polar bear named Agee. He’s been in the industry for 40 plus years, and he adopted Agee from an overcrowded zoo when she was only 8-weeks old. The pair swim together, often take naps together and Mark does say that she is only close to him and his wife, anyone else would become dinner. 5 - Life is better with friends… And probably safer if your friends are 2 Bengali tigers! Janice Haley is the mom of these 2 tigers, and it was in 1995 that she gave up a very boring job and decided look after exotic animals. These tigers live in an enclosure in her backyard, and she provides them with everything they need. She feels that they stand a better chance of survival with her in her backyard, because with people poaching them out in the wild, their numbers are dwindling and this way – there is at least a chance of people witnessing these beautiful animals. 4 - BFF’s… This man must love and trust his pet snakes a lot, to lay in a bath full of them. After seeing some of the unusual friendships on this list, perhaps this one is the one I would feel most comfortable with! 3 - Part of the family… This isn’t one of those pets you would like to look after if this family went on vacation. It’s Jessica the Hippo, and she belongs to Tonie and Shirley Jourbert from South Africa. She was rescued during heavy flooding in SA in 2000, and she also lost her mother. She’s been living with the family ever since. She’s free to roam and often mingles with other hippos, but always comes back home. 2 - An Oldie but a goodie… If you haven’t seen some of these images before, you’ll be glad to see them now. They’re jaw-dropping photos taken of Tippi – a young girl who grew up in Namibia. Her parents are wildlife photographers, and they moved from France to Namibia to give Tippi an upbringing that is definitely more unique then most children. She’s cuddled tigers, splashed with elephants, played with zebras and fed meercats. 1 - For the not so brave… And then finally, one that I could consider having as a pet is a llama. A Russian bear trainer, Dimitri Nikolai, adopted one, and the llama lives in his apartment, performs with him for children’s parties and the two have a very special bond.
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23 Cool Sculptures You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Which of these pieces did you find the most incredible? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos just like this, thanks for watching! 15 - Cinderella Effect… Hungary is where you will find The Shoes, there are on the Danube Bank in Budapest. It was the idea of Can Togay, a film director and sculpted by Gyula Pauer – and was placed there to honour the Jews who were killed in WW2. Fascist Arrow Cross Militiamen told them to remove their shoes, and they were shot at the water’s edge. 14 - The world in her hands… This is a series of sculptures called Force of Nature, created by Lorenzo Quinn. There are several of these statures around the globe, and they all depict women holding the earth in some way. You can find them in the US, UK, Singapore and Monaco. 13 - Just hanging out… This statue is found in Prague, and it’s called Man Hanging Out. The statue is actually of Sigmund Freud, and was created in 1996 by David Cerny, a Czech Sculptor. It’s meant to indicate Intellectualism during the 20th century, and David Cerny’s unsureness about it. 12 - Relaxing in the tub… That is literally the biggest bath in the world, and work is called The Bather, or Die Badende in German. Artist, Oliver Voss, created this sculptor using foam and steel, and it was 13 feet high and about 99 feet long. It was in the Binnenalster Lake in Hamburg for 10 days. 11 - Creativity Takes Courage… And David Cerny, whom we mentioned earlier, has many very controversial pieces of art around the world. This one is much tamer, and called Metalmorphosis. It’s in North Carolina and there are 40 steel pieces, grouped together into 7 segments – which rotate 360 degrees, whilst spitting water out into the lake. 10 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… This beautiful Sea Horse was created by Jeffro Uitto, who collected the pieces of drift wood, and affirms that no live trees were hurt during his art process. His business is called Knock on Wood, and he is from Washington. 9 - Breaking through… Passer Through Walls is a statue found in Paris, which is based upon a character written by Marcel Ayme. The character realizes that he can walk through walls, so begins a life of crime and adultery. During his last escapade, the magic stops – and he gets trapped inside the wall. 8 - It always seems impossible, until its done… That is one of the most famous Nelson Mandela Quotes, and this incredible structure was designed by South African artist, Marco Cianfanelli. It was created to celebrate the 50-year Anniversary of Mandela’s imprisonment by Apartheid police in 1962. There are 50 columns for each year, and it’s placed in Howick where the arrest too place. You have to see it from the right angle, to see the face of Mandela. 7 - Letting Go… There is something so ethereal about these wire sculptures created by Robin Wright, a UK Based artist. They are of fairies dancing in the wind, and some are very small and others life-like. They are formed in dramatic poses, and all have dandelions or a part of nature with them. 6 - The Power of Books… It’s incredible how art can be created from anything, and this amazing sculptor was put together by Mike Stilkey. He uses old books that are going to be recycled and creates these beautiful pieces with colored pencils, ink, lacquer and paint. 5 - Perfection Takes Time… This installation is known as the Kelpies, and too Andy Scott 8 years to put together. They are 100 feet tall, and the inspiration behind them is the legend of a water spirit that takes the shape of horses. The sculptors are the entrance to the Forth and Clyde canal in Scotland. 4 - Art that moves you… Anthony Howe is the creator of some incredible abstract and kinetic structures. He uses metal and polymers to create some of the most exquisite mobile art in the world. Some structures are as tall as 25-feet high, and they are pretty mesmerizing to watch. 3 - Who dares wake me from slumber? You can sort of hear this giant yelling that from beneath the grass, can’t you? This giant man is called, and I translate – Ripped Up or Popped up. It’s the creation of Hungarian artist, Ervin Loranth Herve, and was a temporary installation at Budapest’s Szechnyi Square for a special art market fair that took place. 2 - Are you brave enough? One of Lithuania’s most celebrated statues, is the Black Ghost found in Klaipeda. Visit this statue on a dreary rainy day, and it will leave you a bit spooked for the rest of the day. Legend says if you befriend the statue, you will have fortune and riches to follow. 1 - Follow your art… As I said earlier – it’s amazing what people use to create art. Maurizio Savini uses chewing gum to create some very realistic sculptures, but he really doesn’t like it when people ask him if he chewed every piece! He has t assistants that melt the gum down, ready for his creative use.
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14 Bizarre Discoveries You Won't Believe Exist
14 - Bizarre Discoveries You Won’t Believe Exist 7 - It’s just perfect… Be grateful that these massively scary birds are no longer around! It’s a Moa, which was a species found in New Zealand, and these birds were in fact wingless, and couldn’t fly. They weighed around 500 pounds and were over 10 feet tall. This perfectly persevered claw was discovered in 1986 by archeologist. The bird was around 2000 years ago, and this claw still has its muscles and skin intact. 6 - Not your regular dusty attic… Imagine cleaning out your attic and coming across a mummified head? Well that would be pretty creepy! Now imagine the head you find is actually that of the first French monarch, Henri IV? Well that odd situation actually happened to a retired tax collector. The head is now in a bank vault near the Bastille, but many want it reburied in the Basilica of Saint Denis. 5 - A wondrous discovery… This myriad of underground tunnels used to be a city. This was unearthed in Turkey, and it’s the underground city of of Derinkuyu. It goes about 200 feet into the ground, and no one can understand why or even how it was built. Many suggest it was to hide during raids on the city, but others have thought it could be to protect the people from climate change or intense temperature changes. If you head to Turkey, you can go and visit this beautiful discovery. 4 - Possibly left behind by aliens? We stay in Turkey, where Russian Geologists have been investigating these massive grooves in the ground, which resemble vehicle tracks. Apparently the grooves dates back 14 million years and one academic has said that an ancient civilization left those tracks behind. He says they drove giant vehicles across the earth and believes that confirms that there was a highly advanced ancient civilization millions of years ago.   3 - Giant game of bowls? Perhaps these stone balls were part of a massive game of bowls, or perhaps we will just never know the real answer. Workmen discovered these giant stone balls in Costa Rica in the 19930’s, with some as small as tennis balls and others as big as 8-feet in diameter, and around 16 tons in weight. They are obviously man made, but how they were made and why they were made – I guess we will be left guessing! 2 - See it to be believe it… These Paracas skulls from Peru, are 3000 years old and many people believe they are evidence to the fact that aliens were around, due to the extremely big foreheads. Even though scientists have said it was probably a cultural norm those time, to bind baby’s heads with pieces of woods – others claim, even with wood binding, that length would not be possible. What do you believe? 1 – The Rat King… This is what this discovery is actually called, and it got this name during the middle ages. Many museums actually have one of these on display… and this weird occurrence takes place when several rats have their tails conglomerated together., either by them being knotted or even glued together by frozen sand or tree sap. The end result is one mass of rat, all working together as one rat king. One has been found with 32 rats fused together. There have even been recent cases of these findings, one in 2005 – where 16 rats were fused together and in 2013, an animal clinic in Canada had a case of 6 squirrels, with tails fused together. Very bizarre discoveries and the actual reason behind it is not known. Which of these bizarre discoveries did you find most intriguing? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to subscribe to our channel for more fascinating videos just like this – thanks for watching!
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16 World's Most Incredible Mazes
Have you ever been through any of these featured mazes? If so, tell us about it in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos just like this – thanks for watching. 10 - A tribute to Spongebob… Except this time the pineapple isn’t under the sea, but rather in Hawaii. The Pineapple Garden Maze made it into the Guinness Book of world records for being the largest maze in the world! However, that title has fallen away since the creation of a bigger maze, called Mason. It spans 3-acres and has 14000 colourful plants along your route. There are secret stations inside, and fastest finishers win prizes. 9 - Through the looking glass… The mirror maze reminds of something you would find in Alice in Wonderland, but it’s much more involved than that. It was created by Ken Lum and the mirrors feature 12 key symptoms of depression. Phrases like “I have no friends”, I can’t sleep at night”, and “I feel alone in the world”. People walking through would start to feel the anxiety, the stress and confusion when they couldn’t get out and kept imagining open spaces that weren’t there. 8 - Forever changing… If you were to visit the Tangled Maze in Australia at different times of the year, you will encounter an entirely different experience each time. This beautiful maze is formed with beautiful flower and climbers, and apparently a few rose varieties dating as far back as the Roman times. In the Autumn, you will have grapes hanging overhead and in spring you encounter wisteria and clematis. 7 - Seeped in history… Penpont Maze, or The Green Man Maze has made it into the top 10 mazes of the world. Sadly, it’s located on private grounds in Wales, and you can’t just go and visit there on a whim. It was commissioned by Vina and Gavin Hogg to celebrate the new Millennium and designed by local artist – David Geoff Eveleigh. Green Man is a pagan symbol of rebirth, which is why the owners wanted it designed like this for the new millennium. It has twists, turns, a sun garden, a moon garden and a wild flower meadow. 6 - Childs Play… Grown up and kids alike will love visiting Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Pennsylvania. Besides all the regular attractions that kids love, this farm has the most incredible maze. You’ll get lost in 2.5 miles of trails spanning over 5 acres – but if getting lost doesn’t appeal to you, don’t stress. There are people in the maze always – to offer a hand to the grownups, I mean kids getting lost. 5 - Up for a challenge? If you’re always up for a challenge, then head to a little place called Stra, just outside Venice. There you will find the labyrinth of the Villa Pisani. It was created in 1720, and is believed to be the most difficult maze in the world. Apparently, it stumped Napoleon. The hedges are very high, so it’s impossible to see over them. The only time you get a clear view, is when you make it to the beautiful staircase in the middle of the maze. 4 - Stop and ask for directions… You’ll want to do that when you’re trying to weave your way through this hedge maze located at the Andrassy Castle, which is in Hungary. The maze resembles a massive squid, and has been voted the tenth best maze in the world. 3 - Clear as glass… At least this one is not as difficult to find your way through! This is a maze of cellophane that was created by artists in Germany, where 5 miles of plastic film was hung between trees, to create a more unusual labyrinth. Robert Glenn Ross and Markus Mueller, the artists, described it as a metaphor for life. 2 - A day in the country… Over in the UK, there is nothing better than a day out in the country – enjoying a rare bit of sunshine. And where better to enjoy it than at Longleats awesome hedge maze. It was created in 1975 and covers roughly 1.48 acres with the actual pathways around 1.69 miles long. There are wooden bridges, allowing you a quick overview of where you are and to also disillusion you, showing you just how far away you are from the elusive centre! 1 - A must see… If you’re heading to Australia, try and grab a quick – or not so quick – visit to Ashcombe Maze. It’s the oldest maze in Australia and boasts more than 1000 Cyprus trees, over 3000 lavender plants, and hundreds of varieties of roses. Every year they host a gnome hunt there, which sees some very serious competitors out to find them. The maze was planted and began in 1970 and it’s not that difficult to find your way out.
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16 Unbelievable Alien Discoveries
Aliens, do they exist? Whether you believe in aliens or not here are 16 discoveries that will have you question their existence. 16 Unbelievable Alien Discoveries… 10 - And the Oscar goes to… Whomever did this incredible job at this alien. It really does look very authentic and real doesn’t it? Someone has gone to great efforts to try and make people believe that he was attempting to keep this alien alive. I wonder if it survived? 9 - Just plain bizarre! This freaky image was apparently caught with deer cam out in the woods. No one has been able to explain what it could possibly be – but I tell you what, I am never walking in the woods alone – ever! 8 - The Tooth Fairy perhaps? A point If you guess where this was discovered – yep – in Mexico. This hybrid creature is believed to be the real deal by alien investigators. It was found in January 2016, and X-Rays reveal that it has a skeletal structure inside. Further DNA tests were meant to be carried out – although it was later claimed to be an online money spinner, with the internet prompting users to pay to watch the documentary. 7 - Wanted dead or alive… I’m sure that’s what any alien investigator would want most of all. This image has cropped up on numerous alien spotting sites, of the skeleton remains of an alleged alien. The researchers say the bones were found originally found in the Andes, and are now in a lab for further research. 6 - What is it about Mexico? Clearly the aliens love Mexico, because this elongated skull was discovered by archaeologists in Mexico. It’s believed to be around 1000 years old, and alien investigators are jumping on the band wagon, once again trying to prove that it’s an alien. Of course the more logical reason would be the traditional skull binding practiced by certain tribes during that time. But don’t tell that to the non-believers! 5 - A remarkable discovery… So the story goes that in 1988, Louis Caparet – a French archeologist, somehow managed to get access into a secret room of the Great Pyramid. It was in there that he discovered a chamber which hosted an alien resting inside. He says there was a papyrus next to the alien, claiming the arrival of aliens to Khufu. According to ancient code, the Egyptians covered this up and didn’t want others to know about it. 4 - All the proof you need… Right there in this very legit image. This guy is from India, and he found this obscure looking skull somewhere. Thank goodness there was a camera nearby to capture this incredible incident. The funny smile on his face gives nothing away… nothing at all. Except the fact that he is really trying to fool people into believing that this skull is real! 3 - The truth is out there! This tiny little skeleton was discovered in 2003 in the Atacama Desert which is in Chili. This was found near a church, in an abandoned town. Tests have been done, which have revealed that it was the development of a 6-year old and that the parents were human. Some have speculated that it might be mercury poisoning which caused this deformity, but there are no exact answers to share with you. 2 - Be Careful who you try and fool… This Chinese man got himself into trouble for trying to fool the public that he had an alien corpse in his freezer. He claims to have seen 5 aliens, and this one was killed by electric fencing. What is actually looks like, is a rubberized body put together with chicken wire and a bit of glue. This guy actually received a fine for this little trick. 1 - Soo many questions, too few answers. . . Peter Khoury, from Australia, claimed that in 1988 he was lying in his bed when he was suddenly surrounded by aliens. He says that they stuck a needle in his head, then blacked out. It was several hours later when he woke. He dropped his wife at the train station but didn’t feel too well. He went to rest and when he awoke, found 2 naked strange looking women on his bed. He said that he accidentally bit the ones nipple, which he swallowed – which didn’t faze the alien woman at all. He started coughing and the women disappeared. When he went to the loo, he said there was blonde hair wrapped around his penis. He saved it and apparently the hair is a rare Chinese Mongoloid type, and not found very often.
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21 Unbelievable Inventions for Pets
Which of these would you most like to purchase for your pet? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos just like this, thanks for watching. 10 - Purrfectly Pointless… This is the Purr Detector Collar, and it’s the weirdest invention ever. It lights up when your cat is purring, and it’s marketed to people who want to know when their cat is purring, without actually having to listen to the cat. Please don’t ask me why this was invented, I have no idea. 9 - Do they make them for humans? Wouldn’t this be amazing to have over your own bed? This Aquarium Dog House was posted online by Reddior, Dogeaterr, which he saw at his local vet. 8 - It’s raining cats and dogs… If you’re one of those people who has friends who say, if I come back as an animal in my next life – I want to come back as your pet – well then you probably already have one of these for your pooch! It’s a raincoat slash umbrella, and the hood goes right over the dogs ears, providing absolute comfort and dryness. 7 - Somebody’s business… Yep, when your dog does his business – it becomes your business too and it’s really not great having to pick it up… introducing the PooTrap. It somehow attaches to your dogs harness, and catches the poo perfectly. I think I will stick to the old-fashioned way of picking it up. 6 - Requires training… If your dog is a bit brighter than mine, this would probably work well. It’s the API Doggie Fountain F-1, which provides lovely fresh water for your dog, but they have to step on that paw to retrieve the water. Think your dog can do it? If so, then grab one for yourself at around $70.00 5 - Has Legs, can walk… This is literally like a baby sling, except for dogs… because walking is clearly a thing of the past. I would be a bit embarrassed walking around with my dog in a doggy bjorn, wouldn’t you? 4 - Creepy much? Do you have one of those dogs that like to do their business on pretty much anyone or anything? Well this might just be the answer you are looking for. As I said, just might be… it’s the hot doll sex toy for pets, and actually has a hole in the back for obvious reasons. The company who makes them also says you can use these as décor in your home. 3 - Where Goldy goes, I go… Or vice versa…. This little contraption allows you to take your pet goldfish out for a walk too… nothing weird about that at all. Let’s move on. 2 - Warm and cozy… This one is absolutely brilliant, such a shame they only make them for cats and not for humans! Although, I guess that would be a bit more awkward. A radiator cat bed has to be next on your lift of things to buy for your best friend! 1 - Having my nails done… It really was only a matter of time before this was going to happen. Manicures, or rather pedicures for pooches. Fortunately, the product is non-toxic, and I think this pooch looks really good in this colour, what do you think?
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26 Most Unbelievable Gravestones
From the funniest quote ever to the most disturbing tombstone, here are 26 of the most UNBELIEVABLE gravestones ever made!
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18 Unbelievable Google Earth Discoveries
From the infamous murder scene google images caught to capturing photos of people sun bathing naked, these are 18 unbelievable google earth discoveries! 14 - Happy Hippos… This is just a majestic shot which Google Earth captured in Tanzania of a massive herd of hippos having a dip. Did you know that an adult hippo resurfaces every 3-5 minutes to breath, and this happens without them even realizing it – even when they are sleeping! 13 - Soon to be forgotten… This is Gulliver, and he was created in 1976 by Jimmy Boyle, who was in prison at the time. He used unemployed adults and youth to construct it, and it is the longest concrete sculpture in Europe. Based I Scotland, it’s also known as Hard Man or Gentle Giant, and sadly faces demolition as it’s currently neglected. 12 - A real blessing… Zach Evans was busy scanning Google Maps whilst searching for places to go on holiday, when he found this satellite image resembling Jesus. It’s located in a field on a farm in Hungary. People have been discovering the face of Jesus on so many objects, including a bottle of wine, a drain pipe and even an iron! 11 - A world Record… This is one ginormous portrait. It covers 7500 square metres and features Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s first president. Roughly 3000 soldiers completed it in one month using 7100 tons of black and white paint, and limestone boulders. 10 - Truly unexplained… All I can tell you about this Google Earth Image is that it was captured in Chili. I’m not sure who created it or why, but it does look pretty incredible! 9 - Something very unusual… This airplane was captured flying over New Jersey in the USA. Apparently it’s the planes moving a bit too fast for Google to capture, creating this rainbow effect as the plane flies by. 8 - No need to worry! This Google image was doing the rounds, with many questioning whether it was real and why there weren’t any emergency vehicles at the scene. The confusion was soon cleared up, where it was revealed that it was a mock crash for the TV series, Trauma. It looks very realistic! 7 - I hope she said yes! Using Google to your advantage, this guy decided to propose to his girlfriend using this very unique medium. There are quite a few unique messages that have been captured by Google Earth and Maps, including several saying “Jesus Loves you”. I think this might be the first proposal though, and I really hope she said yes! 6 - Lost and found… Yet another incredible example of how Google Earth can do something more than just show amazing images. A family were hiking in British Columbia when they got lost. They called for help and managed to describe a bit of their surroundings, and one of the search team used Google Earth and helped to lead them directly to the people. 5 - A bit of plugging… You see loads of logos making their way on to Google Earth, but this one is very clever. The Salvation Army are based close to the Seattle Seahawks Stadium, and very often news organizations are flying overhead, so each time that happens – the Salvation Army is advertised. Nicely done guys! 4 - Guilty as charged? This one has raised suspicions of a possible murder captured Google Earth. It looks like someone has dragged a bleeding body along the pier and is about to throw him off the edge. However, it turns out the image is actually of 2 people and a dog… besides the venue is a very popular walk for people with their pets and the image is in broad daylight -so very unlikely. 3 - Perfection… That’s one word to describe this Google Earth image. The Badlands Guardian was discovered by Lynn Hickox in 2006. It looks like a chief with his head dress on. What appears to be an ear phone is actually a road leading to an oil well. This is found in Canada, and the person who found it believes it could have been made by an intelligent species and not just a coincidence. 2 - Target practice! This looks like an enormous target, and you have to wonder what it’s doing in the middle of the Nevada desert. Some have explained many of these massive markings on the ground as eye charts for pilots, also known as aerial calibration targets. 1 - Privacy is dead… No longer are we able to do anything without someone capturing it on film somewhere and splashing it all over the internet. There are many satellite images of people sunbathing in the nude on their roof tops, or in their gardens. Spotters scour the net looking for these images to repost. Such a terrible invasion of privacy. Luckily the images are very blurred, and most of their modesty remains intact! Have you ever found a Google Image that is just incredible? Tell us about it in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more fascinating videos just like this. Thanks for watching!
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17 Fascinating Spite Houses
The term Spite House has been around for a long time, and it can be due to land not being bought at the deemed right price, a family feud or whatever reason really, and today we explore some of them! The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas City is said to have quite a rigid view about gay people, and it was not to their delight when a man purchased the property across the road from them, and painted it just like this. 8 - Love Thy Neighbor… You have to wonder what went wrong in this friendship, that one person would deliberately go out of their way to hurt another. Over in Virginia City in Nevada, a miner saved up all his money to buy a piece of land to build his arm. When his enemy heard that news, he decided how to ruin it for the miner. So, he went ahead and bought the plot next door and built his home literally right next to the poor guy… Let’s hope the current neighbors get along! 7 - Doesn’t solve anything… Do you think building this tiny little spite house made Francis O’Reilly feel better after he was refused a reasonable price for the land he was trying to sell? I’m not sure, but it was the year 1908 when he decided to make his piece of land unsellable in the future. The little 8-foot wide house is 308 square feet, and the interior designer who lives in it, says he feels like he is part of a living billboard. 6 - Spoil Sport… This landowner was not excited when he heard that his city was trying to build the neighborhood using a perfect grid system, which would mean them building through his land. So he went ahead and built this Victorian home, which they could not break down and go through. Now the streets of this little town in New York go around the home, destroying any hope of the perfect grid system. 5 - I told you so... This one isn’t much a spite house, more of an, I told you so – which is close enough! This little home was built in California, and was the end result of a bet. The story is told about a man called Newton Rummonds, who got this tiny bit of land in settlement of a $100.00 debt. The neighbors said it was pointless, as nothing could be done on that land… but they were wrong, because there sits this very cute 10-foot-wide little home. 4 - Time to move… This is The Purple House in Lubbock, Texas and in 2001 there were a number of complaints about the home having too many people living there, too much activity and so on – so they painted the house like in response to the complaints received about them. 3 - Payback time… Here’s a little dwelling in Seattle that was built in 1925… again the details are sketchy, but some stories say there was a divorce where the husband was awarded the home and the wife the front yard, and this little home was built to spite the owner of the bigger home. It must have worked, and now it’s quite the tourist attraction too. Despite the size, reports say it’s roomy considering the small dimensions. 2 - I’m convinced! Over in China, they also know spite houses quite well – but there they call them nail houses. Basically, the owners refuse to move when developers want to build through their abode. This one is from 2007, where construction began around the family who refused to move – and yes, they did eventually give in, but not without a fight! 1 - The end result… And this is what happens when every tenant in a building refuses to sell, you find yourself in the middle of a very big highway in the middle of China somewhere – the only ones spited, was themselves!
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16 Unbelievable Unsolved Mysteries
From the world's most mysterious disappearances to some of the most shocking murder cases, here are 16 unbelievable unsolved mysteries. Gone but not forgotten… In July of 2014 Lars Mittank, from Germany, went on holiday with friends to Bulgaria. He wasn’t able to fly home with his mates due to small injury in his ear, which he incurred during a scuffle with some locals. Doc prescribes him an antibiotic, and he checks into a hotel in a poor part of town. After a few calls to his mom reporting that he was being followed and something wasn’t right, he heads to the airport. He enters with his bags, and CCTV captures him racing out the airport without his bags. He was never seen or heard of again. No Logical Explanation… Two sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline, were sadly killed in a car accident in 1957. About a year later, the mum had twin girls, Jennifer and Gillian. Jennifer had the exact same scars and birthmarks that her deceased sister Jacqueline had. The twins asked for toys that used to belong to their older sisters, they wanted to go to places that only the older girls had been to and even played make believe games where one sister would pretend to die in a car accident. The girls knew nothing of their older deceased sisters. A haunting tale… 4-year old Shanti Deva from Delhi in India, described to her parents of a life she once lived. She told them she lived in Muttra, was a mother of 3 who passed away during child birth and she used to be called Ludji. The parents did a bit of digging and discovered there was a village called Mutra and confirmed that there was a woman named Ludji who recently died there. They took their daughter to the village, she recognized her “husband” and “Children” and could speak the local language. She gave 24 accurate statements about the life of Ludji. A bridge to burn… The Overtaun Bridge is located in Scotland and built in 1859. Over the decades, dogs have unexplainably just thrown themselves off the bridge., all from the same spot. In 1994 a man tossed his baby off the bridge, and later tried to commit suicide there as well. It’s been thought to be a haunted bridge and some have said it’s the barrier where the world of the living and the dead meet. Every January for the past few years there has been an online puzzle game, and all that is knowm about it, is that it is hosted by 3301. Their symbol is the cicada an dthe puzzles include maths, literature, cryptogoraphy, hidden messages and more. There have also been physical clues in various places, and some believe it’s used to find highliy intelligent people to recuit them for the CIA or M16. The strange case of Benjamin Kyle An unknown man woke up outside a Georgia Burger King in 2004, naked with no ID or memory. He had retrograde amnesia and absolutely no-one could identify him. Even after years of trying, with the FBI involved – no-one has filed a missing person report, dental records show nothing, and he has no identity. After a documentary was featured on the man, someone did give him a job as shop packer, where he is still working today. Horror of all horrors… So much mystery still remains about what actually happened at Dvatlov Pass, known to locals as Dead Mountain. Yes, people go missing and die on mountains – but the reasons are pretty self-explanatory. What makes this so mysterious is the way the bodies were found. The campers had cut through their tents from the inside, and bolted into the snow. Some were only wearing socks and underwear, one had tried to climb a tree, the rest were in a ditch with fractured skulls and one missing a tongue. No one lives to tell the tale of what really happened. The 6th sense… Blair Adams had this innate fear that someone was after him. He withdrew all his money, tried to enter America, bought a round trip to Germany, finally rented a car and managed to get to Kentucky. When he battled to start the car there, the petrol attendant told him he had the wrong keys. So he hitchhiked to a hotel, rented a room and then left again. He was never seen alive again. He was found 12 hours later, naked from the waist down with a fatal blow to the stomach. Nothing was stolen from him, in fact the money was laying all around him – like it was done on purpose. Who is the Babushka Lady? It’s a question that has been asked many, many times over. She seems to hold so much evidence of the day President John F Kennedy was shot dead. She was right there with her camera when it happened, and oddly enough – she was on no official lists to be there, taking the images. She never came forward after the assassination, and no answer have ever come up since that fatal day in 1963.
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16 World’s Most Incredible Libraries
Which of these amazing libraries would you most like to visit? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more informative videos just like this – thanks for watching! 8 - Libraries – hospitals for the mind… Norway is home to the Vennesla Library designed by Helen & Hard Architects. The structure has been described as ribs hugging the ceiling, which makes the interior look like a skeleton. The new building was officially opened in 2011, and has won many awards for its unique architectural design. Each rib allows light to flow naturally for the reader and also has special material to absorb the sound, making it extra quiet for readers. 7 - Back to the Abbey…. It seems that the Abbey’s really do have the most picturesque libraries. The Wiblingen Monastery Library in Germany was completed in 1744, although the actual abbey has been in place since 1093. They modeled it after the Austrian National Library, and it’s open to the public today for visits. 6 - For the love of books… The National Library of France – also referred to as BNF - is breathtaking. Home to 14 million books, documents, and many other items – around 150 000 items are added to the collection every year. As a visitor, you have access to around 3 million of the documents. The BNF is the national repository for everything published in France and is also home to exhibitions, concerts and events throughout the year. 5 - So many books, so little time… The Conarte Library designed by Anagrama is based in Mexico. What makes this library so unique, is the intriguing reading nook that has been installed. This library come bookshop, encourages guests to stay longer and immerse themselves in books. The design is meant to strike a balance between colour and perspective and create depth. Regardless of the intricacies of the design, it’s a spot where you’ll definitely get lost in a good book. 4 - There’s no such thing as too many books… The Villanueva Public Library in Colombia is a library made from love and commitment. The entire building is made using locally sourced materials and the community all lent a hand to put it together. The people collected stones from the rivers and wood from the forests and they worked together to build the library. There’s plenty ventilation and shade, offering a cool space for the otherwise impoverished community. 3 - Reading is dreaming with eyes open… Our next stop is at Jay Walker's Private Library in the states. Not only is it filled with the most amazing collection of books, but there are so many intriguing artifacts. Wire has labeled it “the most amazing library in the world.” In this treasure cove, you will find books bound by rubies, a list of mortalities from the plague in 1665, a Sputnik and a chandelier from the movie Die Another Day. 2 - There’s always time for a story… Nicknamed the Mega Library, the José Vasconcelos Library in Mexico is 409 000 square feet! Inside you’ll find a whale skeleton, 500 000 books on display over 5 stories, transparent walls, interesting walkways and even mismatched floors. Outside you’ll find a moat and extensive botanical gardens. 1 – Books are loyal friends… This is the Joanina Library in Portugal, which was built in the 18th century. It’s a National Monument and one of the main tourist’s attractions in Coimbra. It received its first books in 1750 and is now home to 1.5 million books. At night time, the library is home to bats that keep the insects at bay, so they don’t destroy the books!
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12 Unbelievable Treasure Maps That Actually Exist
From the recovery of hidden treasure, to mysterious treasure maps discovered, these are 12 unbelievable treasure maps that actually exist. 12 Unbelievable Treasure maps that actually exist 7 - Can you break the code? If you fancy an opportunity to prove your intelligence, here’s your chance. In 1940, Alan Turing apparently buried his savings, which he had converted into silver ingots, somewhere in Bletchley Park. FYI, Bletchley Park used to be the site for codebreakers during WW2 in Britain. A few mathematicians have created this quiz, which once cracked is said to show the exact coordinates of the buried treasure. The treasure has never really been found, but the competition has just organized an agreed location for the purpose of the game. 6 - Bottomless money pit? If only… but many would believe they were close. Oak Island is found just off the shores of Nova Scotia and back in 1795, a teenage boy claimed he saw strange lights coming from the island. He went to investigate and found a small hole which he began digging up. He and his friends made many trips to the hole, in the hope of finding pirate treasure. Whilst digging they discovered various markings and platforms, which enforced their belief of treasure. They never didfound anything, but a legend was started. At 90 feet a stone was found with symbols, but it’s never been decoded. To date, millions of dollars have been used to try and find the treasure and 6 lives have been lost. The hole began to fill with water the deeper they dug, and now it’s too costly to access. Some theorists have said there is standard pirate booty down there, but some believe it leads to the Holy Grail. 5 - An incredible discovery… I’m not sure whatever happened here, but a Toronto watchmaker found a chart and letter, giving the details of the position of buried treasure, inside a tarnished old watch he was cleaning. He received the watch as payment 6 years prior, and tried to locate the woman who gave it to him. The letter gave details on how to find the buried 50 000 pounds, valued at 250 000 today, and signed JL Trinidad. 4 - Not all treasure is silver and gold… And not all maps have X marking the spot. Kit Williams wrote a children’s book called Masquerade, which told the tale of a rabbit carrying treasure from the moon to the sun. When the rabbit gets there, the treasure has disappeared. Each painting in the book holds a special clue to the whereabouts of the treasure. 7 August 1979, Williams buried an 18-carat gold rabbit pendant for readers to find. More than 1 million people bought the book, and it was discovered by Ken Thomas (although there’s a lot of controversy over the winner, but that story is for another time). 3- Almost unbelievable… Knights of the Golden Circle were around in the mid-nineteenth century. A secret society formed to attempt to annex several territories in Mexico and along with other countries, make slave states. When anti-slavery started becoming the norm, they went underground. It’s been said that the KGC had buried millions of dollars’ worth of gold across several states, in order to fund a second Civil War that never happened. The treasure maps of the Knights of the Golden Circle are nothing like regular maps, and it’s been advised to treasure hunters to consider the overview of how they would have hidden the treasure. There are several of these maps, as treasure was hidden in a variety . 2 - It's a Pirates life for me… Imagine finding out there is a possibility that your great, grandparents were pirates?!? Well that happened to Mike and Maria Lopez, when they discovered a box in their grandparent’s attic. The box contained what looks like a treasure map, some old coins and a human hand! Ironically the map shows an area where the annual Gasparilla Pirate fest is hosted. Experts have said the box is too new to have belonged to pirates, and probably comes from around 1920 – 1930, but no one was able to explain the hand! 1 - Fact or fiction… Heading back to the 16th century, Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish commander captured an Inca king. The king begged to released, and promised to fill an entire room of treasure and gold should Pizarro let him go. Whilst the gold was making its way to Pizarro, he went back on his word and killed the king. The gold couriers heard about it, and put the treasure in a mountain cave, tucked away safely for hundreds of years. Fast forward to 1850, botanist Richard Spruce says he found a map to the cave, which Barth Blake used in 1886 to locate the gold. He writes, stating “There are thousands of gold and silver pieces of Inca and pre-Inca handicraft, the most beautiful goldsmith works you are not able to imagine.” He must have taken what he could carry, and left and was never seen again. It’s been confirmed by archaeologists that the map does indeed take you to the mountain where the treasure is said to be buried, but whether the treasure is real or not – we are still not sure about.
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20 Unbelievable Optical Illusions
Is the dress gold and white or black and blue? Here are 20 of the most unbelievable optical illusions. Let us know what you see in the comments! 20 Unbelievable Optical Illusions 10 - You’re not colour blind! This is yet another incredible optical illusion, which shows a cube with many different colours. If you were asked how many colours are featured in the cube, what would you say? If you said 7 for orange, green, red, brown, blue, white and red – well you would be wrong. There are only 6 colours in the cube. Surprisingly, the orange square is not orange, but actually brown. It’s difficult to believe that, but when the surrounding blocks are covered with paper – the square is indeed brown! 9 - Too much to handle… This one actually hurts my eyes as well, and I have to look away pretty quickly. All the dots in this picture are white, but strangely some of those dots appear black. No one has been able to explain why this actually happens. 8 - Back to basics… You might have been given this optical illusion in your maths class as a kid, I know we were. You had to decide which of these tables were longer, or were they the same size? We were all hugely surprised when after measuring them, the longer sides of the tables were both the exact same size. 7 - Foreword or Sideward? How do you perceive this image? They say it’s been made by layering several images over one another, which is how the 2-faced images come to life. 6 - A tad freaky! When you look at this image of the women upside down, you don’t really notice anything amiss – but wait until the image gets turned around. Yikes! These women have morphed into monsters! It’s said there are certain parts of your brain which deals with face perception, but since we don’t often see upside faces, it’s not that easy to spot when things are distorted. 5 - A trick of the mind… You would be forgiven for thinking that this image is moving… but would you believe that this is just a plain, static Jpg image. Hard to believe isn’t it? 4 - Up or down? This is a very well-known illusion, which features a cat either going up or down – really depending on you perceive it. I would love to explain the mathematical explanation behind this phenomenon, but in a nut shell – it has something to do with our eyes on receiving images in 2 D, although we see things in 3 D. And that’s where I will stop. 3 - The 3d Effect… Julian Beever has been creating the most incredible 3 dimensional chalk art since the 90’s, and uses a projection technique called Anamorphosu. He first draws the design on paper, and with a camera set up to capture the various angles, is able to create the most incredible designs. His work has taken him around the world. 2 - Back to basics… This one is also one that has been spotted before, but many seem to struggle to identify the two different images that are placed in what appears to be a very basic optical illusion. Do you see the time glass and the faces of two people? 1 - One for the road… You must have seen this image doing the round on social media a while back, and that’s how we will wrap up our video for today. In the tree truck and branches, there are several hidden faces for you to discover. How many do you think there are at a glance? The answer is 10. Now they pointed out, it’s much easier to spot them.
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People You Won't Believe Actually Exist
From the dirtiest man in the world to the girl who claims to have X-Ray vision here are 20 people you wont believe actually exist! 10 – We’re not horsing around with this person featured at number 10… Leanne from Australia… web designer by day, horse by night… According to Leanne, this unique hobby helps her ‘feel free’ and be herself. She says: ‘When I’m in the pony gear, I feel freer. It’s about who you are, it’s about expressing yourself. I become me.’ 9 – Gary Mathews is a firm believer of It’s a dogs life… and the 48 year old retired technology worker. goes by the name of Boomer, wears a collar, eats his food from a dog bowl and sometimes sleeps in a dog house. He has had an intense fascination with dogs since he was a little boy. 8 – It’s not unusual for people to get attached to their cars, but having a relationship with a car Is a completely different story. Edward Smith claims to be in a long term relationship with his VW Beetle, and has made further claims that he has actually slept with up to 1000 cars! 7 – Hirro Onoda can claim the title as the world’s hide and seek champion – he remained in hiding in a Philippines jungle for 30 years, not realizing that WW2 was over! He shot and killed 30 regular people, believeing they were the enemy and survived on the lands. It’s a happy ending though, he went on to open nature camps across Japan for children. 6 – Talk about an unlucky strike… Roy Sullivan has been hit by lightning 7 times and lived to tell the tale! He is recognized by Guinness World Records as the person struck by lightning more recorded times than any other human being. Apparently the odds of being struck by lightning in 80 years are 1 in 10 000.00… 5 – You can’t hide anything from this girl… Natallya Demkina claims to be able to see into the human body! She says that organs that are not healthy have a different glow to the rest of the body, which is what she is able to see. A journalist from the UK, Briony Warden, flew Natalya to the UK from Russia, and tested her so called powers. Briony had been a car accident and still had evidence of the injuries internally. Nataiya was able to correctly identity those. Lucky guess.. I guess we will never know. 4 – Erika Labrie aka Erika Eiffel – officially married the Eiffel Tower in 2008. She first encountered the Eiffel Tower in 2004, and says it was an instant attraction. She told ABC News that she and others "[...] feel an innate connection to objects. It comes perfectly normal to us to connect on various levels, emotional, spiritual and also physical for some. She has also had a 20-year relationship with the Berlin Wall, which inspired the musical theater production "Erika's Wall". 3 – Imagine your life goal was to manage to fill a cushion with your own belly button fluff, it’s hard to believe that someone with this goal exists… but he does. His name is Graham Barker. The 45-year-old from Perth, Australia, has collected lint every day for 30 years. He collects the link every night and has actually made it into the Guinness World Records. He collected his first piece of fluff on 17 January 1984 while on holiday in Australia, and hasn’t stopped. 2 – Talk about a mouthful.. Called a Polyglot, John Bowing claimed to know 200 languages and be able to converse in 100 of them. He was pretty active in politics, but enjoyed translating folk songs, poetry and even literature from places like Russia, Eastern Europe and even Spain. 1 – Imagine being able to Read War and Peace in 15 minutes… well if you were Howard Berg, that would actually be possible! Howard Berg is the World’s Fastest reader, and can read up to 25 000 words per minute! He has appeared on over 1100 radio and TV shows, and claims to have helped a woman with a reading disability, to read 18 000 words a minute!
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15 Mysterious Creatures Captured
Here are 15 of the worlds most mysterious creatures ever captured Some creatures still remain a mystery, can you guess what they are? 15 Mysterious creatures captured… 10 - Beware the Chupacabra… You won’t need a guard dog if you have one of these. Caught by a Texan family, nicknamed Chupie – they believed they had caught the famous chupacabra. Their excitement was short-lived however, as it was soon confirmed to be a racoon with mange, and he had to be put down. 9 - A hybrid Another animal discovered in a remote village somewhere, but this time it looks to be mixture of a buffalo or a lamb or a lamb of some sort. The scaly head seemed to have confused the villagers enormously, and articles refer to it as something from a Sci Fi movie… however, to me it looks very sad, like a calf has been burnt beyond recognition. 8 - Opening a can of worms… The internet went crazy with this footage of the bright green worm caught by Wei Cheng Jian in Penghu. It turns out that this is a type of ribbon worm, and they can grow to about 6 feet long. One has apparently been documented at growing to a massive 177 feet in length. It has a very long tongue, which helps it to entangle his prey. 7 - Something the cat dragged in… Or this time, the dog. Two women were out taking a walk in North Western Ontario when their dog brought in this corpse of a small animal. They took some pictures and quickly left. The facial features are very unusual, resembling a warthog and has long teeth and a tail like a rat. The body shape was described as an otter, and of course people have described it as some sort of monster. Investigations have confirmed that it is the decomposed body of an American Mink, although there are many who still don’t believe that. 6 - Will the real Chupacabra please stand up… Another bizarre decomposing body was discovered in Uruguay, and yet again thought to be the infamous Chupacabra. It has very long fingers, a tail and has a lot of human similarities… So could it possibly just be very big monkey that drowned and its body is putrefied. 5 - And we have some answers at last… At least we can 100% confirm what this is, yet there is still no denying that this in an incredible catch. This is a megamouth shark, and is the 55th confirmed one since they were first discovered in 1976 in Hawaii. It’s been dubbed the Megamouth shark because of its massive oral cavity, and it eats by swimming through groups of krill with its mouth wide open. Many believed these sharks were a hoax at first, but now finally there is evidence of their existence. 4 - Blame it on the Chupacabra… again! Locals in a small village in the Ukraine were complaining of a creature killing their animals and drinking their blood. They have now claimed to have caught and killed the blood sucking creature, which they believe is a chupacabra. They say the creature was able to open chicken coops and even jump over 6-feet high fences. This alleged Chupacabra has been spotted worldwide, and its name means goat sucker. 3 - No Fish and chips tonight dear… This mysterious looking fish was caught in Borneo, and has weird tusk-like spikes around Its mouth and a very spikey spine. It’s about a foot long, and may be an armored searobin, or armored gurnard. They are usually found in deep tropical waters. 2 - A special delivery… This baby goat has had people scratching their heads over in Malaysia, with some jaw dropping theories as to why the baby goat so closely resembles a human baby. I’m sure you can guess what type of theories they are… the baby goat was handed over to Vets in Malaysia for further testing. 1 - A lucky catch… This lucky catch was caught by a villager in the waters of the Sichuan Provence of Chengdu. It’s about 30 – 40 cm in width, weighs around 6.5 kgs and has a very long tail attached covered in black barnacles. The villagers believe it to be a rare type of mushroom, used in Chinese medicine – said to promote longevity. These mushrooms used to be eaten by emperors, and was also said to bring great fortune. If it does turn out to be the mushroom, this fisherman will make a lovely amount of money for it. Which of these bizarre creatures did you find the most intriguing? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more unbelievable videos just like this, thanks for watching!
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16 Unbelievable Unexplained Phenomena
From the mysterious discovery of a yeti's hand to a evil twin, these are 16 unbelievable unexplained phenomenas. 10 - Caught between a rock and hard place This is a very strange thing to happen, yet it’s been documented several times over centuries. Animals have been found sealed within stones, rocks and boulders and when they are released, they are alive! There are no gaps or openings for the animal to enter or escape, so how on earth is this possible? 9 - Talk about a hot flash… The most recent case of human combustion documented, was in Germany in November 2015. A woman was sitting on a park bench when she burst into flames. There have been many reports over the decades about SHC – or spontaneous human combustion. No one knows if it’s really real, or what would cause it – although some suggestions include too much alcohol in the system, and being too close to fire at the time. 8 - A Road Less Travelled… For good reason too! Talamini Road in Bridgewater New Jersey has a strange phenomena attached to it. Strange sounds can be heard from the road, almost voice like and a bit muffled. It seems it’s someone saying, Slow Down… and many people have reported hearing it. Maybe someone was killed there because of speeding. 7 - Think Green… This story has been retold thousands of times, but there is still no evidence or answers. The Children of Woolpit tells the tale of 2 children appearing in a field in Woolpit, in England during the 12th Century. They were slightly green, spoke a different language and spoke of a place called St Martin’s Land. They say the boy died, but the girl lived and learned English. No further details of what happened to the girl, did she remain green, did she ever reveal other information. 6 - Nature is truly remarkable… This geological phenomenon is incredible. It’s known as sailing stones, and the stones move along the sand, leaving a trail behind them without animals or humans touching them at all. Tracks have been studied for decades, and it’s only recently been discovered that thin sheets of melting ice move the rocks along. 5 - Truth is lost forever… It’s a terrible story about the young woman, Tara Calico, who was abducted in 1988 in New Mexico. She was never, ever found. About a year after the abduction – a photograph emerged of a young woman and a boy tied up with their mouths gagged – in a caravan park in Florida. It was believed to be Tara and a boy who went missing in the same area where Tara was abducted a few months prior. However, in 1990 – the little boy’s body was found in the mountains where he was hunting with his father the day he went missing. 4 - Possible truth in legends… The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is legendary and many believe it to exist. This is allegedly the hand of a yeti. This hand has quite the tale attached, it was held in a Buddhist Monastery for years, which attracted many tourists catching a glimpse. Peter Byrne managed to steal a piece of the hand, to have it tested in London – which confirmed that the hand was hominid, but more closely related to a Neanderthal. The items have since been stolen from the monastery and no one knows where they are. 3 - Time is slipping away… Great scientists, including Albert Einstein, believed that time isn’t very stable. Time slips can occur when the current time connects with an older time. There have been a few images of modern looking people / vehicles / equipment – cropping up in photos from the olden days. 2 - Merely a transition… How does one explain the incredible phenomena of near death experiences? Each person who has experienced this has reported differently, but there seems to be a few similarities.. An initial unpleasant noise, then calmness and peace, an out of body experience, like floating, meeting loved ones, lots of bright light and a life overview, warmth… sounds rather pleasant. 1 - Evil Twin.. It’s been said we all have a doppelganger, someone that looks exactly like us but is the evil side of us. That’s a bit of an old tale though, as its also been said that it’s not a good idea to communicate with your doppelganger. However, there have been some amazing images of people finding others that look exactly like them – it’s marvelous, but totally freaky!
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15 Mysterious Unexplained Events
The world is full of strange mysteries! Do you know the truth to any of these unexplained events? Here are 15 of the creepiest mysterious events ever. 7 - Nightmares are made of this… At a particular road crossing in Devon, during the 1920’s – there was a number of fatal accidents. However, one particular night the one driver survived. Shaken, he explained to the police that a pair of rough, hands had wrenched the steering wheel from his hands, causing the accident. Again, the same story came about from a different driver, and a self-proclaimed psychic – driving the same road, said she also saw a pair of hairy hands outside her car window. 6 - Who was John Titor? This story is very peculiar, and it happened in the year 2000. A man called John Titor posted a message on a little known internet discussion board. He claimed be a time traveler from 20136, and for about 4 months online, he answered many questions about time travel and even did a radio interview. He said he was heading back to 1975, making a stop in 2000 for personal reasons and then back home to 2036. He describes the time machine in detail and even offers drawings. He claims there was civil war in 2015 in the states, which killed millions of people, and now society was really back to basics. Growing one’s own food, reading, spending time with friends and family. To this day, no one knows who John Titor was or is. 5 - How boring life would be without a little mystery… Wende Baiyun Lane came alive one night in 2013, in the Chinese city of Nanjing. From a crack in the pavement, came this oozing, white, smelly substance. What was it? Well that’s the thing, no one has the foggiest idea! It spread around 50 metres in radius, and the scene was evacuated. After a while, the ooze was washed away and it’s never returned! 4 - Turn the volume down… I guarantee you, you don’t want to hear this song. A Hungarian named Reszo Seress was desperate to make it as a song writer in Paris. He didn’t impress anyone, and ended breaking up with his girlfriend, after she couldn’t take the insecurities of his life. Reszo was very unhappy, and one Sunday afternoon, December 1932, he looked out the window at the gloomy weather and said, “Yes, Gloomy Sunday! That will be the title of my new song" It was a very depressing song, yet one person agreed to publish it. After a few months, there were several reports of suicides, and the reason behind them? Those people couldn’t get the depressing song out their heads, and almost all of them wanted the song at their funerals. Eventually the world went to war and the song was forgotten. 3 - A real life Medusa If you were to look at this object in real life – you would die. This was found in the basement at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. It’s a reactor core lava formation, also known as Elephants Foot. It weighs a hundred tonnes, although it’s only a couple meters wide. The picture was taken using a mirror, which was placed around the corner of the hallway. The camera they used to originally wheel in was ruined by radiation. 2 - The Black Knight Rises… So the legend goes that there is a mysterious dark object, dating back from around 13 000 years ago, that orbits the earth. It’s referred to as the Black Knight, and has apparently been beaming certain signals towards the earth. However, no one has any idea what it is or what the purpose of it is. Some have suggested that’s it’s merely a thermal blanket hovering around in space, but that theory is much too boring! 1 - A follow up… We featured this image of a what appears to be a man of modern times, standing in a photograph of 1941. However, it’s time to reveal the truth. That man is not time travelling, but it seems that everything about him was evident of the 1940’s. Glasses with protective sides were available during that time, the camera was also available in the 1940’s and the shirt he is wearing, is a Montreal Maroons shirt, which was a hockey team around from 1924 – 1938.
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23 Unbelievable Items Washed Ashore
Have you ever found something strange that washed ashore? Tell us about it in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more fun videos just like this – thanks for watching. 15 Not an album cover… This actually emerged on a random beach in Miami back in 2011. The BBC reported on this strange occurrence, and no one has any answers for it. The piano was going to stay there, if it posed no navigational hazards. 14 - Dear John… Fortunately, these were no Dear John letters, but rather beautiful letters written during WW2. They were tied together with pale pink ribbon, and had washed ashore after Hurricane Sandy. They were discovered by a 14-year old boy and after some searching, they managed to trace the wife, who was 91 years old and sadly in very frail health. 13 - Not a pleasant surprise… It must have been horrific to discover these sneakers with severed feet inside them, washing up on the shores of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest of the US, since 2007. Roughly 10 shoes have been found, 4 of whom were traced. No foul play is expected, some theorists believe it’s victims from Tsunami’s. 12 - Smooth as Glass… This particular beach area used to be a landfill right up to 1967. The area was cleaned so many times, but they weren’t able to remove everything. The ocean eventually did a great deal of work for them, and the millions of pieces of broken glass were transformed into smooth glass pebbles. 11 - If The Shoe Fits... 60-thousand Nike sneakers were lost in a storm in 1990. Just like the ducks, scientists have been tracking them for years, learning so much about ocean currents. Apparently after 3 years the sneakers were still in good condition to wear, and people were meeting on the beach to try swop the shoes out to make matching pairs. 10 - Didn’t Follow Instructions… This giant Lego is a lot like Emmet – he didn’t follow instructions. He is 8-feet tall, 100-pounds and in fact this one is not the only one – there are a few of them. The creation of Ego Leanard, a Dutch painter and sculpture, they all bear the slogan “No Real Than You Are”. 9 - And his journey continues… This is a strangely beautiful story. Judi Glunz Sidney was doing a bit of a beach clean-up at Key Colony Beach, when she found a plastic bottle with a note, ashes and $2.00 inside. Gordon Smith’s wife said her late husband loved to travel, and decided to see where her husband’s journeys would take him. It was the second time the bottle had been found, and she duly called the wife to say she found it and put it back in the water. 8 - A washout…. A Harley Davidson Motorbike got lost during the Japanese Tsunami, travelled 4000 miles to Canada, still in its original box. The person who found the bike did a noble thing, and traced the owner through the license plate! 7 - A grim discovery… Two beach goers at Ocean beach in San Francisco, were quite shocked to find a tombstone from 1876 washed up on shore. It belonged to 20-year old Emma Bosworth who passed away in 1876. Even more strangely, a month later – another grave stone washed up on the same beach a month later. 6 - Message in a bottle… A 10-year old girl on holiday in a little Scottish coastal town, popped a message into a bottle and dropped it into the ocean. 6-months later, the bottle washed ashore on a small island in Norway. With a bit of help, the young Norwegian girl who found the bottle traced Eva back to Scotland and the girls are looking forward to their pen pal relationship. 5 - The oldest yet… Speaking of messages in bottles, apparently the oldest message in a bottle washed ashore in Germany not too long ago. The bottle had been at sea for around 108 years, and was originally thrown into the North Sea, with a postcard asking the bottle to delivered to the Marine Biological Association in the UK. 4 - Finding Treasure… It would be a dream come true finding hidden treasure on the beach, and this dog walker was in luck when he came across a more peculiar kind of treasure. He found ambergris, which is basically whale vomit. It’s highly valuable and used to make perfumes. He sold it for almost $17 000.00 3 - Houston, we have a problem… This is a leftover piece from the SpaceX Falcon crash that found in Elbow Cay in the Bahamas. It was thought the rocket came in to land too hard and too fast, causing it to crash into ocean. 2 - Cold as Ice… These massive chunks of ice showed up on Cape Cod’s coastline in Massachusetts. They say it’s a once in a lifetime event, and caused by the brutal cold winter and record breaking snow fall that took place in the Arctic in 2015. 1 – Looks are deceiving… These kids were on holiday and playing with what they believed was a buoy – only to discover it was actually an unexploded bomb from WW2.
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15 Most AMAZING Cave Paintings
This is one of the most unique examples of cave paintings, and these hands were found in Santa Cruz in Argentina. There are other drawings in the cave, of animals and people – but it’s the hands that make it stand out. The majority of the hands are the left hands, which leads researchers to believe they used a spraying pipe of some sort, which they held in their right hand whilst doing it. The paintings are between 3 and 9 thousand years old.
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MOST Pampered Pets
Do you have a pet that you spoil rotten? Tell us about it in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos just like this – thanks for watching. 10 - Keeping it in the family… This German Shepherd was born into a life of luxury. Gunther the 4th belonged to Gunther the 3rd, who was the companion Karlotta Liebenstein, a German countess worth millions and millions of dollars. When Gunther the 3rd passed away, Gunther the 4th received around $373 million. This dog owns property in Miami, the Bahamas, Italy and Germany and enjoys his steak and caviar diet. 9 - It’s a pigs life… This is Max, and he’s the pig that used to belong to George Clooney. This 300-pound pig used to sleep in the same bed as George, if reports are anything to go by. He sadly passed away in 2006. 8 - Ruff Life… Tinkerbell is the little Chihuahua that belonged to Paris Hilton. She passed away a couple years ago, at the age of 14, and lived the high life with Paris when she was alive. Tinkerbell with the help of a ghost write, released a book called The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton. Her wardrobe included Chanel and Louis Vutton, and she started the trend “handbag dogs”. 7 - Beauty and Brains… Karl Lagerfield – better known for as brands like Chanel and Fendi – has a cat called Choupette. The story goes that this cat used to belong to a French Male Model, and Karl was catsitting it. He fell in love with the cat and refused to give it back. The color of cat’s eyes has inspired an entire Chanel collection and cosmetics. Karl Lagerfield has stated he wants to marry the feline, who jet sets around the world with him, has thousands of followers on social media, has 2 personal maids and is even able to use an Ipad. 6 - Life of Luxury… Tina and Kate are two collie crosses who belonged to Nora Hardwell. She passed away the day before she turned 90, and she made sure that her beloved pets were well looked after. She left them her home and 4-acres of land, so they could run around and not be uprooted. She also left $560 000.00 so their every need was taken care of. They have a carer and a cleaner, and the house is keep tidy at all times. 5 - Lifestyles of the rich and the famous… Meet Sadie, Sunny, Lauren and Luke, and these lucky pooches belong to Oprah Winfrey. She has a $30 million trust set aside for them. She’s actually quite mum about the spoils her dogs receive, but as a multi-billionaire – you can just imagine what their home life must be like. 4 - I’m worth it… This cats name is Tinker, and he didn’t always have it this good. He used to be a stray cat until he befriended Margaret Lane, an elderly widow. When She passed away in 2003 at the age of 89, she left her 3-bedroomed house to Tinker and a Trust Fund of $125 000.00. There are carers who come in daily to look after the cat. Unfortunately, Tinker didn’t get to stay there long as he began receiving death threats, so he’s now in a safe house – where no one will be able to find him. 3 - Nothing like a bit of controversy… Conchita is the Chihuahua that belonged to Gail Posner, daughter of corporate takeover king, Victor Posner. When Gail passed away at the age of 67, she left behind her $8.3 million mansion in Miami beach and $3 million to the Chihuahua and 2 other dogs. Her son, Brett Carr, says his mother was brainwashed by the household staff to pull such a move, as the staff were left millions to care for the pooches, whereas he was only left $600 000.00. The lawyers are saying Gail had a drug problem, was bi-polar and had cancer, and wasn’t sound to make that decision. 2 - Slow and Steady… Christina Foyle was an eccentric lady from London who was an author and owners of the Foyles bookshop. In her will she left around $73 million to her animals… that’s beside other money she left for various animal shelters. She paid the housekeeper and gardener hundreds of thousands of pounds to remain and look after the animals, which included 15 cats, a dog and 4 tortoises. 1 - Nothing to Cluck about… I’m not sure if this ever came to fruition, but one site mentioned that Miles Blackwell – the publishing giant – had mentioned that he passed away, he would leave $10 million to this hen named Gigoo. Blackwell did pass away, sadly just 3 weeks after his wife, and nothing was mentioned about this hen, although he did leave a significant amount of money to music and art charities.
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Amazing Underground Homes!
We’re always so busy looking upwards at the impressive buildings around us, that we often don’t realize what lies beneath the surface. This is the exquisite hidden villas in Vals, Switzerland and this one is designed to blend in with its surroundings. SeArch and Christian Müller are the people behind the beautiful design, and this villa is located close to the Vals thermal baths. By going underground, they didn’t block any of the pristine views and the ground keeps the building warmer in winter, and cooler in summer. This building is definitely in harmony with nature. 1 - Ups and Downs… The UK is our final destination, and we pop in for a visit at Sedum House in Norfolk. Although parts of the house are above the ground, most of the home has been built into the ground. They focused on the sun, and they’ve built wooden covers to ensure the glass doesn’t get too hot in summer, but doesn’t deflect any sun during the winter. The bedrooms are all underground, which receives natural insulation. 2 - Suits you down to the ground… It’s not just people’s homes that have made the transition to go underground, but there are also several hotels where you can stay, to experience it for yourself. They include Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Arkansas, The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel in Turkey and the Sala Silver Mine in Sweden, just to name a few! 3 - General Direction… Down This absolutely bizarre looking home has been dubbed the Telly Tubby house, and it’s located in Wales. It’s a contemporary home, considered an architectural masterpiece. The entire house is underground, and it was designed by Future Systems. It was owned by Bob Marshall-Andrews, a former member of Parliament and is essentially just one big room inside. Coloured pods have been used to divide the rooms up, and the house blends perfectly with the natural landscape around it. It’s called Malator House, and with it being entirely underground, like all our previous homes – boasts passive energy control. 4 - Brought down to earth… We head over to Poland and take a peek inside an underground home in Lower Silesia. This unusual home is invisible from pretty much every angle, and not everyone can access the grass rooftop, only those living in the home. This home, designed in 2007, allows for some windows which let in quite a bit of sunlight. 5 - It’s a downward spiral… We literally go down under, in the land also considered down under. In Australia, you’ll encounter Coober Pedy, a little Australian town where everyone lives below the surface. This underground town is 846km north of Adelaide, and around 3500 people live there. The view from above makes you believe the place is deserted, so it’s bizarre to discover that there are homes, a church, museums, casino, a pub and even a gift shop, all under your feet! It was established in 1915, where people made the area their home due to the large amounts of opal there. Searing day time temperatures made it impossible to live above ground, so they went under. This is definitely a spot to put on your bucket list.
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27 Unbelievable Laws You Won’t Believe Still Exist!
Remember that it’s illegal to keep ice-cream in your back pocket – but only Sundays! Here are 27 unbelievable laws you won't believe actually exist! 15- Never too cold for ice-cream… But no matter the weather, if you’re in Georgia on a Sunday, having some ice-cream – please remember that it’s illegal to keep ice-cream in your back pocket – but only Sundays! 14 - Book your flight to Hong Kong… A wife is allowed to kill her husband if he has cheated on here though – here’s the catch. It’s only legal if she does it with her bare hands. 13 - Here, I brought you something… It’s still the law in Britain, that any dead, beached whale must be offered up to the monarch before anything else can be done with them… I’m pretty sure they really wouldn’t want a dead whale, and the best move would probably be to call the coast guard! 12 - Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time… Divorced or widowed ladies from Florida, I hate to inform you that it’s absolutely illegal to skydive in Florida on Sunday afternoons – any other day, you’re ok – but just not Sundays! 11 -Not so gay… Vladimir Putin made it illegal for anyone to tell children that gay people exist. No minors may be informed of their existence, and if caught – there would be hefty fines and up to 15 days in prison! 10 - To pee or not to pee… You are one lucky lady if you’re pregnant in the UK, because the whole of the UK is your toilet. Yep, it’s legal to relieve yourself absolutely anywhere – as long as you’re pregnant! 9 - One has a moral responsibility… To not commit a crime , so under no circumstances may you be caught outside your house with sharpies! The US Government have labelled them as graffiti tools, and you can be arrested for waving them around in public. Apparently a 13-year old kid in Oklahoma was sent to juvenile detention for accidentally leaving sharpie marks on his desk, after it bled through his paper. 8 - Ding Dong, the witch is dead… It is clearly stated in Section 365 of the Canadian Criminal Code, that it’s illegal to practice witchcraft under false pretences. The weird thing is, is that they are saying if you’re a proper witch – then it’s totally ok. 7 - No fun to be had… If you visit Eraclea near Venice. The mayor there has banned building sandcastles, collecting shells and even sand. You can get fined up to $400.00 for doing that. It’s all part of their public security protection, because I can just imagine how dangerous a kids sandcastle can be. 6 - Just plain odd… You have to wonder how some of these laws even came in to being, and why they haven’t been updated since they were implemented! It’s illegal to sell cabbages in New Jersey on Sundays. Why that is, I have no idea! 5 - Robbed childhood… In Canada… any comic books depicting criminals and detectives were banned for a really long time. In 1949, that law came into being. The government felt it would influence the minds of their readers. It’s only recently that the law has changed slightly, but now in each cartoon – the criminal has to be arrested at the end. So much for suspense. 4 - Punishment to fit the crime… Note, if you visit California and you were thinking of riding your bicycle in water – well you will have to refrain. I know it’s going to be hard, but sadly it’s illegal there. 3 - My favourite… I actually think this is excellent, and it’s a shame if has to be made the law, and doesn’t come naturally… but in China, it’s the law to visit your elderly parents. They have to visit often, and ensure their spiritual needs are met as well. 2 - No future here… In Iowa, there is a law that states if you are a one-armed piano player, then you have to perform for free. Guess there are not too many around there then. 1 - The cheesier the better… Sad news for cheese lovers, because in South Dakota – you are not allowed to sleep in a cheese factory. This law must be decades old, yet – like many other bizarre laws – is still in place today.
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21 Unbelievable Things That Fell From The Sky
What would you do if money started falling from the sky? What about blood? Yes! There is a story about blood falling from the sky!! Check it out here on 21 Unbelievable Things That Fell From The Sky! 10 - A meaty story… Back in 1976, Mrs Allan Crouch was in her Kentucky farm yard making soap. Next thing, meat starts falling from the sky. Even more strange, 2 men taste it to confirm that it was indeed meat. It was written in the Louisville Medical News Journal that it was probably the “disgorgement of some vultures that were sailing over the spot” 9 - Money doesn’t grow on trees… But it does fall out the sky! A few accounts have been recorded. One in 1957 happened in France, where thousands of 1000 franc notes fell from the heavens. Then again in 1975, apparently hundreds of $1.00 bills fell from the sky in Illinois. 8 - It’s raining, it’s pouring… Blood! Several times it’s been reported that blood has rained down, once in Columbia and more recently in India. The 5th of July 2012 saw a red shower come down in Kerala. Everywhere was just red and pink, and smelt like beetroot. This mysterious rain was initially thought to be mixed with a meteor burst, and it’s also been blamed on extra-terrestrial life. At this stage, no plausible answers have been given. 7 - No Dancing in this rain… Heading to the UK, 4th of March 2001 at Galashiels Academy, David Crichton was giving a soccer class. During the class it began to rain, not just any rain – it rained earthworms. It might have been easier to explain if the day wasn’t clear with no rain predicted! 6 - Total Freak Accident… This poor little boy was innocently playing outside with friends, when a sacrificial goat bolted from the 6th story flat it was held captive in – only to land on the boy. Heval Yildirum died instantly, as did the goat. 5 - Death by lawnmower… This is hard to believe, but during a football game between The Jets and the Patriots in 1979 at Shea Stadium, a man was killed by a flying lawnmower. During half time, model airplanes were flown in the stadium. A plane, which was shaped like a lawnmower, flew into John Bowen and Kevin Rourke. Kevin Rourke died a few days later from his injuries. There were no criminal charges, but there was lawsuit against the Flying Association and the guy who flew the plane. 4 - Lady Luck was on their side! Amazingly, both the turtle and the driver were unharmed in this freak accident. Nicole Marie Biances was travelling on the motorway, when this turtle fell from the sky and smashed into her windscreen. The vehicle in front of her accidently drove over the turtle, causing it fly upwards and backwards, which is how it ended up in the windscreen. Just glad no one was hurt! 3 - A most unusual snow day! In 2007, Siberia reported multi-coloured snow! There was yellow, green and orange – and apparently it was very smelly. It fell in 3 different regions, and it was thought to be the effects of clay and sandy soils in those regions. 2 - Rain rain go away… Especially if you’re going to rain live jellyfish! In 1894 thousands of jellyfish rained down in Bath in England. Again, more than likely the result of a hectic wind carrying them from one point to another… but no documented cases of raining jellyfish since then, thank goodness. 1 - An Apple a day… In December of 2011, more then 100 apples were spotted raining down in Coventry. The apples hit cars, littered the streets and caused a bit of mayhem. It was thought to either be caused by a current of air, lifting them from an Orchid and pelting them down in Keresley, but some people have suggested it fell from an airplane. Where ever they came from, it must have been quite a sight to see.
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19 Unbelievable Ancient Methods of Punishment
From people being skinned alive to dracula's most favorite, these are 19 of the most unbelievable ancient methods of punishment.
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22 Unbelievable items found in the body
Which of these do you find the most bizarre? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to subscribe to our channel for more insane videos just like this – thanks for watching! 15 - A real ear ache… It wasn’t just one or two, but a total of 57 maggots that were discovered in the ear of a 92-year old woman. A fly crawled into her ear, thought it was a great breeding ground and laid its eggs. The maggots spent a good 3 days on the inside, before they were removed! 14 - Peased to meet you… After struggling with a persistent cough, Ronan Svedan from Massachusetts thought he may have a tumor. So he went to get an X-Ray and was super surprised to find a small pea plant was growing inside his lungs! 13 - From Peas to Trees… Artyom Sidorkin, from Russia, was having intense pain in his chest. Also thought to be a tumor, doctors went in to operate. They discovered a fir tree growing inside his lungs, which was already 2 inches long. It was the results of having accidentally inhaling a fir seed. 12 - Not safe for kids… There is a reason why toys have age limits, and that’s because many of them land up inside the mouths of the littlies. One child actually managed to swallow a pretty big Buzz Lightyear figure – which luckily was surgically removed with no side effects. 11 - Make a wish… Not sure how it got inside, but a young girl from Beijing was struggling with ear ache – when she went to doctors, they found a fully grown dandelion inside the child’s ear. 10 - Nothing to laugh about… A chap in China was using a pair of small scissors to clean his teeth after dinner when someone at the table told a joke. Well the joke must have been so funny, the guy swallowed the scissors! 9 - Tall Story… Believe what you want to believe, but a 60-year old man claimed he was sexually assaulted during a robbery. And that’s the story he is sticking to, after doctors found a full size Coke bottle inside his colon, after he went there complaining of severe agony in his abdomen. 8 - I’ll Show You… That’s what one Chinese girl was thinking when she had an argument with her boyfriend, and then proceeded to consume 20 cobblestones. I’m not sure what she was hoping to achieve, but she had thought they could be flushed out by eating and drinking. 7 - The stuff of nightmares… Many things have been known to crawl into ears, and be glad you’re not Hendrik Helmer from Australia. He had unbearable pain in his one ear, and assumed it was a spider. However, that wasn’t the case! It turned out to be a 1 inch cockroach, which a doctor had to remove with some tweezers. 6 - Non-Disclosure agreement… This one went viral in the UK, and was even featured on a BBC Programme called Bizarre ER. A woman was experiencing really bad pains in her pelvic and genital area. She headed over to the ER, because she started getting really worried. Imagine the surprise of doctors when they removed a rolled up poster of Donny Osmond! 5 - Bombs Away… This terrorist thought it a great idea to swallow the bomb, so that he could go through security undetected. What he didn’t realize, was there would be no way to detonate it. I’m pretty sure he would have been locked up the moment they finished this operation. 4 - Talk is cheap… The story spun by a Georgia lawyer, was that he was showering, slipped, fell against his dog and somehow the cell phone plopped right inside him. The phone rang many time whilst inside him, and even during the operation to remove it – causing hospital staff to have one of the funniest operations of their lives. 3 - Spider-Man… This time the item found in the body was by choice… body implants seem to be something that some people really get pleasure from. Anything from horns, and cheek plants and even this creepy plastic spider, implanted under this guy’s skin. 2 - A record-breaker! There are several reports of super long tapeworms discovered in people’s bodies – but the longest documented one, according to reference.com is 108 feet long! Sounds crazy doesn’t it? 1 - Gone Fishing… A popular game over in India is to swallow live fish. Whilst playing the game, a young boy inhaled the fish accidentally. He had to have the fish surgically removed from his lungs.
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Men You Won't Believe Actually Exist
From the worlds longest tongue to the shortest man these are 12 of men you won't believe actually exist! Click Here To Subscribe To Believe That: https://goo.gl/5ozBQp 10. The world’s shortest man was Chandra Bahadur Dangi; he was measured at 21.5 inches and recognized by Guinness World Records in 2012. He was discovered when a man saw him in his village Reemkholi, Nepal. After that, he was photographed with the world’s tallest man Sultan Kosen and instantly rose to fame. Sadly, he passed away recently for unknown reasons but to this day, he remains the world’s shortest man. 9. Sultan Kosen is the official World’s tallest man, and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, he is 251 centimeters tall. There are only ten cases that have been confirmed by people reaching over eight feet tall. He is a Turkish farmer that has a condition affecting his pituitary gland that causes him to grow tall. Here is featured with the familiar face of the world’s shortest man. 8. Byron Schlenker has the widest tongue you’ll ever see at 3.37 inches. Evidently broad tongues run in his family because his daughter Emily also has a wide tongue measuring at 2.89-inch, which is the largest known tongue to any women in the world. He always knew he had a mouthful of the tongue, but when he was helping his daughter with a school project, he saw a picture of the latest widest tongue on a magazine cover he decided to find out if his was larger and it was. 8. 7. On the other hand (or other ‘tongue’) we have Nick Stoeberl, who has the longest recorded tongue. He is from Santa Cruz California and his tongue it was verified at 10.1cm long. He could get a job as a guitarist in KISS, no problem! This guy can go further than licking his nose he can lick his elbow! Nick can even paint with his tongue and has aspirations to become a comedian one day. He has truly got a good reason to be tongue tied. 6. It is odd enough having one albino in the family, but the children of Mario and Angie Gaulin are all albino, that’s FOUR in one family! They are recognized and share the world’s record with the Sesler brothers and have the largest family with the rare condition of albinism in their family. When they were born, they had pinkish eyes, translucent skin, and white hair. The children were born with this genetic condition because the father is albino, and the mother carried the gene. This is amazing. 5. Dede Koswara had a rare disease called Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia which resulted from HPV infections and caused a growth of warts. In his local village, it was believed that he had been cursed. He underwent surgery, and over 13 pounds of warts were removed regardless of the surgery warts kept growing. He required two surgeries every year to keep infections down. Koswara eventually died from this disease. He was a real life Tree Man! 4. Finger nails are strange when they become over an inch long, but Melvin Boothe has the longest fingernails in the world. When you measured them they were all combined at over 32 feet, forget nail scissors; you’d need a chainsaw to cut through those bad boys. Unfortunately, Melvin passed away in 2009 in a car accident. 3.  After 1,000 hours of being modified by hundreds of tattoo artists, Lucky Diamond Rich’s body is now 100% covered in tattoos! Rich has been certified by the World Guinness Book of Records since 2006. He has tattoos covering eyelids, inside of his mouth and even his foreskin! Every part of his body is covered. As a child, he became fascinated by men and women that had the most tattoos in the world. Over one hundred tattoo artists have had the chance to work on Rich’s body. 2. Rolf Buchholz is a German man who has the most (and most painful) piercings in the world! He currently has a total 453 piercings all over his body and along with that a pair of implanted horns. You’re wrong if you think that by looking at him that most of his piercings are on his face. He has 278 in his genital area alone! How on earth did he get all of those piercings in that part of his body? Sorry about the nightmares you’ll be having tonight. 1. Vijay Sharma is Rubber Man! Ridiculously flexible, he can wrap his legs around his head & wind his arms around his back among other crazy show off things. He is well known in India for being able to perform these crazy stunts. As a young child, he used to attempt tricks like Jackie Chan and began to study martial arts. That is when he was noticed by being able to perform unusual maneuvers. He has made appearances nationally and won a silver medal in body flexibility. Thanks for watching!
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18 Most Unusual Buildings in the World
Which of these buildings would you most like to visit? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos just like this. Thanks for watching! 10 - Not just a number… This Barcode Building located in St. Petersburg, Russia, is totally unique. It’s the creation of Dmitry Melentyev and Oleg Kosenko and this bright red shopping mall really stands out from the grey buildings surrounding it. The building has 4-floors, is 1800 square metres, and the barcode façade tells you exactly what you will find inside – lots, and lots of products to buy! 9 - A class of it’s own… It’s been considered the, "most attractive project the architect Rem Koolhaas has ever built". This is the Casa da musica from Portugal, and features impressive glass frontage. The building was completed in 2005 and feature seating for 1300 in the auditorium and the daylight spills into the large room through those massive glass windows. 8 - Going Green… This building has claimed the title of London’s most environmentally friendly building. It’s the PricewaterhouseCoopers building, which has renewable energy sources and a super advanced IT system. Each employee is able to change the light and temperature in their own office space to suit their needs, and it’s hard to believe that it used to be a leaky old building! It emits 40% less carbon then buildings of similar sizes and a saving of 250 000 pound each year on their electricity bill. 7 - A little fun… It’s nice when something as serious as banking can do something quirky like this. The Robot building is located in Thailand, and is home to United Overseas Bank’s Bangkok headquarters. Designed by Sumet Jumsai, it reflects how banking has become so computerised. 6 - I call architecture frozen music… Stunning quote and this Solar Furnace reminded me of that. It’s based in France, and the array of curved mirrors act as a parabolic reflector, which concentrates the light on to a specific focal point. It opened in 1970 and the heat can be used to create electricity, melt steel and some temperatures can reach 3500 degrees Celsius. 5 - Believe it… Of course Ripley’s Believe it or not! Museum has to be something that is – well – hard to believe! And just thinking of how crazy the museum looks on the outside, can only be even more weirder on the inside. It houses 2-headed animals, the world’s rarest egg and more than 500 other unique displays. 4 - Up for a visit? This is the Inverted House from Poland, and it’s become a super tourist attraction in the small village it’s based in. It was completed in 2007 and took 5 times longer to build than a regular home. Workers became very disorientated whilst building, so they had to rest quite often. Even many tourists feel the same strangeness upon entering this house. 3 - Melting Away… This house was part of the Merge Fesitval in London, and don’t worry – it’s not a real home. It’s the creation of British artist Alex Chinnek, who used 8000 red wax bricks to build. It was designed to burn throughout the month, and at the end of the month the roof and base would be the only remaining parts of the house. It was made to celebrate the history of candle making like the old days. 2 - Off to New Zealand… Our next stop is a small village called Tirau in New Zealand, and come the end of the 80’s the village’s tourism numbers were dwindling significantly. Henry Clothier made it a point to turn that around, and along with several other ideas – they turned some buildings into works of art – like the sheep and dog building. 1 - Bang the Drum… A Guinness World Record was set in East Chia with this strange drum-shaped building. It won the title of world’s largest drum-shaped building – no surprises there. It’s nick-named China Drum, and forms part of the tourism and exhibition centre.
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23 Unbelievable Creepy Toys
15 - No need for the tooth fairy… Instead, this is a neat way to keep and treasure your child’s lost teeth. It’s the Tooth Monster Doll, and you can glue or sew the teeth inside the mouth of the doll. That’s just plain gross! 14 - Jack in the box with a difference… To be quite honest, I find Jack in the boxes quite creepy. Even though you know it’s going to pop out, you still get a fright anyway. Kind of like toast popping out when you’re watching it. But for added scariness, this purple Blippy is enough to give kids nightmares. 13 - May I have some more? Looks like it will fit in with Oliver Twist, this is the Little Miss No Name doll created in 1965 by Deet D’Andrade, a famous doll designer. The dolls have no shoes on, have a sac dress and a little tear drop on the face. They are collectors’ items now and there were many different designs of these dolls. 12 - Brought to life… In Toy Story 3, sadly so – because if you thought it was creepy before, now I’m sure you find it even creepier! It’s the Jolly Chimp from the 50’s and apparently has teeth that light up and as an added selling point, eyes that protrude in and out. Makes you want to rush out and buy one right? 11 - Slight oversight.. Luckily kids don’t have dirty imaginations, but wouldn’t it just be slightly better if she was at least wearing some undies, instead of having a naked bottom? 10 - Number 1 and 2.. These are plush toys of poop and pee, and thought to educate your kids about parts of their body or maybe it’s to help with potty training, who knows – I would be pretty embarrased to get this for my kid . 9 - For kids and adults… This is one of the most phallic toys I have ever seen, and maybe a bored housewife has had to shake her head a few times when certain thoughts entered her head… and believe it or not, these wrinkly appendages are still available on Ebay at a price. 8 - Baby’s Gonna Love this… I wonder if they thought that when they bought this creepy plastic looking baby with keys on the side. I’m really glad I wasn’t a kids in the 50’s and 60’s! 7 - Just blow You have to wonder if the people putting all the pieces together were having a massive laugh when designing this inflatable toy. It’s brilliant, and must have caused a few grins and smirks from the unfortunate parents left to blowing this up! 6 - What’s in a name? Would you buy a toy called Epidermit and that looks like this? I thought so! The covering of this Epidermit feels like human skin and the hair, as if it’s real. The toy enables the child to pierce and tattoo it, as if it were real. This is extra weird, apparently it runs on fuel cells and can be “stored in a state of forced hibernation in standard refrigerators” Whatever that means! 5 - A punishment to fit the crime… The Shape Shifter Punisher is just ridiculous to see… I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face watching my kids playing with this toy. Apparently this toy transforms into a gun, but they must have been too far ahead in the production line to can it. 4 - Not top of the Christmas Lists This pole dancing doll is just unbelievable … the box says the product is interesting and that the doll can go up and down, and round and round. The doll is thankfully fully clothed, but I doubt they will remain on for very long. 3 - No sugar coating this… Because kids are totally ready to see one animal goring another… perhaps the perfect present for that kid at school your e not particularly fond of. Sadly though, this toy is no longer available. 2 - It’s all fun and games... This pregnant baby just makes me feel squeamish. To make it more legit, there are stretch marks and even has water that breaks. These dolls are also available with twins inside... 1 - Check things twice… A company called Lisy Corp bought a massive amount of small toys to pop into candy bags. They bought the toys from L&M import and didn’t actually see what they were ordering, or were perhaps sent the wrong order. They packaged around 14 000 lucky packets, with the toy inside. The toy clearly shows a plane between 2 towers and the product number was 9011. The insensitive toys were removed from the shelves after hundreds of complaints were received.
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21 Unbelievably LARGE Animals
Animals come in all shapes and sizes, today we gathered a list of the worlds cutest to scariest large animals! 14 - Size Matters… Longhorn Cattle originate in England and were used as draft animals and milk used for butter and cheese. The longest horns ever measured were 117.25 inches in length, and although this longhorn’s doesn’t reach that length – the thickness of them is super impressive. 13 - New discoveries… Scientists who were conducting an incredibly comprehensive survey in the Antarctic Waters of New Zealand, were excited to discover some pretty big sea animals – including a jellyfish with 12-feet tentacle and these starfish that measured 2-foot wide! They’re called Macroptychaster sea stars and were discovered in 2008. 12 - This is no Babe… The size of this pig is astronomical… and he has the title of the world’s biggest pig. He lives on a farm in Wafagdian City, weighs 1984 pounds and was fed quality food it’s whole life. 11 - Float On… These are Nomura Jellyfish, and you find them off the coast of Japan. They weigh around 440 pounds and are roughly the same size as the Lions Mane Jelly Fish. The Japanese have nicknamed them Godzilla, and although they’re considered edible, they’re not very good quality. 10- Some Bunny Loves you… Well, there’s a whole lot of love to go around. Flemish Rabbits are the biggest rabbits of the rabbit breed. They date back to the 1500’s, and the males can weigh around 22-pounds and the females 20-pounds. They are often displayed as show pets, and can live for up to 10 years. 9 - Shrouded in mystery… One of the world’s largest fresh water fish is the giant sting ray. There is no idea of how many of them are left, where they prefer living and whether they head to the ocean at all. They can reach 16.5 feet and weigh as much as 1320 pounds. There have been reports of these rays pulling boats along in the water and even underwater. 8 - A mighty beast… This is Rupert the cat, who at 3 years of age weighed 3 times that of a regular cat and he was expected to add another 11-pounds to that weight. Rupert will weight around 30-35 pounds as a fully grown adult. 7 - Too good to be true? This giant rat was killed in a NY Foot Locker store in the Bronx in 2012. There are many who claim it to be a fake, but according to many well-reputed websites, it’s very possible that it’s a Gambian Pouched Rat and that this is not the first time rats of this size have been spotted in NYC. 6 - Life is better with a dog… It’s easy to see how Gibson won the title for the World’s Biggest Dog in 2004, because he was 42.2 inches tall. He was a therapy dog and appeared on several television shows. He only lived for 5 years, and sadly lost his fight against cancer. 5 - Mistaken Identity… This is a liger… a hybrid between a male lion and female tiger. They weigh around 900 pounds, and this one is called Hercules – the World’s Biggest Cat. The term liger was coined in the 1930’s and Hercules is expected to live a long healthy life. 4 - Happy Australia Day… Let’s celebrate kangaroos, desert, beer, cricket and really big animals! This saltwater crocodile was captured on film and is thought to be around 18-feet in length. Think I’ll steer away from the waters and go grab a vegemite sandwich. 3 - Moose Ahead… No idea where this image was captured, but this must be one of the biggest moose out there! They are the largest member of the deer family, and can weigh up to 1200 pounds. In the summer they can devour 73 pounds of food a day, and although they’re massive – they’re no match to a bear or a pack of wolves. 2 - Looks can be deceiving… This is a red Tibetan Mastiff, and apparently they can cost over a million dollars for one. In fact, one was bought for 1.5 million, making it the most expensive dog sale in the world. Bearing that in mind, how bizarre is it – that a zoo in China was trying to pass one of these dogs off as a Lion, in the lion enclosure. With that kind of money, why didn’t they just buy a few lions? This one is particularly impressive, with its gigantic size! 1 - Good enough to eat… The Giant African Land Snail is very impressive. They have noted that some shells have grown as large as 7 inches, and they can live for up to 10 years in the ideal living conditions. It’s considered one of the most invasive species in the world, and eats around 500 different types of plants. So if you thought your small snails were a problem, be glad you don’t have these in your garden!
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11 Water Parks You Won't Believe Exist
From the most extreme water slides to pools possibly crawling with crocodiles, these are the most insane water parks in the world… 6 - I love the name of this waterpark… and as long as no white dove is released once you have visited, then we’re all good. According to Frommers Guide book, Noah’s Ark Waterpark is the biggest waterpark in the USA. It has 51 water slides, and of those 51 – there are 4 that definitely stand out. One us called Quadzilla, which is a 4-lane mat racer where you go down head first! If speed is your thing, try the Black Anaconda but it seems that’s even tame to the Scorpion’s Tail… which is just terrifying. 10 stories high, a near vertical drop and dropping 50 feet a second! 5 - Here’s a water park that was featured on The Amazing Race 5, The Amazing Race Asia 1 and The Amazing Race Australia 2… It’s the Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai. With over 30 rides, the park features the Wipeout and Riptide, where you can actually surf! There are only 4 of these in the world! There is also Tantrum Alley, which has nothing to do with noisy toddlers, but rather waterslides and tornados. A slide where you will reach astonishing speeds, and much more. The theme running through the park is an Arabian story of Juha, who goes on loads of adventures with his friend Sindbad. This theme and the detail of the park won them an award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Design and Theme. 4 - Time to go Down Under, and even though this waterpark is outside – it still remains open all year round. The pools and slides are actually heated during the winter months! It’s the Wet n Wild Gold Coast Water Park in Australia, and attracts over 1 million guests every year. Any ride with the name Black Hole should instill fear even in those who believe they are fearless… you are literally entering into pitch black darkness, with no idea of what twists and turns are going to come your way. Their website promises that you will be shaking in your swimmers when you are done with this ride! Of course there are more adventerous rides to head to, like the Kamikaze, where you’ll plunge down a virtually vertical drop - giving you the feeling of zero gravity. .. just don’t eat a big lunch before attempting this one! 3 - Forget the Mickey Mouse ears when you head to this part of Disney World, Typhoon Lagoon got it’s name from the imagined legend of an earthquake, typhoon and volcanic eruption coming together to create a sea inland, including breaker waves. There are 3 million gallons of water in the park, is 61 acres and is great for grown up and kids alike. Just to highlight some of the rides there – there is the Crush N Gusher, and here’s something to think about when you go plunging down these slides – the amount of water in one of these slides, is enough to fill a home pool in one minute! There are Storm Slides, Gangplank Falls, Humunga Kowabunga, Surfing and a Shark Reef – where you can literally swim with tropical fish, sharks and even stingrays! 2 - So what do you do with a gigantic centre that has lost it’s appeal after hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics? Well, you turn it into the Happy Magic Water Cube and it becomes the second most visited tourist destination in Beijing! Another awesome indoor water park, with rides named Aqua Launch, Aqua Loop, Aqua Tube and more. There is a lazy river, floating jelly fish and an incredible wave pool. It’s a marvel to view, as it’s so brilliantly decorated with great attention to detail. Just so you know, this is second on the tourist destination to the Great Wall of China!! 1 - As gorgeous as what this waterpark is, would you believe that it’s actually located right next to a massive rubbish dump? The park focuses on Vietnamese history, and the theme of the sacred animals runds through prominently - the Dragon, Tortoise, Unicorn and Phoenix . Besides the regular rides and slides, there are a few odd things about this park. The Palace of Unicorns is actually a house of horrors – so don’t even think about taking your kids through it, and then they have an enormous crocodile kingdom as well, with over 1500 crocs! So I would be super careful when in the water pools, and be on my guard for an escaped crocodile! We hope you enjoyed our list of water parks you won’t believe exist! Which would be first on your list? Let us know in the comments below and remember to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching!
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15 Incredibly Lucky Finds!
What was collecting dust in a garage in Arizona, ended up being worth $15 million! Gordon Cosgriff had recently retired, and he was clearing out his garage, when he found an LA Lakers basketball poster. He got an appraiser in to get it valued, and whilst the appraiser was sifting through the artwork, when he spotted an orange and green painting – boasting Jackson Pollocks signature! A private investigator was then hired, and it was proven that it was absolutely legit! The painting, as mentioned was worth $15 000.00 10 - Too good to be true… It was 2007 when a family in New York bought a pretty little bowl at a yard sale for $3.00. The bowl remained in their home for a few years, before they decided to get it appraised. The appraiser noted the bowls size, glaze, the floral motif and had a feeling it could be worth something. His feeling was correct, and the bowl was 1,000-years old! It was from China’s Song Dynasty, and valued at $2.25 million! 9 - One a penny… 2 million a penny! A regular penny from 1974 would be worth one cent, but not in this case! Robert Lawrence’s father was the deputy superintendent of the US Mint in Denver. When he passed away, he left some coins to his son. The coins landed up in a sandwich bag lying in his car for a month before he took them to an expert! One penny impressed the assessor, who thought it might be worth $300.00, but on closer investigation, the penny in question was an aluminon penny, one of only 10 made, and valued at $2 million! 8 - Dream come true… Back in 2012, Andy Fields was at a garage sale in Las Vegas, and he paid $5.00 for piece of artwork done by a child. The image was of Rudy Vallee, a well-known singer from the 30’s, drawn in pencils. Fields was blown away to discover that the image was done by Andy Warhol as a child! It was confirmed by Sotheby’s and Bonhams, and is worth $2.1 million! 7 - A piece of history… When you look at this old sweater, you wonder why Sean and Rikki McEvoy even bought it – as it’s so old and worn! West Point was a US Military Academy, and they paid 58 cents for it. They happened to watch a television show about Vince Lombardi, the football coach for the Green Bay Packers, who brought them to 5 NFL championship wins in 7 years! In the documentary, he was wearing this exact sweater! He used to serve at West Point, and the sweater sold at auction for $43,020! 6 - Your Luck Is In… Velvet Underground did a recording back in 1966, which was basically the prequel to their debut album. This recording contained several singles that featured on The Velvet Underground and Nico, and had different takes on their singles, “I’m Waiting for a man”, “Venus in Furs” and “Heroin”. There were only 2 of these recordings made, and this one sold for $25,200! There are various versions, but one that crops up often is that it was found in a thrift shop and bought for 25 cents, before it went on auction. 5 - Mirror Mirror on the wall… When a buyer spotted this pretty mirror at a thrift store, they bought it not thinking too much about it, just knowing they really like it. The mirror was showcased on the Antiques Roadshow in 2010, and it ended up being a 1905 Tiffany Peacock Mirror worth $25 000.00 – apparently 12500 times what the buyer paid for it in the first place! 4 - All but forgotten… That’s what happened here! There was an old theatre that was busy being remodeled in the early 70’s, and inside the old projection they found an original 1931 movie poster from the movie Frankenstein! This kind of merchandise is quickly snapped up by fans, and it was thought the poster would fetch between 100 and 200k, but imagine their surprise when they managed to get a whopping #358, 500.00! for the poster! 3 - One of a kind… Or in this case, 10 of a kind – as only 10 of these handbags were made! John Richard loved rummaging through antiques and would often frequent thrift stores in the hope of something special. He was at Oxfam when he found this old bag in a dusty box in the corner, and he paid 20 quid for it. The bag turned out to have been made by Philip Treacy, a world renowned milliner. It was hand-stitched and was one of 10 made. It originally sold for 200-pounds, and he had an offer of over 200 00-pounds for it! 2 - Oh, this old thing… An employee at a tool and die company in Indiana bought a few pieces of old furniture and a random painting of some flowers, which he used to cover up a hole in his house. A few years after that, he was playing a board game, when one of the cards in the game happened to feature that exact same painting. He had the painting inspected by Kennedy Galleries in Manhattan, and they confirmed it was an unknown Heade painting and he sold it for $1.2 million dollars! 1 - Priceless… I am not sure if this person ever considered selling this book, or finding out what the value is – but it was bought for $2.00 at a flea market, and was signed by Ernest Hemmingway himself!
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29 WORST Logos ever
Have you ever seen a sign that had a different meaning than what the owner intended? Here are 29 HILARIOUS logos ever. 15 - A cup of tea makes everything better… Team it up with a good old fiddle, well – you’re all sorted then. So just head on over to the wanky teapot and you can kill two birds with one stone. 14 - Sending mixed signals… This is an advertisement for stationery, yet that pink object suspiciously resembles a sex toy. Maybe they pretend to sell stationery, because they’re too embarrassed to let people know what they really sell! 13 - Who gives a … Well these guys clearly don’t! Mega Flicks are obviously very aware of the awful font they have chosen for their signage, but they clearly don’t give a … 12 - They got it royally wrong! This one makes it on to every single list available for worst logos ever! Just goes to show the importance of correct spacing! 11 - Have you tried rebooting? I’m pretty sure that’s the first question the Computer Doctors ask you when you call them with an issue. Then these guys start getting a bit more personal and start questioning you about your nether regions. Two for one special at this establishment! 10 - Capital letters are very important! There is a reason why capital letters exist – to avoid situations just like this. Instead of it being Locum, well apparently this company loves cum. At least they’re honest about it! 9 - Subliminal advertising… I don’t know who actually figured this one out, but if you turn the OGC Logo around – well you discover it looks like a man having a jolly good time. 8 - Who are they referring to? The tent or the camper? That camping trip just got a whole lot more interesting – hopefully there are no children around to witness that fully erect person, I mean tent! 7 - Not interested in your business! I’m not sure how you perceive this one. It either looks like he showing the middle finger, or it’s the world’s smallest penis surrounds by gigantic balls. Either way, not the type of image you would want to be portraying for your business, is it? 6 - Giving mixed signals… There is a very good reason why business isn’t going very well for this person. And it’s easily fixed – tighten the gap between the E and the R, and voila – you will no longer be Massage the Rapist, but once again a Massage Therapist. 5 - Couldn’t have said it better myself… This tool shop definitely has the right tools for ANY job. So just pop in and chat to these guys about your requirements, however big or small the job is – they can sort you out in no time. 4 - A lawsuit is soon to follow… Hopefully you don’t have to pass through this check point, because you’re not just going to be checked, but they will throw in a grope as well. I’m sure that there will be a mass of unhappy, violated people opening up a case against these guys! 3 - No more Mr Floppy! Here is one guy that is going to be flaking out anytime soon. Clever advertising though – proving that this satellite dish company will never let you down or leave you disappointed, and considering other options. 2 - Don’t come in, I’m changing! This home doesn’t look ready to greet its guests – as it’s quickly covering its house bits so no one can see it naked. This hug hasn’t quite achieved the desired effect of a hug has it? 1 - The story of where buttermilk comes from… According to this Tesco packaging of buttermilk, and it comes from a place where we don’t want to go. They say new and improved recipe – perhaps some reporters should start looking into this new recipe! Which of these logos did you find the most effective? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more fun videos just like this – thanks for watching!
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22 Unexpected Gifts From Pets
Pets seem to love bringing you gifts, for want of a better word – and I remember years ago receiving a mouse, placed lovingly on my pillow whilst sleeping, by my adventurous cat that I had as a kid. This pooch has picked up a pair of false teeth, and the result is priceless. 10 - Eat your greens! Growing a veggie garden might be futile with this little one around. He loves to find the biggest of whatever is growing at the time, and bring it proudly back to his owner! Maybe, just maybe, this pup is super bright and knows when they’re ready for the picking and feels he is contributing to the household chores! Or am I giving him too much credit? 9 - Welcome home… Here, I got you a present! And another present, and another present! This happens every single time, without fail! 8 - Surprise! It’s moments like these when I would remind myself why I really don’t like surprises! Aren’t you glad you’re not the one on the receiving end of this rather large, disgusting present? 7 - Finders Keepers… I love the look on this kitten’s face! She clearly has a whole story to tell you, all about how she acquired your very special spring that you’re holding right now! You can just tell with this kitty, the gifts are going to get a whole lot more interesting! 6 - Look what the cat dragged in…. After seeing all the lovely gifts our previous animals have dragged in, I’m loving this cat for her unusual offerings. She is so not keen on mice or birds, but rather brings her owns leaves. She’s apparently been doing it for years, and is just as proud each and every time she brings them inside. 5 - Dad’s little helper… The owner of this little guy is pretty lucky, and maybe the guys wife too – as this pooch likes to bring tools from the tool box to him. He’s secretly working with the wife, and dropping him not so subtle hints to get things fixed around the house! 4 - Mom will love this! And this, and this… Here’s a cat who also just loves the act of giving – so much so, that whenever her owner gets home, she has to make sure that she’s waiting with something! 3 - Peace offering… Thank goodness, this little bunny had a happy ending, because this gentle pooch brought him so gently to her owner! So this lucky pet owner scored a baby rabbit, and the dog a little friend! 2 - No competition… I came across a site called thecatdraggedin – and thought perfect for the list, but turns out it was all about one specific cat! There’s no mistaking that this cat is an excellent hunter, much to the dismay of her family. Juliet is her name, and she’s caught moles, lizards, birds, snakes, rats, field mice and even a caterpillar! Some are rescued, but sadly, many just don’t survive. 1 - Unwelcome Visitor… And this unlucky family received monitor lizard the same size as their dog! That is one very brave, or very stupid dog!
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Unbelievably Weird Collections
From a women's collection of dalmatians to the man who collected over 8000 coke cans, here are some of the most unbelievable collections. 15 - A bit dotty… Keren Ferrier is absolutely obsessed with Dalmations, and has collected around 3500 unique spotty items, including her white Smart car which was decorated by big black spots. Sadly she recently got divorced and had to sell her collection worth around $2000.00 (exc her car of course) 14 - Breathe Easy You are witnessing the world’s biggest ABC Ball. If you haven’t ever heard that expression before – neither had I – it stands for Already Been Chewed. Gross, I know. Barry Chappell quit smoking and began chewing nicotine gum… 6 years, 95 200 pieces of gum later and you get this 175 pound gumball. 13 - The Coke side of life… This awesome collection belongs to an anonymous collector who began his collection in the early 80’s. His collection includes over 8000 Coke cans from around the world. 12 - I can’t adult today… It was 1957 when this man got his first Scalextric set when they were officially launched. He auctioned his collection off to raise over $100 000.00. It included over 1000 cars and 2.5 miles of racetrack. 11 - World’s strangest couple… Their house must be absolutely huge, because Bob and Lizzie Gibbons have a collection of 240 love dolls sharing their home with them. Lizzie is super understanding of Bob’s hobby, and actually helps to dress them up and they take them for photoshoots in the mountains. 10 - A stomach churning collection… Luckily they are all empty! Niek Vermeulen has the world’s biggest collection of airsick bags in the world. He has 9290 bags from around 200 countries and 1191 airlines. 9 - Food is my best friend… We head to Japan to meet Akiko Obata who has over 8000 pieces of plastic food. She has toys, magnets, stationery, keychains and much more! 8 - Bring out the cookies… Paul Luke has the most incredible collection of milk bottles ever! He has been collecting since the age of 9 years old, now 33 – he has over 10 000 unique bottles. 7 - Some like it hot… Vic Clinco has a jaw-dropping collection of over 6000 bottles of different hot sauces. He also owns a very rare bottle of the hottest hot sauce on earth – Blair’s 16 Million Reserve. 6 - Quantity and quality… 125 866 is the number of napkins belonging to Martina Schellenerg from Germany. They are arranged and catalogued in separate boxes. I would love to know what inspired her to begin collecting napkins. 5 - Something screwey going on here… It’s taken 50 years for Richard Jones to collect these 3000 nails from around the world. This could possibly be the most boring collection ever! As they say, different strokes for different folks. 4 - No chip on his shoulder… Dave Valentine has a chip packet collection worth over $12 000.00, with around 500 empty crisp packets – some dating back to 1984. His collection includes Monster Munch, Hulp Hoops, Twiglets and many brands no longer made, like Ringos and Griddles. He says that the chip packets these days are very boring compared to the ones from a few decades ago. 3- One for the road… Or how about 70 000! Jeff Lebo has the most impressive beer can collection ever, which has seen him be featured in Playboy Magazine and even appear on the History channel. 2 - It’s No Joke Tony de Santis owns the largest collection of Joker playing cards in the world. No wonder, it suits his profession to the tee. He is a magician in Italy. He has 8520 unique cards in his collection. 1 - A hairy situation… The world’s biggest collection of celebrity hair is owned by John Reznikoff. I have no idea how he actually obtained the hair, but apparently he has hair from Abe Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and even Albert Einstein.
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24 Unbelievable Vending Machines
From a bizarre vending machine selling live insects to a machine that cells used underwear, these are 24 of the most unbelievable vending machines. 15 - A night to remember… If you’re having to head out and buy underwear in the early hours of the morning, it can only mean that you have had a hectic night that you want to remember forever, or forget as quickly as possible! Calvin Klein introduced these vending machines, which sell underwear exclusively! 14 - Lose yourself in a book… I love these vending machines, which allow you to buy a book on the go. Apparently there are some book vending machines that actually print, bind and cover a wide range of books which you can order. It’s great, because you can even print rare titles and books that are sold out in book shops. Amazing! 13 - Got Milk? If not – If you’re in France or Spain, you can just grab a pint from you closest milk vending machine. They were introduced in 2009, by Spanish farmers to cut out the middle man and steadying the price of milk. 12 - Total Comfort food… So if it’s possible to fries out of a vending machine, why not mashed potato? This looks like the most incredible comfort food, and you can find these mashed potato vending machines in Singapore. I hope the gravy is tasty! 11 - Everything is awesome! Clever place to pop this awesome vending machine, it’s found at the Munich train station. So if your kids are driving you a little crazy, this is the answer to keeping them occupied… I can’t guarantee for how long though, but every little bit helps! 10 - So the Lego didn’t work? What about buying them an insect instead? This is sure to captivate them a bit longer then the Lego. In all seriousness though, why on earth would there be a need for a vending machine that sells live insects. I find this rather cruel and sad. 9 - Batteries not included… Well don’t despair, just head outside to the vending machine that stocks a wide range of batteries! With all these vending machines, there might not be supermarkets left anymore! 8 - You never know when the need will strike… So it’s a good thing that they have a vending machine selling sex toys! Because there is absolutely nothing embarrassing about buying sex toys from a vending machine in full view of others. Nothing at all. 7 - Drummers are the best bangers This vending has to be one of the strangest, because you wouldn’t imagine that there would be such a need for drum sticks, strings and picks. But clearly there is! Drummers are covered! 6 - For medicinal purposes only… Marijuana vending machines actually exist, and you can find them in Canada! However, it’s only for medicinal purposes and you need a driver’s license and medical marijuana card to purchase from the machine. 5 - Happy Anniversary hun… This is perfect for the guy who forgot his Anniversary, needs to say sorry or wants to get lucky… these flower vending machines make that all possible! 4 - Well this is handy… Because I can imagine how many women leave home forgetting to put a bra on… it’s a bra vending machine, and of course this can only be in Japan! There is a sizing chart as well, just in case you don’t know your own size and there are a variety of designs available. 3 - For the health conscious… If you’re tired of all the rubbish available to eat from vending machines, this is just perfect for you. It’s salad in a jar, and every day a fresh variety of salads of loaded into the machine. You can purchase one from as little as $8.00 2 - Life is better in flip-flops… This vending machine is awesome, it’s a flip-flop vending machine – and I am sure this is placed in a pretty touristy, beachy part of town. You just never know when you’re going to need a new pair of flops! 1 - Everyone’s an artist! Sometimes the need for a piece of artwork must be so overwhelming, but what do you do if it’s the middle of the night? Head down to the Art O Mat, a vending machine that sells original art work. There are so many different kinds of these machines, with some even selling little matchboxes painted with original artwork .
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20 Bizarre Beauty Treatments
From Kim Kardashian's bizarre vampire facial to the unbelievable bird poop facial here are 20 bizarre beauty treatments that people actually do! 10 - What will they think of next? At a hair salon in London, they are offering clients a special deluxe blow-dry. Why is it so special? Because they use bull semen hair conditioner! Don’t worry, it’s not smelly and does wonders for your scalp and hair! 9 - What’s for lunch? How about some Pig Trotters? This anti-aging craze began in Japan, but has branched out to New York City. In a nut shell, you literally eat pig trotters which are said to be rich in collagen. By consuming them, you will ensure smoother more youthful looking skin. 8 - No beer goggles needed… If you’re keen to rid your body of toxins, get your body shining and refreshed, then head over to Europe – because beer baths are now available at many hotels. Apparently this is not a new concept, and was around in the middle ages. It’s also said that beer baths boost the immune system and regenerate skin cells! 7 - Chocolate makes everything better! Now this is my kind of treatment… dark chocolate facials and body massages! Not only is the chocolate crammed with anti-oxidants, but chocolate contains feel good chemicals, including serotonin. It’s also said to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars. Def. one I would try! 6 - An itchy experience! This bizarre treatment is available in Italy and just looking at it makes me want to scratch. It’s a hay bath, with the spa stating the following about the therapy: "mountain hay from 1800m altitude with many different herbs relaxes your tired muscles and strengthens your immune system." I’m not convinced. 5 - Sounds a bit off… Literally, this therapy is called Sound bathing – available in California. It’s a “60-minute sonic healing session.” There are crystal bowls playing music, and you rest in the middle of them. Afterwards, you feel relaxed and apparently the sound is good for your immune system too. 4 - Not so secret ingredient! Breast milk is part of the $50.00 facial you can get in Chicago. They say the lauric acid in the milk helps skin prone to acne. I would love to know where they get their milk from! 3 - Safety first… This is a fire facial, and if you’re brave enough, you can head to China to try one out for yourself. It allegedly stimulates the skin and prevents wrinkles developing. A towel is soaked in alcohol and a special cream applied to the face to prevent being burnt. It looks far too dangerous to be legal. 2 - A body wash with a difference… Would love to know how they market this, this is an Ant Body Wash. It is said to be refreshing and helps with energy levels. Ants have a high content of formic acid, which help remove dead skin cells. It’s great for those with slow metabolisms and oily skin as well. 1 - You can never have too much butter! This isn’t a very well-known therapy, and generally only found in Ethiopia – it’s a 45 minute massage, from head to toe, using butter! Hands and feet are covered with plastic bags, and then the women are given a chunk of butter to rub over her nether region. They are then taken to a room with rows of loos and holes puffing out smoke. The women are wrapped in blankets and sit over the smoke hole, and stay like that till the butter melts. This practice is said to tighten up vaginal muscles after pregnancy… don’t see it becoming popular very quickly.
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22 Bizarre Dating Sites
Some people look for true love in strange places like on the internet, the most bizarre websites to find a boyfriend or girlfriend 15 - They don’t make grannies like they used to! If you were hoping to match with the granny you never had, to bake your delicious treats – well this is not the site for you. It’s a kind of x-rated site, and as the site very boldly says on their home page – “Because Experience Counts.” Not safe for work! 14 - Not so smitten… Anyone who goes on this site is probably not entirely head over heels in love with their partner. Can Do Better is a dating where you post a picture of you and your partner, and users can rate whether they believe you can do better, or your partner can do better. Be prepared to receive some pretty intense feedback. 13 - Games Unite… Star Trek Dating.com… I almost feel like I can just leave it right there! So if you’re a Trekkie – it’s definitely worth checking out. 12 - There’s hope… 20% of relationships began online, and as you can see there is a site to match every possible personality. If you’re a salad lover, and interested in finding your salad soul mate – well you can do that too! Search for salad mate online, and connect with others who also prefer olive oil on their salad as opposed to Ranch dressing, or whatever suits your taste buds best. 11 - If I were a zombie… I’d eat you the most. Zombie Passions is an online dating site targeted at zombies and zombie lovers. This is one first date that I would love to be a fly on the wall for. Perhaps they will order brain burgers for their main meal, what do you think? 10 - We complete each other… This is one fetish that I struggle to understand, but it’s there and although not widely popular – at least there’s a place that caters for it. Diaper Mates is an online community, linking people who have an interest in adult diapers. There are video links, images and chat rooms – and hopefully someone will find their true love. 9 - Nothing can stand between us… Except a few bars, and a few policemen… but even Women Behind Bars deserve a chance at finding true love. Hence, the womenbehindbars online dating site was created, because there’s nothing better than having a little extra excitement in a relationship. 8 - Those three little words… And I’m not talking about I love you. I’m speaking about I have herpes. Don’t worry about it, just register on herpesfish.com and meet others who share the same STD. It will sure help a lot before you get down and dirty with your partner. 7 - Life is better gluten free… But boy can it be tricky when it’s just you eating gluten free and not your partner… so I’m sure this site is a winner! This gluten free dating site was said to be the best up and coming dating site. 6 - Take my breath away… And I’m not talking about the love! This site is specifically designed for those that are, as they put it “green friendly”. Basically, it’s there to connect people who both enjoy getting high… I doubt that this will negatively affect sites like Tinder, or match.com 5 - Clowning around… This site says, everybody loves a clown, let a clown love you… clown dating is an actual thing, and it’s here that you can connect to others who share your passion for white face paint, big grins, red noses and multi-colored hair! I promise you, it’s no joke! 4 - Dress-UP Day… Are you that person who never turns down an opportunity to dress up like an animal? Are you looking for someone who shares that passion? Called Furries, it’s a subculture which is basically animals with human characteristics or personalities. Think Zootopia. Furrymate.com is where you need to go to right now to find your pawfect match. 3 - Love Hurts… Are you frustrated at not being able to share your love with a fellow vampire? Fear no more… or fear more! Here is a site which guarantees you will hook up with a real vampire! It’s something to sink your teeth into! 2 - It’s in your blood… Ninja enthusiasts, your areas is covered too! Ninja Passions understands that you need to find the right person who shares your enthusiasm about all things Ninja. So whether you’re an expert of a Ninja wannabe, you’ll find your match here! 1 - Keeping it hot! It can be pretty frustrating taking a potential partner out on a date, and they give you the “I don’t eat spicy foods line.” You know right away it won’t work out… so hot sauce passions is the perfect site for you, as anyone registered on the site is going to share your love of anything hot and spicy!
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Unusual Cemeteries From Across The Globe
Have you ever visited any of these cemeteries? If so, which one? Share your story with us in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos just like this, thanks for watching! 10 - Space Saver… As you know, space is very limited in Japan. Bearing this in mind, some Graveyard plots can cost up to $100 000 each! So, Kiyoshi Takeyama, an architect, has come up with a brilliant solution for storing the deceased. He designed this bright blue room, which contains 2000 little glass boxes, holding the ashes of loved ones. You get a little ID card that helps to locate your specific box, which lights up for you to find. Regardless of what your faith is, anyone can be buried here. 9 - Swimming with the fishes… This isn’t a bad place to have your final resting spot. This is Neptune Memorial Reef in Florida, which has sometimes been described as a mausoleum. It’s located 40-feet under water and the structures are a combination of cement and the remains of a cremated human. So, after you’ve been cremated, they make you into an underwater statue – a great place for marine life to hide, live and swim through – but it is pricey, so if you want to do this – start saving now! 8 - Enter at your own risk… Of course, when you think of cemeteries, you think of ghosts and spirits and of them being haunted, and this one is considered one of the most haunted in the world! It’s the Bachelor’s Grove Chicago cemetery and it opened in 1844. During the 70s and 80s, interest peaked – as many stories started coming out about this cemetery. Sightings include weird orbs, phantom vehicles, ghostly figures, a black dog, monks and some people said they were terrorized! I would not take my chances there, how about you? 7 - Gone and forgotten… The only unusual thing about this graveyard, is that for most people – they wouldn’t even know of its existence. This is Plot E located in the Oise Aisne American Cemetery over in France. There lie 94 American soldiers who were convicted for conducting capital crimes during WW1 and 2. They were all executed, and there are no names indicating who is lying there. No flags are allowed to fly over the site, and it can only be accessed through a caretaker’s office. 6 - Graveyard shift… This is the world’s biggest cemetery. It’s Wadi-US-Salaam and it’s located in the Middle East. It expands over 1400 acres and has 5-million bodies there. The space is running out though, and plots have been stolen, sold illegally and bodies buried on top of others without anyone knowing about it. 5 - Ashes to ashes Dust to dust, and there’s plenty of that at Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh – which has been around since the 1560’s. This Graveyard is considered Scotland’s most haunted one, and there you will find the restless spirit of George Mackenzie, who is said to be responsible for bruising, cuts and bites on visitors. Visitors have also spoken of strange sensations when they’re taking part in the ghost tour. Sounds spooky enough to me! 4 - Looking to the future… Hong Kong have a serious problem with space too, and they’re now looking for other options to bury their dead. One of the ideas is a Floating Eternity Cemetery, which is exactly what the name suggests. The structure would come close to shore on certain days of the year, where people can get together to pay respects to their loved ones. 3 - Wake the dead… Sadly, when people are buried – many of their traditions and culture are buried with them – especially as the years pass by. The Cemetery Center + Museum in Virginia, takes you back in time with their permanent and evolving exhibits. They show you how mourning took place all those years ago, and give you a glimpse into the past. 2 - Come dine with me… And my deceased relatives. Sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it, but the New Lucky Restaurant in India comes standard with ancient Muslim graves all around their restaurant. Just make sure you’re not squeamish! 1 - All that remains… Would you believe that those two little shapes used to be part of a cemetery? They are in fact the only remains of Richard and Catherine Dotson. The Savanna Airport in Georgia was built on a gravesite, and this family was the only one that didn’t give the airport permission – however, it didn’t stop them from going ahead, and this is what remains of them. Would it be considered the smallest graveyard in the world? I’m not sure.
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16 Most Insane Discoveries
Which of these discoveries did you find the most intriguing? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos, just like this – thanks for watching. 10 - Wind beneath my wings… These lines are known as the Nazca Lines, and were only discovered in the 1900’s – because it was literally impossible to see them, unless you were directly above them. These are ancient geoglyphs, created between 500 BC and 500 AD by the Nazca people. Some believed them to be messages to their gods, whilst others believe it has something to do with constellations. 9 - Perfectly Preserved... This is the Grauballe Man, and the reason why he is such a unique find – is that he is perfectly preserved. His fingernails and hair is still there, and it was possible to garner a lot of information because of that. It would appear that he was sacrificed, more than likely in the hope of better harvest. 8 - Be glad it’s extinct! Imagine having this bird alive today – I would be freaked out! This massive claw, belonging to an Upland Moa, was discovered in 1985 in Mount Owen over in New Zealand. It is so perfectly preserved, you would think this animal just died recently, as opposed to in 1500 AD. 7 - Man Cave… These are the Longyou Grottoes, and they date as far back as 212BC. It covers a massive area, of around 30 000 square metres. There are rooms, pools and bridges inside these caves in China. Engineers, archeologists and historians have all tried to work out how they were constructed, but no one can figure it out. 6 - Them bones, them bones… It was in Dorset, that some railroad workers dug up a burial ground of Viking warriors. Not too much is known about these bones, except that the Vikings were beheaded from the front as opposed to the back. 5- Speaking of bones… Over in Sweden, during an excavation project of a bed in Motala, diggers found quite a few skulls that had massive stakes driven right through them. One of the skulls had several pieces of other skulls, stuffed inside it. It dates back around 8000 years – and whatever happened there could not have been good! 4 - Beary unusual discovery… In Peru, an unknown tomb was discovered dating back to pre-Inca civilization. The tomb was said to belong to a nobleman, and inside they discovered the bones of an adult male plus various bit and pieces, showing the man’s elite status. These feline paws made from metal were also discovered inside the tomb, and thought to be part of a costume they would use during ceremonial combat. The winner would get to keep the paws. 3 - Hoax or not? John Williams says he discovered this rock with a plug in 1998. Many UFO enthusiasts swear that this is proof that aliens have made their way down to earth. Williams says he will sell the rock for $500 000.00, and says that even some geologists have confirmed that the rock is not made by humans. Some claim the rock to be 100 000 years old. 2 - Knowledge is power… It was in Jordan that a lot of ancient books were discovered. The books are made out of copper and lead, and date back to around the 1st century, AD. There were 70 books, amongst other important items discovered. The inscriptions are in ancient Hebrew, and lots of symbols. It has been said that the books could possibly be the earliest Christian writing to exist. There are many who believe these books to be a hoax, and that the text is gibberish. 1 - Planes, Trains, Trucks and Toys… There are quite a few of all of those at the bottom of the ocean, but this time we focus solely on the trains. In 1985, a Train Graveyard was discovered off the coast of New Jersey. Many of the trains were dating back to 1850. What a shame they are there, and not on display in a beautiful train museum.
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30 Unbelievable Sand Sculptures
Which of these sand sculptures was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, subscribe to our channel for more incredible videos just like this. Thanks for watching. 30 Unbelievable Sand Sculptures 20 - Realism at its best… This sand sculpture is so realistic; you can almost hear the couple breathing! The man falling asleep whilst reading, the woman up on her elbows – probably having just moaned at her kids to get back to bed! 19 - Life is a work of art… This is a very unusual creation and I wish I knew more about it. The figurines face looks so life-like and peaceful, and it seems there is a story behind this piece. 18 - Spine Tingling… This is a powerful piece, where are all these people going?, Why does the artist depict these people as carrying a heavy burden? And how long did it take him or her to create this amazing scene? 17 - Going on Safari… And you’re lucky today, because you can witness a slumbering Lioness. Just be sure to stay quiet so you don’t wake her up – you don’t want to be her next catch. 16 - The Little Mermaid… Many of these sand creations depict the mysteries of the ocean, and this mermaid is just stunning, as she gently cradles these dolphins. That could even be Prince Eric’s ship that she is next to. 15 - No beach sand, No problem… So it’s not just beach sand that can create beautiful sand sculptures, but it would appear any kind of sand really. This cow and milkmaid are perfect replicas of the real deal, and the colouring of the sand makes it even more eye-catching. 14 - Movie Time… The sharks from Finding Nemo come to life in this amazing sand sculpture. Bruce, the Great White, Chum the Mako Shark and Anchor the Hammerhead Shark. Our favourite vegetarian team all look ready for take 1. 13 - Making a splash… As I mentioned, it’s very often that you find the sea stories coming to life in artist sand creations. Here Neptune is seen rising above the waves . Isn’t it amazing what you achieve with just sand and water? 12 - Died Trying… It looks like these guys were a little on the unlucky side and perished before they had a chance to find their hidden treasure. You’ll find many of the artists armed with spray bottles of water, to get water into those tricky spots. 11 - Enter at your own risk… There’s so much happening in this sand sculpture, it’s hard to take it all in. Apparently once designs are finished, they are sprayed with a mixture of 85% water and 15 % glue, which creates a thin crust over the sand to keep it in place. 10 - Fairytales – you’re never too old And this time we see one coming to life – it’s so perfect you would imagine seeing this at a place like Disney World. It’s believed that sand sculpting began in ancient Egypt, where they used to create 3 plans before beginning to work on a building. 9 - Everyone’s Favourite Family… You can just picture the Itchy and Scratchy show they’re watching on their telly in front of them. In the states there are only about 40 full-time sand sculpture – the rest doing it just for a hobby. 8 - Larger than life… That was definitely Marilyn Monroe – in person and in this amazing creation of the former actress and model. Monroe had a very tough time whilst growing up, and yet overcame everything to live an incredible, albeit short life. 7 - Attention to detail … The time it must take to create something as intricate as this, must be enormous. If you’re wondering, exactly how much sand there is in the world… this is what the net says. Assuming the grains are all the same size – there would be roughly 7 quintillion 5 hundred quadrillion grains. “ 6 - Reaching New Heights… Firstly, let me tell you – this is not the tallest sand castle in the world, but it’s still impressive. Artists begin sculpting from the top down, so that the excess sand doesn’t fall on to their already created parts of the sculpture. 5 - That’s not very nice! This is something you can see a big brother doing to his kid brother – pushing his head into the sand, but this sculpure perfectly shows the pressure exerted by the hand, and the anger and hatered in the mans face. 4 - Arabian Nights… This creation was on display at the cin Kuwait, and the artist said it was depicting a scene from Arabian nights. It’s at this festival that visitors will encounter some of the world’s biggest sand sculptures. 3 - Follow the Yellow Brick Road… Or this time, the brown sand road – as you join Dorothy, Toto, Tinman, Scarecrow and cowardly lion as they make their way to the Wizard. 2 - A Visit to the Sea This astounding sea side village was the creation of Jino van Bruiessen and Peter Redmond from Melbourne. 1 - Atlantis is real… Sandis Kondis and Sue McGrew have worked tirelessly to recreate the mystical Atlantis, using nothing but sand, water, time and talent.
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Pubg Hints Tips Guide Pubg Hints Secrets The Upside to Pubg Game Modes Pubg Game Modes Can Be Fun for Everyone When you launch the game for the very first time, you have to first pick a username before going into the character creator interface. If you prefer, you can host a customized game with a group of friends and make your own rules. Unfortunately, theres no game out there which exactly resembles GGO. Games unfortunately are a luxury and not a necessity, so they are most likely likely to be among the very first things to think about when deciding where you have to cut back on so far as your budget is concerned. Because it is a popular game. The British game is different than the majority of the others on the planet at the present time. If you believe there are different games like PUBG which are not on the list, and that we ought to cover, dont hesitate to set them in the comments below. Previous and current players can often provide a lot of insight into the advantages and disadvantages of each website, which will be able to help you decide. They start with a pickaxe that can be used to break down objects in the world. They are also limited to only six crate purchases a week. The greater skin value a player increases the pot, the greater chance the player has to win. You may also take items from different players who have died. You dont need to understand different players to have a very good time playing by yourself can be a whole lot of fun, in fact but its a multiplayer-only game that takes a constant connection to the net. It is going to be intriguing to observe how close you were to other players through the full match without ever even knowing. Vital Pieces of Pubg Game Modes Event Mode is going to be unranked, but players will nonetheless earn BP. It will be available for everyone who owns the game, and can be accessed from the main menu. Zombie Mode is going to be played by many human teams in addition to 90 zombie players that will attempt to eliminate each other in the battlefield. Theres currently not an unranked mode either, so youll probably die early and often whenever youre just beginning, which might become frustrating. The solo mode doesnt ask that you team up with different buddies. Each game mode delivers a completely special experience and tests your limit in various ways. The squad game mode permits you to form a group of 4 players. Pubg Game Modes Can Be Fun for Everyone Based on everybodys skills, maps differ from close range to medium or massive places. Since that time, the community-made map was retooled and remastered nearly a dozen times, and is presently known as Dust2. The in-game map outlines the circular zone which you want to reach from the offset, and the HUD shows a handy graph of the rest of the distance youve got to cover and how long youve left to get there. The new PUBG map is going to be a 4x4 kilometers in proportion, a quarter size of Miramar map, so the matches can be held at a significantly faster pace. In any event, you should keep moving towards a gradually shrinking playable place. Also, there arent any danger zones in the game to assemble player. The New Angle On Pubg Game Modes Just Released Your game style has an important role here. Until then, make sure you check Battlegrounds to find out whether the customized match feature is up and running. With a number of the games finest players and most well-known streamers attending, its going to be the very first showcase of PUBGs esports potential. You can find with some completely new blend of cocktail drink and have fun naming it. The usage of oral histories is quite specific and very intricate. A wonderful case of the particular abilities is Faceless. Itas one any variety of others would do. Contrary to other lists, the amount of appearances made by the players is taken into account. Before you begin a Call of Duty WW2 Nazi zombie game, equip the exceptional ability that enables you to shoot infinite ammo for a temporary time period. What You Dont Know About Pubg Rating You havent tasted the authentic Italian cuisine till you eat in Puglia. Utilizing traditional and contemporary techniques of brewing, its known for some exceptional beer tastes. If youre browsing for some normal British beer taste, then its possible to bank upon Carling, which is an organization that itself believes there is nothing better than the British barley. Halloumi cheese has a rather significant melting point that makes it perfect for grilling or frying. Its possible to opt from a number of alcoholic drinks but then, you need to know their names. You also get a totally free birthday drink. When a specific alcohol is mixed with fruit juice, liqueur or other flavors in a particular proportion, its referred to as a cocktail. What You Need to Know About Pubg Rating If youre thinking of visiting the Harry Potter Wizarding World, you are going to want to get the actual perspective on what to anticipate. With a timeless haunting, the soul of a dead person has made a decision to stay behind for numerous factors. Okay, unless youve been buried beneath a rock for a gamer, you already understand what TitanFall is about. Either way, be certain the fan you get is UL Listed for the application you need so you know that it can be safely installed without developing a possible electrical hazard. In more humid climates, outdoor fans are a really good pick for every room in the house. If youre planning on installing a ceiling fan in an outdoor place, its important to buy a fan thats designed particularly for that goal. Games you make decisions Funny games with no sound Play games online farming Twitter app store games Barbie fashion games download free Play good old games Free bonus slots downloads Download free mobile video games Coloring for kids online games Cooperative survival games pc Assassins creed brotherhood deluxe All makeup and makeover games Steam inventory item missing Interactive movie pc games Cool car simulator games Brown suede heel boots Free girl games online fun Mobile most popular games Games from windows vista Team academy cs go Download windows old games Lego zoo animal games Puzzle games for dogs Free no download wolf run slots All baby fashion games Games freedom fighter download Games online learn english Double trouble games frozen All new mobile games sites Fighting play free games Free no money casino games Minecraft rpg mod inventory Coldplay astero adventure of a lifetime Drag racing games cars Minion running games online Steam games pc requirements Search games by 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