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Sharks Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo Dubai Mall *HD*
Dubai, U.A.E- The video shows the Largest Acrylic Panel Aquarium in the largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall. Aquarium boasts a number of dangerous sharks on display along with host of sting rays and other species. Lot of people just enjoy it from outside (free), costs over 100 dirhams for inside tour. The tour also includes underwater zoo with various species of fishes on display. Music Creative Commons License-Bilou le skankerfou-La marche arabisante
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Betaab Valley Beautiful Pahalgam Kashmir India *HD*
Betaab Valley, Pahalgam, Kashmir, India: The video shows the popular attraction in Pahalgam, Betaab Valley, the place where Hindi movie Betaab was shot. Amazing place with beautiful landscape on the banks of Lidder river. Music Creative Commons License Circle of Trees by Steve Tilleli and Hara Chakra Meditation by Santimonia.org Betaab valley is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Pahalgam in Anantnag district in India's northernmost state of Jammu and Kashmir. The valley got its name from the Sunny Deol-Amrita Singh hit debut film Betaab.The Valley is towards northeast of Pahalgam and falls between Pahalgam and Chandanwadi and is en route Amarnath Temple Yatra. The valley surrounded by lush green meadows, snow clad mountains and covered with dense vegetation. Betab Valley is a very popular touristic destination. Betaab Valley is also a favorite campsite of travelers as it also serves as a base camp for trekking and further exploration of the mountains. The valley is a walk-able distance from Pahalgam. The crystal clear & chilly water of the stream bubbling down from the snowy hills is a delight; locals here drink this water too. Baisaran and Tulian Lake are few nearby attractions that can be visited.
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Inside Abu Dhabi International Airport Etihad Airways *HD*
Abu Dhabi Airport, U.A.E - Video shows the interiors of Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1. Not in the same league as Dubai airport, but new infrastructure is coming up. The video also shows the city skyline from Etihad airlines.
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Frankfurt Airport Germany *HD* - Spotting, Terminal, Landing, and Takeoff
Frankfurt Airport, Germany: The video captures the heavy aircraft traffic at the Frankfurt International Airport, the interiors, flight landing, and takeoff. Amazing to observe how passenger planes, cargo, their arrival, and departure is being orchestrated 24/7. Music Creative Commons License Today Then Tomorrow by Danosongs.com
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Ganga Aarti Varanasi India *HD* - Holy River Ganges Hindu Worship Ritual
Ganga Aarti Varanasi (Benaras, Kashi), India - The video shows the Hindu religious ritual of worship for the holy river Ganges. The ceremony happens everyday from 6.30 -7.30 pm at Dashashwamedh Ghat on the Ganges river banks. A must watch event while in Varanasi, and is enjoyed by locals and tourists from all over the world. Dashashwamedh Ghat (दशाश्वमेध घाट) is the main ghat in Varanasi on the Ganges River. It is located close to "Vishwanath Temple" and is probably the most spectacular ghat. Two Hindu mythologies are associated with it: According to one, Lord Brahma created it to welcome Lord Shiva. According to another legend, Lord Brahma sacrificed ten horses during Dasa -Ashwamedha yajna performed here. Aarti is said to have descended from the Vedic concept of fire rituals, or homa. In the traditional Aarti ceremony, the flower represents the earth (solidity), the water and accompanying handkerchief correspond with the water element (liquidity), the lamp or candle represents the fire component (heat), the peacock fan conveys the precious quality of air (movement), and the yak-tail fan represents the subtle form of ether (space). The incense represents a purified state of mind, and one's "intelligence" is offered through the adherence to rules of timing and order of offerings. Thus, one's entire existence and all facets of material creation are symbolically offered to the Lord via the Aarti ceremony.The word may also refer to the traditional Hindu devotional song that is sung during the ritual. Varanasi is a city on the banks of the Ganges (Ganga) in Uttar Pradesh, 320 kilometres (200 mi) southeast of the state capital, Lucknow. It is the holiest of the seven sacred cities (Sapta Puri) in Hinduism and Jainism, and played an important role in the development of Buddhism. Some Hindus believe that death at Varanasi brings salvation. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Varanasi is also known as the favourite city of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva as it has been mentioned in the Rigveda that this city at older times was known as Kashi or "Shiv ki Nagri".
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Arlanda International Airport Stockholm *HD*
#ArlandaAirport, #Stockholm, #Sweden: The video shows the inside of Arlanda terminal 5. The airport has a very warm and personal feel to it - lot of eateries, people enjoying their drink, and pleasant ambiance. Sweden's standard of living is very high and the airport reflects that as well. Best mode of transport is Arlanda express train, starts from the terminal 5, costs around 260 SEK, and connects to Stockholm center; T Centralian metro is right next to it. The metro network, and the public transport in general, is just too good, reaches to every parts. Loved the city, its warm people, and quality of life it offers.
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Beautiful Srinagar Dal Lake Shikara Boat Ride Kashmir India *HD*
Srinagar, Kashmir, India: Video shows the Shikara (Boat) ride on very popular Dal Lake in Srinagar. Shikara ride is a must do activity for every tourist and is popular the world over, along with the stay in over 1000 House Boats on the lake. Boat passes through Nehru Garden, Floating Market, Village, Vegetable Farms, Lotus Farm, House Boats, and Meena Bazaar. The ride takes at least 1 hour and really very enjoyable. Music Creative Commons License Rain in Vancouver by Teru Dal lake is mentioned as Mahasarit (Sanskrti-महासरित्) in ancient Sanskrit texts. Ancient history records mention that a village named Isabar to the east of Dal Lake was the residence of goddess Durga. This place was known as Sureshwari on the bank of the lake, which was sourced by a spring called the Satadhara. During the Mughal period, the Mughal rulers of India designated Kashmir, Srinagar in particular, as their summer resort. They developed the precincts of the Dal lake in Srinagar with sprawling Mughal-type gardens and pavilions as pleasure resorts to enjoy the salubrious cool climate. After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, which led to the disintegration of the Mughal Empire, Pashtun tribes in the area around the lake and city increased, and the Durrani Empire ruled the city for several decades.In 1814 a significant part of the Kashmir valley, including Srinagar, was annexed by Raja Ranjit Singh to his kingdom, and the Sikhs grew in influence in the region for 27 years.
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The Dubai Mall Worlds Largest Shopping Mall *HD*
Dubai, U.A.E: The video shows the interiors of world largest shopping mall- The Dubai Mall. The place is really huge and gives ache on feet when done touring -restaurants, shops, ice rink, aquarium, at the top burj, gold souk, and more. Multiple visits is required to cover this place completely, a place the size of 50 football pitches can't be covered in one day. The fountain show at the mall outdoors is exceptional, happens every 1/2 hr till 11 pm and plays one song. The mall has a Metro Link- a walkable tunnel which directly connects to the metro station. The place is epicenter of Dubai tourism, always buzzing with tourists. Way to Burj Khalifa top is from within the mall. Music Creative Commons License: Benjamin Moreau Concerto Pour Violon, Album: Orchestral Petra
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Baisaran Pahalgam India's Switzerland kashmir *HD*
Pahalgam, Kashmir, India: Video shows the popular attraction in Pahalgam, Baisaran also called Switzerland of India, a place with majestic panoramic view, beautiful meadows, and lovely pine trees with Himalayas mountain in the back drop. A must visit while in Pahalgam (95kms Srinagar). Music Creative Commons License Rain in Vancouver by Teru and Hara Chakra Meditation by Santmonia.org
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Dal Lake Srinagar Shikara Boat Ride Early Morning Kashmir India *HD*
Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir, India: Video shows the Shikara (Boat) ride on very popular Dal Lake in Srinagar at early morning. Shikara ride is a must do activity for every tourist and is popular the world over, along with the stay in over 1000 House Boats on the lake. Music Creative Commons License Rain in Vancouver by Teru
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Toy Train Darjeeling Himalayan Steam Railways India - World Heritage Site *HD*
Toy Train, Darjeeling, India: The narrow gauge train, opened in 1881, is listed as the Mountain Steam Railways of India World Heritage Site in 1999, only the second railway to have this honour bestowed upon it. This extremely popular tourist train runs from Darjeeling to Ghum, India's highest railway station, through Batasia Loop stop which has a Gorkha Memorial. During peak season, tickets must be booked in advance, the journey takes around 2 hrs, and is a top attraction of Darjeeling.
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Amazing Munnar Drive Teagarden Landscape kerala India *HD* മുന്നാർ
#MunnarTeaGarden, #KeralaTourism, #Thekkady: The video shows the amazing car drive in Munnar through never ending Tea Gardens landscape. This 30 kms route from Munnar towards Thekkady on NH 49 is among the very best in India, scenery is just breathtaking. The drive on this route is highly recommended and is the highlight of Munnar and entire Kerala tour.
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Goa Monsoon - Train Through Dudhsagar Falls Tunnel *HD* гоа дудхсагар фаллс
Goa, India: гоа дудхсагар фаллс Dudhsagar Falls -The video captures the Indian railways train, passenger and freight, passing through tunnel in beautiful monsoon settings near Dudhsagar falls in Goa. The falls are really majestic and a must visit while in monsoons, and train sights through tunnel under rain is just amazing.
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Beautiful Abu Dhabi Top 5 Attractions City Tour *HD*
Fast and Furious Abu Dhabi Attractions U.A.E - The video shows the highlights of the city, the key attractions, from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to $3 Billion Emirates Palace Hotel to Corniche and Marina Area. The video is shot by GoPro Hero 3 in 1080p, 2.7k, and 4k mode. Attractions: 1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 2. Emirates Palace Hotel 3. Abu Dhabi Corniche Area 4. Abu Dhabi Marina 5. Abu Dhabi Airport Music Creative Commons License Arabic by Mirek Krawcyzk and Arabic Rap by Mazy
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Marina Bay Sands Skypark Infinity Pool Singapore in 4K - World's Highest Pool on 57th Floor
#MarinaBaySands #SkyparkInfinityPool, #SingaporeAttractions, #Singapore: The video captures 150m Skypark Infinity Pool on the 57th floor of the most expensive stand-alone integrated resort property ever built with $8 Billion investment- Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. This world's highest infinity pool is open only for guests from 6am-11pm. The views from the top are breathtaking, the swim & sun bath an incredible experience, and its the top attraction of Singapore; definitely should be on every tourist bucket list. Not everyone visiting MBS is rich, where a room starts at around $350/night; lot of travellers book here for infinity pool experience staying for a day investing their hard earned money. The pool needs to be experienced both during day & night, though night time weather is bit cold & windy and water cold. The overall experience is really something, one can just lay around for hours appreciating the pool and smarting views, totally worth it !
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Darjeeling Himalayas India- Misty Mountain, Heritage Railway, Kangchenjunga Peak *HD*
Darjeeling, Himalayas, India: The video shows the beautiful Darjeeling Hill Station with a backdrop of majestic Kanchenjunga peak in Himalayas. Attractions add to the beauty of the place - Himalayan Railway, Cable Car, Tiger Hills, Mountaineering Institute, Zoo, Tea Garden, Monastery.
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Changi Airport Singapore Worlds Best Top #1International Airport *HD*
Changi International Airport Singapore is considered the best airport in the world in terms of service and infrastructure. Lot of effort has gone into creating a soothing ambiance with greenery and water bodies. Airport has lot of eating options, resting place, and a large shopping area. The video tries to capture the ambiance, buzz, and grandeur of the airport terminal.
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Ladakh in 4K | India's Top Tourist Destination
#Ladakh, #Leh, #KhardunglaPass, #NubraValley, #India: Ladakh Travel Roadtrip Video captures absolutely breathtaking views of Khardungla Pass (Highest Motorable Road at 18380 ft), Nubra Valley, Diskit, Sangam, Hemis & Thiksey Monastery, and incredible journey through highways admist the high altitude mountain desert. The journey is best experienced on a motor bike and riding on these roads is on every biker bucket list. The beauty of this place is unparalleled, awe inspiring, and must be on every global tourist bucket list; still unknown to lot of travellers. May-July is the tourist season, though freezing of Zanskar river in winter attracts global trekkers. The place has been a trade route between Indus Valley, Tibet through high passes through centuries. Leh for me ranks at the very top and a must visit destination. Music Licensed PremiumBeat.com Leh was the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, now the Leh district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh is at an altitude of 3524 metres (11,562 ft), and connects via National Highway 1D to Srinagar in the southwest and to Manali in the south via the Leh-Manali Highway. Leh was an important stopover on trade routes along the Indus Valley between Tibet to the east, Kashmir to the west and also between India and China for centuries. The main goods carried were salt, grain, pashm or cashmere wool, charas or cannabis resin from the Tarim Basin, indigo, silk yarn and Banaras brocade.
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Dubai Dolphinarium Seal Dholphin Magic Show *HD*
Dubai, U.A.E - The video shows the Dolphin and Seal show at Dubai Dolphinarium at Creek Side Children's Park. Magic program, Pirates of the Dolphinarium, is also part of the show. Costs around 120 DHM($40) and show runs for over an hour and is loved by children. Video shot by GoPro 3.
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Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa in Full Glory during India Monsoon *HD*
Dudhsagar Falls Goa, India: The video shows the majestic Dudhsagar Waterfalls near Goa in its full glory during peak monsoon season. Located in Western Ghats surrounded by dense forest, creates breathtaking scenes with deluge rushing down from 300 ft. One can spend several hours appreciating the sheer beauty of falls and natural surroundings. A must visit during monsoons and while in Goa. Best mode of transportation is through cargo trains; trekking through jungle (or bikes/jeeps) is arduous and time consuming. The Shahrukh Khan Deepika movie Chennai Express was shot here.
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Bangalore Worldclass Metro Train Metro Station
Namma Metro Rail Bangalore India - Newly built metro rail system in Bangalore- swanky clean stations and trains- really professionally managed with very tight security & surveillance. Only 8 kms now- people eagerly waiting to see it spread across the city.
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Empire State Building New York - Stunning Manhattan Skyline View *HD*
#EmpireStateBuilding, #Manhattan, #NewYorkUSA: The video shows the incredible view of Manhattan skyline from Empire State Building observatory on 86th floor. Under clear blue skies, the views were just spectacular. ESB is located right at the center, to facilitate 360 degree view- uptown, downtown, and both the rivers. The scale and magnitude of the city really hits you when viewed from top; never ending rows of skyscrapers, each trying to outdo others in height and size. Costs around $40, and is open till early morning. Extremely chilly and windy at the top, but nobody seems to mind because of the beautiful views. Its worth it ! Music Creative Commons License - Reflecting by Roberto Oldani - Deep Thoughts by Mervyn
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Shimla IndiaToy Train, Kufri, Jakhu Temple, Mall Road *4K*
Shimla Toy Train Kufri Jakhu Temple, India: The video captures the city of Shimla, a heritage destination, honeymooners paradise, beautiful mountains, plenty of attractions. The video shows the famous Mall Road, Jakhu Temple, Kufri, Toy Train, and Green Valley. Music Creative Commons License Danosongs.com
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Meenakshi Temple Madurai India, Ancient Hindu Architecture *HD*
Madurai, Tamilnadu, India : Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple or Tiru-alavai is a historic Hindu temple located in the south side of river Vaigai in the temple city of Madurai. It is dedicated to Parvati who is known as Meenakshi and her consort, Shiva, named here as Sundareswarar (beautiful deity). The temple forms the heart and lifeline of the 2500 year old city of Madurai. The complex houses 14 gopurams (gateway towers) ranging from 45-50m in height, the tallest being the southern tower, 51.9 metres (170 ft) high, and two golden sculptured vimana (shrine) over sanctum of the main deities There is an estimated 33,000 sculptures in the temple and it was in the list of top 30 nominees of the "New Seven Wonders of the World". The temple is the geographic and ritual center of the ancient city of Madurai and one of the largest temple complexes in Tamil Nadu. The temple complex is divided into a number of concentric quadrangular enclosures contained by high masonary walls. It is one of the few temples in Tamil Nadu to have four entrances facing four directions. Vishwantha Nayaka allegedly redesigned the city of Madurai in accordance with the principles laid down by Shilpa Shastras(Sanskrit: śilpa śāstra, also anglicized as silpa sastra meaning rules of architecture) relevant to urban planning. The city was laid out in the shape of square with a series of concentric streets culminating from the temple. These squares continue to retain their traditional names, Aadi, Chittirai, Avani-moola and Masi streets, corresponding to Tamil month names. Ancient Tamil classics mention that the temple was the center of the city and the streets happened to be radiating out like lotus and its petals. The temple prakarams(outer precincts of a temple) and streets accommodate an elobrate festival calendar in which dramatic processions circumabulate the shrines at varying distances from the centre. The vehicles used in processions are progressively more massive the further they travel from the centre. The complex is in around 45 acres (180,000 m2)
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Underground Tube London Metro Railway in 4K
#UndergroundMetroLondon, #LondonTube, #LondonCity, #UnitedKingdom: The video shows the glimpse of London Metro Railways called Underground or Tube. The idea conceived in 1830s and first implementation was completed in 1863 between Paddington and Farringdon, now covers over 400 kms and 270 stations. The city with narrow roads still manages well enough despite 9 million population, thanks to the Tube. For tourists, the metro reaches to almost all the popular attractions viz. Tower Gate, St. Paul, Westminster, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, et al. The Oyster travel card can be purchased through automated POS machines at selected stations; the pound 5 refundable card can be topped with funds through credit card, notes, or coins at all the stations.
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Dubai WorldClass Metro Train Metro Station *HD*
Dubai, U.A.E: The video shows the world class swanky Dubai Metro Rail system-beautiful, organized, and magnificent. The stations are spotless clean with consistent architecture throughout. The two routes, Red and Green, covers most part of the city and connects to airport terminal 1 and 3 as well. Lot of investment has gone into it and it shows in the quality of overall rail system. Music: Creative Commons License- Dreaming by Schwarzweiss
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Madurai Thousand Pillar Hall Meenakshi Temple Ancient Stone Sculpture,India *HD*
Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple Madurai, India: The "Aayiram Kaal Mandapam" or Thousand Pillar Hall contains 985(instead of 1000) carved pillars. The hall was built by Ariyanatha Mudaliar in 1569 and it is a structure where the engineering skill and artistic vision are blended. .Each pillar in the hall is a carved monument of the Dravidian sculpture. The more prominent among the carved figures are those of Rati(wife of Cupid), Karthikeya, Ganesha, Shiva as a wandering mendicant and endless number of yalis(mythical figures of lions). There is a Temple Art Museum in the hall where icons, photographs, drawings, and other exhibits of the 1200 years old history of the temple is displayed. At the entrance of the hall the statue of Ariyanatha Mudaliar seated on a horse-back is present, which flanks one side of the entrance to the temple. The statue is periodically garlanded by worshipers Just outside this hall, towards the west, are the Musical Pillars. Each pillar, when struck, produces a different musical note. Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple or Tiru-alavai is a historic Hindu temple located in the south side of river Vaigai in the temple city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is dedicated to Parvati who is known as Meenakshi and her consort, Shiva, named here as Sundareswarar (beautiful deity). The temple forms the heart and lifeline of the 2500 year old city of Madurai.
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Ooty Doddabetta Highest Mountain in Nilgiri Hills India - Part I *HD*
Doddabetta, Ooty, Tamilnadu, India: Video footage of majestic Daddabetta mountains. Its a must visit place while in Ooty, the views all around is really amazing. Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills, at 2637 metres (8650 feet). There is a reserved forest area around the peak. It is 9 km from Ooty,on the Ooty-Kotagiri Road in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is a popular tourist attraction with road access to the summit. The Chamundi Hills can be viewed from the peak. Doddabetta URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doddabetta
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Amazing Dubai Tour - Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Desert Safari *HD*
Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Desert Safari: The video shows all the popular sightseeing attractions in Dubai. Amazing city with modern infrastructure and plenty to see and appreciate. It has wonderful beaches, malls, adventure activities, numerous eating options, and a good nightlife. { Music Creative Commons License MLDJ March First Mix and My Reasons to Follow by Out of Limits } Dubai has something for all age groups and requires at least 6 days to cover everything. The video covers following attractions: The Dubai Mall Jumeirah Beach Burj Al Arab Beach Palm Islands At the Top Burj Khalifa Desert Safari Emirates Mall Dubai Fountain Dubai Mall Aquarium Dubai Metro Dubai Gold Souk Dubai Dhow Cruise Dubai Dolphinarium Dubai Creek side Childrens Park Dubai Mono Rail Dubai Atlantis Hotel Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road
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Dubai Desert Safari Tour Belly Dance *HD*
Dubai Desert Safari, U.A.E, The video shows glimpse of the popular Dubai attraction, the Desert Safari. The event includes - Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, Quad Bike rides, Belly Dance, Tamoura Dance, and concludes with a dinner in the middle of desert. This half day event includes journey to and fro the location in the desert which takes over 3 hrs. A must do while in Dubai to experience the desert up close.
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Shimla Kalka UNESCO Toy Train - Indian Railways in 4K
Shimla, Toy Train, India: The 4K video captures the major attraction in Shimla - Kalka-Shimla UNESCO Heritage Railway. The route is famous for its scenery and improbable construction. Originally 107 tunnels were built on Kalka Shimla Railway Track and 102 remain in use. The longest tunnel is at Barog. The line has 864 bridges.Steam operation of regular trains ended 1971. The Kalka–Shimla Railway is a 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge railway in North-West India travelling along a mostly mountainous route from Kalka to Shimla. It is known for dramatic views of the hills and surrounding villages. Shimla (then spelt Simla) was settled by the British shortly after the first Anglo-Gurkha war, and is located at 7,116 feet (2,169 m) in the foothills of the Himalayas. By the 1830s, Shimla had already developed as a major base for the British. It became the summer capital of British India in 1864, and was also the headquarters of the British army in India. This route passes through a city named Solan, which is also known as mini Shimla. A festival celebrating the goddess Shoolini Devi, after which the city is named, is held each summer in June. The route winds from the Himalayan Sivalik foothills at Kalka to several important points such as Dharampur, Solan, Kandaghat, Taradevi, Barog, Salogra, Totu (Jutogh), Summerhill and Shimla at an altitude of 2,076 meters (6,811 ft)
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Sheikh Zayed Road Amazing Dubai City Jumeirah Drive *HD*
#SheikhZayedRoad,#DubaiAttractions, #BurjKhalifa, U.A.E - The video captures Dubai ultra modern city landscape of Sheikh Zayed Road, the artificial island The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis road, Burj Al Arab Beach road, and other attractions through Big Bus City Tour. Shot by GoPro 3 - 1080p Protune mode. The ticket costs around 220 DHM for two routes, Red and Blue, covering almost all Dubai attractions. Music Creative Commons License Martin Oakson - Summer Soon (original mix) by dMartin
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Abu Dhabi Hotel Park Rotana Arjaan *HD*
Music Creative Commons License Concerns by Akajules Abu Dhabi, U.A.E - The video shows the interiors of Hotel Park Rotana. Located in city outskirts, the hotel features good facilities and service. Shot by GoPro Hero 3 in 1080p mode.
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India Gate Amar Jawan Rajpath Road New Delhi India *HD*
India Gate New Delhi, India - The video shows the glimpse of India Gate monument. The India Gate, originally called the All India War Memorial, is a war memorial located astride the Rajpath, on the eastern edge of the 'ceremonial axis' of New Delhi, formerly called Kingsway. The names of some 70,000 Indian soldiers who died in World War I, between 1914--19, are inscribed on the memorial arch. In addition, the war memorial bears the names of some 12,516 Indian soldiers who died while serving in the Northwest Frontier and in the Third Afghan War. The India Gate war memorial architectural style, which has been compared Gateway of India in Bombay, and the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe in Paris, was designed by Edwin Lutyens. Music Creative Commons License Today Then Tomorrow by DanoSongs.com
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Ultimate Airport Dubai Emirates Terminal 3 Duty Free *HD*
Dubai, U.A.E - The video shows the interiors of Dubai International Airport DXB Terminal 3. Swanky and world class, one has to really see to appreciate the architecture. Its huge, looks majestic and opulent-every inch of space has been beautifully designed with lot of investment. I don't think any other airport in the world can come close in architecture, design, and aesthetics. Music Creative Commons License - Album Dernier Espoir by Theta-Sound
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Kensington Gardens Hyde Park  London in 4K
#KensingtonGardensLondon, #LondonAttractions, #LondonRoyalParks, #UnitedKingdom: Large Royal Parks - Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park - makes London City very liveable. Acres and acres of open grass lawns, lined up with tall trees, beautified with water bodies and fountains, and home to wide varieties of birds make the park one of the top attraction. Its part of people lives - jogging, cycling, playing with pets, indulging in sports, or just lazing on a mat. Park under clear blue skies simply comes alive, one can spend several hours amidst spans of natural landscape and chirping of birds isolated from the maddening city noise. A must visit and highly recommended, easily accessible through underground metro with five stations interfacing with it. Hyde park is contiguous with Kensington Gardens; although often still assumed to be part of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens has been technically separate since 1728, when Queen Caroline made a division between the two. Hyde Park covers 142 hectares (350 acres) and Kensington Gardens covers 111 hectares (275 acres),giving an overall area of 253 hectares (625 acres), making the combined area larger than the Principality of Monaco (196 hectares or 480 acres), though smaller than the Bois de Boulogne in Paris (845 hectares, or 2090 acres), New York City's Central Park (341 hectares or 840 acres), and Dublin's Phoenix Park (707 hectares, or 1,750 acres). To the southeast, outside the park, is Hyde Park Corner. Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London, and one of the Royal Parks of London. The Park is the largest of four parks which form a chain from the entrance of Kensington Palace through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, via Hyde Park Corner and Green Park (19 hectares), past the main entrance to Buckingham Palace and then on through Saint James's Park (23 hectares) to Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall. The park is divided in two by the Serpentine and the Long Water. Hyde Park was created in 1536 by Henry Vlll for hunting. He acquired the manor of Hyde from the canons of Westminster Abbey, who had held it since before the Norman Conquest; it was enclosed as a deer park and remained a private hunting ground until James I permitted limited access to gentlefolk, appointing a ranger to take charge. Charles I created the Ring (north of the present Serpentine boathouses), and in 1637 he opened the park to the general public.There are five London Underground stations located on or near the edges of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens (which is contiguous with Hyde Park)
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Nishat Bagh Beautiful Mughal Gardens Srinagar Kashmir India *HD*
Nishat Bagh, Srinagar, Kashmir, India - Nishat Bagh, "Garden of Joy," "Garden of Gladness" and "Garden of Delight", is a terraced Mughal garden built on the eastern side of the Dal Lake, close to Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is the second largest Mughal garden in the Kashmir Valley. The largest in size is the Shalimar Bagh, which is also located on the bank of the Dal Lake. Nishat Bagh was built by Asif Khan, brother of Emperor Jahangir's wife Nur Jahan in 1633. This splendid garden is located on the banks of Dal Lake, with Zabarwan mountains as its backdrop. There are a total of twelve terraced lawns in the garden. The garden spreads across 6.20 hectares (15.3 acres) and is located at a distance of 11 km from the Tourist Reception Centre. Music Creative Commons License Valse Romantique by Melodica
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Awesome Arabic Dubai Mall Fountain Show Burj Khalifa Day Night *HD*
Dubai Fountains Dubai Mall, U.A.E: The video shows the magical water fountain show at The Dubai Mall outdoors. Beautiful light, sound and extremely well choreographed; a must watch while in Dubai. The show happens every 1/2 hr playing one song till 11 pm. Music, Creative Commons License, Bellydance Musik by Weightless, Album Weightless 1000 Orient
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Amer Fort Majestic Jaipur India *HD* - Bajirao Mastani Movie Location
#AmerFortJaipur, #JaipurAttractions, #Rajasthan, #India: Bajirao Mastani movie, a Sanjay leela Bhansali masterpiece, was shot partly at this fort. Red Sandstone and Marble fort, a UNESCO heritage site, is a key attraction of Jaipur Rajasthan and visited by around 2 Million tourists every year. The attractive, opulent palace is laid out on four levels, each with a courtyard. It consists of the Diwan-e-Aam, or "Hall of Public Audience", the Diwan-e-Khas, or "Hall of Private Audience", the Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace), or Jai Mandir, and the Sukh Niwas where a cool climate is artificially created by winds that blow over a water cascade within the palace. Hence, the Amer Fort is also popularly known as the Amer Palace. The palace was the residence of the Rajput Maharajas and their families. This palace, along with Jaigarh Fort, is located immediately above on the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the same Aravalli range of hills. The palace and Jaigarh Fort are considered one complex, as the two are connected by a subterranean passage. This passage was meant as an escape route in times of war to enable the royal family members and others in the Amer Fort to shift to the more redoubtable Jaigarh Fort. Music Creative Commons License Blue India by Pang Pung
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Beautiful Sunrise Indian Ocean Rameshwaram *HD*
Amazing sunrise at Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, India. A holy religious town situated on the shores of beautiful sea, 170 kms from Madurai. Rameshwaram is located on Pamban Island separated from mainland India by the Pamban channel and is about 50 kilometres from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka. It is situated in the Gulf of Mannar, at the very tip of the Indian peninsula. Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island, is connected to mainland India by the Pamban Bridge. According to legend, this is the place from where the Hindu god Rama built a bridge across the sea to Lanka to rescue his consort Sita from her abductor Ravana. The Ramanathaswamy Temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva is located at the centre of the town and is closely associated with Rama. The temple along with the town is considered a holy pilgrimage site for both Shaivites and Vaishnavites. Rameswaram is the closest point to reach Sri Lanka and Geological evidence suggests that the Adam's bridge was a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. Rameswaram is significant for many Hindus as a pilgrimage to Varanasi is considered to be incomplete without a pilgrimage to Rameswaram. The town along with the temple is one of the holiest Hindu Char Dham (four divine sites) sites comprising Badrinath, Puri and Dwarka. Rameswara means Lord of Rama in Sanskrit, an epithet of Shiva, the presiding deity of the Ramanathaswamy Temple. According to Hindu epic Ramayana, Rama, the seventh incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, is believed to have prayed to Shiva here to absolve any sins that he might have committed during his war against the demon king Ravana in Srilanka. According to the Puranas (Hindu scriptures), upon the advice of Rishis (sages), Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana, installed and worshipped the Sivalinga (an iconic symbol of Shiva) here to expiate the sin of Brahmahatya (killing of a Brahmin). (Ravana, the son of Vishrava and the great grandson of Brahma). To worship Shiva, Rama wanted to have the largest lingam. He directed Hanuman, the monkey lietunant in his army to bring the lingam from Himalayas. Since it took longer to bring the lingam, Sita (the consort of Rama) built a small lingam in the shores, which is believed to be the lingam in the sanctum of the temple.
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Munnar Beautiful Tea Gardens Kerala India *HD* മുന്നാർ
#MunnarKerala, #TeaGardenKerala, #India : The video shows the endless lush green tea gardens in Munnar. It creates a scenic and very beautiful landscape, and is key attraction for tourists from world over. Kerala is the 4th largest tea producer state in India (2nd largest producer in the world). Music Creative Commons License Silver Blue Light by Kevin MacLeod Munnar is a town in the southwestern state of Kerala, India. Munnar is situated around 1600 m above sea level, in the Western Ghats range of mountains and is a hill station. The name Munnar is believed to mean "three rivers",referring to the location at the confluence of the Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly rivers. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, which is 105 kilometres away.
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Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi Worlds Most Expensive Gold Hotel *HD*
#EmiratesPalaceAbuDhabi, #WorldsMostExpensiveHotel, #AbuDhabiAttractions, U.A.E - $3 Billion Emirates Palace Hotel is in worlds top 2 most expensive hotel ever built.The entire interiors is laced with pure Gold. Whatever looks like gold in the video is real Gold. Music Creative Commons License l'exode by Dany The building was designed by architect, John Elliott RIBA, who was Senior Vice President at Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo, an international firm specialising in Luxury Hotels. The hotel was built by and is owned by the Abu Dhabi government, and is currently managed by the Kempinski Group.The Emirates Palace occupies 850,000m² of floor space. Underground parking allows housing for 2,500 vehicles. There are two swimming pools and spas. The hotel has its own marina and helipad. Many of the suites offered are furnished in gold and marble. The main central area houses an expansive marble floor, balconies and a large patterned dome above, picked out in gold. The topmost floor has six Rulers' Suites which are reserved solely for Emirati royalty and dignitaries. The hotel also contains a large conference centre. In December 2010, it boasted the world's most expensive Christmas tree, valued at over 11 million dollars.Set in over 100 hectares of landscaped gardens, Emirates Palace offers 1.3 km of exclusive beach, two swimming pools, one designed for adventure and one for relaxation, tennis courts, cricket, a rugby pitch and soccer facilities, fitness suites and a spa, besides water sports.The hotel has 302 rooms and 92 suites. The hotel also has a gold vending ATM machine.
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Rohtang Pass Manali India Deadliest Road Drive, World's Highest Pass *HD*
Rohtang Pass Worlds Most Dangerous Road, Manali, Leh, India: History Channel IRT Ice Road Truckers India's Deadliest Road Show Location - Video captures the amazing drive through Rohtang Pass (Pile of Corpses) - dangerous, 13000 ft, and beautiful. Bikers from around the world take this Manali-Leh highway for adventurous tour to Leh Ladakh - endless barren beauty. Several episodes of the History Channel's Ice Road Truckers series spinoff IRT Deadliest Roads dealt with truckers crossing the Rohtang Pass to deliver supplies. Music Creative Commons License DanoSongs.com Rohtang Pass (pile of corpses) due to people dying in bad weather trying to cross the pass) (elevation 3,978 m (13,050 ft)is a high mountain pass on the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas around 51 km (32 mi) from Manali. It connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh, India. Manali-Leh Highway, a part of NH 21, transverses Rohtang Pass.
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Merlion Clarke Quay Marina Bay Sands Singapore in 4K - Popular & Top Tourist Attractions
#MerlionSingapore, #ClarkQuaySingapore, #MarinaBaySands, #SingaporeAttractions, #Singapore, Asia: The video captures the epicentre of Singapore Tourism - Merlion, Marina Bay (Sands), and Clarke Quay attractions. Merlion has always been the mascot of Singapore and visited by millions; can be enjoyed through ferry and really comes alive during night time - Singapore Flyer and ArtSience Centre is located in the vicinity as well. Clarke Quay is the popular leisure destination, plenty of restaurants offering sea food and continental cuisine on the banks of Singapore River. The place comes alive after sun goes down with live performances, belly dancing, reverse bungee jumping, and street performances - some of it is captured in the video. A ferry ride can cover these destinations within a single route and one can hop off and on at will. The entire route is filled with historic landmarks like Fullerton Hotel, Colonial Buildings, et al. Singapore really has come a long way- completely developed with good infrastructure, lot of wealth, and high standard of living.
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 4K - India's Best Radhanagar Beach Havelock Islands
#AndamanandNicobarIslands, #RadhanagarBeach, #HavelockIslands, #PortBlair, #India: The video captures the pristine, clean, and amazingly beautiful Radha Nagar beach (No 7) at Havelock Islands near Port Blair - rated best beach in Asia 2004 by Time magazine. The Turquoise water with endless span of clean white sands surrounded with green cover of trees intruding into the beach creates a picturesque setting. Havelock Island is 56 kms from Port Blair, reached through a ship, a 2 hr ride (Makruzz) . The Havelock Island also has Vijayanagar beach ( best place to stay), Kala Pathar, Elephant Beach. The island is extremely popular for Scuba Diving as well as sea walk, snorkelling, et al. Its not cheap to reach this island, hence devoid of crowds, thus helping in preservation of beauty of this must visit place.
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Rishikesh - Yoga Capital of World | Breathtaking Himalayas India | 4K Drone DJI Phantom 4
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: #Rishikesh, #LaxmanJhula, #RamJhula, #RiverRafting, #Yoga, #ShivpuriCamp, Barrage, #CharDhamYatra, #GangaRiver, Gangotri, Yamunotri, #Kedarnath, #Badrinath, #Neelkanth Mahadev, #RiverRafting, Bungee Jumping, #Haridwar, #Ganga Aarti, Goa Beach, #Yoga Capital. ऋषिकेश, लक्ष्मण झुला, राम झुला, शिवपुरी शिविर, बैराज, चार धाम यात्रा, गंगा नदी, गंगोत्री, यमुनोत्री, केदारनाथ, बद्रीनाथ, नीलकंठ महादेव, नदी राफ्टिंग, बंजी जंपिंग, हरिद्वार, गंगा आरती, गोवा बीच, योग राजधानी। The 2018 4K Drone Video shot by DJI Phantom 4 Advanced captures views of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Rishikesh is popular world over for its yoga ashrams, brought to world map by english band Beatles who stayed in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram (now Beatles ashram) in 1960s. Rishikesh, land of senses, is a pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the holiest places in Hindu Religion. Located at the foothill of Himalayas, the Chardham Yatra to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri, & Gangotri, begins from here. Sacred river Ganga flows through Rishikesh and millions of devotees arrive every year to take the holy dip. The Garhwal Himalayas beauty begins at this foothill and continues for next 400 KMs, endless spans of awe inspiring panoramic views.Rishikesh also offer adventure sports activity and is extremely popular for white water river rafting with high end grades. Rishikesh is just ~250 kms from India's capital New Delhi and is well connected, Dehradun airport is just 17kms away. A must visit while in India.
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Gulmarg Gondola Ride Kashmir India *HD* - Worlds Highest Cable Car - Afarwat Peak 13,780 ft  *HD*
#GulmargGondola #GulmargIndia, #KashmirIndia: Gulmarg Gondola is Asia's highest and longest cable car project and world's second highest operating cable car.The video shows the awesome Gondola (cable car) ride to Afarwat peak in Gulmarg, a very popular skiing destination. The two-stage ropeway ferries about 600 people per hour to and from Kongdoori Mountain, a shoulder of nearby Afarwat Peak (4,200 m (13,780 ft)).The first stage, Phase 1, transfers from the Gulmarg resort at 2,600 m (8,530 ft) to Kongdoori Station in the bowl-shaped Kongdori valley. The second stage, Phase 2, of the ropeway, which has 36 cabins and 18 towers, takes skiers to a height of 3,747 m (12,293 ft) on Kongdoori Mountain, a shoulder of nearby Afarwat Peak (4,200 m (13,780 ft)). The slopes of Afarwat Hills of the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalaya Chain boast one of the longest and highest ski slopes in Asia. The total distance covered by ski lifts is five kilometres and the resort peaks at an altitude of 3,950 m (12,959 ft), accessed by an aerial gondola (telecabine). Gulmarg ("Meadow of Flowers") is a town, a hill station, a popular skiing destination and a notified area committee in Baramula district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The town is within the Himalayas and is within miles of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Music Creative Commons License Dream by Oleg.O.Kachanko
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Central District Hong Kong Skyline at Night *HD*
#CentralDistrictHongKong, #HongKongCity, #HongKongAttractions: Hong Kong Central business district iis the main commercial area, house of major financial institutions and government establishments. The skyline is majestic, and largest in the world. The video shows the central business district at night, buzzing with trams, buses, cars, and people. Music Creative Commons License Chinagroove by Disen Gage
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Nainital India in 4K - Beautiful Naini Lake
Nainital, Uttarakhand, India: The video shows the beautiful Naini Lake in the picturesque hill station of Nainital. Absolutely breathtaking views, difficult to capture in camera. The lake defines the popular tourist destination and is core part of town character. Around 300km from the capital Delhi, it has become a popular weekend getaway and very good road & rail connectivity. Nainital Lake, a natural freshwater body, situated amidst the township of Nainital in Uttarakhand State of India, tectonic in origin, is kidney shaped or crescent shaped and has an outfall at the southeastern end. Music Creative Commons License Nevada City by Huma-Huma and Danosong.com Nainital is a popular hill station in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and headquarters of Nainital district in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas. Situated at an altitude of 2,084 metres (6,837 ft) above sea level, Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains, of which the highest are Naina (2,615 m (8,579 ft)) on the north, Deopatha (2,438 m (7,999 ft)) on the west, and Ayarpatha (2,278 m (7,474 ft)) on the south. From the tops of the higher peaks, "magnificent views can be obtained of the vast plain to the south, or of the mass of tangled ridges lying north, bounded by the great snowy range which forms the central axis of the Himalayas.
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Pahalgam Beautiful Sunrise over Himalayas Kashmir India *HD*
Pahalgam, Kashmir, India: The video captures the beautiful dawn over the Himalayas in Pahalgam -most visited tourist place in Kashmir. The place has amazing natural beauty with several sightseeing attractions. A must visit place while in Kashmir. Music Creative Commons License Hara Chakra Meditation by Santimonia.org
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Pubg Hints Tips Guide Pubg Hints Secrets The Upside to Pubg Game Modes Pubg Game Modes Can Be Fun for Everyone When you launch the game for the very first time, you have to first pick a username before going into the character creator interface. If you prefer, you can host a customized game with a group of friends and make your own rules. Unfortunately, theres no game out there which exactly resembles GGO. Games unfortunately are a luxury and not a necessity, so they are most likely likely to be among the very first things to think about when deciding where you have to cut back on so far as your budget is concerned. Because it is a popular game. The British game is different than the majority of the others on the planet at the present time. If you believe there are different games like PUBG which are not on the list, and that we ought to cover, dont hesitate to set them in the comments below. Previous and current players can often provide a lot of insight into the advantages and disadvantages of each website, which will be able to help you decide. They start with a pickaxe that can be used to break down objects in the world. They are also limited to only six crate purchases a week. The greater skin value a player increases the pot, the greater chance the player has to win. You may also take items from different players who have died. You dont need to understand different players to have a very good time playing by yourself can be a whole lot of fun, in fact but its a multiplayer-only game that takes a constant connection to the net. It is going to be intriguing to observe how close you were to other players through the full match without ever even knowing. Vital Pieces of Pubg Game Modes Event Mode is going to be unranked, but players will nonetheless earn BP. It will be available for everyone who owns the game, and can be accessed from the main menu. Zombie Mode is going to be played by many human teams in addition to 90 zombie players that will attempt to eliminate each other in the battlefield. Theres currently not an unranked mode either, so youll probably die early and often whenever youre just beginning, which might become frustrating. The solo mode doesnt ask that you team up with different buddies. Each game mode delivers a completely special experience and tests your limit in various ways. The squad game mode permits you to form a group of 4 players. Pubg Game Modes Can Be Fun for Everyone Based on everybodys skills, maps differ from close range to medium or massive places. Since that time, the community-made map was retooled and remastered nearly a dozen times, and is presently known as Dust2. The in-game map outlines the circular zone which you want to reach from the offset, and the HUD shows a handy graph of the rest of the distance youve got to cover and how long youve left to get there. The new PUBG map is going to be a 4x4 kilometers in proportion, a quarter size of Miramar map, so the matches can be held at a significantly faster pace. In any event, you should keep moving towards a gradually shrinking playable place. Also, there arent any danger zones in the game to assemble player. The New Angle On Pubg Game Modes Just Released Your game style has an important role here. Until then, make sure you check Battlegrounds to find out whether the customized match feature is up and running. With a number of the games finest players and most well-known streamers attending, its going to be the very first showcase of PUBGs esports potential. You can find with some completely new blend of cocktail drink and have fun naming it. The usage of oral histories is quite specific and very intricate. A wonderful case of the particular abilities is Faceless. Itas one any variety of others would do. Contrary to other lists, the amount of appearances made by the players is taken into account. Before you begin a Call of Duty WW2 Nazi zombie game, equip the exceptional ability that enables you to shoot infinite ammo for a temporary time period. What You Dont Know About Pubg Rating You havent tasted the authentic Italian cuisine till you eat in Puglia. Utilizing traditional and contemporary techniques of brewing, its known for some exceptional beer tastes. If youre browsing for some normal British beer taste, then its possible to bank upon Carling, which is an organization that itself believes there is nothing better than the British barley. Halloumi cheese has a rather significant melting point that makes it perfect for grilling or frying. Its possible to opt from a number of alcoholic drinks but then, you need to know their names. You also get a totally free birthday drink. 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